Ghostly Encounter

Author: FK

Sifting through the pages of the fetish periodical, Ben came upon a particular add. Indeed, the printed material spoke with an air of its own. Dressed in a black leather bikini outfit, together with black stiletto boots, the blond’s picture struck Ben with a piercing force he couldn’t resist. Consequently, he stared forth into the ghostly face of the slender feline. She was short, or so it appeared from the photo. Further, her dark sullen eyes produced an aurora of mystique to which our man was immediately attracted.

Looking down below the picture, it read, “Mistress J., searching for more slaves and submissives. Further, an address containing a post office box was given. Continuing his intense study of the lady, she appeared to grow in attraction the longer his eyes remained glued to the page. Eventually, the man pulled away his gaze and decided to copy down the address. Doing this, he got up and wrote her a letter which started as follows, “ Dearest and most Noble Mistress; Upon seeing your add in the fetish periodical, I’d most like to have a session with you.” Ben finished the brief letter with his telephone number. After putting his signature at the bottom, the man placed it into an envelope, wrote her address on top, and mailed it away. Returning to his abode, he could only hope that she’ll answer him.

Sure enough, only two days later his phone rang at six thirty in the evening, “ Hello, “ he answered.

In response, the man heard, “ Hi, this is Mistress J, I’ve got your letter.”

Next, while speaking rapidly, Ben inquired, “ Yes, ok, I’d like to see you, when could we meet?”

“ How about Friday evening at seven?”

Friday was tomorrow, hence Ben eagerly agreed, saying, “ Yea, that’ll be great; oh, and by the way, how much is the token of appreciation?”

“ It’s one fifty for the first hour, and a hundred for every hour thereafter.”

Slightly surprised, yet delighted, he responded with, “ Oh, great, that’s not bad.” Afterward, he ask, “ All right, where do we meet?”

She inquired, “ Do you know the Highland Motel in Morgan Heights?”

“ I know Morgan Heights, but not the motel.”

In light of his statement, she relayed the directions on how to get there.

Copying the information down, Ben finally said, “ Ok, everything sounds good to me, I’ll see you tomorrow at seven.”

She said, “ Here’s my number, call me when you get there and let me know the room number.”

He replied, “ Great, see you then.”

After placing the receiver down, Ben noticed he had an erection; her voice alone, with its errie, commanding, yet sensual tone, really made an impression upon the erotic side of his mind. Getting it together, he focused elsewhere and finished up the task he was working on before her call.

Returning to work the next day, Ben could hardly hold back his enthusiasm for the upcoming session. Her image flowed in and out of his imagination as the hours progressed. Finally, quitting time came, Ben left the plant and drove home. There, he ate supper and changed into a more casual attire. With all complete, our man glanced at his clock to see six upon the wall. As a result, he locked up and got into his car, started the engine, and drove off.

Winter’s weather is usually on the cold side; however, at times the temperature can be mild in relation to the season. And so it was this February day. Darkness had already descended as his vehicle moved along the interstate. Eventually, Ben took the off ramp to Morgan Heights. Paying close attention to the directions the mistress had given to him, Ben found the Highland Motel with no problem. Nested in the back of a long parkinglot surrounded on all sides with trees, the fetish man got out of his car and walked over to the office. While moving along, he was impressed with the errie silence of the area. Further, a fog slowly moved in from the other side of the road, causing a light bluish glow around the street lights. Intrigued by the haunting atmosphere, Ben made it to the front door below the office sign. Pulling forward, he opened the door and ventured inside. Behind a glass window, an Arabic gentleman sat and ask, “ Hello sir, can I help you?”

Nodding his head, Ben replied, “ Yes, I’d like to have a room for three hours.”

Asking no questions in relation to the use thereof, the man grabbed a set of keys and slid them through a small hole at the base of the glass. Afterward, the man ask Ben for some identification. Giving him his driver’s license, Ben watched as the man filled out a form. With all complete, the paper was slid to Ben who signed by the X and returned the form together with thirty dollars. After receiving his change, Ben said thanks and went over to the room number on the key, twenty six.

Inserting the key, turning the knob, and pushing inward, the door slowly rotated open with a moan, filling the quiet, almost empty outside lot, with an echo reminiscent of the macabre. After stepping into the dark chamber, Ben closed the door behind him and flicked on a light switch next to the door. The only thing coming on was a dim lamp atop a table next to the bed. With his eyes adjusted, Ben turned around and locked the door. Next, he shut the curtain. All that remained was the phone call to her noble ladyship and the session was set. Consequently, Ben picked up the receiver atop the oak table and dialed an outside number, her number. Three rings took place before he heard, “ Hello, can I help you?”

“ Hi Mistress, this is Ben; I’m at the motel in room twenty six.”

She said, “ Ok, I,ll be there in a half hour.”

Hanging up the phone produced a feeling of anticipation within his frame; he felt like many years ago, as a child the night before Christmas. Also, once again, his cock began to erect at the thought of her impending arrival. Laying himself backwards, Ben stretched his frame stop the bed and stared up into the dreary atmosphere surrounding him. Meditating for a while, he felt as if it were Halloween, for the surroundings gave him that ghostly sensation associated with that age old holiday.

Silence, silence, and once again silence. Only every once in a while did he notice the ruffling of tree branches outside in the light wind. Raising himself up slowly, he looked at his watch and noticed ten more minutes before the said arrival, the moment of sexual ecstasy. Getting completely off the bed, Ben walked over to the curtain and peaked out from its side. Nothing, nothing but the light blanket of fog, slowly working its way in front of the large open vacant field on the other side of the street, From up above, off into the distance, the almost full moon illuminated the shrubs and small bushes growing up throughout the open area, causing their silhouettes to come and go with the movement of the florescent vapor.

Returning to the bed, Ben once again laid himself out. However, this time, he reached over and turned off the light, covering himself completely with darkness. Lying there, he heard every tiny sound that came from the outside, however small. Finally, the soft flutter of an engine was deciphered. He listened intently as the sound came closer and then disappeared. Next, four seconds later, Ben heard the slam of a car door about two hundred feet away. Then, as expected, stiletto strikes echoed forth. Coming closer and closer, the female stride made its way, reverberating ever deeper and deeper to the depths of his fetish heart. Listening with not only a sharp ear, but with down right devotion, Ben quietly got up and stood still in the center of the room. Closing his eyes, he let the foot steps continue to probe his inner world.

Then, as from a force emanating up and through the barrier between man and hell, a knock came through the door. Only one wrap was initially heard. However, three to four seconds later, another came forth, followed again by an interval of silence, which in turn gave way to another wrap. After the fourth such knock, Ben went forward and unlocked the door. Shaking with desire, he pulled forth upon the knob and swung the panel open. Before his eyes stood the image of a witch! Indeed, her frame stood in half silhouette against the silent night, as her blond hair reflected the gentle glow from afar. Staring straight into his face, her dark eyes pierced forth while a smile came across her lips. Stepping forward, Mistress J entered as he turned on the light.

Gazing at her magnificence, Ben saw she was dressed in a black fur coat descending below the knees, but nevertheless fit perfectly, revealing her slender but curvaceous frame. Below the base of the coat, emerged two black leather stiletto boots, with spikes the likes of which he only seen in expensive periodicals. Finally, within her right hand, she had a satchel from which he could see a whip slightly protruding from the semi closed zipper.

With the door now shut, the lady said, “ Hi, I’m mistress J, so you need my presence tonight, well, that’s good, let’s see the cash and I’ll give you something you’ll never forget.” Reaching into his shirt pocket, Ben removed an envelope containing one hundred and sixty dollars. After giving it to her, She sifted through the bills and said, “ Good, even a ten dollar tip, now get undressed, now!” Obediently, slavish Ben began to undress as the gothic goddess removed her coat, revealing a two piece leather attire similar to the one she advertised herself with. Tossing the black masterpiece upon the bed, the dominatrix reached into her satchel and pulled the whip out through the half closed opening. Letting it uncoil, the lady yelled at Ben, “ Well, hurry up, I’ve got very little patience, especially with jerky slaves like you!” Excited, Ben quickly took off the remainder of his attire and finally knelt before the image of female control. The whip cracked through the air, as our little man momentarily moved his head back from the initial shock. Scary indeed was her disposition, a force from which his sexual yearnings could never resist. After her first wave of the whip, she brought her right hand to her hip while holding the instrument of persuasion with the same hand. Then, Mistress turned halfway around and unzipped the satchel fully open. From inside, she withdrew two pairs of silver cuffs. With both objects of bondage in hand, the gothic lady said, “ Hold your wrists together and present them to me.” Doing so, Ben touched together the inner edges of his wrists and next held them up in total submissive surrenderment. Placing the cuffs about his thin bones, she pushed him over and yelled, “ Now, let’s see your ankles.” He rotated himself so to get his feet pointing in her direction. Afterward, Ben pressed both ankles together so she could shackle them shut. Snapping with a loud click, Ben was now completely at her mercy. Indeed, this is the first time he ever met her in person, if she turned out to be a real psycho, then he was obviously up shit creek, for there wasn’t any way he could free himself without her ok. Lying there naked and sexually stimulated by the thought of being at her complete mercy, precum began dripping from his erect cock. After seeing his cum, the lady screamed down at his pathetic frame, “ I didn’t give you permission to do that, you’ve got to be taught a lesson!” With the whip high above her mysterious physique, she brought it down down hard atop Ben. His body arched for a moment as the pain stung into his soul. Nevertheless, he didn’t protest as a second strike came down and again dug deep into him. Realizing that the man was now bleeding, Mistress J stopped and said commandingly, “ Get to your knees now!” Struggling with both his bondage and pain, the male finally got to his knees. “There,” she said, “ Now start crawling around the room.” Slowly, in his akward state, the submissive male began to move about. Like a fool at some imperial court of long ago, the man wiggled and bobbed as his frame did as she commanded. While Ben moved about, the dominatrix let the whip fall atop the bed. Afterward, the mistress reached again into her black satchel and took out a riding stick. Holding the black thing in one hand, and striking the palm of her other, Mistress J slowly, graciously, yet controlingly, walked toward him until she stood directly behind him. Stopping for a moment, Ben turned back and looked. He next heard, “ I didn’t say you could stop!” Before he could start moving again, he felt the sting of the stick across his back. Consequently, he crawled forth and complied with her wish. As he continued to move, she constantly struck him from behind, making his difficult task even more stressful.

The scene went on for over fifteen minutes, as her ladyship kept following him about and hitting away. Further, he dared not speak, for any words directly not permitted would produce her immediate reaction, a reaction of pain. The allotted time over, Mistress J said to the poor creature, “ Here asshole, kiss my ass!” Standing now in front of him, the lady rotated her frame and presented her butt to the kneeling man. Staring at its curvaceous female glory, he slowly moved his lips to her right half. Then, he pressed forward with his mouth and progressed away. He kissed once, twice, thrice, and then on and on. Turning her head back, the woman looked down and gave him a wicked smile saying, “ I’ve never been with a man without having him kiss my noble ass; don’t you think I’m worth it?”

Between kisses, Ben whispered, “ Oh yes, I respect you.” As he proclaimed his last words, his dick felt harder than ever. Indeed, he could feel the pressure, a few strokes of his undershaft, and his cum would most definitely burst forth.

Kissing away, he heard from above, “ Common, do better, really worship my rear.” Pressing harder against her rump, he adored faster and faster. However, two minutes later, the man heard, “ Here, lick my asshole, stick your tongue into my crack.” Upon pulling both butt cheeks apart, the lady presented her shit hole to the willing slave. Delighted, he did as she said, inserting his extended tongue up into her ass. He licked away as she moaned on, “ Hmm, hmm, mmm, oh yea, you know how to do it, Mmm…” In fact, the lady wasn’t finished with her desires, “ Oh yea, stick your tongue in deeper, really go up my hole, I want it cleaned out.” Pressing inward with his mouth piece, he circumnavigated the inner edges of her elastic ring. While she held her ass apart, Ben could tell she really enjoyed it, for her fingers kept occilating, stretching, relaxing, stretching, relaxing, … Moaning on, the lady said, “ Oh, that feels good, it’s making me have to shit!”

Letting go of her rear, both parts closed up as the lady returned to her satchel and got a leash. Placing it about his neck upon returning, the dominatrix said as to a child, “ Ok, little slave, let’s go to the bathroom, where Mistress has to go poo poo.” Slowly, she walked with him into the lavatory, crossing the room with short elegant steps. As he followed upon his knees, he sniffed and kissed away at her butt in anticipation of the treat to come. Finally, the lady entered the bathroom and sat her beautiful rear atop the toilet. Kneeling next to her, Ben listened on as pieces of her holy and noble shit dropped forth into the clear water. After finishing up, the lady got off the bowl and turned around, placing her ass into his face. Again, pulling her rump apart, the lady said, “ All right slave, you know what you’re hear for.” Staring forth, Ben saw small pieces of shit sticking to her pink ribbon. Watering at the mouth, Ben didn’t hesitate to obey. He stuck his tongue against her dirty ass and began licking her clean. Again, turning her head back, she laughed away and remarked, “ If all men where like you, what woman would ever need toilet paper?” After several strokes, the man cleaned her ass completely. All done, she turned around and said, “ Lick my slit!” Moving his face toward her dark harry cunt, he eventually moved his tongue deeper and deeper up into her vaginal cavity. Further, the smell added an extra dimension to his task; cunt oder radiated forth and lured him in ever further. As he licked away, she again moaned and moaned. Finally, Mistress had an orgasm as he foamed at the mouth, sucking in all her juices.

Upon wiping his mouth dry with some toilet paper, the feline escorted her slave back out into the center of the motel room. There, she stood erect before him with one hand upon her gorgeous hip and simply stared him down. The longer she eyed him, the more insignificant he felt, for masochism was working itself through ever fiber of his lowly being. Finally, the dominant lady had enough; she sat her exquisite ass on the bed and stuck her left boot into his face saying, “ Ok, lick the leather, my pet, lick and kiss away as a slave should.” Replying to her command, Ben pressed his subordinate face into the stiletto art works and adored away. Further, the dimness of the chamber gave her footwear a nether radiance while the black shine reflected what little light there was, as the surface of a pond illuminated only by moonlight on a quiet and lonely night. Every crevice was inspected and worshipped by the man. Working his way over the entire surface, his mind absorbed the full force of her superior constitution. Looking downward, she felt as a princes chastising a lowly peasant for some slight insubordination. Truly, her ladyship was indulged as her gaze continued to volope in all the adoration Ben was giving her. Consequently, the ghostly blond moved the middle finger of her right hand up her slit and began masturbating. Going on for ten minutes, she finally had another orgasm as he made it all the way to the top of her magnificent boots.

Getting up slowly, but authoritatively, the mistress coldly ask, “ So what if I simply leave you there on the floor shackled and go without saying anything to anyone?” Inspecting his eyes, the lady could see fear and apprehension, for he wasn’t certain if she would or wouldn’t.

Lying there, Ben only pleaded, “ Mistress, please, you can’t do that.”

Smiling, she responded, “ Oh yea, that’s right, you haven’t cum yet.” Laughing, the woman began to stroke his shaft with her black stick. Twenty seconds later, he came all over the carpet. Afterward, while placing her boot atop his left shoulder, she rolled him to his back, saying, “ Well, I guess that wraps things up, doesn’t it?” Again, she eyed him sarcastically and ask, “So, should I unlock the cuffs or not?” Ben only responded by begging for his release. Consequently, for her pleasure only, she toyed with him during the next five minutes, always insinuating she would leave him there alone all shackled. However, the five minutes up, her ladyship reached into her satchel and produced the keys. Unlocking the handcuffs, the woman said, “ There, slave, I guess you can take care of the rest, can’t you?”

Walking back to the bed, she took her coat, putting it on. Next, the woman put the stick, cuffs, and whip back into the bag. Moving graciously to the door, she flicked off the light switch and pulled open the entrance. Kneeling there all naked and cold, Ben watched with awe as her silhouette hauntingly disappeared into the mysterious fog and vanish back into the realm from which she came.

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