Wet Roomie

Author: Cecilia

I got on my knees in front of Eliza and gazed lustfully up into her eyes. I had been waiting for this chance for a long time. For a very, very long time. She and I had been roommates for about a year, and we teased one another a lot about sex, but finally, here I was naked with her, on my knees, in the floor. I was in front of the ratty old couch in our apartment. There were candles everywhere, as we had planned this night for almost a week, teasing and flirting with each other this entire time. I licked my lips slowly, as I looked at her, raising my eyebrows to show my interest. I leaned in slowly, and looked up her body. Her breasts were slightly larger than average, but they did no eclipse her lovely face from the angle I was at. This gorgeous auburn haired girl spread her legs slowly, and used her knee to bump my own heavy breast. I caressed up and down her thighs slowly,

as I smiled, and shuddered, my body on fire, my own labia soaked with the building want and desire. I drew in her warm scent, and then parted those puffy, aroused pussy lips with my own lips, pressing my tongue between her tangy folds, and savoring her taste for the first time. Her sex was so hot, and already so wet. I am not sure that I had ever, in the course of my entire life, felt anyone get quite that wet, but her taste was both tart and sweet, so I began to quite relentlessly lick! I had wanted her for so long, but she was a little shy about being with a girl. She had some thoughts, and some fantasies, but never acted on them until now.

“Eliza… You are beautiful. You always have been… Always will be.” I said slowly, smiling at her adoringly. “I have wanted to do this for a long time, and my heart is racing at the thought that I can do this for you now. Be the one you need. Be the one who makes you happy.” I closed my eyes, and started to suckle and lick firmly over her clit, eager, rapid motions of my tongue to show her I was both serious, and capable, just as I said.

“Mmmph… Oh god. ” She panted out loudly. “Stacey Don’t Stop… I haven’t… reached climax in a long… Time… When I do… I’m real wet… Just warning you now, hon..” she said, panting heavily. I nodded softly, dismissing it a bit. I got really wet when I would climax too. I had done my share of leaving little wet spots on the couch, the bed, or even the carpet, so I could relate. At least, I thought I could. I began to lick even deeper, wanting only to taste her, and to make her know how long I waited for this with every pass of my tongue. I held her thighs open firmly, and she leaned back, whimpering and gripping the edge of the couch. It was a perfect moment. I released a long, low groan, and began to tease my own clit. I could have multiples so pleasuring myself during this would not hurt matters. Eliza shuddered heavily, and drew her shoulder length reddish hair back, pulling at it, before rubbing her nipples. I slowly, and carefully pressed one, two, then three fingers into her, wanting her to feel good and full, since she was used to a guy being her lover. I then began to jerk my hand back and forth, slipping my fingers in and out of her rather roughly, as she answered my intentions with a series of loud cries. I felt hot tingling all the way through my body. For almost a year, I didn’t even mention feeling sexual needs for her, and for the past month, we had come so close to being together so many times. I took my time at first, savoring the feeling of her tight flesh squeezing around my fingers. I suckled her clit from time to time, my mind reeling from the intense sensations I was causing myself, my juices dribbling down my slender, strong fingers. I looked up at her, teasing her clit softly with my tongue. I watched her shut her eyes tightly, her legs trembling, as I flicked that little nub of tingling flesh eagerly with my tongue, beating it like a drum in a death metal drum solo. I leaned in, and started flickering my tongue rapidly over her clit, which made it seem like the couch was consuming her, as she pressed against the back of it hard, drawing in fast, deep breaths, always, to me, seeming like she was breathing in deeper than she was letting out.

“Yeah! cum for me!” I cried, looking up at her.
“I’m close!” she cried in warning. I closed my eyes, and jerked my hand back and forth even faster, pumping harder, the way I enjoyed it too. I pressed her tighter against the couch, relentless in my attack. She screamed, loud and long, and I sank to the floor, almost in a split, cumming hard around my own hand, as I pumped my fingers in and out, stroking over my clit as well. Just at the end of that torrential scream, I felt a hot splash right in the face. I was not expecting anything like that, as my hand pumped fast and hard. Then another, as Eliza wailed uncontrollably. I kept pumping my hand, the wet sound of slapping sexual contact extremely loud now. I gritted my teeth, pulling away to breathe, looking at the soaked couch cushion, and floor, my chin still dripping.

“Holy shit, Eliza! What happened?” I asked. “You okay?” The fluid was slightly milky, so I knew it wasn’t blood or anything. She laughed shakily, still trembling from the climax.
“Hehe I told you so.” she said dizzily.

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