Dream Come True

Author: fantasywriter

It wasn’t just another day for Alicia. It was a special day. She had gotten her chance to go to a live wrestling show. She even had the chance to go and meet some of the wrestlers themselves. The person she was most looking forward to seeing for the first time, John Cena. Oh was he a man.

He stood at six foot three, although most believed six foot one. He had the body of a Greek God. From all the working out he did. His hands and feet were large. Alicia knew that something else had to be too. His dimples and blue eyes were part of what made him so attractive. He was gorgeous. Beyond words. Every time she looked at him her heart skipped a beat thinking about everything the two of them could do with each other.

Alicia felt herself grow moist. She couldn’t get excited. Not just yet. She seen him not too far from her. He was stunning from that distance. Alicia smiled to herself as she watched a fan of his walk away. She quickly made her own way toward him. Her hand quickly sticking out for him to shake which he did with a slight twitch of his brow.

“My name is Alicia. I am your biggest fan. You are amazing.” Alicia blurted out wanting to slap herself. She should have just been silent. John smirked as he looked her over. He couldn’t help but admire her jet black hair that flowed past her shoulder blades. His eyes wandering over her plump lips and honey colored eyes. Then there was Alicia’s beautiful Latina body. She had the curves that could knock a guy out. Her supple perky 36C breasts caught his attention. Boy did he want to see what was behind her.

“Well I’m glad to hear that Alicia. It’s always nice to meet a fan of mine.” John smiled at her making Alicia’s heart melt. She couldn’t help herself with what she did next. Something she had always said she would do when she met him yet she never meant it. She reached up pulling him down to her so their lips crashed together. John was stunned by this as his eyes widened. Yet, the kiss was just too good to pass up. Besides he never let a beautiful girl slip by without at least one night of fun.

John pulled away, “Do you live around here?” Alicia bit her lip as she nodded. John smiled lazily, “Alright. Why don’t we go there. We gotta get to know each other a little more.”

Alicia took his hand and pulled him with her. He followed very eagerly taking in the place he most wanted to see. He was an ass man hers was glorious. It only took twenty minutes or less to get to her home. Once inside the two locked lips in an instant. Alicia’s heart raced as she felt his hands travel down her waist straight to her hips then around back. He squeezed and she moaned while his lips left hers going straight to her neck. There was no way she could get to her room with him. She wanted him too much to get any further than the living room.

John pulled away from her long enough so they both removed their shirts. She took in his sculpted abs and chest. He took in her breast he couldn’t wait to release from her red lace bra. Alicia reached out undoing his belt then the button to his denim shorts. He watched her as the bulge in his pants grew. Her bronze skin stood out from his lightly tanned body. He got lost watching her beautiful body he hadn’t realised that he was no completely naked until he felt her warm mouth around his shaft.

Alicia slid her mouth up and down his cock. He was huge compared to the men she had seen. He was at least ten inches or more in length. He was even thicker than most and she couldn’t help herself. She had to taste him. Her hand pumping at the base of his cock while her other hand played with the family jewels. John’s head was thrown back in pleasure. His hand slid into her dark mane clutching at it. She moaned around him as her head bobbed faster. He cried out softly as his hips bucked forward and his cock pulsed with pleasure. He was nearly there. He clenched his jaw as she moaned again around him. Her speed increased and that was all he could take. His body spasmed as he let out his load. She eagerly swallowed taking him all in still keeping up her speed with her mouth and her hand work that sent him over the edge.

She let him go very slowly as he came down from his high. He looked down at her noticing her nipples fully erect. He wanted her more now than ever. He dropped down to his knees reaching behind her removing the lace bra letting her beautiful breast spill out. Alicia bit her lip in anticipation. His mouth lowered while a hands cupped her breasts. He kissed them each. Boy was he in heaven. The tip of his tongue traced it’s way straight to her nipple. He sucked on her nipple before grazing it with his teeth. She moaned with pleasure as his hand pinched her other nipple. John managed to get her to lay back. He needed access to her sweet spot but her jeans were still on.

He quickly pulled her jeans off revealing her matching red laced thong. He pulled them off just as easily. Alicia watched him as he stared down at her while he was on his knees. He was hard again and she was ready for him. She opened her legs as his hands slid up her calves to her inner thighs. “Just take me now. Please. I can’t wait any longer.” Alicia whimpered.

John did just as she asked. He slid his cock right into her making himself shiver and her gasp. A tight fit but all too perfect. He slowly pumped in and out of her to let her get use to his size. She knew he was definitely bigger than the rest. “Faster.” Alicia whispered as her body quivered in delight.

He did again just as she asked. His cock was throbbing with the pleasure he had. Her own pussy was burning with excitement. She had never felt such pleasure as his cock worked her like no other had. Alicia pushed John over so she could mount him. She loved being on top. He smiled at her as she began to bounce on him. His hands going straight to her ass which they squeezed. She let out a moan, “Oh yes! Yes!”

She went faster feeling herself on the brink of cumming. He wasn’t there just yet. John’s right hand squeezed her ass as his left went straight to her breast. He played with them squeezing her nipples and rubbing his thumb over them. “Oh fuck yeah.” Alicia panted as she rode him like she had always dreamed of doing. Then she was there. She was ready to cum. “I’m-” John knew and quickly flipped them over. He wanted to be the one to make it happen. He held her hips as he pounded into her. Alicia screamed out when she climaxed. Her pussy walls squeezing around his cock that still pounded into her. John came and it was an orgasm like no other as his load filled her to the point it dribbled out while he stayed inside her trying to catch her breath as she did.

John pulled out from her. His lips tracing kisses down to her breast. He stopped their sucking on her nipple. Alicia panting as his lips left her needy nipples. Her hands quickly playing with them while he traveled straight down to her shaven pussy. He could smell her and him mixed together. It turned him on again. He let his finger tips run across her pussy lips sending shivers up her spine. His finger sliding just between her lips but not entering her. She pushed up trying to make it happen but he didn’t let it. He parted her so that her clit was revealed glistening from her and his cum. His tongue went flat sliding right across making her breath catch in her throat. He began to suck on her now engorged clit sending pleasure waves through her.

“You are so good. Ohhh. Mmm.” She moaned as her hands squeezed her breast happily. His finger finally filling her. It began to pump in and out her as his tongue swirled around her clit. She began to buck her hips as her eyes rolled into the back of her head. He was a good pussy eater. There was no denying that. He sucked on her clit now as if it were a straw. His finger pumping furiously inside her finding her G spot in seconds. That was all she could take. She spasmed over his hands as she let out another scream. No man had ever brought her to a screaming orgasm like this before and twice. John worked her down from her high until she had to push him away from how sensitive her own pussy was now.

John was able to pick her up and she directed him to her room. They headed their spending the night with each other. John may have had to leave the next morning but Alicia’s dream and fantasy had come true.

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