Secretary’s Day

Author: FK

Seated in the doctor’s office, Todd patiently awaited her return. Sifting through the pages of a magazine, he sat upon the examination table looking at the pictures. Nothing exciting, only snapshots of political events. Tossing the periodical to the side, he finally heard the door swing open with an attractive woman saying, “ Ok Todd, your tests all indicate that everything’s ok, you’ll just have to take this once every day.”

Glancing at the small vile in her sexy hand, the man ask, “ What is it?”

“Oh, it’ll keep your system stable for the next few months, just make sure you don’t take any other medication within the same hour after swallowing some of this stuff.”, answered the sexy sandy haired female.

Taking hold of the glass bottle, Todd placed it into his suit jacket’s pocket. Looking into her clear blue eyes, he inquired, “ What’ll happen if I take something else with it?”

“ It’s hard to tell, a different reaction happens for each and every individual, but one thing I’m sure of is that it’s an adverse effect, so watch out and be careful.”

Casually nodding, Todd simply said, “ Ok.”

Getting up off the table, Todd held his hand to his mouth and coughed. Seeing and hearing this, the good looking physician said, “ That’s a nasty cold you’ve got there, here, why don’t I write a prescription.” Walking over to a small desk in the room, she sat her attractive ass down, writing up the order. Upon raising herself, she returned to Todd saying, “ Ok, here it is, stop at a drug store and pick it up, but remember, don’t take it within an hour’s time after taking the other stuff.”

Again nodding, Todd said, “ All right, thanks.”

Shaking her hand, he left the room afterward, stopping by the receptionist’s desk and paying the bill.

Leaving the clinic, Todd ventured to his car and got in. Starting the engine, he put the machine into gear and drove off to the drug store. Being ten thirty in the morning, it wasn’t hard to find a parking space. Getting out, he ventured into the store and got his prescription. Going outside again, he got back into the vehicle and drove to his office.

Owning a profitable business gave him a secure life. For the last six years he was successful at operating his own savings and loan. It wasn’t as difficult as a lot of people may think. All he had was an office suite with a few rooms, a vault, and a small computer network, interlinking three terminals. Nevertheless, the operation required much attention to detail, causing the man to employ two secretaries.

Thinking of everything he had planned for the day, the man continued driving until he reached the downtown building.

Parking his car in the lower level garage, he next ventured over to the elevator and depressed the button. Getting in after the doors slid open, Todd again depressed a button, causing the thing to make its ascent, going all the way up to the fifteenth floor. Stepping out of the elevator, he strolled down the corridor and over to his office suite. Pulling the door open, he stepped inside and was immediately greeted with, “ Hi Mr. Colby, so how are you feeling today?”

“Oh, hi Joyce, I’m still a little sick, hopefully in a day or two this cold’ll go away.”

Returning her attention to papers lying on her desk, Joyce continued on with her work.

Going over to a door leading into his private office, Todd turned his head toward the entrance of an additional room next to his and inquired, “ Rosanna, you got that form printed up yet, you know the State wants its monthly report on time.”

Raising her curvaceous ass from the seat behind her desk, the twenty six year old dark-haired Hispanic girl got up, grabbed the form and went over to Todd. Standing 5’10” tall before the man, she had the same height. Giving the document to him, the lady said, “ Here it is, it’s all done, sorry for the delay.”

Taking hold of the paper, Todd watched as Rosanna turned and went back to her desk. Staring at her ass covered by the miniskirt, he lowered his view to her legs and eventually all the way to her sexy high heeled sandals. Wearing a low cut blouse going with the skirt, she was an attractive image. Gazing at her, Todd remarked to himself, “ Boy, is she hot!”

Returning to his office, the man stepped inside and sat behind his desk. A few moments later, Joyce stood in the entrance way, saying, “ You’ve got a call on line two, it’s that same guy from yesterday who wants to open an account.”

“ Ok, thanks.”

As the woman turned and walked away, he watched her posterior sway back and forth through the blue business dress slacks. Returning to her desk, Joyce sat her butt down, crossed her legs, and let her black pumps dangle away.

Taking up the phone, Todd said, “ Hello, may I help you?”

“ This is Sam from yesterday, so you said that the interest rate is five and a half percent for a savings account?”

“ Yes, and you get a bonus for every year you’re with us.”

“ Ok, that’s good, I’ll open an account sometime next week.”

Upon thanking the man, Todd hung up.

As he let the receiver down, he was struck by a violet coughing fit, going on for almost a minute. Hearing this, Joyce yelled over, “ You’ve really gotta take something for that.”

“ I know, I’m just holding it off till lunch, I don’t wanna be in a daze all day, sometimes that stuff’s really powerful.”

Saying nothing, Joyce continued her work.

The morning made its way with noon just around the corner. At five to twelve, Joyce got up and went over to Rosanna’s room, saying, “ So, you all set, let’s go.”

Given the nice weather outside, Rosanna remarked, “ Let’s go to that place next to the river, what’s it called?”

“ Tony’s River Side Kitchen.”

“ Yea, that’s it.”, replied the Latino girl.

Grabbing her purse, Rosanna followed Joyce to the suite’s entrance as the blond hollered in Todd’s direction, “ Mr. Colby, we’re leaving now for lunch, all right?”

“Sure, no problem, have a good one.”

Leaving, both beauties walked out, with Rosanna closing the door afterward.

Alone, he didn’t expect their return until two, for he closed shop at six everyday, giving the girls an extra hour for lunch. While seated in his leather chair, another coughing fit struck him, letting up only after ninety seconds of agony. Frustrated with the problem, he got up and ventured into his office lavatory, adjacent the room he now occupied. Reaching into his jacket pocket, the man removed the newly purchased cough medication. Opening the bottle, he next poured a few millimeters of the red stuff into a spoon initially lying on the sink’s edge. Downing the substance, he rinsed the spoon off afterward and was about to step outside when he remembered the other medication. Reaching again into his jacket, he produced the vile and looked at the clear substance within. Thinking, he said to himself, “ Shit, I’m supposed to take this now, but she said it can’t be consumed with anything else in the same hour.” Musing for a second, he simply chuckled and said, “ Well, what could really happen, it can’t cause anything too serious.”

Unscrewing the cap, he again reached for the spoon and poured out a small amount. Placing the stuff into his mouth, he finally swallowed it, returning the spoon to the sink.

Leaving the john, he went to his desk, sat down, and continued reviewing some material. As the minutes past, he felt the cough syrup work its way through his system, relaxing him, reducing the cold symptoms. Nevertheless, something else was happening, after ten minutes, the light feeling became intense, too intense for any ordinary cold medication. Getting up, the man slowly moved back into the lavatory. When he got there, the weird feeling intensified. Worried he may be getting sick to the stomach, Todd closed the lavatory’s door and rested himself against the sink’s edge. For a few moments, he held the fixture, supporting himself as he felt weaker and weaker.

After a few minutes, he gazed into the mirror and saw its top rise upward. Perplexed, he looked down at himself, seeing his clothes get looser and looser. Looking back to the mirror, he no longer saw his image, only the sink’s edge, whose rim was now in the ascent.

Panic stricken, the man turned around and tried to reach for the door knob. However, it was already way above him as he stretched his hands out of the now ruffled attire. Just staring at his surroundings, he watched in horror as everything grew and grew. In the end, the apparent vertical upward motion stopped, making everything finally seem gigantic.

Holding himself together, he realized that he had shrunk down to the small height of only two inches. Crawling out of his clothes pile, the man slowly worked himself upon the lavatory’s tile. Frightened, confused, and amazed, Todd finally managed to keep calm and focus in on everything around him.

Looking up at the door, it was clear that he could never open it. However, as he gazed straight across from where he was standing, Todd saw that the door’s bottom edge was a half an inch above the floor. Bending down, the man crawled under the entrance way and out upon the office carpet.

Overwhelmed by his surroundings, the little naked creature walked over to his desk. Not being able to reach up to the phone, he stood there wondering what to do. Thinking, he found no solution. Sure, he could make an attempt at going out of the suite altogether, however, he had second thoughts due to the danger that would pose. Standing there, he concluded that his best bet was simply to await the return of the women.

The time passing away, two PM finally arrived. Excited and full of anticipation, he spent the next few minutes standing by his office door, looking straight toward the suite’s entrance. Ten seconds later, he heard the sound of the lock. Next, the handle rotated, and the door swung open.

“ That’s a great place, we’ve got to go there more often.”, said Joyce as she entered.

Followed by sexy Rosanna, Joyce moved around to the other side of her desk and sat down. Looking upward, Todd saw Rosanna’s figure move ever closer. As she neared, he got a view up her skirt, seeing the inner part of her upper thigh area. Walking past the insignificant little male, she entered her room, taking a seat behind her desk.

Moving over to her office entrance way, Todd yelled up in her direction, “ Rosanna, down here, it’s me, something happened!” However, there was no response.

Staring at her face, he heard the lady yell across the suite, “ By the way, where is he, I don’t think I saw him in his office!”

Returning the yell, Joyce exclaimed, “ I don’t know, he probably had to leave for a meeting or something.”

“ Yea, I guess you’re right.”, she said in response.

Concerned for his well being, Todd ventured over to Rosanna and eventually stood at her feet, yelling upward, “ Rosanna, can you hear me!” Saying nothing, the sexy brunette lightly rotated herself in the chair, bringing her toes directly before her reduced boss. Gazing at her sexy feet exposed through the sandals, he was overtaken by their perfection, making him feel even smaller and useless. His first impulse was to step toward her big toe and tap on it, hoping to get her attention. Thinking about it, he nevertheless chickened out, fearing that if he got too close, she might accidentally step on him.

The fear was realized when the beautiful lady got up and began walking over to Joyce. As she raised her nice butt from the seat, the woman made a step forward, bringing the sole of her sandal directly above Todd. While the foot came down, he quickly ran to the side, just missing having himself crushed to death by the giantess. After jumping out of her way, he gazed up at her sexy ass as she moved out of the room.

Standing there, the man listened on, hearing, “ So you really think he’s out for a meeting or something?”


“ Hmm, well do you think he’ll be gone for a while?”

“ Probably, you know how it is, I’m sure he’ll be gone for at least another hour.”

Listening to their conversation, Todd decided to venture over to the ladies, believing he had another chance at somehow getting their attention.

Arriving before the women and standing next to Joyce’s seat, the man looked straight up at Rosanna, seeing right up her crotch. Intrigued and slightly stimulated, he nonetheless managed to scream upward, “ Hey, it’s me, Mr. Colby, can you hear me?”

Continuing with their conversation, Rosanna gave Joyce a very soft look. Smiling, Joyce remarked, “ I know what you’re thinking.”

Placing her hand upon Joyce’s shoulder, Rosanna said, “ Why not, like you said, it’ll be a while before he gets back.”

Caressing Joyce’s long blond hair, Rosanna opened her blouse and finally slipped out of her bra. Bringing her lips to the Hispanic girls’ tits, Joyce took the right nipple in her mouth and began sucking away. As Todd looked up in awe, he remarked to himself, “ So that’s what they do when I’m gone.”

Getting up out of her chair, Joyce slipped off her slacks, going out of her panties also. As the white underwear went to the floor, the thing fell directly on top of Todd. After crawling out from under the lingerie, he gazed upward and found both females completely naked , save for their footwear.

At eye level with the high heels, helpless Todd could do nothing except back off a few inches and watch as the two sexy females made out.

Leaning against the desk, Joyce slipped her middle finger up Rosanna’s cunt, turning and twisting her knuckles, exciting her girlfriend. Breathing heavily, Rosanna moaned away and away.

Lowering herself a minute later, Rosanna brought her face at eye level with the blond’s cunt, sticking her tongue right up the snatch. Licking away, she returned the previous favor, making Joyce smile with delight.

As Rosanna slurped away at Joyce’s cunt, the sexy Hispanic girl had her squatting ass right above Todd, belittling him to complete humility. While Joyce moaned with pleasure, she let herself go to her knees, causing Rosanna to set her ass down on the floor.

Seeing her beautiful ass move downward, Todd again made every effort to get out of her way; however, this time he didn’t make it. Her butt came down and went right on top of him, catching the man in its crack.

Swirming about up the lady’s rear, he caused Rosanna to exclaim, “ Shit, I think we’ve got bugs in this place!” Getting up quickly, she caught Todd between her cheeks, raising him up with her. Eager to get the “bug” out of her ass, she moved her hand back and pulled him out. Obviously, Joyce looked on, curious to see what the “insect” looked like.

After Rosanna opened her hand, both females peered down and saw little Todd. Immediately their eyes widened until Joyce finally ask, “ What the hell happen to you Mr. Colby?”

Feeling very embarrassed and ashamed, he explained, “ I took some medication and then I shrank.” Looking at one another, the two ladies returned their eyes to the little man and again heard his faint tiny voice, “ You gotta call my doctor, she might be able to help me!”

Holding Todd in the palm of her hand, Rosanna ask, “ Ok, what’s her number?”

“There’s a black address book on my desk, just look under “doctor” and you’ll find it.”

Just as Rosanna was about to turn and walk into his office, Joyce gently took hold of the Latino girl’s shoulder, saying, “ No wait, I’ve got an idea first.”

Curious, Rosanna ask, “ What do you wanna do?”

Grinning with a diabolical look, the sexy blond said, “ You know from the records alone that this business is doing pretty good, don’t you think it’s right that we get a bigger share?”

Frightened, Todd yelled up to Joyce, “ If it’s a raise you want, you’ve got it, just please help me!”

Looking down at the little creature standing atop Rosanna’s palm, Joyce said, “ Here, give him to me.”

Slowly dropping Todd into the blond’s hand, Rosanna simply said, “ Here you go Joyce.”

Moving the helpless little male to her face, the blue eyed vixen said with a mildly sadistic tone, “ I was thinking of becoming part owner.” Thinking on, she changed her mind, saying, “ No, make that complete owner.”

Getting in on it, the long haired Hispanic lady said, “ What do you mean complete owner, what about me?”

Smiling at the brunette, the blond replied, “ I meant you and I as complete owners.”]

Content with the answer, Rosanna moved closer and both naked females continued to inspect the little creature.

Gazing up at their spectacular tits, Todd ask, “ So what are you gonna do?”

Joyce replied, “ We’re not gonna help you, in fact, we’re taking over, I’ll just figure out a way to forge your signature on everything.” After hesitating for a second, she finally remarked, “ After we kill you, we’ll just make it look like some kind of accident where your body disappears or something, that’s all, at your size, that’ll be easy.”

Shaking with fear, the man said, “ Please Joyce, it’s all yours, just don’t kill me!”

“ No way, you’re dead!”, replied Joyce. “ And that’s not all, I think we’re gonna have a little fun with you before we do you in, isn’t that right Rosanna?”

Grinning, the brunette nodded her head, making Joyce feel greater than ever.

Squatting downward, Joyce slowly placed the tiny creature on the carpet. Standing up again, Joyce put her hands on her hips, resting her weight upon one of her sexy pumps. Doing the same, Rosanna stared down at the man as both females smiled away. With a wicked, yet humorous expression, Joyce said, “ Look at him, isn’t he a real nothing. Laughing on, she remarked, “ To think he ask us to call him Mr. Colby trying to give himself some importance.” Speaking on, she said, “ He’s just little Todd now, Todd the toad!”

Both women continued to stare away at their new piece of property when Rosanna said, “ I think my toe nails need some work; I’ll be right back.” Going to her work area, she returned a few moments later with her purse. Reaching into the black thing, she produced some nail polish. Squatting down, Rosanna opened the bottle, placing the thing before Todd, and handing him the brush, saying, “ Here you go little worm, start painting my toe nails, and they’d better be done right, or I’ll put my foot down and crush you like the piece of crap that you are!”

Obviously frightened, the man complied, taking up the brush and stroking away.

Gazing down at his work, Joyce said, “ Hey Todd, can you handle that big brush?”

Looking at each other, both ladies laughed.

After stroking away for fifteen minutes, he finally had Rosanna’s toes finished. Satisfied, the brunette screwed the lid back on the bottle, placing it back into her purse.

Going down on their knees first, both women eventually stretched themselves out on their stomachs, facing Todd. With their feet going up and down as they bent their knees, the females mocked him verbally. Joyce said, “ Ain’t his dick little?”

“Yea, can you imagine getting butt-fucked by him?”, answered Rosanna.

Hearing this, Joyce grabbed little Todd by one of his arms and next placed the man atop her beautiful ass, saying, “ Why don’t you try fucking my asshole.” Just standing there, Todd stared into her evil, yet pretty, blue eyes as she said with assertion, “ I meant what I said, let’s go, do it!”

Slowly, the reduced man got to his tiny knees and tried to penetrate her ass crack. Obviously at his size, there was no effect. Looking back at him with their heads rotated, the two secretaries laughed away, enjoying the sight of his inadaquency.

With both her hands, Joyce pulled her ass cheeks apart, causing the man to fall in, landing atop her asshole. Letting go, she caught him in her vice. Getting up, she was followed by Rosanna who ask, “ So what are you gonna do with him now?”

Reflecting for only a fraction of a second, Joyce simply replied, “ I don’t know, I think I’ll keep him up my ass for a while.”

Moving over to her desk, Joyce sat her butt down in her seat, completely trapping her tiny prisoner. Looking at the computer terminal, she entered a few words on the key pad, saying, “ See, here’s all the information we need to access the system.” Upon leaning herself against the desk and also looking at the monitor’s screen, Rosanna paid close attention to every detail.

As the two ladies went further and further into the system, they eventually discovered that they couldn’t go any further until his password was entered. Getting up, Joyce reached behind and pulled Todd from her ass. Moving her hand to her face, she rudely ask the little man, “ What’s the number?”

Shaking with fear, he nevertheless managed to say, “ I’ll only give you the number if you promise not to kill me.”

Anger went through her whole system as she exclaimed to the tiny man, “ Listen, you little shit, don’t fuck with me, or I’ll torture you right now in ways you’ve never thought possible!”

Seeing the evil in her eyes, he caved in, giving her the code. Happy, she gave Todd to Rosanna, saying, “ Here, hold him, while I try out that password.”

Setting her gorgeous rear down again, Joyce put in the numbers, finally depressing enter.

With excitement in her voice, she said, “ Great, it works, we’re in, everything’s at our disposal!”

“All right, this is great, now I can buy anything I want!”, added Rosanna. Studying all the detail, both ladies figured out how to transfer some of the saving and loan’s funds into their own private accounts.

Finished with their plunder, Rosanna said while looking down at Todd in her hand, “ So when are we gonna get rid of this thing, he’s of no use anymore.”

Giving Todd a triumphant look, Joyce said, “ Maybe he’s good for just one more thing.” Extending her hand out, she said to Rosanna, “ Give him to me.” Dropping the male into the blond’s hand, Rosanna followed Joyce into Todd’s office. Once there, Joyce sat herself down on a sofa opposite his desk. Using her other hand, she gently pulled Todd off her palm, asking, “ Hey Todd, wanna have sex?” Before he could respond, she lowered him to her hairy opening, slowly pushing him inward. After three seconds, Joyce pulled him back out. Doing this repeatedly, she used him as a live dildo, building up a climax. A minute later, the blond secretary burst forth, dripping her fluids upon the cushion.

Watching the scene before her, Rosanna said, “ Hey, that’s a good idea, let me try.” Reaching for the little one, she took hold of Todd and went over to his chair. Setting herself down, the woman did the same, pushing Mr. Colby up her snatch, moving him about until she came, moaning, “ Oh, oh, yes, yes…!” Her orgasm over, Rosanna looked at Todd saying, “ Well I guess this is it.”

“Rosanna, please, don’t hurt me!”

In vain, he thought he could change her mind with all kinds of flattery, “ I’ve always respected you, you’re really a great worker!”

Laughing, she answered, “ Ha, I know I’m great, I don’t need a little bug like you to tell me so!” Turning her eyes toward Joyce, she ask, “ How do you wanna kill him?”

Sitting there, the naked blond looked around the room for a few moments and finally glued her eyes to the lavatory door. Getting up, she ventured over and turned the knob, pulling the wooden panel open. Looking downward, she remarked, “ Ha, look at this.” Coming over, Rosanna peered into the small chamber seeing his clothes on the floor. Squatting, Joyce grabbed his attire and tossed them aside.

Staring down at Todd in her hand, Rosanna said, “ Yea Joyce, I know what you’ve got in mind.” After Joyce stepped aside, Rosanna went into the lavatory, dangling Todd over the open toilet bowl. Dropping him in, she watched as he came back to the surface, gazing helplessly up into her face. Pulling the seat down, the sexy Hispanic woman turned around and placed her ass atop the fixture. While he yelled upward begging for mercy, she began pissing. With a gentle feminine demur, she let her nectar trickle down atop his tiny frame.

Finished, she got up and turned around, staring down at Todd swimming around in her piss water. Stepping out of the lavatory, she said to Joyce, “ It’s your turn.”

Smiling, the sexy blond went inside, turned around, and set her ass on the toilet. Three seconds later, she pissed down with a gush, spraying the man, causing him to swirl around with the water’s flow. With her bladder empty, she got up and looked down at Todd. Walking over, Rosanna also peered down into the bowl.

Staring straight up at the ladies’ evil, yet sexy faces, he pleaded, “ Please don’t, please, I’ll do anything you want…!”

Grinning down at him, Joyce moved her hand to the lever, saying, “ Goodbye…!” Depressing the handle, she watched him circulate around the water’s edge two times before he went down to oblivion.

Returning to their clothes, both women got dressed as Rosanna ask, “ Hey, ain’t today Secretary’s Day?” After glancing at the calendar on her desk, Joyce replied, “ Yea, you’re right, and that cheep motherfucker didn’t even buy us any flowers!”

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