The Decision

Author: bdsm

Joe decided that he would pose the question to Lisa about whether or not she was willing to give herself mind, body, and soul to him. Joe felt that Lisa was ready to make this commitment to him. And he had decided that he would find out tonight. Joe had decided to find out if Lisa was ready and willing to accept a collar from him. To be his and only answer to him. After the couple of times that they had been together and how she had reacted to his bidding led Joe to believe that she was ready. If she didn’t accept the collar tonight, then Joe was going to ask her if she thought that she would or that he would terminate the relationship.

It was Joe’s feeling that Lisa was ready for the commitment, but that she was still uncertain as to whether she wanted to. Tonight Joe was going to see if she would stay the weekend with him and see if she was completely ready for the commitment. They had talked about it quite a bit while getting to know each other through E-mail and also by phone. They had discussed what Joe’s expectations of her would be as well as what she desired. The general consensus between them was that their ideas and expectations meshed perfectly with each other.

However this weekend would be the true test of it. Joe called Lisa up and talked to her at work and while making small talk asked her if there was anyone around. She had said yes. Joe then ordered her to reach under her skirt and play with her clit till she had came. Lisa had resisted at first, but when Joe got stern with her she complied. The sharp intake of breath over the phone had been the clue to Joe that she was complying. Joe then kept her on the phone while she told him how she was playing with and how she was getting close to cumming. In fact she is a moaner and it was all she could do to not moan out loudly when she did cum!

After work Lisa drove home and picked up a few things that Joe had instructed her to get and bring with her. She was spending the weekend with him and was looking forward to it. The last few weeks that she had been seeing Joe had been the best weeks of her life! Joe had taken complete control of her life. She had given herself to him mind body and soul. But this was only a temporary thing. By temporary she knew that she was always able to return home. It was her feeling that the relationship had reached a critical point. One where she would be forced to make a decision as to whether she wanted to accept him and his Dominance or to leave.

After picking up the things as instructed Lisa drove over to Joe’s and parked where she had been told. She walked up to the door and knocked on the door and waited for Joe. Joe walked up to and answered the door. And after seeing it was Lisa he became extremely upset. It was only then that Lisa realized what she had done. She had made her master wait on her. She had questioned his dominance. The look of horror on her face was very plain when Joe ordered into the ‘playroom’ and turned without looking to see if she would comply. Lisa ran for the playroom and took her position where she belonged and that was in the far corner of the room with her nose pressed firmly into the corner.

She stayed there kneeling like this for what seemed like an eternity until she thought that this was going to be her punishment. Joe on the other hand had other ideas. He walked in behind Lisa and grabbed a handful of her hair and drug her to a standing position. He then grabbed her blouse and ripped it off of her body with a quick and savage jerk! The next was her skirt! So there she stood in just the garter and hose and bra like she had been instructed to wear under her clothes. Joe stopped long enough to admire them then ordered her over to the table. This was a table that she was becoming very familiar with. Joe forced her to bend over it and he attached her hands and feet the restraints that were permanently attached to it.

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