Wrestling sluts

Author: Bruna

This started way back. My passion and desire for watching two gorgeous evenly matched women go at it in a nude hairpull catfight was growing. I wanted to get into it with an evenly matched guy but it was going to be very hard to find this perfect matchup. I searched and placed ads for months with no success. But then I found him in a wrestling directory called the Amfem. This fight took place three years ago in the summer. Let me set this up right because it’s important to the sensual erotic nature of our match.

I’m a white male,38(but at the time of this match I was 35) very sexy and sensual looking.I resemble a male version of Alanis Morisette with my long dark brunette hair,thick and full on top and long to my upper back,and my brown eyes. I’m 5’11” 165 lbs. with a beautifully built lean and slim muscled body. I work out with weights.I have a smooth hairless body and I shave my armpits and crotch so I’m totally smooth without a trace of bodyhair. My cock is about 8 inches but my balls are round full and huge,really hanging down. I had a bit of a tan except for g-string tan lines for a bronze tan look.

I wrote to this ad about a blue eyed blonde with the same measurements as mine who’s into erotic wrestling with males or females. Turns out this was what I was waiting for. He was a super cute blue eyed blonde guy with long straight blonde hair,the same length as mine and coming down in cute bangs,full on top. He resembled a male version of Uma Thurman,very sexy looking(but I thought I was a little sexier looking). He was the exact same age as me,35, which also added to the perfect match. He stood at 5’11” and 160 lbs.with a slim,lean beautifully muscled body. He worked out too and he was so smooth and hairless and shaved his armpits and crotch like me so both of us were totally smooth and hairless. Both our faces were so smooth and clean shaven. His blonde cock was about the same size as mine at 8 inches with nice round balls,but not as big as mine. We were so evenly matched down to the exact same size arms and legs and butts. My chest was a little thicker than his. He was lighter skinned like a light golden blonde color.

We had real animosity toward eachother from the start. I hated his cute blue eyed blonde look and he really hated my sensual dark brunette look. We trashed talked eachother for a long time over the phone. I just couldn’t wait to set this up so I could just beat the crap out of him.
I went over to his apartment in NYC driving from NJ on this hot summer day. I met him at the door.

blonde pussy bitch,let’s do it.” I said. But I was trembling with nervous excitement and erotic tension.

“Dark haired cunt,I’m ready.” My blonde opponent shot back. He was nervous too with erotic tension.

We both agreed to no masturbating or fucking for a week before our fight and our cocks and balls were filled to overflowing with cum. His apartment was pretty big and all the furniture was moved aside and he had two really big matts that were joined together and spread out over the floor. We both proceeded to strip down naked in front of eachother as we gave eachother a vicious staredown. This was going to be a real fight. None of that phony pro wrestling where you know the outcome. We both knew what we were in for. It was a private match to see who’s the tougher,stronger and sexier, blue eyed blonde or brown eyed brunette.

We both stood opposite eachother rubbing and feeling our own sensual smooth lean muscled bodies and playing real sexy with our long hair. He thought he was so cute,I wanted to pull out all of his long blonde hair out right then and there. Then we stated the rules which was no biting,scratching or punching to the face but everything else goes. We fight until one of us gives or can’t continue from exhaustion.

It was super hot outside but it was dry and cool from the air conditioner inside. I rushed at him and pulled his long blonde hair at the same time he rushed at me and grabbed two handfuls of my long dark hair. We pulled and tugged and this fight just turned into a hairpull tug of war. We pulled eachother around the room,both of us still standing for about 20 minutes without letting go. In between we slapped our arms and legs as hard as we could. I kept trying to pull his hand off my hair but it was such a tight grip. We both knew it was the best way to humiliate the other by pulling and ripping out handfuls of hair. We did lose some hair right from the start. I felt my hair ripping as he pulled hard,but I returned the favor. Our hair was our most gorgeous sexiest feature,but by now it was a sexy mess,coming down all over our faces and going every which way. I wanted his blonde hair for a trophy. But by now our arms were so tired,I let go first and allowed him to throw me across the matts by my hair. I went flying. This blonde pussy reached down and picked me up by my hair,then threw me down in a hair flip. He reached down again but this time I pulled him down by his blonde hair. I slowly got up and picked him up by his hair with one hand and with the other,I grabbed him under his gorgeous blonde ass and grabbed his blonde dick,then picked him up into the air by his blonde hair and dick and threw him down. I had to show this blonde punk who was the stronger. I could feel that I was the slightly stronger of us as we fought but I was tiring badly.

I jumped on my fallen blonde foe and pulled his cock hard and instantly he shot out a huge load of white hot cum but it landed right in my face. I felt humiliated as his blonde cum was dripping from my sexy brunette face. I was just as stunned as he. Both of our dicks were totally erect as we fought and now I couldn’t stop this cute blonde from pulling on my dick. I was on all fours trying to crawl away when he grabbed me viciously by my brunette dick and pulled as hard as he could,milking me like a cow,then he dragged me across the matts briefly by my dick. I shot out my huge load of white hot cum right then and there. The pain mixed with the pleasure was an unbelievable feeling. Both of our dicks were now limp but it made for a better target so we both pulled and stretched our limp dicks as far out as we could. I thought this blonde pussy was going to rip my dick off. I pulled his so hard that I wanted to make a cunt out of him and rip his blonde dick off. We were both hurting and tired.

We then got into a sensual embrace and started rolling around slowly,both of us almost spent,trying to catch our breath. I slapped his blonde ass and squeezed for all I was worth. Hard right hand slaps. He pulled on my brunette ass,grabbing and squeezing,punching and slapping. I punched his blonde ass,we slapped every body part we could get our tired hands on. There was hardly any talking during our match except for an occational “pussy” or “wimp” or “slut”,”whore”,”cunt”. That’s what we were calling eachother in between the sexy grunts and moans.

I somehow got the upper hand again and sat on his blonde torso,pinning his shoulders,when this blonde pussy grabbed my long dark brunette hair with both of his blonde hands and pulled me backward. And that’s how we were in this position for about 5 full minutes that’s how exhausted we were. I felt so humiliated as I stared at the ceiling,lying on his torso and legs,my sexy strong,but tired brunette arms just dangling at my side as he pulled at my hair. Our dicks were getting erect again. It felt so sexy to feel our smooth bodies pressed together. I was totally straight and so was my opponent. We were definitely not gay but it was the even matchup,both of us so cute with our long hair and smooth lean muscled bodies and especially blonde vs. brunette that made this so erotic and sensual. Still we were only thinking of beating the shit out of eachother.

He finally let go,I think from exhaustion, and we lay there about two feet from eachother,breathing hard,our strong but now tired bodies just limp. I could barely move my arms and legs the same as my opponent. I never felt so exhausted before and I was in a few fights and never lost. But I never wrestled a long haired cute evenly matched blue eyed blonde guy before,and I never got into a hairpulling contest which is so exhausting painful and tiring. But I was not about to lose to this blonde sissy cunt. I got up slowly and pulled him up by his blonde dick and balls as he screamed out in pain and pleasure, shooting out more cum. I let go from the slippery cum and also because my arms and hands were so tired.

At this point we got into a horny frenzy of lust as we grabbed and pulled at our balls and cocks. He squeezed and mangled my big brunette balls. I screamed,pulled his hair to stop him,He pulled at my hair,I grabbed his balls and twisted them. We slapped and scratched every body part,our arms,legs,ass,chest,backs. We pulled on our sexy nipples on our chest. Anything to humiliate and cause pain to the other. Our bodies smelled so good,from the showers we both took before our match. Our smooth hairless armpits felt and smelled so sexy as we rubbed and pressed them to our faces as we rolled around some more.

This fight had gone on for over an two hours now, a marathon length nude battle, both of us giving and taking equal amounts of punishment when I slowly got up wanting to finally end this,and I picked this blonde slut by his long blond hair,which was a mess, falling all into his cute face, and I threw him with all the remaining strength I had left, ripping out another handful of his blonde hair as he went flying across the room onto the soft matts. I was hoping he wouldn’t get up because I was finished. I was barely able to move trying to stand, shaky and wobbling. But this blonde bitch slowly got up barely able to stand himself,and walked slowly toward me, staggering from exhaustion. Our once strong and proud nude bodies were now slumped in exhaustion. He reached over and grabbed two handfuls of my long dark brunette hair and we looked into eachother’s eyes. His blue eyes staring into my brown eyes. We both knew this was the payoff. My sexy strong brunette arms now lay at my side unable to stop this blonde cunt from pulling my hair out.

“I’m gonna end this you fucking brunette pussy slut.” said my blonde rival.

“Fucking blonde pussy cunt, I’m still the stronger of us two and I’m gonna…….”

But right in the middle of what I was saying to this blonde bitch,he pulled and flipped me up and over by my long dark brunette hair, high into the air and I went crashing down on the soft matts. He ripped out two large handfuls of my hair as I lay there totally spent,not able to move. This fight was over. My cute blonde opponent fell to the matt in total exhaustion himself still holding onto my ripped out hair in his blonde hands. As I lay there,I raised my head to see as he somehow raised his tired blonde arms in victory clutching two handfuls of my dark brunette hair as he rested on his knees. Then I dropped back my head and just stared at the ceiling as I lay there in stunned silence knowing that I lost to this wimpy blonde bitch. I knew I was the tougher and stronger but I just couldn’t take him. I wanted so bad to prove that brunettes were better than blondes when evenly matched. I wanted to get him back so bad and set up another fight but at the moment I was too beat up and tired to think about it. But I let him know he was in a fight too.

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