Friends over for dinner

Author: Brian

Saturday night I had invited two very good friends over for dinner prepared by my wife Ellen who also would be our servant in every way throughout the night. Ellen had agreed to only wear a cook’s apron and promised to honor any and all requests for any services asked of her.

Ellen is a very pretty redhead in her late 40’s, 5’4” and 120lb with 36D nice firm natural breasts with big sensitive pinkish-brown nipples, a nice round and silky smooth ass, shaved pussy, and great long legs.

Mike and Eric arrived together and appreciated that Ellen was completely naked except for a diminutive apron that couldn’t hide any of her beautiful attributes. As she served each of us an appetizer we all had to feel her tits, ass, and pussy.

During the appetizer Eric ordered Ellen to take off her apron, unzip his pants, pull out his cock, and suck him until he was hard which she obediently did. After she had sucked him hard, he grabbed one of her tits, smeared some sauce from the appetizer on it and licked and sucked it clean ending up with gently biting her big hard nipple.

After the appetizer Mike slowly moved his finger into her pussy from behind and began to finger-fuck her as she was serving the main course. He then told her to suck his cock while he was eating and once in a while he would give her a sip of wine. After a while I told her to come and suck me and once I was really hard I ordered her to stay under the table and take turn sucking us until we’re ready for dessert.

After sucking us all she started clearing the table and Eric offered to help. Mike and I had been talking when I realized that Eric and Ellen had been gone for a while, so I went out to the kitchen and found Ellen bend over at the kitchen counter. Her legs spread, Eric holding her hips in a firm grip and his cock pounding in and out of her wet pussy.

I went over and gave her a long kiss and pulled on her big hard nipples. All of the sudden her body stiffened and I heard Eric moan as he emptied his load in her pussy. Mike came out to check what was happening and saw Eric standing there with his cock still deep in her. Mike asked Eric to pull out and in one move thrust his huge cock deep into her cum-filled pussy. After a couple of thrusts he pulled out of her and ordered her to lick him clean from all Eric’s cum. After she was done licking him clean I told her that we were ready for real dessert.

Eric and I was clearing the kitchen and when we walked into the dining room Mike was laying on his back with Ellen riding up and down on his big and very thick cock and Mike was grabbing and pulling her bouncing tits and nipples. I dropped my pants and walked over and shoved my hard cock deep into her mouth. I grabbed a handful of her red hair and began to fuck her mouth.

Ellen was now riding fast up and down on Mike’s cock while she was sucking me incredibly hard. As soon as I started to shoot my warm cum into her mouth I could feel and hear her orgasms coming. When I heard Mike emptying his load in her pussy Ellen let out a loud moan and her body began to shake as multiple orgasms hit her.

After we recovered we all sat down to have dessert. After taking our time eating dessert and talking we told Ellen to stay while Eric, Mike and I cleared the table only leaving a bowl of whipped cream and the strawberries.

When we came back we lifted Ellen up and gently laid her on the dinner table. I then took the bowl of whipped cream and began to smear it on her tits and pussy. Mike put a strawberry on top of each of Ellen’s nipples and the biggest one right in her pussy.
Eric and I began to slowly lick the whipped cream off her tits while Mike did the same to her pussy. We cleaned her tits leaving only the strawberries on her nipples and on cue all three of us each ate our strawberry. After the strawberries were gone Eric and I began to suck on her nipples while Mike was licking and sucking her clitoris and Ellen was now breathing heavy and moaning loudly.

Eric and I lifted Ellen off the table and told Mike to lie down on the floor, we spread her legs wide and slowly lowered her pussy down over Mikes cock until it completely disappeared inside her. We slowly moved her up and down on Mikes huge cock until it was too much to watch and Eric got behind her and slowly pushed his cock inside her ass while I grabbed her head and began to fuck her mouth.

Ellen’s body almost immediately began to shake as one orgasm after the next started to roll through her. Eric, Mike and I like on cue filled all her holes with cum, and after we were all done Ellen declared with a big smile that she needed a break to recover.

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