Tie Him Up

Author: socalellen

Hi again, it’s me Ellen with another little story from my not at all boring life. If you read “Two on One” you know that I have this girlfriend Liz who sometimes stays over and share my husband Brian. Liz is extremely pretty and kind of exotic looking with long dark hair; She’s in her late forties, 5’7”, about 125lbs with rather large 36D breasts, long legs and a shaved pussy and Brian tells me that she has the tightest pussy he has ever fucked (makes a little jealous – but I know he loves and adores me).

Brian is a great guy, husband and lover. He’s mid forties, 6’3”, 200lbs, in great shape with a very nice 7 ½” pretty thick cock and he is wonderfully oral. Brian describes me as a pretty and sexy shoulder-length redhead in my early fifties; I’m 5’4”, 120lb with 36C/D nice firm natural breasts with sensitive pinkish-brown nipples, a nice round and silky smooth ass and a partially shaved pussy.

It was a Saturday night and Liz and I had cooked a nice dinner and the three of us had shared a couple of bottles of nice Merlot. Brian always clears the table and cleans up the kitchen after I or Liz and I have cooked. While he was banging away in the kitchen and Liz and I sat on the couch in the living room I said to Liz “why don’t we get naked before he gets back in here? And what do you think about tying him up spread-eagle on the bed and just have our way with him?” She thought that was a fabulous idea and that way she and I could decide when he would be allowed to cum, which I thought was a wonderful wicked plan.

When Brian came into the living room he almost dropped his wineglass and asked what you two beautiful naked ladies had cooked up? We just smiled and told him to follow us into the bedroom. Once inside the bedroom Liz and Started to undress Brian and every time he tried to touch our tits or ass we moved out of his reach, and when he was naked we told him to lay down on the bed. We then told him to spread his arms and legs and swiftly Liz and I sat on his arms pinning them down as we put leather-restraints around his wrists, the leather-restraints were already secured with ropes to the corners of the bed.

We then did the same with his ankles and laying there “helpless” he looked pretty surprised and perplexed and asked what this was all about? Liz looked at him with a little devilish smile and told him that he was about to find out while I grabbed his half-hard cock and began to stroke it until it was very hard. When Brian was completely hard Liz began to lick his cock and after a little while she took him in her mouth and sucked him very slow, he moans when she let all of his cock into her mouth and down her throat (both Liz and I can deep-throat almost any size cock, even though Brian always says that I’m the best cock-sucker he has ever tried).

She let’s his cock out of her mouth and she and I slip on this tight cock-ring and Brian asks what’s that for and with a smile we tell him that we just want to make sure that he stays very hard for a very long time. I think Brian is beginning to realize what he is in for and both Liz and asks him if he remembers all the times when he had us so close to orgasm and then pulled back just to bring us almost there again? Brian nods and we both look at him and say “now it’s your turn”.

Liz and I are on our knees on each side of Brian’s chest and we lean forward and begin to kiss each other with our tits dangling inches from his face but he can’t get to them. We keep kissing and then we begin to fondle each others tits, I begin to gently pull on Liz’ hard nipples and she does the same to me. Brian is trying everything to get to lick our tits but we make sure that they’re just out of reach – poor Brian, he loves to lick and suck tits and nipples ;-).

Liz squats over his face so his tongue can just barely touch her pussy-lips and I sit on his chest rubbing my wet pussy all over him while Liz takes my tits in her hands and begin to lick my nipples. She slowly sucks them in and out of her mouth like she was sucking a small cock and I’m squeezing and pulling on her nipples. Liz lowers her pussy unto Brian’s mouth and he greedily licks and sucks her pussy while I’m rubbing my pussy all over his chest and Liz is sucking hard on my nipples and pulling her nipples really hard and within minutes both Liz and I have our first orgasm.

We both get off him and have a sip of wine and Liz holds Brian’s head while I give him some wine as well and I can tell that he is horny as hell and really wants to fuck and cum. I get down and straddle his cock and slowly lower my very wet pussy over his cock, the second my pussy touches the tip of his cock-head he jerks his hips up and thrusts his big cock into my pussy. I sit down on him and with my hands I hold his hips down and very slowly begin to move up and down on his cock, after a couple of times up and down I sit still with his entire cock buried in my pussy.

Liz straddles his face and puts her pussy on his mouth so he can lick and suck her while she leans down and begin to lick and suck his nipples. I begin to rock my pussy back and forth with his cock deep inside me. Liz is gently biting his nipples while he loudly eats her pussy. I reach back and begin to squeeze his balls as I begin to move a little faster up and down on his cock, and suddenly I can feel that he’s getting close to climax (I know my husband very well) so I let his cock out of my pussy and tells Liz to hold her horses.

Liz and I move away from him and have another sip of wine while Brian is breathing hard and looks at us in disbelief and say “I can’t believe you two bitches are doing this to me” to which we just smile and tells him “now you know how it feels and we’re just getting started”. He mumbles some obscenities and asks how long this will be going? As we said we’re just getting started and now you know why the cock-ring.

I bend over Brian’s face and let him lick and suck my tits and nipples while Liz very careful begins to suck him again (we don’t want him to cum by surprise). Brian is sucking my tits and nipples so wonderfully while I squeeze his nipples with my fingers and Liz is really sucking him good now and all of the sudden she jerks her head away and say “phew that was close he almost came in my mouth” and I could see how his cock was jerking like it is just before he comes.

Brian was almost begging when he asked Liz to get on top of him and let him cum in her tight wet pussy, she smiled and told him that she and I wasn’t ready for him to cum yet. She then had me put a leg on each side of Brian’s chest and have me bend over to let my tits dangle in his face, she got between his legs and leaned forward so his cock would be between her large tits. She then spread my ass-cheeks and began to eat my pussy from behind.

With Brian sucking on my nipples and Liz eating my pussy like there was no tomorrow I didn’t last long and I just exploded in my next orgasm. Once I had stopped shaking I switched position with Liz so Brian could suck on her hard nipples and could eat her pussy out while my tits were stroking his cock. Like me it didn’t take long before Liz came in a powerful orgasm. Once she had gathered herself we had another sip of wine and helped Brian to a sip as well. Liz and I looked at each other, nodded and decided to put Brian out of his misery.

Brian was begging us to let him cum and I winked at Liz who straddled him and very slowly lowered her pussy until it touched the tip of his extremely hard cock. By now Brian had no patience and as soon as could feel her pussy against his cock-head he thrust his hips up and his cock-head went inside her dripping wet pussy. Brian moaned when Liz sat down on him so his cock shot deep into her pussy and slowly she began riding him and facing Liz I lowered my pussy over his face and he immediately began to lick and suck my pussy.

Liz and I was kissing each other passionately and playing with each other tits and hard nipples when she began to ride Brian harder and faster. Brian grabbed my hips and stuck his tongue as deep into my pussy as he could and Liz was now fucking him really hard. Both Liz and I knew when he was about to cum and Liz Got off his cock and I instantly leaned over and took him in my mouth. I sucked him hard a couple of times and he started shooting his wonderful tasting warm sperm into my mouth. I kept sucking as it was like he was never going to stop cumming.

Finally I had emptied him and I sat up and Liz stuck her tongue in my mouth and began to suck her share of Brian’s cum into her mouth. Once we had shared his load Brian thanked us for finally letting him cum and said that now that we have had our fun would we please release him. Liz and I smiled to each other, looked at him and I then straddled his still hard cock (because of the cock-ring). I grabbed his cock, steered it between my pussy-lips and into my pussy, as soon as his cock was inside I began to slowly move up and down over his still stiff shaft. Brian looked at us and moaned “no please not right away”. We had no mercy and little would he know that once he had cum we were going to work him again right away, “poor Brian – teehee”. It was a very long night for him.

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