Should have gone with her to her work party..

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Marina is the sort of woman most guys would love, 5ft7, 56kg, brown hair, hazel eyes, great slim toned body with gorgeous perky breasts.

We had at times fantasised about having sex with other people and were honest about it with eachother, fantasising saying if the opportunity arised we would, but always asking for the others approval. 
Never thought much of it and dismissed it as Erotic chat until one particular day..

It was friday the 4th of December 2009. The sort of grey day you’d expect in England in December, dark, rainy, boring…
Weeks ago Marina had asked me if i wanted to go out for her work Christmas party. I didn’t particularly fancy it so i was quite happy to stay at home catching up with my tv recordings. 
As always she looked lovely getting ready to go out, as lovely as she always did when we went out together. At 6pm she left, kissing me on the cheek and i told her to enjoy herself. 
She is a good looking woman but looked particularly sexy that night, her figure hugging dress showing off her lean body and curves, long dark hair and glistening smooth skin with a cheeky little show of cleavage from her 36c breasts. I thought she looked stunning! As the taxi pulled up i waved her goodbye and went back to chilling on my sofa.
Through the night she occasionaly sent me text messages or called me just to let me know how the party was going, just to say hello, or even to fill me in on what was on the menu. At about 11.30pm she sent me a text saying a few of the girls wanted to go to a bar and she would tag along for a bit so i texted back it was ok by me and that i would see her later.
I eventually got tired and drifted off to sleep. I woke up about 5.30am still on the sofa, went upstairs to bed where she was already deeply asleep. She looked gorgeous lying on her side with one leg slightly up giving me a glimpse of her perfectly shaved pink pussy.
It looked very wet, almost sloppy. The sight of her in that state really turned me on and i wanted to fuck her but she looked so relaxed i didnt want to disturb her.

I picked up her clothes and was just getting ready to throw them in the washing basked when i noticed a wet patch on her knickers. When i looked closer my heart skipped a beat. It was way too thick to be pussy juice, it was gooey, with a hint of white just dampening the fabric. It certainly looked like cum!

Looking at her lying on our bed, i considered waking her up but restrained myself from doing it. I looked at her pussy again as my mind processed all that i was seeing and it all started piecing together. Another glimpse of her sloppy pussy convinced me i should have gone to the party with her.

I got in bed, thought about it for a little while, then decided i wouldn’t say anything to find out if she would mention anything in the morning and fell asleep.
When i got up later in the morning she was out of bed already and had cooked us breakfast. We sat chatting and i asked if she had fun and what time she got back, to wich she replied she had a great time and got home just before 5am.
Days later i found out from one of the girls that they had gone to a bar and got chatting to some guys that kept buying them drinks, but had all had left at 2.45am, including Marina, who was very drunk. They all went their own way leaving Marina waiting for a cab at the taxi rank in front of the bar.

I haven’t asked Marina any more about that night but when the time is right will be looking forward to hear her account of what happened at the bar, but also in particular what happened after!! If she can remember that is…..

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