Leather Jacket Sally

Author: FK

Leaning against the side of her window pain, Sally gazed out onto the street with a coffee cup in one hand and a cigarette in the other. Just standing there, the twenty four old long haired brunette watched the children play away with an old tire, rolling it around before the entrance of an apartment building across the street.

Living in suite number 22 of another building, she made ends meet as a strip dancer in some nightclub, going there almost every evening making the bulk of her income on tips from the degenerates who frequent the place. Looking down at the neighborhood, the female simply shook her head while taking a drag from the Winston, saying to herself, “ What a way to go.” As the seven and eight year olds yelled profanities at one another, Sally pulled herself away from the curtain and sat her nice jean clad ass upon the solfa. Stretching her black highheeled boots atop the livingroom table, Sally pushed her hair back for a second, finally killing the cigarette in the ashtray atop the table. Reaching for another in her T-shirt’s pocket, she fired up and inhaled. Taking the last swallow of coffee from the now almost empty cup, she placed it down on the table and reached for a magazine. Reading the time away, boredom finally took hold causing her to get up and pace around for a while. With nothing to do, she simply decided to go out and visit some bar, deliberately staying away from the place she worked at.

Walking into the bedroom, Sally reached for her waist length leather jacket hanging upon the back of the room’s door and put the sharp looking thing on, zipping it up only halfway.

Upon passing the bathroom, she stepped inside and looked at her reflection in the door’s mirror. Pleased, she held her chin up, giving herself a very conceited look of approval.

Going back to the livingroom, the dark-haired feline took up the cigarette burning away in the ashtray and went over to the door. Pulling the panel open, she stepped out into the hall, closing the door behind her. Upon locking up, Sally descended the stairs and went out, crossing the street, and strolling over to her car.

Lifting up the rusted handle, Sally opened the old dark blue Granada, placing her sexy ass behind the wheel. Turning the ignition, the engine made a groan but immediately started. Shifting to drive, the sexy and “cool” looking young lady pulled away from the curb.

Relaxed by the nicotine in her veins, Sally cruised down the street, eventually making a right turn onto the main road. Driving along, she checked out the sights against the late evening sun. Being her night off, she had the whole evening to herself.

Excited by the thought of hanging out somewhere, Sally eventually pulled her ford into the parkinglot of some old building. Getting out, she walked toward the front of the structure and entered a door. Seated on bar stools were a bunch of seedy looking characters drinking and smoking the time away, doing nothing else save bullshit amongst themselves about all kinds of crap having no purpose or function whatsoever.

Moving past the first six stools, she found an empty one and sat down. Less than ten seconds later, a sexy blond came over asking, “ Hello ma’am, what’ll it be?”

While pulling out her Winston pack from her T-shirt concealed by the leather, Sally said, “ Make it a Black Velvet with ice.”

Nodding, the young lady left and returned with the drink. Placing the money upon the bar, Sally gently pushed it forward saying, “ Here, keep the change.” Happy with her tip, the girl grabbed the cash, going over to the register afterward.

Lighting up her cigarette, Sally inhaled and then next took a swallow from the glass, downing some of the booze. While she drank away finishing almost half of the stuff, she noticed the sound of billiard balls striking one another in the background. Turning her sexy gothic head with the cigarette stuck between her lips, the young lady watched for a few moments as two bearded guys dressed in jeans and work boots played pool, each having a few bucks put down on the game.

Intrigued by the sight, she let herself stare away for a good five minutes. As Sally glued her eyes in their direction, the taller man ask, “ What are you looking at, bitch?”

Slowly getting off the stool, Sally strolled over and walked right up to him saying, “ You call that a game, you guys may as well play for nothing, why don’t you put some real money down?”

Smiling, the guy looked over to the other fellow, saying, “ Check this out, she thinks we ain’t taking this shit serious.”

Turning his eyes in her direction, the shorter and fatter one said, “ So you think you’re hot shit or something, why don’t you play one of us if you got the nerve, cunt.”

Not easily intimidated, Sally smiled and said to both of them, “ I’ll play each of you in turn, here’s four hundred that says I’ll kick your ass.” After removing the bills from her leather jacket’s pocket, she slapped the money down at the tables edge, saying, “ Well asshole, let’s see what you got, what’s wrong, don’t have enough to bet with?”

Giving her a dirty smile, the taller man slowly walked over to the shorter guy, whispering to his ear, “ Shit, Joe, I ain’t got that kind of money on me now, all I got is two fifty.”

Turning his face toward the taller individual, Joe said, “ I’ve got one hundred and seventy five, perhaps we can put something down to meet her.”

Returning his attention to Sally, the tall guy said, “ Ok, tell you what, together we can put down four hundred, but you’ll only get to play one of us.”

“ Ha, what a bunch of losers, but if that’s what you want, then that’s what I’ll do.” Going on, she ask, “ So which one of you is gonna play?”

Looking at each other, Joe finally said, “ Why don’t you play, Rick, you’re better than I am.”

Pleased with the complement, Rick answered, “ All right, I’ll do the honor of taking that whore’s money.”

Both Sally and Rick moved closer to the table, chalking up their pool sticks. Looking at her, the man remarked sarcastically, “ Ladies first.”

Breaking the set, Sally shot the billiards all across the table. Slightly impressed with her style, he took his turn, making a shot. However, as the minutes went by, things didn’t turn out as expected for the two men, Sally killed them at almost every move. In the end, she won, grabbing all their money, saying, “ So long fuckheads!”

Watching her stroll away, Joe yelled after her, “ You fucken whore, we worked all week for that money, it’s ours!”

Looking back at them for a second, she only produced a mocking smile, moving toward the entrance way.

Uplifted by her victory, she stepped out into the now darkened street and turned the corner of the building, going back to her Granada. However, when she reached her vehicle, she found that the two guys had also left the building but through a back entrance leading right out to the lot. Keeping herself together, she approached the old rusted ford. As she was just about to unlock the door, Rick grabbed hold of her arm, saying, “ We want out money back, bitch!”

“ Go to hell!”

Insulted, the man responded, “ All right, then we’ll take it from you!”

Smiling, Joe stepped closer, taking hold of Sally’s other arm.

With confidence still written on their faces, Sally made her move.

“ Ah, what the…”, yelled Joe as he let her hand go, falling to his knees, holding his balls. Rick’s eyes almost popped out when he felt the ground come up under his back. Pulling himself together, Joe got up, racing toward her, yelling, “ I’ll kill you, you dam slut!” His frame less than a foot away from her sexy stature, the man went into the ascent head first, sliding across the Granada’s roof, coming down the other side, rolling over, and landing on his left arm. After Joe went airborne, Rick got up and made another advance, trying to punch her lights out. However, all he succeeded in doing was get his chest in the way of her stiletto spike as it struck his breast plate, knocking the wind out of him.

While Rick got his breathing under control, he yelled, “ Joe, do something, don’t let her get away.” Getting up from behind the car, the short fat guy ran around the vehicle and made another attempt at subduing her. To his misfortune, he right stiletto spike went straight into his eye socket, piercing his brain. Falling to the ground, Joe held his face as he became weaker and weaker, finally dropping over dead.

Seeing this, his friend panicked and made an attempt at escape, trying to run back toward the entrance. Nevertheless, Sally went after him, using her marshall arts skills to bring him down, throwing her sexy frame on top of him. Reaching into the inner pocket of her coat, Sally pulled out a Luger, sticking the barrel to the side of his head, yelling,” Ok, motherfucker, you messed with the wrong chick!” Getting off his back, she slowly walked around his frame, standing eventually before his face. Still pointing the thing at him, she said, “ Get up asshole, let’s go, on your feet!”

Standing himself up, the man said, “ Ok, let me go, please, I’ll just leave, I promise I won’t tell anyone!”

Eyeing him as a fox observes its prey, she responded, “ Shut up, get over there and take up that dead piece of crap and drag it to the back of my car.” Going over, Rick bent down and pulled Joe to the Granada’s trunk. Reaching into her jean pocket, Sally took out her keys, tossing them to the helpless male, saying, “ Use the round one, it opens the trunk, stick him in there.” After unlocking the lid, he pulled it upward. With a certain amount effort, the man heaved Joe’s carcass into the trunk, pushing down on the lid afterward.

Looking next into her sexy dark eyes, he heard, “ Good, now you and I are gonna go for a little ride.” Aiming the gun at him, she spoke further, “ Let’s go, open that passenger door.” Walking over, Rick unlocked it and sat himself inside. Seeing the gun pointing at him through the window from the driver’s side, he reached over and unlocked the door for Sally. Placing her beautiful ass in the driver’s seat, she said, “ Give me the keys.” Frightened by her, he obeyed, handing the young lady the keys. After starting the car, Sally drove off happy to see that no one else was watching the whole incident.

With the pistol still in her hand pointing at the unfortunate one, she turned out onto the main street, heading back home. A few minutes into the driving, he inquired, “ Where are you taking me?”

“ Shut the fuck up!”, she replied.

A short while later, Sally turned into a side street leading up to her abode. Driving for only a few hundred feet, she eventually, pulled up along the curb, deliberately choosing a spot under a burned out street lamp. With the pistol still pointing at him, the man heard, “ Get out!” Opening the car’s door, he stepped upon the sidewalk as he saw her head emerge up from the other side. Looking at him, she said, “ Ok, let’s go, over there.” Pointing toward the entrance of the old dilapidated apartment building, she followed the man as he went over. Before the door, she reached into her pocket, produced the keys, and opened the entrance. Ascending the stairs, he looked back on occasion seeing the sexy catlike feline follow him upward.

Finally, standing before suite number 22, she unlocked the door, saying, “ Inside, let’s move it!” As he went in, she followed, locking the door afterward.

Gazing around the apartment, he ask, “ What are you gonna do?”

“ Take off all your clothes!”, she ordered with an evil grin.

Making a sigh, the man said, “ Oh, c’mon, is this necessary?”

Staring at him, she only eyed him down, making him realize she wouldn’t waver.

Removing his shoes first, Rick took it all off, finally slipping out of his briefs. While looking at his helpless naked frame, she turned partially, making a few steps back toward the livingroom table, opening its drawer, and removing two pairs of handcuffs. Tossing the unlocked things to his feet, she said, “ Snap em on, one set about your ankles, the other about your wrists.” In fear for his life, the man did as she requested. When he came to his wrists, he was already seated upon the wooded floor using his right knee to snap the last ring shut.

Feeling more confident with his complete immobility, she tossed the Luger to the couch and took off her leather jacket, throwing it also upon the solfa. Reaching into her T-shirt pocket, the woman grabbed a cigarette from the pack and fired up. Inhaling, she strolled over to her prisoner, placing the sole of her right boot upon his left shoulder. Pushing hard, she forced him to his back, causing him to stretch out and look up to her. While taking another drag, she moved the sole of her stiletto masterpiece over his mouth saying, “ Here, lick this.”

“ C’mon, stop, please, let me go!”

Moving the pointed end of the spike over his eyeball, she ask, “ Wanna end up the same way?”

Frightened, he complied as she again brought the sole over his lips. Sticking his tongue out, Rick began licking away, taking up all the dirt from the street.

Watching him lick made her horny. Sensing the wetness in her crotch, the woman backed off two feet and began slipping out of her attire, starting with the shirt, working herself down to her black panties. With the pants and underwear stretched off over her boots, Sally went back to her captive and stood over him with each foot to a side. Lowering herself, she eventually had her nice harry cunt directly over his face, commanding, “ Eat me, do it now!” Having no choice, he complied, inserting his tongue up her slit, going in ever deeper, getting her off. Enjoying his humiliation, she moaned, “ Oh yea, oh yea, yes…!” Five minutes later, Sally burst forth with an orgasm, spilling her juices all over his mouth.

Standing herself up, Sally ordered, “ Raise yourself to your knees and kiss my ass!” Doing so, he moved his face to her sexy feminine rear and kissed away. For the next twenty five minutes, she let him go at it, worshipping her ass, giving her all the respect she so craved. Finally, Sally turned her head back and said, “ Ok, dog, you can stop.”

Walking away from him, the woman went over to the other side of the room. Facing him, she yelled over with the cigarette between her fingers, “ Now crawl to me like the animal you are!”

Working up some will power, the man yelled back, “ Fuck you bitch, stop this shit!”

Angered by his insubordination, Sally went into the bedroom and returned with a whip. Cracking the thing before his face and chest, she screamed, “ Now let’s go, crawl you worm!”

Noting his stubbornness, she let him have it, bringing the whip across his mouth. Over and over, she struck, causing blood to drip forth as the man tried in vain to shield himself with his shoulder and shackled hands. After six minutes of torture, he yelled, “ All right, all right!”

Letting the whip rest, she said, “ Good, now crawl!”

Slowly, he moved toward her ladyship upon his knees. As she smoked away, the woman took it all in, bathing in his humiliation. Just standing there with her left hand holding the whip, she sucked away at the Winston, resting her weight to one boot. Finally, Rick knelt before her, looking straight up into her vengeful dark eyes.

Raising her right foot, the lady placed her sole upon his left shoulder, knocking him over. As he lay on his back, Sally dropped the cigarette upon his chest, burning his skin. While he wiggled about, the vixen simply placed her boot upon his breast and twisted the Winston to death, making him scream forth in agony as the yellow glow faded away beneath her stiletto glory.

Lying there, the man watched as she left, going into the kitchen. Hearing the sound of a drawer open and then shut, he listened on as she came back into the livingroom and moved over to the couch. As she took up the Luger, he looked on in horror while she screwed a black cylinder to the front of the gun.

Walking over to Rick, she squatted her naked sexy frame before him and aimed the pistol right at his head.

Shaking with fear, he pleaded, “ Please, don’t, I’ll do anything you want!”

“ You’re finished, I don’t care a penny’s worth for you!”

“ Please, ma’am, please, it’s not fair!”

Pulling back on the trigger, all she heard was a soft whistle as the silencer muffled the sound and the bullet entered his brain. Two seconds later, a puddle of blood began forming at the base of his head.

While the red stuff flowed away, Sally quickly went back to the kitchen and grabbed a garbage bag. Returning, she placed it over his head, stopping the flow of blood on to the floor. That done, she got a piece of string and tied it about his neck, preventing further leakage.

Satisfied, she went into the bathroom, coming back with some cleanser, a large sponge, and a pail full of water. Cleaning up, Sally finally disposed of the dirty water down the toilet, placing the other cleaning utensils back to where she found them.

As she went back into her clothes, the dark-haired female glanced at the clock, happy to see that it was already late, indicating the streets would in all probability be vacant. Going over to the window, she pulled up both the glass and the screen, peering out into the tranquil night air. Seeing no one, she went back and got the gun, returning to the window. As an added precaution, Sally took aim at the building’s light above the main entrance. After the bullet busted the bulb, she did the same to a couple of street lamps, blacking out the immediate area.

Taking up her leather jacket and putting the thing on, Sally removed the silencer and pushed the Luger into the jacket’s inside pocket. Walking over to Rick’s corpse, she removed the handcuffs and dragged his frame over to the window, letting his body fall down to the ground three stories below. Striking the grass with a thump, it nevertheless attracted no attention. Moving as fast as she could, Sally descended the stairs and went out to the corpse. Looking both ways, she took hold of his arms and dragged him to her car. Under the cover of darkness, she opened the back door and pushed him into the vehicle, stretching him out atop the back seat.

Returning to her apartment, she took up his clothes and shoes, stuffed them into another garbage bag, and went back down to the ford.

Setting her ass behind the wheel, Sally drove to a wooded area and disposed of both victims, together with Rick’s attire. As she lit up another cigarette, the attractive brunette returned to her car, got in, and drove home.

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