A Good Workout

Author: Frank Cantone

Although she had beaten her opponent, Amanda was disappointed with herself. Ator, the slim but strong and very agile young male had put up a good struggle, better than any other of her male opponents so far, slipping out of many of her holds and even trapping her in a few of his own tight holds, including several headlocks and a combination full nelson/body scissor, from which he got a submission from Amanda!

His firm belly withstood many of her powerful kicks, and it was only when she tried a roundhouse kick to his head, stunning him long enough for her to ram into his hard abdomen did she finally gain the upper hand. Down he went, onto his round hard butt. Quick as a cat, the petite but strong and skilled blonde leapt behind him and locked her smooth yet solid thighs around his neck, squeezing ever more tightly until he moaned, “Please, no more, I submit to you!”

Amanda lessened the pressure, but she kept her legs locked around his neck as they both lay on the ground, exhausted and breathing heavily, their athletic bodies covered with sweat. Though it was a well-earned victory, Amanda could not help but think she should have beaten him more easily. Perhaps her previous victories against the rogue males from Zolofft wandering the Decoton Forest in search of Deseril girls to fight and deflower had made her overconfident, to the point where this time she deliberately searched out a male and, swimming in her favorite pond, lured him out to challenge her. And challenge her he did. Though she did admit to herself he looked rather fit, she still felt she could easily take him.

Perhaps he thought the same of her, aware of the strong and skilled girl fighters of Deseril but thinking he could still defeat her and have his way with her. Now he lay crushed between her beautiful legs, his manhood flaccid rather than hard and inside her. He knew now that by the agreement between the two villages he was hers to do with as she pleased, and he anxiously awaited her commands.

“You are mine now, Ator,” she proclaimed, jumping up and standing over him. “This match has shown me that I am getting out of shape, and need to work out more. Who better to assist me than my new captive!” She smiled down at him. “On your feet:now!”

Slowly and clumsily he stood up. She ran her eyes down his physique, admiring even his drooping yet handsome cock. Resisting an urge to caress it, she bent down, reached out and pulled Ator toward her and set him across her shoulders.

Pausing a moment to shift his body a little, she did a slow knee bend, going down as far as possible without losing her balance. Pausing again, she did a slow rise, grunting with the pain.


Again she slowly squatted down, paused and slowly rose up. “Two,” she grunted. Though she was concentrating on her workout, her fingers, gripped on Ator’s smooth firm legs and back, could not help but stroke him slightly.

By the time she reached 20, she was sweating profusely, and her legs burned, yet she kept going to 40. Breathing heavily again, she lowered Ator gently to the ground.

“Now we will rest.” This lasted for but a few moments, for she soon lay on her back, and she ordered him to lie across her firm small breasted chest.

“I think you will like this,” she told him, and with that she reached up and gently gripped his manhood in her right hand. As she felt it grow and harden in her hand, she sighed with pleasure, smiling when she heard Ator sigh as well. She pressed her left hand up on his chest.

“Stretch your body out as far as you can.”

When he had done so, extending his arms beyond his head and stretching his legs out stiffly, Amanda pressed upward, raising him straight up.

“One,” she grunted once again. She lowered him slowly to, but not quite touching, her chest. After a rest of just a few seconds, she raised him up again.

“Two.” She lowered him again, rested and raised him once more. She continued this until she had reached 30, at which time she held him up, raised her legs and bent them so they were under Ator. Setting him on the soles of her feet, she released her hands and raised him up carefully with her legs. Though her muscular legs wobbled for a few seconds, she managed to hold him up as she slowly counted to fifty.

Though Ator had enjoyed her earlier grip on his manhood, he began silently crying at the humiliating way in which he was being used. Though he had submitted to her, he was still brought up to believe he could beat these Deseril girls, and as soon as he found a way he would strike back against this one.

After reaching fifty, Amanda leaned to one side to set Ator gently onto the ground. Suddenly he lunged at her.

“I have submitted to you, but I do not have to tolerate this!”

Fortunately for Amanda, her legs were still raised, and as he lunged, she let him press against the soles of her feet. It was then just a matter of getting flat on her back again and, using her legs like a spring, she flung him flying into the air. He came crashing down on the damp grass several feet away, stunned.

Shaking her head, she stood up and slowly walked to him. She dropped to her knees, grabbed his hair and yanked his neck back between her legs, this time with him facing her.

“Silly boy, you will tolerate anything I command of you,” she said softly. “Why look, your eyes are red, you’ve been crying!”

As she tightened her satiny smooth yet rock hard thighs around his neck, she picked up a fallen leaf and gently dabbed at his teary eyes. She then lay on her back.

“Ator, your tummy is very hard, much harder than mine! Well you will help me to make my tummy firmer than yours!”

She pulled his face tightly into her already wet crotch, then raised her legs forward slightly and began doing short sit-ups, pulling her legs up as she came up, then pushing them away as she set back down. She could feel her abdominal muscles tightening, while at the same time she tingled as Ator’s smooth face massaged her glistening womanhood. Once again she grunted her count as she finished each sit-up, while Ator feebly struggled to get free, grabbing her solid thighs but not being able to break free. Amanda hoped to reach fifty, but alas the massage given her sweet crotch by Ator’s cute but reddening face brought her to an incredible climax after only 33 sit-ups.

As Amanda quivered and screamed in orgasmic pleasure, Ator blacked out from the pressure and lack of oxygen. Finally, Amanda’s body relaxed, and, moaning, she opened her legs. She rolled onto her stomach and rested for several moments before rolling back to Ator. She slapped him lightly a few times, until he awoke. She stood over him, her foot hard on his cock.

“You were defiant, but you fought well, helped me become stronger, and gave me much pleasure. In return I will reward you, which is something I have never done before.”

She then slowly massaged his manhood with her small toes, until it grew large and stiff. She pinched it in several places with her toes, until she could sense he was about to climax. Then she slid her big toe up the shaft, bringing it down on the smooth sensitive part under the head. Ator stiffened and screamed for a few moments, suddenly his body shook while his cock spurted the life giving white fluid numerous times, right up to his chest. Finally, spent, his penis shriveled and his spasms subsided, and he lay still on the grass.

“Come, we will bathe in the pond, then I will take you into Deseril as my captive where you will assist me in my exercises. Serve me well and I will reward you again.”

Ator stood up, bowing his head. “Yes, Amanda my captor.”

As usual after her victory, Amanda simply stood and smiled.

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