My Very First Time

Author: Samy Vonne

It was a beautiful night in October, a night full of cool chills blowing on the wind, a night that possessed the scent of passion and mystery. I could smell Halloween approaching as I drove my car into the newly finished subdivision on the east end of town. The houses where all original, none were like my cookie cutter house. I passed several beautiful houses that were still becoming homes; one even resembled a log cabin. 617 Wood Trail Drive was my destination; it seemed like an eternity before I finally saw 617 etched into a mailbox at the end of the dead end street. Pulling into the driveway, a Victorian style house with a stunning wrap around porch greeted me. I had never met him before; we met online and had only been talking on the phone for a few short weeks. He was the master I had been longing for, one of great intelligence of the lifestyle and patience for a fresh submissive like myself.

My attire included a leather mini skirt, a purple tube top, and black stilettos. My makeup was painted dark on my porcelain face, thick black eyeliner coated my almost shaped eyes, deep green eyes hadow accentuated my hazel eyes. My long black hair was pulled up high into a messy pony tail; I felt vulnerable, just the way he had asked me to.

Upon approaching the front door, I couldn’t help but notice how his lawn looked. It had lean remnants of flower beds on both sides of the stairs leading to the door. The lawn was not just taken care of, it was manicured with pride.
Ringing the doorbell was a challenge, “Carmen, you can go back home now and continue to keep this fantasy online.” I couldn’t, I had to experience this for myself. My mind was nervous, but my body didn’t budge an inch.

“Hello, come on in.” I didn’t even realize he was standing with the door open, welcoming me in with a warm smile. My body has caught up with my head now, I fight off shaking. I don’t even know his name; I just know to call him sir. He stands at six feet tall, shaggy blonde hair the color of sand, skin that had been caressed by the sun. Stepping inside, I caught a smell of his cologne and pumpkin spice candles that lit his home. Every light in the house was off, flames danced on the walls and on him, making his eyes shimmer with desire. He wanted me, every part of me, just the way I wanted him.

“You have a lovely house.” The words were forced out of me to break the silence as the door behind me was being shut and locked.

“Thank you. Rule number one, you already know to address me as sir, you have much training and that will be the first rule you perfect. Rule number two, when you are in my house, you don’t need your clothes. I want you to always be open and ready for me. Is that understood girl?” His eyes seemed to speak to me more than anything else. I couldn’t take my eyes away from his without a fight.

“Yes, sir.” The words left my mouth so naturally. I pulled my clothes off of me setting them on the floor. Bending over to unbuckle my shoes, I felt his hand on my shoulder, how soft his hands are. “You can leave those on,” he spoke with such confidence, “come into the light so I can inspect you.” He slid his hand down my arm, taking my hand in his and led me to the center of the living room. Standing in front of him, I felt vulnerable. Every particle of me had a tingling sensation.

He was looking at all of me, from head to toe, touching me with his masculine hands, feeling my soft skin. He spent a good amount of time touching my breasts, making me feel so little, yet so proud. I was slightly intimidated by him, embarrassed that he was spending so much time on my breasts, they’re not very big. “What size bra do you wear?” I was astonished; it was as if my thoughts traveled into his. “32 c.” He left them alone and began traveling down. “Spread your legs, girl.” He said with dominance as I obeyed immediately. Feeling his warm hands touch my clit and discover its piercing, I couldn’t help but become unimaginably turned on. He was rubbing his fingers over it, making me spread my legs further apart. He stopped as I began to breathe heavily and finished looking me over. “You’ve done well, girl. On you hands and knees, that’s how you will walk in this house unless I tell you otherwise. Do you understand?”

   “Yes, sir, I understand.” I said smiling once again. Before I knew it, I felt him slip something around my neck. It was a dog’s choker collar, and it began to tighten around my neck. “Come on, girl.” He had me on a leash, leading me to the back of the house. My knee hurt from crawling through the kitchen, keeping up with him was a challenge. Approaching stairs that led to the basement, he pulled me to my feet. I followed him down the stairs and to a back wall. The lights were off down here as well, and candles perfumed the room. There were racks which held things that I could not make out well. We stopped at the back wall, two hooks in the ceiling held ropes that draped down to my feet. I let him tie my hands up apart from each other. The ropes held my wrists tight, almost lifting me off of the ground. A blindfold was slipped over my eyes to prevent me from seeing what was next.

   “You smell so sweet, girl.” He began to run his fingers up and down my body as he kissed my neck and shoulders. Everything tingled, my clit longed to be massaged, I wanted him to take me and cure this feeling of such strong desire. Finally, his hand entered me, massaging my g spot. As I began moaning, he stopped. Pulling his hands up and touching my backside softly, then it began to sting. It was repetitive, stroking my back and ass, and then the sting. I felt humiliated that I was being spanked by this stranger, but I longed for it. Again. And again. Again.

   “Thank you, sir.” The words escaped, and before I could even think, he was no longer behind me. Feeling pressure on my breasts, feeling them get harder and more firm. A rope was binding them, and there was nothing I could do about it. Suddenly, I felt a hard pinch that made me scream out. Something has grabbed onto my sensitive perky nipples, something cold and merciless. A chain linked the two clamps on my nipples.

   “Please, sir, you’re hurting me, plea-.” A hand covered my mouth while his other hand traced along my tits. This pain was almost too much, but something in me longed for it and wanted to see if I could take it just a little while longer. He kept tugging at the chain which made the clamps become tighter with each pull. I could feel the wetness between my legs growing stronger, and he was gone again. Behind me, I could hear his footsteps on the concrete floor. He moved swiftly, placing a gag in my mouth to keep me from talking. Something soft on my back, something I would learn to love and hate at the same time with such a deep passion. I knew right away it was a leather flogger.

   Each swing made my backside hotter, growing with small welts and bruises, varying between his hand and the flogger. Each time I felt something touch my skin, I couldn’t help but let noise try to escape, a small scream, a moan. This went on for a time, eventually I began to go numb, and somehow, he knew this. My hands dropped beside me and the blindfold was ripped off. Before I could have time to move around, my hands were being bound behind my back and I was being led to a dark space on the opposite side of the basement.

   “You’ve been such a good girl, now I will reward you for taking it so well.” I tried to force out words from behind my gag but did not succeed. As we reached the dark corner, he turned me toward him and hugged me. I was sore from the beating, but his warmth felt delicious on my cool skin. His hands were exploring me once again, with more passion than before. They found their way to my neck as I was pushed backwards. Falling, falling, on to a soft bed. His hands, soft, so delicate and remorseful, touching me everywhere. The lightness of his fingertips caressing my skin as if they were soft feathers hugging at my body making hair on my arms stand up and making me shiver with pleasure. His tongue traced down my body, from my neck to my breasts, I felt the clamps being removed, and the rope leaving my breasts sore and sensitive. His tongue drew lines across my breasts. Never before had I felt such delight. I felt every touch, every warm breath that he took drew onto my skin, making my nipples harder and harder until it hurt with such a painful bliss.

   It wasn’t until now that I understood the rope and clamps uses, as much as they hurt me, they gave me such a pleasant gift of sensation. His fingertips running up and down my sides, bringing me to arch my back and push myself into him; feeling helpless with my hands still cuffed behind my back. Tracing my body with his tongue, still following down the middle of my body, he hits my clit ring with his tongue. Licking my clit, shoving two fingers deep inside of me, again massaging my g spot. Dragging his tongue up and down along my clit, lashing his tongue against my ring. I cannot help but to moan loudly though the gag, arching my back, feeling everything inside me come so close to exploding with a pleasure and excitement that I had never known.

   As my legs begin to shake some, I feel him pulling me up towards him, and turning me over, shoving me down into the bed face first. Laying on my stomach, my back side is exposed to him. Undoing the gag and tossing it to the floor, I hear a loud pop. He has awakened the feeling of his hand on my ass. Smacking it repeatedly, bringing the burn to the surface once more. Instead of screaming, I find myself moaning, and begging, “Please, sir, spank my ass harder.”

   “Hmm.” I hear him grunt as he delivers a hard hit to my backside, he is delighted that I am enjoying myself as well as serving him. “You like this little girl, don’t you? Do you like your master taking advantage of your exposed ass?” He sounds amused with himself.

   “Yes, sir, very much, sir.” I don’t even have to think anymore, feeling the blunt smacks of my masters hands torturing my ass, it all comes to me with great recreation.

   “What else do you want? Tell me, little slut, what do you want from your master?” It takes very little effort and little time to cry out to him.

   “Master, I want you to fuck my cunt hard, please!” At the exact moment the words escaped my mouth, master grabbed the chain between the cuffs and pulled me back onto my knees and onto his engorged dick. Holding me up from leaning on my shoulders and using my chain to thrust into me harder, with each entry I screamed, louder and louder. he fucked me harder and harder, finally dropping the chain and letting me fall to me shoulders for support. Holding onto my hips, pulling me up and shoving his dick into my swollen pussy, “Is this what you want, little girl?”

   “Yes, sir, thank you sir!” I forced the words out of me in between moans. Feeling him along my walls, feeling him growing inside of me and using me as his fuck doll, everything in me went off like fireworks. A rush, such an amazing eccentric rush I felt as the warm secretions dripped down my legs and onto the bed. Staying inside me, master leaned onto me, laying his body against mine, kissing my neck like he had done when this adventure started. “I am very pleased with my new slut.”
   “Thank you, sir.”

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