What Are Friends For (Part 2)

Author: Cecilia

Simon took his place quickly, slid his large cock into my pussy, leaned forward, began to massage one of my ample breasts, and began a slow pumping rhythm. I felt a moan escape my lips as Simon fucked me, my clit was so swollen it ached. Jonathan was standing at the side of the bed, stroking his wet cock and watched Simon fuck me.

“I’ve told you enough about her blow jobs, Jonathan, now’s your chance to fuck her throat.”

No sooner had Simon said that did Jonathan move closer to the edge of the bed. I grinned up at Simon as I turned my head toward Jonathan. I pushed myself up on my elbows; Jonathan’s cock was less than an inch from my lips. I slipped my tongue from my mouth, gazed up at Jonathan as Simon fucked me, licked my full lips then flicked my tongue against the head of his cock. His cock jerked from the touch of my tongue, I licked my lips again, tasting myself and his pre-cum mixed.

I grinned up at Jonathan as my tongue slipped from my mouth again. I rolled my tongue around the head of his cock as I wrapped my lips around him. I was sucking lightly as I rolled my tongue over the head of his cock and pushed my head forward slightly, letting his cock slide a little deeper into my hot mouth. He slid his hand to the back of my head; his fingers threading through my long red hair and pushed against me, making me take his entire cock into my mouth.

I squeezed my lips around the shaft tightly as it slid between them and I felt the head of his cock touch the back of my throat. Jonathan grabbed a handful of my hair as he began to rock his hips back and forth slowly, his other hand playing with my nipple. Simon began to fuck my pussy harder as he watched me suck his best friend, his eyes completely focused on my little mouth and Jonathan’s wet cock. He leaned forward; placing his hands on either side of my hips and began to kiss the side of my mouth.

Jonathan smiled as Simon’s lips touched his cock. Simon slid his tongue from his mouth, traced around my lips at first, and then moved to Jonathan’s cock, letting it slide against it as it slid in and out of my mouth. Feeling mischievous I pulled my head back from Jonathan’s cock, wanting to see what Simon would do given the opportunity. Simon stared at me blankly for a second then wrapped his lips around Jonathan’s cock. Jonathan moaned loudly as Simon’s lips pulled him into his mouth and pulled his hand from the back of my head, placing it on Simon’s shoulder. Simon continued to fuck my pussy as he sucked on Jonathan’s hard meat. I shifted underneath Simon’s weight and sat up causing him to loose the leverage needed to suck Jonathan’s cock.

Once Simon was off of me, I quickly stood up and made Simon sit on the corner of the bed. I lowered myself to my knees and smiled up at both men. I leaned forward pressing my breasts against Simon’s legs and took his cock into my mouth. Simon slipped his hand into my hair as he turned his head and took Jonathan’s cock back into his waiting mouth. I slowly began to bob my head back and forth, squeezing my lips against Simon’s throbbing shaft and began to moan lightly causing vibrations to travel up his cock.

Simon moaned with his mouth full of Jonathan’s cock, causing the same reaction. Jonathan’s moans were becoming more and more intense as Simon continued to suck his cock, a first for both men. Jonathan couldn’t believe this was happening, let alone how great it felt. He began to rock his hips back and forth, squeezing Simon’s shoulder tightly, forcing his large cock deeper into Simon’s mouth. Simon gagged slightly as he felt the head of Jonathan’s cock touch the back of his throat.

I climbed up onto Simon’s lap and straddled him, my wet pussy rubbing against his cock. I angled my hips and felt the head tease my tight opening. I leaned forward to kiss Simon as he sucked Jonathan’s cock, my tongue tracing around his lips and along Jonathan’s pulsating cock. Pushing my hips down against Simon’s, I felt his cock fill my pussy again. I squeezed tightly as I began to grind against his hips, my shaven lips pressing against his hairs. Simon’s hands went to my hips and Jonathan’s hands held Simon’s head.

I felt the familiar stirring deep within myself as my climax began to build. I began to grind harder and faster against Simon’s cock. Jonathan obviously felt the same as he fucked Simon’s mouth, his strong hands holding his head in place. Simon could only moan and hold my hips firmly against his as he began to buck against my grinding. Simon began to moan louder and louder with each thrust and his hands held my hips firmly in place as he thrust his cock deep into my pussy. His moaning vibrated against Jonathan’s cock.

Jonathan gripped Simon’s hair tightly as he closed his eyes. Jonathan’s moans were long and deep as he fucked Simon’s mouth. Watching both these men so close to cumming pushed me over the edge and I felt my climax begin to peak. My body tensed as shudders ran up my spine, my pussy spasmed around Simon’s cock, milking it and my moans filled the room. Hearing me cum so loudly, both men felt the warmth travel up their cocks. Their balls tightened. I felt Simon explode inside me, coating my pussy with his thick cum, his cock throbbing with each shot. Jonathan’s thrust became longer and slower as he began to cum into Simon’s mouth. Simon moaned as he felt, for the first time, cum hit his tongue and begin to drip down the back of his throat. All three of us were moaning and panting together. After a small eternity, we all collapsed onto the bed, our chests still heaving and our hearts beating in our ears.

Simon laughed softly and turned to Jonathan, “See, I told you, you should stay with us tonight.” Jonathan laughed and kissed my cheek.

I looked at the both of them “What are friends for?”

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