DeFeeted by Amanda

Author: Frank Cantone

The girls in Amanda’s village of Deseril would take turns at different jobs, ensuring that they would learn more than one task and subject. This week Amanda was assigned to search in the Decoton Forest for medicinal herbs, which was where she was on this warm spring morning, dressed in her favorite soft white loincloth, her small, pretty bare feet trodding on the damp grassy ground. She was so delighted to find one particular herb, known to relieve stomach pains, that she was off her guard, and a sudden blow to the side of her head made her see stars. When next she opened her eyes, she was sitting naked on the ground, and someone was behind her tying her hands tightly. She struggled to stand up.

“Stop, or I, Kraw, will hit you again!” a male voice growled in her ear.
“You are no man,” she replied, “to hit a woman from behind.”

“It is easier that way, for I catch you by surprise. And dare you say I am no man, when I fell you with one swing of my hand?!”
He finished tying her, and he came around to confront her. He was over six feet tall, very wide and solid looking. His dark skin told her he spent much time outdoors. One look at his hands told her he spoke the truth. They were very big, and attached to muscular arms, which he flexed mightily, grinning as he looked down at her.

“A tasty little morsel you will be!” he exclaimed, as his manhood grew before her. Yes, everything about him was big. What had her mother told her about the bigger they are? “Just like my last conquest, though she was more full-bodied than you.”

Amanda was further angered by this remark, no doubt referring to her small breasts and slim figure. The she remembered hearing about a dark haired girl who had been foraging several weeks ago and had not been seen since. Though a search party had gone out, they could find no trace of her, and it was assumed she had been captured by men from Zolofft. In the interests of preventing war, unfortunately, it was agreed between the two towns that anyone captured in the forest would thus become a slave of the captor’s town. Well, Amanda would not end up a deflowered slave!

“You will not have this morsel!” she declared.
“And how will you stop me, with your hands tied behind your back?”

She answered him with actions rather than words. Lying on her back, quickly raised her legs and bent her knees, then brought the soles of her feet hard into his scrotum. Now it was his turn to see stars. He sank to his knees, cupping his aching balls and roaring in pain. Surprisingly, his thick penis seemed to grow larger rather than shrivel, and it even seemed to do a little dance back and forth. Amanda was impressed, thinking he would be a great prize to bring back home.
But now she needed a quick follow-up, lest he take quick revenge, so as he knelt before her she sprung her legs up again, this time slamming the soles of her feet hard into his face. He was stunned by the blow, but he did not go down. swinging her feet, she slammed them full force into the right side of his head, and this time he did go down.

Amanda sprung to her feet, standing over the giant and quietly telling him, “As you see I have other weapons besides my hands.” As he lay on his side, moaning and still cupping his sore crotch, Amanda smiled at the damage she had done with her small and pretty but effective feet. Indeed, though she had seen several sharp rocks nearby with which she could cut loose her bonds, she held off freeing herself, wanting to see how much more damage she could do with just her feet.
“Get up!” She ordered, dancing around him and kicking him with stinging jabs to his head, chest, stomach, legs and groin. “Now you must fight like a man and not like a cowardly snake.”

He groggily stood up, but it turned out to be a feint, for he suddenly swung his right arm, fist closed, at Amanda. But despite the surprise attack, Amanda proved too quick, dancing out of reach. She jumped closer and in return swung her right leg at him. With her hands tied behind her it was difficult but not impossible to maintain balance, and she managed to hit him again full force in the side of his head.

Kraw shook his head as his left ear rang painfully. He barely heard Amanda giggling as she now swung her left leg, stinging the right side of his head, then bringing it around again to slap his face hard several times. His ruggedly handsome looks were now marred by the swelling over his ears and around his eyes. Fury cleared his head, however, and he lunged, growling. But his vision was impaired by his swollen black eyes, and he had trouble finding Amanda, who was too full of bounce anyway. She easily danced out of reach as he came near enough to grab at her. She giggled as she played with him, kicking his hands hard as he tried to punch or slap the agile blonde beauty, her small, cute but deadly feet stinging his hands until they burned and were finally unable to do any damage had they connected.
After a few more kicks to his face, swelling him up a bit more for good measure, Amanda kicked high at his rock hard biceps, which despite their hardness weakened from the stinging blows. Kraw had a bit of strength left to clamp a bear hug on Amanda, but his hands and arms were so sore she easily squirmed out, kicking him in the stomach as she danced backward.

It was then that she noticed his manhood, which had been stiff and erect all this time. Indeed, as before, it seemed to dance excitedly despite the beating Kraw was taking. She could not resist but to lash out and slap his enlarged cock with her right foot. Kraw whimpered from the blow, but still it continued to dance. She brought her left foot up and slapped his cock again, then started a barrage of foot slaps until it swelled from the beating. Still however it continued to dance. Amanda could not help but giggle at the sight.

The time had come she decided, to finish him off. As he swayed slightly, spent from all the blows, Amanda danced closer and started another barrage of kicks and foot slaps, this time to his face and neck. Kraw could only stand there and endure the dull hard thuds as her feet made contact with his body. She did not stop until he finally crashed to the ground, lying motionless on his side. Breathing hard, she giggled again and danced a victory dance around him.

She was not, however, finished. Savoring her victory, she kicked him onto his back and stood on his massive chest, gently running her sexy lethal feet over his torso. She caressed his swollen face with her little toes, pinching his nose just for fun and gently stroking his lips. She then turned, and standing on his chest, pressed one foot down hard on his sore right bicep, then swiveled to do the same to his left bicep. She tiptoed round and round his chest and stomach, which were now black and blue from all her kicks. She then stood on his groin, her feet just above his genitals. Now that he was unconscious, his huge manhood had finally shrunk and shriveled, and she playfully teased it, kneading her feet into his cock and balls. As she did so she felt a warm feeling in her chest, from the pride of beaten such a huge opponent, and reducing his manhood to its humiliating state.

Suddenly it seemed there was an earthquake, as Kraw awakened and moved under her. She jumped off him, sat on the ground above his head and spread her legs out. As he raised his head she clamped her feet around his neck, slowly applying pressure.

She looked down at his bulky, bruised form, and as she expected, his shriveled cock grew large and stiff under her control. She moaned happily.
“Make it dance,” she commanded.

Kraw did not move at all, but suddenly his stiff cock jumped and danced back and forth.
good boy! Keep doing it!”

His member continued to dance as he lay motionless. Amanda groped the ground behind her and found a jagged rock embedded in the dirt. She carefully ran the cord binding her hands over the rock until she was free. After flexing her fingers and rubbing her wrists to get the circulation going, she leaned back on one hand while petting Kraw’s thick black hair with her free hand. Still barely awake, he responded by causing his erect cock to dance even harder.

Purring softly, Amanda lay back. She was now aware that her own crotch was excited, and she reached down to feel how moist she was. As she felt, she caressed herself, but it gave her so much pleasure she could not stop. Slowly she massaged herself until finally she brought herself to an intense climax, her body shaking with spasms of pleasure. As they subsided, she remembered she still had her feet on Kraw’s neck. Releasing them, she noticed she had squeezed so hard poor Kraw had passed out, his manhood again shriveled.

She jumped up and massaged his cock with her foot until it was huge and hard again. Grabbing a length of Kraw’s own cord, she looped it several times around his genitals, then brought it up between the crack of his round hard butt. Bringing his hands behind his back, she looped the cord around them, then looped it around his waist, back down to his genitals where she passed it through the loops and along the underside of his impressive cock. Finally she looped it around the area just under the head, passing the remainder of the cord through and holding it like a leash.

“Get up! By the agreement made by our villages, I take you as my own. As you are now bound, you will not ejaculate, nor will you shrivel, for I intend to take you to town and parade you before my friends.” She yanked on the leash, smiling as his manhood danced. “I am sure they will enjoy your performance as much as I do.” She led him to where her loincloth and bag lay, scooping them up. He no longer bellowed at her but instead meekly followed her, pulled along by the thong/leash.

“Let us go.” She smiled at the thought that while she did not get the bring back any herbs, she doubted anyone would complain with what she will bring back.

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