Wrestling Sluts Part ll

Author: Bruna

This story continues from our first fight in Wrestling Sluts. I’m the sexy brown eyed brunette who lost a close tough catfight style war to a blue eyed blonde. I thought I was the tougher and stronger of us but I gave out first. This time it was gonna be different. It’s four months later and I couldn’t wait to get in contact with my evenly matched blonde foe again. So we set up another fight,this time in an oil pit.

I’m still 35 at 5’11” but I gained about 10 lbs. in muscle training extremely hard,now at 175 lbs. and I used a tanning bed and got super dark. A rich overall bronze dark look including my cock and balls. My long wavy thick dark brunette hair grew a bit longer down to my upper/middle back and high and full on top.I’m totally smooth and hairless keeping my cock and balls and armpits totally shaved smooth. I even tied a weight to my 8 inch dick and did weightlifting excercises to strengthen my dark brunette tanned dick. I was totally ready for this blonde cunt in case we got into a wild dick pulling contest like our first fight.

My blue eyed blonde opponent was 35 also at 5’11” and he gained some muscle weight too,knowing we’d meet again in a fight. He’s now 172 lbs. and the same muscle size as me. But I knew I was the slightly thicker muscled and slightly stronger of us two and my demeaner,being a tough Italian/Hispanic heritage brunette got more vicious. This Irish/Nordic bitch grew his hair longer too,the same length as mine and high and full on top just like mine. What a bitch. He thought he was so cute but I know I’m cuter. His light golden skinned body was totally smooth including his cock and balls and armpits,totally shaven smooth like mine. And his 8 inch dick dangled heavy and thick like mine. I don’t know if he did any weightlifting dick lifts like me but I knew my dick was stronger than his.

I had to prove once and for all that brown eyed brunettes are tougher than blue eyed blondes when evenly matched. And we were so evenly matched in every stat. I did this ’cause I used to get so horny at my job with all the beautiful girls there. I would show off my muscles and how strong I was lifting heavy boxes all day. There was one girl I was in love with. A gorgeous Peruviun brunette and one day I just got so horny that I showed her a photo of my blonde opponent that he sent me when we first contacted eachother,and told her I was gonna get into a wild nude wrestling match with him. I used to show her a lot of sexy nude muscle photos of me and she got so horny from them,but she used to get me so horny just being near her,her cute face,long thick black hair,beautiful tanned brunette body. She was married and I decided not to tell her the outcome of my match,in case it spread thruout the warehouse. I wanted to keep this fetish a secret. But now I just have to write about it and hope she reads it and gets so totally turned on and aroused by it. I’m not gonna mention her name but if she reads this,she’ll know who it is.

Well it was the day of our fight and this time we rented a bachelor party room with an oil pit in another room for wrestling. We locked the door,just the two of us,one on one,blue eyed blonde vs. brown eyed brunette,no rules anything goes. We stripped naked and started pouring oil on ourselves. We were both so horny,our dicks were totally erect as we stood there,our smooth muscled bodies shining under the extremely bright lights. You could see every detail of our skin. His was blemish free beautiful golden blonde skin and you could easily see all the sexy sensual beauty marks on my arms and chest and a few on my legs. I have a lot of small beauty marks on my beautiful smooth dark tanned skin. What an incredible contrast. We both got so horny and aroused just looking at ourselves in the full length mirrors. I wanted to kiss my own body and I did kiss my sexy brunette arms to show off to my blonde opponent what he was in for. He started kissing his sexy blonde arms. Oooooooooh I wanted to rip him apart right then and there.

We stood facing eachother,hands on hips, oil dripping all over our bodies. Both of us slightly trembling from nervous tension and sexual arousal. We both knew what we were getting into this time. I hated his guts and he hated mine and this was gonna be a violent heavy pain filled catfight style fight.

“Fucking blonde cunt,I’m gonna fuck you up so bad they won’t recognize you bitch!” I said

“You pussy brunette bitch,I’m gonna tear you apart this time even more than our first time. You fucking wimp!” My blonde opponent said.

We stood closer face to face then started pulling eacother by the hair. This time we did not hold back anything. His grip was so tight I could feel my dark hair ripping out. I grabbed his blonde arm to try and stop him but without success. I pulled his hair so hard that I could feel his blonde hair ripping out. We then proceded to pull and twirl eachother and drag eachother in a standing position by our hair all around the slippery oil pit. Each of us taking turns getting the advantage. We were already tired and once in a while rested our strong lean muscled arms on the other’s. My lips touching his sexy blonde arms and his lips sometimes touching my sensual brunette tanned arms. The pain was incredible but so was the pleasure.

So far our entire fight was a hairpull tug of war and we’ve been fighting for about 40 minutes of non stop hairflipping and pulling and dragging. I pulled out the first handful of hair as my blonde opponent let out a sissy scream.

“YOU FUCKING BITCH!!! You sound like a little schoolgirl,you blonde fuck!!!”

“BIIIIIIIIIITCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” screamed my blonde opponent.

I couldn’t take anymore of his shit so I pulled and vicously squeezed his blonde dick until he squirted out the hugest load of white hot cum you’ll ever see. But this blonde cunt rushed at me and grabbed my dark tanned dick and pulled super hard and squeezed until I shot out the hugest load of white hot cum,probably larger than his, that I ever saw. We were both covered in cum mixing with the oil. We smelled so sensual,so good as we rolled around slapping our lean muscled bodies. You could hear the heavy slaps echoing thruout the empty room. His blonde body was getting so red but so was my bronze body. We started rubbing our smooth bodies,my dark tanned hands were all over his smooth oiled armpits,arms chest legs,ass,rubbing sensually as we rolled over eachother. He was doing the same,his light golden blonde hands grabbing and rubbing all over my dark tanned smooth oiled body. We were soooooooooo horny. My lips touching every body part of his and his lips pressed against my body as we used wrestling manuvers to try and get the upper hand. I did kiss him a few times and he kissed my body too. Now we were punching and slapping and grabbing every part of our strong but tired bodies.

It was now over an hour into or fight and we were almost totally spent by now. I don’t know what it is but I always won my fights when I was younger,never had any trouble as I beat up larger boys than me. But I never fought an evenly matched long haired blue eyed blonde before which caused more nervous tension,causing me to sap my tough brunette strength. I felt so worn out but so did my blonde opponent. Now we were both really pissed. We said fuck this bullshit of sensual kissing and lets really beat the crap out of eachother.

We sat there,facing eachother,our arms dangling at our sides,tired. Then we started spitting at eachother. We just didn’t know what else to do. Our dicks were getting erect again and this time I wanted to pull his off. We started rolling around scratching our bodies leaving long rake like welts all over our arms and legs and chests. He grabbed my brunette ass and pulled and punched and tore at my flesh. I punched and pulled at his blonde ass. I then grabbed his blonde dick and pulled him,dragging him around the slippery oil pit by his dick. I mangled his dick pretty good pulling and squeezing as he screamed out another load of cum. But I knew what was coming when he retaliated. This cute blonde hussy grabbed my super strong dark tanned brunette dick and balls and just pulled and squeezed and tore at it mangling it so bad it didn’t even look like a dick.It was just hanging in shreds as I screamed out so loud. All those weightlifting dick exercises wasted. But I felt so horny,we both did, that I wanted to feel this pain. I secretly wanted to get torn up and beat up by this pussy blue eyed blonde. And I also wanted to beat his ass and tear him up so bad. Heavy pain was starting to really arouse me, and my blonde opponent.

Our fight got super violent as we bit eachother’s dicks and balls. We kicked and punched eachother’s cock and balls but it was with not too much strength being that we were too tired.
I looked down at my dick and balls and so did he and we were both stunned at how mangled they looked. We both screamed obcenities at eachother and rushed at eachother one final time,locking our hands in our hair once again. It’s now almost two hours into our match and we tore at our hair. This was the payoff. I thought all my heavy weight training would help me but it didn’t.

I was so horny by now that I just let him pull my hair out. I said “fuck it”. I was too tired to stop this blonde bitch. I tried to pull more of his long beautiful blonde hair out but I just couldn’t gat a good grip anymore. My sexy stronger brunette arms gave out on me and my hands were so tired. But I pulled and pulled as he grimaced in pain. I knew he was hurting. We both stood up at the same time,our hands in our hair still pulling. I could feel myself tthe stronger of us two as we locked in strength battles but I could feel my long dark brunette hair ripping out again. But this time I didn’t resist it. I was so horny I was shooting out huge loads of cum out of my mangled brunette dick without even touching my dick. It was just from the hairpulling. It felt so sensual to give and recieve heavy pain. This blonde cunt ripped out two large handfuls of my hair as I screamed out like a little school girl. “Biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I screamed. He flipped me up and over onto the mat,oil splashing everywhere. Then he grabbed my hair again and started slowly dragging me around the oil pit. I could feel more hair ripping out. He stopped dragging me and just pulled and pulled at my beautiful strong dark brunette hair,ripping out handful after handful as I was dripping out more cum from my aroused torn up dick. I was a mess losing a lot of my hair but I never felt more horny and aroused.

Well my blonde opponent was just too tired to continue and just let go of what was left of my hair and sat there totally spent. I lay there totally mangled and spent,not moving. I knew I had lost to this cute blonde pussy bitch again but this was a much more humiliating loss. I was totally mangled but my blonde opponent was a bit mangled too.

I was already planning in my mind another rematch but I knew it would be awhile before we could set it up. Blonde bitch,oh how I hate this blue eyed blonde bitch. Three yaers have passed since this fight and I lost contact with him. Oh how I would love to find him again and get it on to continue our blonde/brunette war.

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