A Lonely, Lusty Housewife

Author: Daniel Blue

Elaine cursed as the dirty water in her sink festered instead of going down the plughole as it was meant to do. It had been over an hour since she had last checked and the greasy slime trail of the original water level around the sink was less than half an inch above where it was now. She would have to get a plumber in.

As she thumbed through the yellow pages she reminded herself, not for the first time, that she ought to get to grips with using computers and the internet. Sometimes, she felt like crying out of the sheer frustration of loneliness. Hank was at work all day and when he came home in the evening he was ratty and not much fun to be with. Being trapped in the suburbs, without a driver’s license was decidedly not fun. All around her house was other houses that looked just the same as hers; stretching on for mile after mile there weren’t even any shops within walking distance, making her feel even more trapped in a whitewashed world.

She was surprised at how quickly the plumber arrived and how quickly he sorted the problem out. And she was even more surprised when she offered him a drink after he had put his tools away. As he glugged his lemonade she couldn’t help noticing the long, dark hairs on his powerful forearms amd his amazingly deep blue eyes as he watched her watching him. There was an animal presence about this man that his girlishly long eyelashes did somehow not detract from; if anything those amazing eyelashes just showed off his beautiful eyes and his rugged, tanned looks. He looked just like a plumber would look in a porn film, she thought.

As this thought entered her head she let out an involuntary little giggle.

‘What’s so funny’ he asked? he smiled but his voice was rough. This was no actor; this was a blue collared working man down to his boots and though he might have perfected his smile as a charm offensive his voice was straight from the other side of the rail tracks.

‘Nothing…’ she replied but even as she said it she could see him sprouting the cheesy dialogue required to get him stripped off and humping away. Another giggle escaped her lips.

‘You’re doing it again.’ he said. ‘Am I drinking the lemonade wrong?’

She realized that she would have to come clean at the risk of offending him because if she didn’t tell him what was amusing her he would be offended anyway.

‘I was just thinking how you looked like one of those actors…you know, the plumber who shows up and…’ her voiced trailed away.

He put his empty glass down and took a long hard look at the deliciously cool blonde with the legs up to her armpits and the perkiest tits he had seen in a long time and the pretty face and just-so haircut. She was way out of his league and yet…and yet, she had just thrown him a line like that!

‘I should be so lucky to be in a movie like with someone like you.’ he said as he wiped the sweat off his brow.

‘I bet you get women practically throwing themselves at you.’ Elaine replied.

‘I wish.’ he chuckled. ‘The only person I get throwing themsef at me is the gay guy that lives next door to me.’

She paused. She could feel the flush of excitement creeping over her. Her secret fantasy had always been to see two men getting it on together; more precisely she would have loved to see her useless fart of a husband being dominated by a man. How she would have loved to see him being drilled deep by a man, a real man with ball bags full of potent spunk. How she longed for a baby but Hank’s lazy sperm was making that almost an impossibility. Without even realizing it she brushed a red nail over her left nipple and Marco, the plumber, noticed it. Those long, red nails looked somehow incongruous with her demure, suburban look. Suddenly the air seemed fevered with expectations. What did she want from him? He thought he knew – his little head was cock sure about it as it started stretching his foreskin – but he couldn’t be certain. His mouth felt dry and once his slumbering monster awoke there seemed no stopping it; he was aware of it laying heavy across his thigh and of her gaze dropping down from his eyes to the blue workpants that he wore.

‘So tell me about this poor guy.’ She purred. ‘I bet you tease him like crazy.’

He wasn’t sure how to respond. He watched her for a clue and all too soon it came. Those perfectly manicured nails raked over her left nipple again.

‘I keep him sweet’ Marco replied and as he did so he briefly passed this right thumb over the girth of his fat hog. Her eyes widened and she felt alarmed. This was so unlike her; she felt out of control and drawn to the danger that this man represented and desperate to get to the truth of his relationship with his next door neighbor.

‘What does that mean “you keep him sweet”?

She cupped her left tit now and watched as the plumber briefly rubbed his cockhead through the fabric. She wasn’t certain that he couldn’t be gay, not when they were circling each other like vultures or hyenas, but she hoped that he wasn’t entirely straight either. The idea that this gruff, masculine working man could have another, secret, tender side filled her head with lustful thoughts.

‘I wish I could…’ she paused, licked her lips and tried to control the insane tremble that she felt was about to consume her ‘I wish I could watch you keep him sweet.’

‘It doesn’t happen that often.’ he replied. ‘I much prefer women but this guy, he fixes meals for to put in the freezer, he mows my lawn; he just makes things real easy for me and all because he wants me so bad.’

‘Does he try it on?’ she asked.

‘All the time.’ Marco replied. ‘He is always after me to give him some, always trying to grab my ass, that kind of stuff.

‘Oh wow!’ she gasped as she teased her nipple further. ‘How do you decide when to let him have some?’

She hardly recognized her own voice. It sounded throaty and yet brittle at the same time. She felt very slutty, prying into someone else’s sex life like this but she could see by the tenting of his pants that her plumber was in the zone too.

‘When he can’t take any more.’ he replied. ‘I can tell when he gets real frustrated; he stops bringing me meals, he starts looking at other guys when we’re out together and starts telling me what nice asses they have, that sort of thing.’

‘You don’t get…jealous?’ she asked.

‘Nah!’ he laughed. ‘I only slip him some sausage to keep him sweet.’

‘What do you do with him?’ she croaked.

‘How comes you’re so curious anyway?’ he demanded.

‘I think you know why.’ she said.

He did know why. He could feel the same excitement coursing through his body. He blatantly rubbed along the length of his hard throbbing cock now as he studied every inch of her beautiful body.

‘Husband not giving you enough?’ he asked.

‘No.’ the word was out of her mouth before she realized it and it was too late to take it back. ‘He works awfully hard so we can afford…all this,’ she waved a hand around her kitchen ‘but it’s not the same.’

‘So you thought you’d make yourself feel better by teasing me?’ he asked.

‘No. No, it’s not like that. But please, tell me about your friend.’ She said.

‘I’ve told you all there is to tell.’ He replied.

Suddenly she lowered her dress straps and undid her lacy bra. Her perfectly formed tits looked just enough for a handful and her delicate pink nipples looked like they were made just for his mouth. Marco stood rooted to the spot; he wanted her so badly but he didn’t want to misjudge anything. After all she would have a hefty bill to pay when he left. If she was going to be paying by the hour for his services it had to appear to be all her idea.

‘I want you to tell me everything.’ she said. ‘How it happens, where it happens and how you feel.’

‘You’re embarrassing me’ he said with a slight shrug of the shoulders that made him look incredibly sexy.

‘Let me see what you give him.’ she cooed.

Marco needed no further invitation to free his hungry cock. He undid his fly and zipper and pushed his pants and underpants down to his knees. His flared cockhead was a deep ruby red color that contrasted with his pale, thick cock. The skin on his shaft looked so incredibly smooth and she longed to get down on her knees at his side and lick up the length of that powerful too. She watched him undo the buttons on his shirts and take it off. She loved the way he casually threw it down on the kitchen floor; she couldn’t ever imagine Hank doing that. Marcos’s chest was smooth, with just a light swirl of dark fluff around his big, brown nipples. His skin seemed to glow from a sexual excitement induced sweat. She longed to kiss down that well developed torso but right now felt most comfortable with just devouring him with her eyes; now she let them travel south from the chiseled pecs to the tangle of black hair surrounding that outrageously beautiful and powerful cock of his.

‘He likes me to do what I’m doing now.’ he said as he slowly started jacking his cock so that his big, fuzzy balls bounced up and down.

Marco could smell his own crotch funk and he became incredibly turned on when he thought how much Paul enjoyed sniffing his balls and pubic bush. But somehow that thought seemed like to ought to be a million miles removed from where he was now.

‘Are you sure you want to know?’ he asked. ‘I mean, a lady like you?’

She slid her dress all the way down to her ankles and stepped out of her panties. Marco groaned as he caught sight of her blonde thatch. How he wanted this woman!

‘I want to …I want…’ he faltered.

‘Tell me about your neighbor first.’ Elaine demanded. ‘What gets it started between you?’

‘Well, when Paul’s starting to go off the boil I go buy a pizza and six pack and take it round to his house. You should see his eyes light up then cause he knows he’s going to get it good.’ Marco began.

‘I bet he does!’ Elaine encouraged him.

She was wet with desire now and she allowed her fingers to tease across her little nub and down between her sopping lips. Marco stared hard and gulped. He needed to be in that pussy real bad. Realizing that the only way he was going to get in there was to give Elaine what she wanted he decided that he would hold nothing back. It was a difficult process for him as he didn’t usually like to think about the crazy sex he had with Paul. It suited his lifestyle to have this guy looking after him and fixing his meals and stuff and he knew that there was no such thing as a free meal so he paid the price. At least, that’s what he liked to tell himself.

‘He tries to play hard to get though.’ Marco continued. ‘Pretends like he’s not really that interested and he keeps telling me about all the hot guys he’s seen around town. Sometimes, if he is really cheesed off with me he lies and tells me about how he has been fucking all these guys but I know it’s a lie cause see, I’m the only one he wants.’

‘I can perfectly understand why.’ Elaine told him.

Marco moved a little closer but she backed away.

‘Please, please…let me fuck you.’ he begged.

‘Tell me about Paul.’ She insisted as she furiously pleasured herself, secure in the knowledge that when she needed a big, hard rampant cock to satisfy her deepest desires she had one right on tap. It pleased her to tease him the way he had teased his neighbor.

‘I go around to his place and we eat the pizza and we drink some beer and he’s trying to act cool cause he is pissed off with me. And I just know he wants he wants it so I think some sexy thoughts about all the women I’ve had and then, when I’m good and hard, I get up and go and stand right in front of the TV. When he complains I take out my cock and I jerk it just like I’m doing now. And you should see the look on his face. He wants it so bad, wants it desperately but he is still trying to pretend that he is not interested.’

‘What do you do then?’ Elaine asked, trying desperately not to given in to her overwhelming desire to walk up to Marco and take that fleshy cock in her hand.

She wasn’t sure any more who was the cat and who the mouse between Marco and Paul. Neither was she sure about the roles being played out here in her kitchen. Her rational mind was hoping to be able to find a way out of this crazy situation but she knew she was too far gone. She was too hungry, too lonely and too desperate to pass up on a good, hard fuck. And deep down, on a purely animal level that she would have hated to think about, her body was telling her to go get some potent seed to satisfy her maternal instincts.

‘I press my fingers into my musky crack and then I go and stand right in front of him and I hold my hand right under his nose and all his resistance just crumbles away. Just like dust out on the prairie. He grabs hold of my hand and sniffs my fingers, then starts to suck them. I cup my hand around the back of his head and guide him onto my overheated cock. There aint a person in this world that can suck cock like Paul, and I don’t mind telling you that. I aint never met a woman who can even come close, and I mean no offence.’

‘The only offence you’re committing right now is now filling my hungry pussy with that big cock of yours.’ Elaine said in her best porno speak.

She had heard enough and was too far gone for sexy talk. All she needed now was a good, hard fuck, something that she had not had in months. She lay down on the kitchen table and within seconds Marco was buried as deep as he could go. She cried out in delight as his amazing girth filled her, and the warmth and thrust of his cock delighted her pussy like it had not been delighted in very long time.

Marco fucked slowly and surprisingly tenderly. And now, as he slowly rocked her into ecstasy she wrapped her legs around his hips and raked her nails down his back, eager for more; she whispered in his ear and he obliged. He explained in graphic detail all the filthy things Paul did to him and Elaine’s lust knew no bounds. Higher and higher she soared, floating above her own body in a lust induced trance, feeling the warm squelch of his rampant rod in her moist, yielding flesh. Oh joy of joy as he increased his speed and thrust a little deeper. He hands squeezed his rock hard buns, trying to get him in deeper. The sound of their sex filled the room and the sweat dripped off their bodies and lubricated the glide of one body against each other.

He was close now, she could tell. The storytelling was over; Paul had floated a million miles out of the room. This was purely just about the two of them, a man and a woman doing what men and women had done down the ages. She too could feel her orgasm starting to build and she fed it by grinding up against him while keeping the pressure up on his well muscled butt.

‘Look at me…look at me!’ she heard him plead.

She opened her eyes and found herself looking up into those beautiful blue eyes and she could see the intensity of the wave that was about to break. His breathing was ragged and he was thrusting like crazy and she had never seen such a look of intense erotic pleasure in a man’s eyes before. It was too much to bear; she gave in to her own orgasmic drenching and could not, try as she might, keep her eyes open any longer. She threw back her head and sobbed in release as the tension worked its way out of her body. His horny grunt rose above her sobbing and then all too soon it was over.

She stood in the driveway and watched his truck disappear down the road and then went indoors to bake an apple pie as that was Hank’s favorite food. She knew, in her heart of hearts, that soon she would be eating for two.

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