Amandas First match

Author: Frank Cantone

Like all girls in the small village of Deseril, Amanda’s 18th birthday was very special. On this day, the petite, short-haired blonde was allowed to use her fighting skills against a male opponent for the first time.

The women of Deseril were peaceful folk, but the village was situated not far from Zolofft, a town populated by brutish men who scoffed at the abilities of women and had little respect for them. At one time, girls who had ventured into the Decoton Forest were never seen again, presumably ravaged by a Zolofftian and carried back there as slaves. Thus the Deseril women had begun training themselves in wrestling and other combative skills to be used for self-defense. In addition, they found they had to subjugate their own males, who had become influenced by the Zolofftians and tried to enslave their own women. Males, by their own doing, had found themselves domesticated, and boys and girls were separated and raised to take their place in the society according to their sex.

It was into this society that Amanda was born, and she trained hard and well. She was doing her morning stretching routine when Donatella, her mother, entered her bedroom, closing the door behind her and, smiling, embraced her daughter.

“Happy birthday Amanda!”
Amanda jumped up and returned the smile and embrace. “Good morning mother!”
“And how is my birthday girl today?”
“I feel fine, I just finished stretching and am about to begin my morning exercises.”
“Good, I came in just in time. I have a different routine planned for you today!”

She opened the bedroom door again, and standing there was a tall muscular young man, wearing short pants. He entered proudly and stood before Amanda, who always exercised nude. She barely reached his chest, and her eyes widened as she looked up at him.

Donatella strolled to her bed and sat down, relaxing. “You may begin fighting anytime, children.”

Although she had awaited this moment for quite some time, she found herself nervous and hesitant. Her hesitancy cost her dearly, for the confident male quickly wrapped his arms around her in a tight headlock. He squeezed so hard her face turned red, and she began to feel lightheaded.

“Ha!” teased the male, who was named Paxxil. “I told you I would have no trouble defeating this tiny one. I shall return to Zolofft, and I shall take this one with me as my prize!”

Donatella fought off the urge to assist her daughter, either with advice or force. She would have to do this completely on her own. Amanda seemed to be weakening, yet Donatella could see her moving her legs apart. Suddenly she sprang up high and locked her smooth toned yet strong legs around Paxxil’s waist. She tensed them mightily, making them rock hard, and pressed them against his stomach and back. The squeeze seemed to force all the air out of him, for he breathed out hard. His eyes popped open wide from both the squeeze and suddenness of the attack, and he loosened his grip on Amanda’s neck. Tightening the grip around his waist, Amanda reached out and wrapped her slender yet muscular arms around the male’s neck. She hung on alongside him tenaciously. He jumped around the room trying to loosen her, grabbing at her arms and legs, but she was stuck to him and would not be pried loose.

Although she could hear her mother applauding and cheering her on, Amanda would not be distracted. She continued to pressure the holds, breathing hot and hard into Paxxil’s ear. Finally his arms fell to his sides, and he stopped jumping around the room. As he stood near motionless, Amanda loosened her grip only to climb up him and set herself on his shoulders, her powerful satiny smooth thighs set around his neck. Pulling hard on his hair she snapped her legs tightly, locking her ankles. Donatella laughed as she watched him grimace, his face turning dark red.

“Very good dear! But do not overdo it, we don’t want to kill him,” she said almost playfully. “I am sure he will make a fine and usefule slave for many years!”
“Sorry mother, I guess I got carried away.” With that she released her hold and gracefully sprang off him, landing on her feet. Hands on hips, she strutted to face the once proud male, now barely conscious and swaying on his feet. Surveying the damage she had done and nodding in approval, She swung a powerful uppercut to his gut, and as he bent forward she swung her fists again, this time in precise jabs to his face, blackening his eyes. Then she lifted her right leg and swung it around, slamming her small cute but lethal foot into his face. Down he went, moaning on the floor.

She stood over him, breathing hard and sweating heavily. Donatella smiled with pride, watching Amanda’s firm tummy contract and expand with each breath. Thinking Amanda was finished, she was in for a surprise, as Amanda dropped to the floor beside the male, sliding her arms slowly around his neck like they were snakes and squeezing tightly once again. She hissed hotly into his ear.

“This is for the surprise headlock. I don’t think you really learned your place here, and I intend to squeeze it into you!”

With that, she tightened her arms more than before, her small biceps bulging with incredible power. The male grabbed her arms but could not break the hold. He bucked and jumped, bringing his legs up and forward. What happened next stunned even Donatella, for when he raised his legs, Amanda raised up her own leg and brought it over the males legs, sliding her other leg under his back. She brought her top leg down hard, folding his legs tightly against his chest. Then she managed to lock her ankles together. Keeping him folded in this way, she pressured and maintained the hold for several minutes until he began sobbing and crying like a baby.
“Please, no more,” he begged between sobs. “I will do anything you say!”

With one final squeeze, she released him. Donatella jumped up excitedly, helped her up and raised her hand in victory. She then hugged her tightly.

“You were magnificent! I am so proud of you!”
“Thank you mother! It was so thrilling, and so much fun!”
“I’m so glad, I was hoping it would be!”

They pulled away from each other.
“But why does he need to be wearing anything? He should be stripped of all clothing.”
“Hmmm, that’s a good idea Amanda, why don’t you remove his shorts.”
“Oh, I see! Certainly mother.”

She reached down, grabbed the defeated male’s shorts and slid them off, tossing them across the room and looking down at his flaccid manhood.
“So that’s what it looks like.”
“Yes dear.”
“It looks kind of funny,” she giggled. “And it’s so small too!”

“Why don’t you reach down and play with it? You certainly earned it.”

“Okay mother.” Kneeling down, she tentatively touched his cock and balls. “They feel so soft too! Not hard like I thought men should be!” She kneaded his balls, twirling her fingers round and round. Then she touched the head of his penis, stroking it and pinching it closed. Next she ran her fingers up and down the limp shaft, touching the smooth sensitive part just under the head.

“I like this part, it feels nice and smooth. Wow!”

To her amazement, his cock began to grow large and hard under her touch. Feeling humiliated, he began to struggle to get free, but Donatella stepped on his neck, pinning him down.

“You will stay there until we allow you up!”
He stopped struggling, although Donatella kept her foot on his neck.
“Keep playing with him, dear,” she cooed.

Fondling his balls with her left hand, Amanda continued to pet his shaft with her right hand. She giggled again as it stood up at an angle and turned purple. She then became aware of her own crotch, which had become moist at some point.

Suddenly the male stiffened and screamed, and his body jerked as a white fluid spurted out of his cock several times, settling on his stomach and chest. Amanda’s eyes widened at the sight.

“Is that the fluid which begins reproduction mother?”

“Yes dear. One day when you are ready to reproduce you will mate with a suitable male.” They looked down at the male, his body settling and his cock shriveling again as his climax ended. “He is of good stock, and may be used for breeding. Of course his offspring, be they male, will be more subservient than he is.”

“Will I be mated with him?”

“Perhaps. But you are too young right now to spend time bearing children. There is much more for you to learn and do:”
Amanda stood up, hands on hips, and she smiled.

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