The Bermuda Triangle

Author: FK

Watching the semi push itself backwards into the loading dock, Nicole looked on as she stood with her weight resting upon one of her sexy legs. The 5’10” brunette gazed away as the vehicle finally hit the two yellow posts and consequently came to a halt. Wearing her blue jeans and a black T-shirt, the dark eyed feline walked over to the side of the driver’s cab and looked up. Returning the glance, the truckdriver said, “ Five scids for you.” Nicole only responded with a bored look as the man descended the vehicle and followed her into the receiving area.

Taking the papers from his hand, she said, “ All right, the stock guy’ll be here in a second.” The lady went over to her desk and picked up the receiver. After hitting the numbers five and zero, she spoke loudly over the intercom, “ Joe to the receiving area!” Next, Nicole turned to the driver and remarked, “ The pallet jack’s overthere, if you want, you can start.” The man walked over to the jack and pulled it to the dock. Further, he’d been to this store previously, so he knew how its dock worked. Taking a small rectangular control box in his hand, he pressed the up button. As a result, the platform which he and the jack were now resting made the ascent. Finally, he kicked the extension plate with his shoe and opened the back trailer’s door. Pulling the jack inside, he turned it around, and pushed it under one of the scids.

As the truck driver was raising the pallet a few inches from the floor, Joe entered the room. However, before he had a chance to get to the truck, Nicole, the stockroom supervisor, started to yell, “ You’re too dam slow!” The kid only shrugged his shoulders and went over to the dock. The driver brought the pallet upon the platform and next depressed the down button. When he got to the bottom, Joe took the jack and pulled the skid in. Setting the new merchandise against the opposite wall, he then returned to the truck. Eventually, he had all of the remaining four pallets off the vehicle. With that done, Nicole gave a signed copy of the purchase order back to the driver. Taking it, he said goodbye and left. Nicole shut the receiving door as the sound of the diesel went off into the distance.

Closing the latch, Nicole turned to Joe and rudely ask, “ Where the fuck were you?”

The guy answered with, “ I was out front getting carts, there’s a lot of people in the store now.”

Walking back to her desk, the brunette mumbled, “ That’s what they all say, lazy jerks.” Finally, Joe left and went out to the sales floor.

The good looking sexy receiving lady sat down behind her desk and began to enter the required information into the store’s computer. After six minutes, she had it all done. Next, the woman got up and went over to the scids; within her hand, she had a ticket gun. Setting the date, department, and price, Nicole began pricing the individual items. Fortunately, they were all the same, five pallets of windshield washer fluid.

In addition, Nicole looked pretty good as she clicked away. Moreover, eventhough she worked in the receiving area, she nevertheless wore heels. Further, they weren’t just heels, the exquisite looking lady had on a pair of boots whose upper portions were concealed by the pants. The footwear’s color was black. Also, to give herself an aurora of mystique and importance to compensate for the mundane aspect of her job, she shined the stiletto masterpieces every week.

Placing the tickets upon the individual bottles, Nicole was in a squatting position with her back toward the entrance which led to the sales floor. After pricing the last bottle of a particular box, she felt as if she was being watched. Sure enough, Nicole turned around quickly to see Joe by the entrance. Indeed, the bastard had been standing there for a good two minutes just staring away at her beautiful ass! In a very agitated tone, she immediately ask, “ What are you looking at?!”

Quickly, the highschool kid walked up to her and inquired, “ Got any paper clips back here, the service desk needs some?”

Giving him a dirty look, Nicole nevertheless simply said, “ There, over there.”, pointing in the direction.

Joe said, “ Oh, yea.” He went over, took a few clips and left.

Slowly continuing with the pricing, Nicole said to herself, “ God, I can’t wait till Friday when this fucken week’s over; then, it’s vacation time; two weeks, yea, the Bahamas!” The lady had saved up seventeen hundred dollars over the last year for this trip. Also, being a paid vacation, it wouldn’t burden her financially when she returned. Consequently, Nicole had something great to look forward to. Today was Wednesday, thus only two more days. Further, the twenty eight year old had all her things packed and ready. Therefore, she would leave Friday evening via Continental Airlines; her reservation was already made. All that was necessary was to get through the remainder of the week.

Finally, she had all five pallets finished. Neatly, the lady returned all the priced items back upon the scids so the night crew could wheel the stuff out to the floor and put it all where it belongs. With that done, she turned around and walked back toward her desk. However, as she was just about to sit down, the female turned her head and looked in the direction of the storage bins. Thinking she heard something, Nicole pushed the right side of her shoulder length hair behind her ear and ventured over to where she believed the sound had come. When the equisite lady got to the location, she looked down one of the storage isles and saw Joe. As their eyes met, the kid quickly closed his pants. Disgusted, Nicole yelled with fury, “ You creep, what the hell were you going to do?!” Looking at his crotch area, she saw that his cock was erect with the last remnants of stiffness to it. However, while looking around the immediate area of the kid, she didn’t see any cum. Therefore, the woman said, “ So, you were gonna jack off while watching me?”

His response was, “ No, no, I was just fixing my belt!”

Nicole didn’t buy into his story, for he always seemed to be watching and gazing in her direction for the past month and a half eversince they hired the loser. Consequently, Nicole was about to turn around and head for the office to report him and hopefully have the pain fired. However, something happened to her next. Looking at Joe, she realized his vulnerability, for the kid wasn’t very strong or large physically. Eventhough he was a sophomore in highschool, he hadn’t grown very much for his age. The jerk was only 5’ 4”. This made her six inches higher. In addition, the lad didn’t have much on strength either. As a result, Nicole decided to take matters in her own hands. After looking both ways, and realizing the stockroom was empty of other employees, she went strait up to him and grabbed the hair atop his head. Next, she said, “ Listen asshole, and listen good, if I ever catch your wandering eyes on me again, I’ll poke them out!” The kid was momentarily shocked at her strength eventhough she looked quite sexy and womanly. Next, Nicole started pounding his head upon the wall at the end of the isle unto which he had himself backed up against.

From his mouth she heard, “ Ok, ok, let me go!” With the release of her grip, he stood there and looked into her pupils. Reading the fear in his eyes, the brunette began to feel something strange. His fear started to arouse her. Indeed, a sensation began to form in her genital area, a pleasure she never felt before, an eroticism coupled with violence. She never had a physical fight with anyone during her entire adult life, nevertheless, she discovered something novel about herself, violence turned her on.

The time was now two thirty in the afternoon. The stockroom was almost always quiet at this time, for most of the trucks had already made their deliveries, and the merchandise wouldn’t be taken out until later. Hence, the afternoon was her time for paperwork and whatever else. Upon realizing this, Nicole gave in to her newfound temptations. Grabbing Joe’s crotch, she said, “ So, you little shit, you like me, well, how about this.” The kid couldn’t believe it; at first, he began to erect, for he was about to beat off anyway; this would be better. Feeling his full erection, Nicole unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock, toyed with it, and finally remarked, “ Golly you’re little.” Next, the receiving supervisor unbuttoned her pants and let them fall to her boots. Afterward, Nicole pulled her panties to her thighs. She took hold of Joe’s head and pushed his face to her cunt, saying, “ Lick me!” The kid actually complied. He licked away as precum began dripping from the tip of his cock. Looking downward, Nicole said to herself within the confines of her mind, “ Shit, he likes it, I gotta do something he doesn’t like just to make him suffer.” As a result, the brunette pushed her cunt ever closer to his face until she forced herself over him such that his head was bent back. Nicole ordered, “ Open your mouth wide!” However, realizing what she had in mind, Joe tried to back off; he wasn’t a piss drinker. Nevertheless, this is what she wanted, forcing him to do something he didn’t want; that would really turn her on. Again, Nicole began pounding his head against the wall. After four strikes at the plaster, the kid agreed. Slowly, he arched his head back and under her big harry slit. Nicole said, “ You’d better not spill anything; I want it all drunk down!” Next, the lady remarked, “ Here it comes, all for you, my little man!” Then it came; her piss trickled its way forth and down his unwilling throat. She listened on to his swallows. It sounded worst than an old individual washing his throat out with salt water. Finally, her bladder was empty.

Feeling like he had to puke, Joe nevertheless managed to keep it down. Next, Nicole turned around and shoved her curvaceous and lovely female ass right into his face, saying, “ Here kiss, kiss my ass!” He began as the lady requested. In fact, this task would’ve been fun if it wasn’t for the previous piss experience; he felt too sick to enjoy anything. After three minutes, the lady had enough. She pulled her attire back up and told him to zip up his jeans. He obeyed and she said afterward, “ Get down on your back, creep.”

However, Joe began to beg, “ Oh c’mon Nicole, please, let it be over.”

She replied with, “ Oh no, I’ll show you whose boss here!” He didn’t comply. Therefore, the brunette kicked him in the balls with the toe of her boot. It hurt. the intensity was so great that the male fell to his knees. When he was down holding his crotch, she struck the back of his head with the edge of her right hand. Slightly dazed, he fell upon his side and lay there as the lady used her other boot to roll him over upon his back. Nicole yelled down at him, “ Lick the sole of my gorgeous stiletto masterpiece!” At this point, Joe knew that everyone of her orders were serious, and if disobeyed would be met with reprisal, hence he stuck out his tongue and licked away. Also, there was dirt on the sole he was licking; the stuff was dry and sandy; it seemed to him as if he were eating potting soil. Nevertheless, the unfortunate stock guy finished up with the underside of both boots when he felt the wind knocked out of his lungs. Kicking him hard in the ribs while laughing, she said, “ Now you fuck, get your degenerate ass outta here; quit, go to the office and tell them you’re through with this place!” Frightened, he got up and left for the office to do exactly as she said. In fact, she also yelled after him as he was leaving the stockroom, “ If I ever see your face again, I’ll make your life a living shit pile, not that it isn’t already, ha, ha, ha!” The last Nicole saw was his back as he ventured out onto the sales floor in the direction of management. As he was exiting the back room, the woman picked up a small box containing five blank video cassettes and threw it at him. Hitting his left shoulder, the container simply fell to the floor. However, he continued to move quickly without even looking back as she yelled after him, “ I’m serious, I’ll cut your little dick off!” Joe disappeared out onto the sales floor.

Finally, the day almost came to an end when the last truck backed in at three forty eight. Nicole dialed fifty and decided to page Joe just to see what would happen. To her satisfaction, the store manager dialed back to her station and said, “ I’m sorry Nicole but Joe decided to quit, kids, you never know from one minute to the next what they’ll do.”

Nicole simply replied with, “ Yea, all right, I’ll unload it myself or have the driver assist me; it probably isn’t much.”

In a relaxed tone, the manager said, “ Ok, I’ll see if I can get someone else soon; when you come back from vacation, a new person should be here.”

She replied with, “ That’ll be fine, thanks.” After hanging up, she went over to the receiving door. The truck was an easy load. She finished up, clocked out, and drove home.

While moving up the interstate ramp located two blocks from the store, Nicole depressed the accelerator another centimeter. She sped up to sixty five and traveled along the highway for fifteen minutes. Eventually, the lady got off at the next township and onto mainstreet. She drove three miles and then pulled into a side street. Moving along for an additional quarter of a mile, she then turned into the drive of a four suite apartment building and parked her car in a lot to the rear of the structure. Getting out of the vehicle, Nicole ascended the back stairs up to the fourth apartment. The sexy one took her keys from her pocket and unlocked the door. When inside, she went straight to the bathroom and washed her hands out of habit. Next, Nicole threw the keys atop the toilet tank and left. Upon venturing into the kitchen, she made herself a cup of coffee. Afterward, the dark-haired one went to the livingroom and placed a CD into the stereo. She listened on as Mahler’s third symphony unfolded its first movement before her ears. Sinking back into the solfa with her brew, she enjoyed the noble sound. However, as our lady mused on, she remembered her experience earlier with Joe. Thinking about it some more, she began to get wet. Indeed, the images of domination really turned her on. Moreover, the feeling was truly beginning to take hold. Consequently, the female got up, placed the coffee cup upon the cocktaletable, and turned off the CD. Next, she just stood in the middle of the livingroom and reflected further on her newfound desire for erotic violence. However, things didn’t stop here. Unbuttoning her jeans, the woman lowered them down and over her boots, throwing them upon the solfa and next doing the same with her panties. Finally, she removed both her shirt and bra. Save for the spectacular footwear, she stood naked and alone.

Raising her hands above her head, the brown eyed beauty stretched herself. Then, Nicole lowered her right hand and inserted her middle finger up her slit. Fingering the opening for a while, her clit began to respond with full vigor. As the female played with herself, she kept the previous stockroom experience in mental view. Next, she felt a total surge of power. Over and over, Nicole replayed the humiliation she inflicted upon the stock kid. In the end, she had an orgasm. Nevertheless, being a woman, she could go on further. Again, the feline toyed with her genitals, and again, the lady began to feel the sensation swell. However, this time, the power surge was even greater. As a result, Nicole ventured into her bedroom and removed a black leather belt from her closet. Returning to the livingroom, she began striking the couch as to pretend it was her living slave. She continued as she fingered herself. Indeed, the striking motion really stimulated her. The more she hit, the greater her desire to hit. With the passage of six minutes, our horny and fetish feline had another euphoric burst. As her orgasm worked its magic upon her system, the lady dropped the belt and rotated upon her right foot. However, as she spun around, she felt an intense sting in her knee cap of the same leg she used to perform the rotation. The orgasm now over, Nicole sat herself down and held her leg. In fact, the pain was becoming intense. She yelled to herself, “ Fuck, not now, not this week, shit; I shouldn’ve done that!”

Having pain in her knee was no great surprise to her, for two years ago, Nicole had an operation removing her original knee cap and replacing it with a metal one. Those two years ago, she had an accident in the stockroom while standing atop a ladder. Someone came by with a push cart and bumped the base of the ladder; it slipped, and the lady fell to the concrete floor. As she lay there, Nicole realized something was broken. An ambulance was called. When at the hospital, they told her the need for an operation, and hence the replacement of her knee cap. Also, financially, things weren’t that bad, workman’s compensation paid for the procedure. A month and a half later, Nicole returned to work. The operation was a success; when she walked, one couldn’t tell anything. However, every now and then, if she put too much pressure upon her right leg, it would respond with pain. The negative sensation would go on for a couple of days and then stop. In addition, there were a few times when she had to visit her doctor to get a shot relieving the pain. Nevertheless, things always returned to normal.

Getting up, she limped into the bathroom. There Nicole removed her right boot and lowered her leg into the tub. Turning on the cold water, she let it run over her knee. This helped. After ten minutes, the lady turned off the water and grabbed her boot. Dragging herself into the bedroom, she next laid herself down atop the bed. With the passage of five minutes, she fell into a semisleep. It went on for the next hour. However, Nicole awoke back to full consciousness and looked at the clock. The time was now six thirty. Getting up, the exquisite feline removed the other boot. Then, the sexy and naked lady went back to the livingroom and put on her clothes laying upon the edge of the solfa. All dressed, Nicole ventured to the kitchen and made herself supper. She ate, washed the dishes, and returned to the livingroom. Here, the lady placed a video in the VCR and watched something from her documentary collection. The film went on for almost two hours. When the movie finally ended, it was past nine. She got up and went into the bathroom, again removing all her clothes. This time she showered off. Next, the woman went to the bedroom and put her night clothes on. It didn’t take long; she fell to sleep and was awakened by her alarm clock the next morning.

Getting up at seven thirty, Nicole went through her morning routine, and then left for work. Upon arriving at the store, she went to the lounge and read a magazine before work time arrived. Afterward, the lady clocked in and went to the receiving area. However, as the day progressed, her knee was giving her trouble. Also, since she did such a good job at scaring Joe away yesterday, there was more physical work for her to do. Consequently, when lunch break came, she called her doctor and set up an appointment that same evening. She didn’t want her coming vacation ruined by some irritating pain. The workday over, Nicole drove home and ate something. Finally, it was time for the appointment with her physician. Moreover, his office was located at the clinic only two and a half miles from her place.

Upon driving to the location, the lady went into the waiting room and told the receptionist she’d arrived. Twenty minutes later, Nicole was escorted in. The doctor told her to remove her right boot. After the footwear came off, she rolled up her pant leg, and the man examined her,saying, “ All right Nicole, there doesn’t seem to be anything damaged; in fact, it’s only a slight sprain.” Continuing, he said, “ I’ll give you a shot for the pain.”

“ Good, thanks.” Also, the female ask, “ Got any pills if the pain lasts a few more days?”

The physician answered with, “ Oh yea, I’ll right a prescription.” She again thanked the man. He left for a moment and returned with the needle. After he gave her the said shot, she finally felt better. Nicole pulled down her pant leg and replaced the stiletto boot. Leaving the room, she returned to the receptionist. Taking Nicole’s payment, the lady told her the prescription would be immediately called in. Smiling, Nicole turned around and left.

She drove to the drug store and bought the pills. Upon arriving home, she read a book for the rest of the evening. Eventually, the perfect beauty turned in and fell to sleep.

In the morning, she awoke; to her delight, the day was Friday. After Nicole got up, she remarked to herself, “ At last, one more day in that shit hole.” Nicole dressed herself and ate breakfast. Getting into her car, she drove to work. While working and yearning for quitting time, she was pleased to experience no pain. She said to herself, “ It’s either the pain killer or the knee is getting better; oh well, I guess time will tell.

With the day coming to a close, the manager stopped by and said, “ Have a great vacation.”

Answering, she said, “ Oh yea, two weeks of fun in the sun; I wouldn’t miss it for the world.”

Smiling, the man walked away. Sixteen minutes later, the moment of truth arrived, quitting time. Getting up off the desk’s chair, she hurried to the lounge. She hit the time clock and went out to her car. There, the woman put the machine into gear and sped off. Finally, she got home. In her apartment, Nicole made herself a cup of coffee. In addition, she ate something. With the passage of an hour and a half, she looked at the clock and realized it’s time to leave and catch her flight. Therefore, Nicole went through her apartment, closing all the windows and making sure everything else is ready for a two week absence. When she felt secure and all was in order, the brunette grabbed her keys and suitcase. Right before the woman left via the back, she made sure the front door was locked. After locking up, Nicole descended the wooden stairs and threw her suitcase in the trunk. Setting her nice ass in the car, she drove off to the airport.

The excited and anxious lady parked her vehicle in the long term parking area. Opening the trunk, she took out the suitcase. With the thing in hand, Nicole ventured over to the terminal. Inside, she went to the Continental line. After waiting fourteen minutes, her turn came up. At last Nicole stood before the counter. A woman dressed in a blue uniform said, “ Hello, how can I help you?”

Nicole answered with, “ My name’s Nicole Robins; I’ve got a reservation for the seven O’clock flight to Miami enroute to the Bahamas.”

The employee responded with, “ Let’s see, Nicole Robins; yes, you’re here, ok, please sign this.” Reaching for a pen upon the counter, Ms. Robins signed the paper. Next, she took her ticket copy from the lady and proceeded to the check through. There, her suitcase and purse went through a metal detector and scanner.

However, as she herself went through, the alarm rang forth. Slightly embarrassed, Nicole stepped to the side as instructed by a guard. He ask, “ Do you have anything on you that’s concealed?”

Nicole answered, “ I’ve got a piece of metal in my knee; it’s a fake kneecap.”

Looking at her, the man said, “ Ok, step this way.” She moved before a screen and was hence X-rayed.

Another employee came over and examined her image. Seemingly satisfied, the guard said, “ All right, she can go through.” Making a smug expression, Nicole went her way. Twenty feet later, she was handed her purse. Saying thanks, she simply made her way to the plane. She entered the detachable walkway and boarded the flying machine. In fact, the jet was Continental’s newer versions, the largest type the company owned. With purse in hand, the lady went to a seat three quarters of the way back and sat down next to the window. Looking out, she saw only the side of the airport complex and the walkway extension.

Eventually, all passengers were aboard and the plane was ready for take off. From the intercom, she heard a man’s voice, “ Please fasten your seatbelts, we’re about to depart.” That said, she felt a slight jerk backwards as the plane began to move. Anxious, she watched out the window as everything began to speed faster and faster. Finally, the ground moved away and the plane was airborne. Fifteen minutes later, the pilot said over the speakers, “ It’s now safe to move about; please enjoy your flight and thankyou for flying with Continental.”

Nicole gazed out the window for three minutes. However, the flight would be over four hours; hence she next reached into her purse and pulled out a paperback novel. Ms. Robins read on for an hour until she was disturbed by the noise of a cart being pushed down the isle. Turning her head, she noticed a sexy stewardess selling drinks. Upon viewing this, Nicole motioned to the lady. The woman looked at Nicole and ask, “ What’ll it be?”

The brunette replied with a question, “ Got any scotch?”

“ Sure, want ice with that?”

“Yes.”, said Nicole.

The good looking blond next poured the said drink and handed it to Nicole past a man sitting next to Ms. Robins in the isle seat. Taking the glass, our heroine began to drink. However, after she took the glass, someone else on the other side of the isle also wanted a drink. As a result, the stewardess turned and prepared the beverage. As she gave the drink to the other passenger, her ass was directly in line with the man’s face seated next to Nicole. Consequently, the guy stared her butt down from top to bottom with a big smile. While he stared away, Nicole turned and noticed. After the stewardess stood straight again and pushed the cart away, the horny man turned his face back and immediately noticed Nicole measuring him off. He looked down embarrassingly as Nicole turned her eyes back toward the window. Looking out, she said to herself quietly, “ It’s the same wherever you go; someone otta piss down that guy’s throat also.” Finally, being relaxed by the drink, she returned to the book and continued to read.

Two and a half hours later, the plane reached Miami. The wheels hit the runway and the machine eventually came to a halt. With that done, everyone got up and left the plane. Descending the stairs, she was immediately struck with the pleasant climate. Afterward, Nicole went over to the Miami airport terminal and entered the glass doors. Inside, she was greeted by personnel who who told her when her second and final flight would leave for Nassau. Acknowledging the information, she next went upstairs to the waiting area and refreshments. She bought herself a cup of coffee and a ham sandwich. Turning around, Nicole noticed a vacant table. Consequently, she went over, set her ass in a seat, and started eating.

Ms. Robins wasn’t seated more than three minutes when an individual sat down at the same table. Surprised at his augasity, she simply stared at him with the sandwich in hand. Smiling at her, he said, “ Hi, I’m Justin, so what’s your name?”

Continuing to look on for ten seconds, she finally mumbled, “ I’m Nicole.”

The guy began talking all about himself in conjunction with the weather. It was now clear to Nicole that he was hitting on her. Dressed in her T-shirt, jeans, and boots, she only sat there and listened on. However, he just wouldn’t let go. In fact, he then ask, “ So where are you headed.”

She really didn’t need this. Having in mind to be alone on her vacation, spending time on the beach reading, walking, swimming, or what else, she just didn’t want to have anyone hanging around her. Therefore, she replied with a lie, “ Oh, I’m headed back home to Pennsylvania.”

However, the guy said, “ Oh come on, I saw you from this glass window get off the plane from Pennsylvania.” While he spoke, Justin pointed in the direction of the large window pane.

Nicole looked away agitated. Then, she turned back to his face and said rudely, “ Look, I’m hear to get away from shit, not get involved with more; so why don’t you just leave, all right!”

Appearing surprised, he simply remarked, “ Ok, sorry you feel that way.” He got up and left.

Finishing up her sandwich, Nicole decided to read the remaining time away. With the coffee also consumed, Nicole looked up as she heard over the speaker, “ Flight to Nassau departing in twenty minutes. Happily, the lady got up and ventured to the appropriate entrance. She boarded a somewhat smaller craft and sat down. This plane was also a commercial jet. However, it took only one hundred passengers at most. Looking at the plane’s interior from her seat in the mid section, Nicole admired its spacious design. Indeed, the remainder of the trip would be less cramped in comparison to the first part. Also, the length would be significantly less, for Nassau wasn’t far from Miami in terms of a commercial flight. Leaning back in the seat, Nicole awaited take off. Finally, she felt the craft move. Shortly thereafter, the plane was up and on its way. Ms. Robins didn’t read or anything else; she simply let her mind dwell away on various topics as she gazed out the window into the blue sky.

When the machine was completely over miles of open water at almost the midpoint of the flight, Nicole had to piss. Therefore, she said, “ Excuse me” to the individual next to her and got up. However, as she stood up, the lady felt a sharp sting in her right knee. Further, the pain was of a form she had never before experienced, feeling more like a burning electrical shock sensation. Truly, she couldn’t explain it. In addition, her tongue also felt as if it were conducting electricity. As she pushed herself slowly past the other passenger, Nicole finally made it to the isle. Again, a sharp sting and shock pronounced itself. With effort, Nicole managed to limp back to the lavatory at the very end of the plane. There, the woman entered and closed the door. Unbuttoning her jeans, she lowered them together with her black panties. Next, Nicole sat on the bowl and pissed away. Also, while running her hand down to her throbbing knee, she felt that it was warm. In fact, the knee was much warmer than the rest of her body. She ask herself, “ How can this be; that doesn’t make much sense?” When she finished pissing, Nicole got up and was about to pull up her clothes when all of a sudden she was struck by another sting in her knee. This time it was extremely intense. So intense that it caused her to fall back against the lavatory’s wall. Again, she reached down to her knee; however, she quickly removed her hand, for the affected area had become so hot that she couldn’t even touch herself. Sinking to the floor next to the toilet bowl, Nicole rocked back and forth in true agony. Also, she cursed to herself saying, “ Fuck, fuck, this whole vacation will be ruined on account of this fucken knee of mine; shit, why, why!”

After three minutes, the pain began to subside. In fact, to her surprise, the strange sensation simply vanished. Also, she felt different; something had changed. Indeed, our lady felt uplifted and rejuvenated. It was as if she was a newer version of herself. Consequently, the brunette stood up and this time managed to get her attire pulled back in place. Feeling great, she turned to the mirror to straighten her hair when the feline was shocked by the image. Before her stood the same Nicole but only much more vibrant and radiant looking, appearing as if five years had been knocked off her life. After vainly admiring herself, the woman turned around and opened the lavatory door.

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