Author: nutty pair

My wife Stacy and I have been married for 22 years, now that sounds like a while, it is, it’s all our adult lives, we don’t know anything else, well, too be honest we know quite a bit, we have spent many years playing with our fantasies!
Stacy is a 42 year old woman who has managed to keep a body of a 25 year old, how lucky am I? When I look around and see other people who have only been together for a few years and already the men have lost the slim sexy women they fell in love with and are now are looking at my wife obviously wishing theirs had kept it together so well, probably thinking they would love to fuck the shit out of her too but that just is not going to happen, well, that’s what I thought anyway!
We emigrated a few years ago to a beautiful Mediterranean island, an all year round sunshine paradise, a real party capital. When it comes to our fantasies, this is a real playground, millions of horny people just passing through, let’s face it, they are not here to take in the beautiful sights this place has to offer, they are here for two things, to get pissed and to get laid!! We have one rule, we play with tourists only, we never take it too far, hmm, that used to be the plan anyway, but no locals can join in, without the tourists this is a small community and to say everybody know your business is an understatement.
Back to Stacy, she is 5’2’’ she has a great pair of legs that are supported by her beautiful arse, a small waist, a stunning pair of 34B tits and an absolutely gorgeous face, she has long curly brown hair that spirals its way down her back to just above her backside, she has always kept her pussy clean shaven, which drives me crazy, there is nothing like a silky smooth pussy, especially when horny and oozing out that sweet love nectar, she gets soaking when she is horny, and I mean soaking, her pussy swells and she just gushes!
Well anyway, on this particular Friday I, as usual was up early and off to work, I’m a lorry driver, off delivering around the island, the first couple of hours of my day are spent in quiet contemplation as the whole island sleeps while I am heading down the motorway towards the other end. I was busy thinking about tonight, we were off into town, its mid season so it will be packed out. I love the buzz of taking my sexy wife out into the crowded bars; she always dresses so fucking hot it drives me crazy!
As I was driving down the road I pulled out a cigarette from my packet and I noticed a piece of paper sticking out from behind the smokes, I pulled it out and it was a note, it simply said ‘’under your sandwiches’’, not knowing what to think I looked in my bag and pulled out my sandwich box, sure enough, under my sandwiches there was an envelope, I quickly opened it up, I pulled out a letter from Stacy, it read,
My darling Greg, because you have to be in bed so early to get up for work it’s about time I let you know I lay there playing with myself while you sleep, tonight I am feeling so fucking horny I can’t take it, I have just finished playing with myself and thought I would tell you all about it. First I was laid next to you trying to wake you but you wouldn’t wake up, I was so ready for a good fucking but it was not to be!
I decided as I was so wet it would be a shame to just roll over and go to sleep so I pulled out a couple of toys and started to slowly work my vibrator over my wet pussy, it’s not your tongue but what the hell, a girls got to do what a girls got to do! I was thinking about how we are going to be going out on the town tomorrow night, (well tonight as you are reading this in the morning) I’m going to dress so hot for you and tease you all night long until you take me home and make passionate love to me!
Passionate love I thought! Yeh right! I’m going to fuck the shit out of you I thought to myself!
She continued in the letter describing how she was gently rubbing her clit with her vibrator while pushing her big pink rubber dildo deep in her pussy fucking herself closer and closer to a mind numbing orgasm, watching that drives me insane, but reading her tell me she had done it beside me was fucking sexy. She described how it felt as she pushed it deep into her soaking wet pussy while buzzing away at her clit with her little plastic friend. Fuck she is a sexy bitch; here I am driving down the road with a rock hard cock, reading about my wife lying next to me while all this is happening, I can’t believe I was oblivious to it!
All of a sudden a car swings onto the motorway from the slip road snapping me out of my little dream world, shit that was close I thought as I swerved into the outside lane. I decided I had better keep my mind on the road as my swollen second brain had kinda took over and to be perfectly honest, it doesn’t drive that well! The rest of the journey was uneventful; I arrived at my destination and started to make my deliveries.
It wasn’t long before I felt my phone vibrating in my pocket as my good morning message was coming through from Stacy, problem was I happened to be in the middle of a delivery and my hands were too full to read my message, I knew she would understand as it happens sometimes so I got on with my work, after an hour or so and a few of deliveries later, I was driving down the road when my phone buzzed again, ‘’shit’’ I forgot all about the message earlier, I pulled my phone out and read my first message, morning darling, just woke, give me a call when you get 5 mins, I’m so horny I want you to listen to me play with myself before I go to work, love you x.
Bollox I thought to myself as I opened the second message. Hi again, guess you were a little busy earlier, you know I’m not going to play alone every time, you had better make it up to me tonight, I’m just walking into work so I’ll call you later hope you liked my note xx
Fuck! I shouted to myself, I was so pissed off at myself for not checking my phone earlier, after all, it’s not every day you get to read about your wife playing with herself, that had gotten me so fucking hard, I know what I missed out on! I also know if only I had called her back there would have probably been a bit of phone sex going on; she has got a filthy mouth when she is horny, and never fails to make me toss myself until I shoot my come when she tells me down the phone what she is doing to herself!
Anyway, I decided to send her a quick message to apologise and promise her later she would be fucked like she had never been fucked before! I got on with my day, it was going pretty smoothly when around lunch time my phone rang, it was Stacy, I didn’t even say hello, as I answered it saying you sexy bitch, I’ve been driving around all day with a hard on, I thought you might she said, anyway, enough about you! What’s this about fucking me like I have never been fucked before? Shit it was only words I thought to myself, I just wanted to say something horny too her, you’ll see I said to her, I couldn’t think of anything good to say on the spur of the moment!
What do you mean ‘’you’ll see’’ she said to me, you’ll see I repeated, this had better not be a fob off she said, got to go back inside she said, only a quick break, but you better have something special planned, I’m feeling a little needy today and I’m holding you to what you said! With that she blew me a kiss and was gone! Hmm time to put the old thinking cap on, what the hell had I promised her, what the hell was I going to come up with?
Now I do like to think I have a great imagination, don’t we all I suppose!! But my mind was drawing a blank, I knew I wanted to fuck her till so bad, and she definitely deserved it for making me so horny! I had all of these crazy thoughts going through my mind but none just seemed good enough, I wanted to blow her mind but just couldn’t think of what to do to make tonight special. Not to worry, plenty of time to decide!
The rest of the shift went with a bit of a burr, it was no time before I was finished and on my way home, I started thinking about her letter this morning and my promise to make tonight special. Because I start so early I was home way before Stacy, so I decided to have a bit of a rummage through her wardrobe and choose something sexy for her to wear tonight.
While looking through her clothes I came across this totally see through black dress we bought a few years ago, we bought it from the erotica exhibition before we moved over here, and she wore it to the erotica ball afterwards, we had talked about going to it for a few years but hadn’t until just before leaving the country to embark on this new chapter of our lives, a last chance thing! But that is an entirely different story! Looking at this dress my mind began to wonder if she would dare to wear it in town, although it was sheer it did have a darker floral pattern that conveniently managed to conceal her pussy (just) and one of her nipples, but left anyone who looked at her see the beauty of her body. I decided she would not wear it and settled for a short flared little skirt that would flap around her thighs as she danced the night away! Also I took out a flimsy top that had no arms and low cut neck and sides, I knew every time she lifted her arms or bent slightly I would get a flash of her gorgeous tit’s, so would anyone else who was looking for that matter, and believe me, when she is dancing there is never a shortage of people looking!
After a while I decided to put the see through dress in the back of the car, I decided to tell her it was there half way through the night after she had a few drinks to loosen her up, I knew she wouldn’t put it on but thought it would be sexy to talk about her going to the car to change wearing it in the bar with all of these guys around who’s only purpose for the evening was to get laid!! The thought of it being in the car would make it more real and all the more sexy!
I prepared a small meal, not enough to fill us so full we would not be in the mood for a good drink but enough to soak up the alcohol as I knew it would be a heavy night as we hadn’t been out for a few weeks and we were ready for a good one.
I was just serving up when I heard her car pull in the driveway, in she walked looking a bit stressed, you ok? I asked, fine she said, just a rough day and I’m knackered. Ok I said, let’s just have a quiet one, I’ll put a movie on and we can chill out with a bottle of wine if you like? Like fuck she said, I need a good night out, I just need to wind down a bit. That’s a close one I thought to myself, I need a good night out myself.
We sat down to eat, I poured her a glass of wine which I had opened just before she came home, I sat there chewing on my chicken thinking how lucky I was to have Stacy, even eating she looked fucking beautiful, we chit chatted through the meal and drank a couple of glasses of wine, I could see she was starting to relax.
Anyway she said to me, did you enjoy your letter this morning, damn right I did! I replied, my cock was so fucking hard when I was reading what you had been up to, can’t believe you didn’t wake me! I thought about it she said but decided not to so I could write it all down for you, I knew it would turn you on! By now my cock was rock hard under the table just thinking how this sexy wife of mine can just turn me on like switching on a light, women! I thought to myself, they have no idea of the power they have over us men! What am I thinking; they know exactly what they are doing!
I decided to go around to her side of the table to give her a massage, thought it would loosen her up a bit after a hard day at work, I lifted her long dark hair and started to work my fingers on her shoulders, after only a minute or so I realised her moans were not of simple pleasure of a shoulder rub, but were a bit more sexual, I knew she was getting horny, I thought of how wet her pussy gets when she is getting worked up! I started to kiss her sweet lips and my hand wandered slowly over her body, oh god! She almost screamed at me, just fuck me, I have been thinking of you all fucking day and I just need that cock of yours pumping into me, with that she bent over the table, lifted her skirt and said, well, are you just going to stand there or are you going to do as your told and fuck me, I’m so horny she said! I snapped out of my trance, I couldn’t believe she was talking to me like this, I know she has a filthy mouth when she wants to, and she knows how much it turns me on to hear her talk like this, but it’s not often she dispenses with the build up of foreplay and me going down to eat her soaking pussy!
I grabbed her hips and put the head of my swollen cock at the entrance to her soaking wet pussy, she wasn’t lying, her pussy felt so wet on the tip of my rock hard cock. I think she had had enough of my teasing as she rammed her arse back and slid down the entire length of me, I soon realised this was not one of those times for a slow sensual act of love making, Stacy wanted fucking hard and furious, who was I to object.
I started to move faster and faster, every time my rigid member slid out to her gripping pussy lips I slammed it back in all the way to my balls, as I was pumping and pounding her soaking pussy with my rock hard cock, she reached between her legs and grabbed hold of my balls, she squeezed and tugged on them, fuck that drives me crazy, I couldn’t hold on any longer, I could feel my balls start to tingle and the sensations building their way up my pumping rod, oh shit! Oh fuck! I couldn’t hold back, she gave one last tug on my balls, a little harder this time! Oh fuck I screamed as my come exploded from my body emptying my balls into her slippery horny tunnel of love, Aaarrrgghhh !!!!I almost fell to the floor as I came so hard, I had been so fucking horny all day, my sexy wife had driven me to distraction, suddenly I realised as I slowly slid out of her that I had came so fast I had not brought Stacy to the quivering orgasm she obviously needed so bad, which is what I had been thinking of doing all day!! Sorry baby, I started saying through my breathless pants, Ssshhh! She whispered into my ear, I needed fucking and that’s what I got!
She smiled at me with one of her filthy looks on her face, besides she said, apparently tonight you’re going to fuck me like I’ve never been fucked before!!! Shit I forgot about that! With the sound of it Stacy hadn’t, and she seemed to be holding me too it!
I’m going for a shower she said, giving me a sexy little wink on her way. Hmm I thought better come up with something good! I decided to tease her all night, about wanting to see her sucking on another man’s cock while I fuck her from behind, that always turns her on and ends in great sex.
I could hear her singing as she took her shower; this was always a sure sign of a good night as I knew she was in the mood for it. All of a sudden her singing stopped but I could still hear the water of the shower, I decided to leave her to it and went to make her a coffee for when she got out. I took the mugs straight to the bedroom as I knew she would come straight in to start getting ready when she stepped out of the shower. She seemed to be taking her time though.
I decided to go and tell her she had a coffee and it was going cold, as I approached the bathroom door I could just tell she was not washing from the muffled moans I could hear, I crept closer, luckily she had left the door slightly open, I could see her leaning back with her eyes closed, as the water ran down her body from the shower, she was playing with the nipple of her right heaving breast, I followed the torrent of water with my gaze as it ran down her body to her silky smooth mound, it didn’t take me long to realise she had her waterproof vibrator out and was working it on her clit, I couldn’t help letting my hand wander down onto my once again straining erection and started to slowly wank myself off to the sight of her playing with herself. She was moaning as I was spying like a peeping tom on my horny little wife as she was bringing herself closer and closer to her orgasm. I know your there she suddenly said! Shit I thought as I tried to put my straining knob back in my trousers, I I just came to tell you I made you a coffee, I stammered out, yeh yeh she said, you were spying on me bringing myself off you fucking pervert! I tried to make some bullshit excuse but she was not having any of it, well she said, seeing as you like to watch, you may as well come in here and watch me finish, were you playing with your cock she asked, there was no point in denying it, with the mood she was in it would be a feeble attempt at lying, yes I said, then carry on she said, but don’t you dare come! With that she turned on her vibrator and went back to her clit.
Fuck this was sexy, I slowly started to stroke my cock again as I watched this sexy wife of mine bringing herself closer and closer to her end game. Her breathing was getting heavier, her moans were getting louder, her chest was heaving with her deep breaths, god this was hot I didn’t think I could take any more when she gasped and moaned loudly as her body began to shake, hmm I moaned as I could start to feel my own stirring as I was getting close. STOP! She shouted, don’t you dare! I released my throbbing cock realising she wanted to be the one to finish me off, how wrong I was! You left me in that state, now you’re going to stay in that state! With that she rinsed off and climbed out of the shower, bitch! I said out loud, she just gave me a dirty grin and slapped me on the bum as she slipped past me and walked into the bedroom. My balls were throbbing and I desperately needed to shoot another wad of come but my wife had spoken, when it comes to sex, I do as she says, even though this time was agony!
I went into the bedroom to see her eying the clothes I had laid out for her; oh it’s like that is it? She said as she realised the clothes were pretty revealing, yep, it’s like that I said wondering if she was not happy with my choice. What about underwear? She said, oops! In my horny state I had forgotten, I had a quick look in here drawer and pulled out her new black and grey bra and knickers, these do? Nice choice she said as she walked over to take them from me, but as you have chose such a revealing top for me I had better leave the bra, I presume you are wanting to see my tits occasionally while I’m dancing around, oh yeh I said! And besides that, she said grabbing my balls; I know how horny you get when you see someone else getting an eye full of my tits! With that she gave a tug on them causing my dick to twitch and start to harden again, down boy! She said with a slight grin, you’re going to suffer all night long! With that she let go of me and started to get ready, as I went to shower.
She was just putting the finishing touches to her makeup on when I returned, I quickly did my hair and put a bit of smelly on then just sat on the bed naked looking at her, I love watching her apply her lipstick, there’s something so sexy about the way she runs the miniature phallic object over her lips and pouting like she is going to suck the damn thing off! Well, she said, will I do? Fuck you will more than do I said, you look fucking amazing! I quickly got my clothes on, checked I had everything and off we went.
It wasn’t long before we were entering our usual bar, it was just starting to liven up, looks like we timed it right Stacy said, great I said, I’m in the mood for a good night, me too she said giving a little squeeze of my balls! Oh the joy of having a wife permanently on heat!
The night was going real well, the drinks were going down a treat and we were getting more tipsy as the night wore on, Stacy kept getting up an dancing her sexy little dance, flashing me and anyone else looking the odd glimpse of her gorgeous body, in fact as the drinks loosened her up, more and more of her body was being flashed about, I didn’t mind her flashing herself off to others, as she had said earlier, it does drive me a little crazy knowing she was winding them up, and of course she knew exactly what she was doing! She slinked herself back over to me, draping herself over me and running her hand over my thigh and up to my crotch, you horny baby? She asked, god yes! I said, you’re driving me and everybody else in here crazy! Good she said as she downed her drink, another round please she said to the barman, and throw in a couple of shots too! The drinks came but he refused to take any money, they’re on me he said, how could I charge you after that little show! I looked to see her blushing but not a bit of blood had rushed to her cheeks, she was loving the attention, I was stroking her ass as she took a little time to give him a bit of small talk for giving us free drinks, I could see she was bending right over the bar, she knew damn well what she was doing as he couldn’t take his eyes off her exposed tits, she knew what she was doing to me too as her hand slipped down to my rock hard cock!
When she turned back around to me I said, you dirty bitch, you were flashing your tits to him, well she said, he deserved it, he bought us a drink! The bloke to my left heard this and blatantly asked if she wanted another, no thanks I said with a bit of a grin on my face! Why not she said to him, as long as you’re buying one for my husband too, with that she walked off to the ladies. I sat there at the bar chatting to this guy who’s name turned out to be Phil, he was on holiday as most of the people around were, he had came with a mate but they had been separated in the bustle of the busy town so he had been left to drink alone.
Stacy had returned to see Phil had bought a round of drinks and a shot each, cheers we said and clinked glasses and knocked back the shot. Well said Stacy, I was just going to whisper this to Greg but as you have bought us a drink I guess it only fair I share the secret, with that she pulled out her knickers and handed them too me, sorry she said but I’m fucking horny! I just shook my head and grinned! It was my turn to visit the loo and I left Stacy and Phil chatting, safe in the knowledge she was coming home with me so a bit of flirting doesn’t hurt, in fact it only gets her hotter, I was only in there a minute when Phil came in and stood beside me, whoo, you have your hands full there mate, you’re a lucky bastard! I am that I said. Stacy said to tell you you’re a fucking pervert and she saw what you had put in the back of the car, she said it will serve you right when we get back and she is wearing it!
We went back to the bar but she was nowhere to be seen, for five minutes I was wondering where she was then suddenly she walked into the bar wearing this see through number and nothing else, oh my god I said, she actually put it on, what’s that Phil said as he turned to see what the whole bar was looking at, my fully clothed but totally naked wife as she slowly slinked herself over to us making sure everybody saw, you dirty bastard she said to me! I’m a dirty bastard I said, I only put it in too wind you up, I forgot it was there! Well you remember now don’t you? she said, fuck did I!
Phil couldn’t take his eyes of my Stacy, neither could I or anyone else in the bar for that matter, even the women were staring at her, she looked so beautiful, so damn sexy, living in the party capital you see just about everything on a night out but my wife and this totally see through dress were really making an impact.
As we stood there at the bar drinking, I could almost feel the eyes of the bar on Stacy, this must have been driving her crazy, she really does love the attention. Another shot on the house the barman said, as he lined them up! Well she has nothing left to flash you I laughed, he just smiled, not taking his eyes of Stacy for a second. Stacy knocked back her shot and was off into the middle of the dance floor once again, moving her body in time to the music, all eyes on her, it was less than a minute before the first guy approached her, she danced with him for a couple of minutes to tease a little, then she danced her way over the other side of the dance floor, another guy took his turn to try it on, then another, they were almost fighting to dance with her and try their luck.
Doesn’t that bother you? Phil said, why should it I replied, she is getting so fucking horny winding them up, at the end of the night I am going to take her home and she will fuck my brains out, one thing for sure, the more she plays, the more fun I have, jealousy ruins everyone’s fun! It doesn’t matter who she winds up, she is making herself and me fucking horny, it’s for us, not them! With that she danced herself back over to us, what are you two talking about she drunkenly asked? You of course, do you really think anyone in here is talking about anything else, you’re driving us all crazy baby, just look around and try to find someone who is not looking at you, she scanned the bar quickly and giggled. I bet your pussy is soaking isn’t it? Soooo wet she replied!
I whispered over to her what Phil had said in the toilets, I knew it would have the desired effect! She turned straight round and said to him, so you think he’s a lucky bastard eh as she stared straight into his eyes to see him cringe, he certainly is he said without blinking, your hot as hell and any man who said they wouldn’t love to fuck you would be lying! Bit blunt aren’t you she said waving the slight heat raising to her cheeks with a beer mat as a fan, well you were a bit blunt yourself I said, suppose I was she giggled as she took another gulp of her drink. It was quiet for a while.
I thought she was a little embarrassed but then all of a sudden she turned to Phil again (who had been sitting in silence obviously wondering if he had offended her) and said, you know for years me and Greg have talked about having a threesome but never got around to it, Stacy! I said. Well we have, I don’t think Phil knew where to put his face, this beautiful woman had virtually just offered herself up on a plate to this stranger, she looked at me with her drunken glazed eyes and said, don’t pretend to be upset with me, I bet your cock is throbbing right about now, she was not wrong it was straining at my trousers, I was scared of where she was taking this too and not quite sure how I was feeling, Phil was sat there quietly contemplating how to take what he had just heard as she leaned over and said I bet his is too as she reached out to crab a hand full of him! She looked back at me and said, well you said I was going to get fucked like never before!
Fuck I thought to myself, what the fuck have I done! He piped up with a bit of a questioning tone to his voice, I’m game if you are, that’s set then, come on she said drinking up hope your hotel is close by, I was a bit nervous but to see her so confident and so in control turned me on no end, she was acting like we do this all the time, she was acting like a total whore, it was awesome! All the way to his hotel she kept stopping to kiss or touch one of us, rubbing our cocks and teasing us.
As we arrived Phil went to the desk to get the room key, are you sure you know what you are doing I asked, you did promise a night to remember she reminded me, are you ok with this? well it’s gone too far to back out I said, no it’s not, say the word and we walk, typical woman I thought, taking it this far and then putting it on the man, Phil came back with the key, ready he said, I bet you are Stacy said to him with a cheeky grin, she turned and looked me straight in the eyes, are you she said? With a horny look about her, cos I fucking am, oh fuck! That did it, lead the way I said.
No sooner had we walked through the door and she was tearing Phil’s clothes off shit she was horny, come on she said to me, get your kit off, I want you eating my pussy as I you watch me suck another man’s cock, fucking hell I couldn’t believe these words were coming out of her mouth, I did as I was told, I took off my clothes and then turned to kiss her passionately while slipping her out of her dress, I knelt down at the side of the bed as she sat right on the edge, I kissed her all over, my lips and tongue tracing a line over her body, I looked up to see her kissing Phil, his hands all over her, he was stroking her tits, kissing her deeply all the time, she was loving every minute of it, so was I to be honest, it was a horny sight watching some other guy playing with my wife and seeing her hands undoing his trousers to release his cock.
I started to eagerly lap at her soaking pussy, she normally gets wet but this was unbelievable, she was oozing juice from her swollen pussy, as I looked up I could see she had hold of Phil’s meat, she was teasing it with her tongue as I licked and sucked away at her clit, I felt her body begin to shake as she was approaching a mind blowing orgasm, fuck knows what was going through her mind, fuck knows how long she has secretly wanted to take our fantasy further but damn she was certainly enjoying it now! Her juices were literally pouring into my mouth, I could hardly swallow it all as I lapped away while looking up at my beautiful wife sucking expertly on another man’s cock.
Phil looked over to me and said, man this is the best blow job of my damn life, she is amazing, I just smiled as I get her mouth on my tool any time I like and he is right, she gives great head! Switch places she moaned, I wana suck my man! We did as we were told, I slipped my throbbing manhood between her lips just as she let out a moan of sheer ecstasy, I looked over and Phil was working a finger in and out of her dripping pussy as his tongue worked away on her clit, she loves that, and with the sounds of her moans he was doing a good job.
The sensations of Stacy licking and sucking on me while playing with my balls were making me feel so good, but mixed with the sensations of knowing she was going to get fucked by another man intensified it tenfold, I could only imagine what was going on in Stacy’s head, she was loving this, her mouth was going crazy on me, her hips were gyrating and pushing her pussy harder onto Phil’s face, I could tell she was about to come again, she is one of the lucky women who can come over and over again, and she was sure getting her share tonight.
I was starting to get the familiar feeling in my balls, Stacy could tell my build up had began, she tightened her lips around me and began to suck me deeper and harder, she nibbled at my meat bringing me closer and closer as I could feel my orgasm building, suddenly she almost screamed ‘’fuck me Phil’’ shit! That blew me straight over the edge as I started to come, she sucked me deep into her mouth and I came so hard I thought I was going to blow the back of her head off, she let out an almighty muffled moan as my come was jetting into her filthy mouth and I realised Phil had just driven his cock all the way into her, I saw her eyes roll to the back of her head in pleasure, she just kept on sucking on me, not letting up as Phil was starting to drive into her harder and faster, this is what she wanted! Just then I heard the key in the lock of the door, Phil heard it too, Gary he said, he had forgotten about his mate who he had lost through the night, Stacy was either oblivious to this or she just didn’t care, she was fucking and sucking like a woman possessed!
Gary entered the room, his eyes were wide at the view he received, I put my finger to my lips to tell him to be quiet, Stacy’s eyes were closed as she was enjoying her first threesome, she did not seem to notice that someone else had walked into the room. I beckoned Gary over, as he walked over he was tearing at his clothes, he looked like he could not believe what he was seeing, I could hardly believe it!
As Gary pulled his trousers off and his pole sprung free, it was already semi hard and shit this thing was a monster, she had no idea he was here but if she saw this specimen I’m sure she would have squeezed her eyes to make sure it was real! He came straight over to where I was, I motioned to her mouth as I slipped my now wilting member from her lips, aarr she moaned softly, don’t worry babe, it’ll soon be replaced, keep your eyes closed I said, I have a surprise for you she squeezed her eyes closed enjoying phil’s rhythm as he was pounding in and out of her pussy. Gary lined up with her beautiful lips, his meat was now at full attention, I must admit it was impressive, she was going to love this, he inched it closer to her until the tip touched her lips, she stuck out her tongue and licked the tip, I don’t think she realised yet that it was not me, her lips opened slightly to engulf the head, suddenly she realised her lips were stretching further than they had ever stretched around a cock, her eyes opened wide as it slipped into her, the shock on her face was a mixture of confusion and lust, she looked up and saw Gary for the first time, her eyes shot straight down to his cock, she had pulled it out of her mouth and just stared at it for a few seconds, then this look came over her face as she slowly fed it back into her mouth, she was in heaven!
Phil was still pounding into her like a marathon man, I took a step back to take in the view of my wife getting fucked at both ends, watching her suck this monster of a cock as she was getting pummelled by Phil from the other end, she once again pulled Gary from her mouth and said to him in a husky voice, I want this in my pussy! Who was he to object, Phil slid out of her soaking hole, it made a slopping noise as he pulled out, I knew she was drenched down there, he came around to her mouth, saying he was not going to last long now, she just sucked him into her mouth and started to go to work on him.
Gary was playing with my wife, he was rubbing the head of this monumental cock around the lips of her pussy, avoiding her thrusts to try and get him into her, just fuck me she screamed! It wasn’t the first time today that I had heard those words, she wanted to try Gary out for size and she wanted it now! With that he started to feed his pole into her slowly, inching his way in, it was as thick as her wrist and longer than she had ever had before, as he was slowly working it back and forth I could see he only had about half of it in her, the look of sheer pleasure on her face was amazing to see, all of a sudden as she was obviously getting used to the width of him he plunged it all the way in, her eyes opened wide as she let out this almighty moan, I had never heard such a sound come out of her, it looked like she was losing consciousness as she momentarily lost control just as Phil was exploding all over her tits.
Stacy seemed to be coming around now, Phil was shaking as he finished emptying his balls, god she was like a woman possessed! She was going wild on the end of Gary’s meat, he was sliding backwards and forwards filling her completely, I could see her pussy lips being stretched beyond belief, Phil pulled himself away from her, with that Gary pulled himself out of her and gently turned her over onto her knees, as he slipped himself back into her she reached out to me and took hold of my once again rock hard rod, she looked up at me with her beautiful eyes wide open feeling this monster knob once again stretching her to the limits, she mouthed the words thank you to me as she once again took me in her mouth. Gary’s thrusts were pushing her further and further down me, forcing me deep into her mouth, she was obviously struggling to keep her rhythm on my but it was by far the most erotic thing I had ever seen, I saw her reaching out for Phil, he obliged by moving closer to her, she worked her hands over him, slowly stroking his cock, squeezing his balls, he was hard again, I always knew how well she handled herself and me in the sack but I was so proud of the way she was taking us three men on and although see was having the time of her life, so was I, this was without a doubt, the best sex either of us had ever had.
Gary was now driving into her so fast it was a blur, I could tell he was going to come, so could Stacy, come for me she moaned, fill me with your come! He pounded faster and faster as he came closer and closer, Stacy was about to come too, I could hear her moans getting louder as she sucked me for all she was worth, just as Gary was starting to come she released me from her vice like lips and let out this almighty scream as she bucked and thrashed on this huge tool, both me and Phil were coming again, first me and then Phil jetted out another stream of come onto that beautiful body just then she shuddered as this raging orgasm blew through her body as Gary unloaded his balls deep into her, she flopped onto the bed exhausted, her chest rising and falling as she tried desperately to get control of her breathing. We all laid there with her, stroking her sensuously as she laid there enjoying our touch.
I decided it was time to take our leave, she staggered to her feet and slipped on her dress, I don’t think Gary could believe what she had been wearing with the look on his face, she kissed them both passionately as we bid them good night, they both thanked me profusely for letting my sexy wife fuck them senseless, I gave them a smile and said good night.
There door closed behind us as we went to find a taxi, the car would have to stay where it was for the night, I was in no state to drive! The taxi ride home went in total silence; I think we were both overwhelmed by the events of the evening. Once home we went straight to bed, Stacy looked over to me, you ok she said, I’m great I replied, you? Hmm, I was getting hard again as I thought about what she had just done, I kissed her deeply and slowly made love to this wonderful woman one more time. I told you that you were going to get fucked like never before I said, yes you did she said, as we slipped into a deep sleep.

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