Two aganist Amanda

Author: Frank Cantone

Although she made a stunning image rising out of the water, Amanda the petite but strong and athletic girl from Deseril casually strolled out of the pond which was at the outskirts of her village in the Decoton Forest. Her afternoon swim and bath in the cool water after her morning stretching, calisthenics and run was both relaxing and refreshing As she shook her short blonde hair and bent down to pick up her white thong, two solid arms suddenly grabbed her from behind. As she was bear-hugged from behind, her arms immobilized, she could sense that her captor was a male, his stiff penis pressed against her back.

She was swung around roughly to face another young male. He was nude, quite muscular, and like his friend his manhood was stiff and erect. He was also grinning and slowly approaching her.

It had dawned on her what their intentions were, of course. She had heard of such young males who prowl the forest looking for girls who stray from her village, to attack and ravage. Their motives weren’t only sexual, as they knew of the fighting ability of girls such as Amanda, and felt compelled to prove their superiority over the females. Right now, though, she was fearing for her safety, and squirmed to break free.

“It is no use struggling, little girl,” claimed her captor. “Lan, she is a feisty one!”
“Aye, that she is Tor. She may our first conquest, but may also be our best,” replied the one approaching her.

Deciding struggling was indeed useless, Amanda tried for another strategy. She finally was aware that Tor was holding her a few inches off the ground, so with quickness and agility she swung her smooth, toned yet powerful legs up toward Lan, bringing them down hard on his shoulders. She then snapped her legs tightly against his neck, her already bulging calves pressing tightly against the sides of his neck. Lan stiffened by both the suddenness of the attack, and the pain of being crushed by this small woman‘s rock hard muscles. He finally reached up and tried to pull her legs apart, but Amanda locked her ankles behind his neck and flexed her calf muscles, tightening the vise-like grip. Amanda gritted her teeth as she continued to pressure the hold, while Lan gagged and winced in pain. Though he still held her legs his grip was very weak.

Amanda looked at him. His handsome face was turning red, and a glance at his crotch showed her that his once stiff and proud cock was slowly shrinking and drooping downward. She giggled at this, yet it caused her to squeeze more tightly. Knowing she had literally deflated this would-be superior male only spurred her to fight harder.

Tor could not think of anything to do to help his friend. Had he thought a moment he would have let go of the bear hug and let Amanda drop down, which would probably have broken the hold, or at least give him a chance to obtain a weapon. However, as he was also surprised by the attack, all he could think of was to just continue the hold and try to shake her loose from his friend, but she tenaciously hung on to Lan’s crushed neck.

Finally Lan’s arms fell limply, and his reddened face showed closed eyes and a slightly open mouth. Amanda unlocked her ankles, bent her knees so her legs were in front of Lan, and slammed the soles of her feet hard into his face, sending him flying backward into a patch of weeks. As her legs swung down, she brought them behind her, bringing them up between Tor’s slightly open legs. The deadly soles of her pretty feet came up and slammed again, this time into Tor’s soft unguarded balls.

With a high pitched scream, Tor finally broke the hold. He grabbed his sensitive balls as Amanda landed on her feet. Without pausing, she raised her arms and twisted around, slamming first one elbow then the other into the sides of Tor’s head. Finally with a powerful back-kick to his sold belly, she sent him landing butt first into a patch of grass.

She turned to face him, hands proudly on her hips. He was sitting up, groggily, but she noticed his manhood had not been deflated like his friend’s. I’ll fix that, she thought to her self. She strutted to him, slowly kneeling behind him. She slid her right arm around his neck, and her left arm up along the side of his head.

“Well I used my legs on your friend so I’ll put you away with my arms, is that okay?” With that she squeezed his neck, slowly tightening the hold. He squirmed and struggled feebly, for but a few moments. She looked down smiling as his cock shriveled just like his friend Tor’s. With a sudden intense squeeze she finished him off, and with a groan he went fast asleep. She loosened the hold and lowered him gently to the ground, standing up over him giggling.

The men lay on the grass, sleeping soundly. Amanda stood over them, legs slightly apart, hands at hips. She then did her victory dance over them, grinding her hips and kicking her legs high in the air. As she did so it occurred to her that perhaps these men tried what they did because they needed companionship. Well, she would give it to them, but not in the way they had expected, for they were not worthy of her.

She grabbed them by their hair until they were lying on their sides, facing each other. She could not help but briefly caress their smooth hard bodies, though she reveled that she had defeated them. But she had work to do. She knelt over them, took a silk cord out of her travel bag and stroked their man hoods. Smiling as she saw their limp cocks grow large and stiff, she pressed them together, making sure their smooth sensitive parts just below the head were touching each other. Then she took another cord and, placing each man’s hands over the other’s hard round buttocks tied it around their arms and waists, binding them together.
By this time the men were awakening as they were being aroused.

“Oh, I see you are both awake now. Here, let me help you up.”
With that she grabbed them by the hair and pulled them up to their knees, then with a bear hug she lifted them to their feet.
“What happened?” one of them asked groggily.

“You fell asleep. Both of you did. You thought you could take me and have your way with me. Well I showed you were wrong.”
By now the squirming men realized not only what had happened but the situation they were in. As they squirmed in a futile attempt to break free they could feel their male members sliding against each other. Their faces turning red, they each knew if they continued to struggle they would bring themselves to a climax.

“Yes boys, you will make each other climax. It will happen, and the more you struggle the quicker it will happen. You see, you are not worthy to have a girl, but you each can have each other. So I want you each to caress each other’s smooth beautiful bodies and kiss as you climax each other.”

They looked at her, stunned. “Never! We will break free, and we will have our way with you in the end!”
Amanda merely laughed. “I know how to tie a good knot. You will not get free until I set you free. That is, if I set you free. Now kiss!”
They looked away and stopped struggling, thinking at least to deny her the chance to see them climax each other.

“I said kiss!” With that she leaped into the air, and her powerful legs snapped shut around their bodies. She tensed her legs as though bringing them together even though they were pressed against the men’s backs. The men winced as the air was being crushed out of them, as they began to grow lightheaded they gave in.
“Okay, okay, we will kiss.” they each muttered, but she merely squeezed tighter.

“I will not let go until you kiss!”
The men reluctantly brought their lips together and held them together. Amanda smiled and released the hold, jumping backward to the ground. She then sat down cross legged and watched them.
“Feel each other’s buttocks.” She commanded.

As they continued to kiss, their hands slid along each other’s smooth hard round butt cheeks. Eventually their resistance had broken down, and their moans indicated that they were enjoying themselves. Their kissing became more intense, their tongues probing each other, and they began swaying back and forth as their hard smooth penises caressed each other.

Amanda stretched her legs out and lay back on her elbows, also enjoying herself. She moved to lay on her side, as her hand absent-mindedly moved to her moist womanhood. She was particularly fascinated watching their male organs, tied together, sliding against each other. She continued to watch until the inevitable happened:.

The bound penises slid together one last time and then froze. The men stopped kissing and threw their heads back as their bodies stiffened, then suddenly they screamed as they reached climax. They shook as their penises erupted in a geyser of white fluid which shot up to their tight bellies.

Amanda was amazed at how many times the fluid spurted up. The males must have gone several days, maybe weeks without climaxing. Suddenly she felt her own body stiffen as she reached her own climax. She screamed and shook with spasms of ultimate pleasure until the spasms eventually subsided and she rested for a few moments on the ground.

The men also slumped to the ground exhausted. Amanda however, having more stamina stood up first. She knelt down and cut the cords setting the men free.
“You have pleased me immensely, and though normally you would be my captives, I will be merciful this one time and you may go free. But do not try to take me again, because next time I will beat you worse and take you back to Deseril as my pets!”

“Oh, you do not need to worry about that,” one of them responded as they continued to lay in each others arms.
Amanda giggled once more.

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