What Are Friends For (Part 1)

Author: Cecilia

“Come on man you have to snap out of this.” I overheard my boyfriend, Simon, say. “Why don’t you come along with us and stay the night, at least you won’t be alone.” Jonathan’s girlfriend, if you want to call her that, left town earlier that day. I never really liked her; she treated Jonathan like shit and constantly threatened to leave him.

I threw my arms around his shoulders, nearly throwing myself off my wobbly bar stool and winked across Jonathan to my lover, Simon. “Come on Johnny lets get out of this loud bar and up to my quiet studio.” Simon looked up from his mug of beer, then smiled at each of us and agreed it would be better for him to stay with us. So we gathered our money together, paid the bar tab and walked out the door. It was a little chilly that night.

I remember my nipples pressing so hard against the inside of my bra. Jonathan and Simon noticed as well. I wrapped my arms around my body and rubbed up and down my sides. I thought Jonathan and Simon were going to fall over from watching my breasts bounce up and down with each rub. We were all slightly tipsy but we made it to my studio. I unlocked the front door and let them in. The show room was dark, I led them down the hallway to a faint light and we reached the spacious back of my studio. It’s supposed to be used for business, but I’ve made it my home. Both men went for the fridge and I headed to my bedroom to put something a little more comfortable on.

As I rummaged through though my drawers, I heard their voices get a little quieter and began moving closer to me. I thought they must be sitting on the couch and any moment I’d hear the TV blaring its rude commercials. I started to remove my clothes, beginning with my fuzzy sweater. I reached down to the bottom hem, crossed my arms and pulled up revealing my flat tummy then my full breasts as they sat in my bra. After tossing my sweater aside I started to remove my tight jeans. I slipped my fingers around the waist stopping at the button, with a flick of my wrist it was undone and I unzipped the zipper. I noticed that the men had gone completely quiet.

I had my back to the door so I couldn’t see if they’d fallen asleep already. I shook my head, chuckled lightly and tugged at the waistband of the jeans, pulling them past my hips. I bent over at the waist to peel the denim off the rest of my long legs and that’s when I figured out what the men were up to. They had stood off to the side of my make shift doorway and watched me. I felt one of them behind me, pressing his cock against the thin material of my thong as his arms gripped my slender hips. His breath was warm against the back of my neck, sending goose bumps down my back. As I leaned my head back, I saw it was Simon behind me and Jonathan circled to stand in front of me. He smiled as he slid his hands up my tummy and up to my breasts. As his hands began to lightly massage my breasts he leaned forward and pressed his lips to mine.

My heart raced as I kissed him back, our tongues entwining around each other and my hands went for the waist of his pants. I quickly unfastened his button and zipper and pulled Jonathan’s pants down past his hips, letting them fall to the floor. His cock was hard and pressed against his boxers. I slipped my hand into the waistband, wrapped my fingers around the hard shaft and began to squeeze against it. He jumped at my touch and deepened the kiss. Simon’s hands wandered up my back to my bra strap, quickly unclasped it and slid his hands around and under my breasts, pushing the bra off my breasts. I lower my arms and let the bra slip down to the floor.

Jonathan pulled his boxers off and tossed them aside, standing in front of me completely hard and naked. Simon had already removed his shirt, gripped my hips and spun me around. He smiled into my eyes as he removed my thong, pausing slightly to press his nose against my shaven lips. As I stepped out of my panties, Simon removed his slacks and briefs. Both men circled around me, as if pondering what to do with me.

Jonathan was the first to make a move. He pushed me gently onto the bed, his body against mine and I felt his cock touch my wet lips as I lay flat on my back, legs hanging over the edge. He pushed his hips toward mine, forcing his cock into my tight pussy. I gasped loudly as I felt his thick cock fill my wet pussy. I looked over at Simon to make sure he was all right with this, his grin told me all I needed to know.

I wrapped my legs around Jonathan’s waist and pulled him closer to me. As I watched Simon’s reaction, I noticed he’d started to stroke his cock. I moaned softly as I saw my lover pleasing himself as he watched me get fucked by another man. Jonathan’s thrusts became faster and harder, his cock rubbing against my swollen clit and my juices coating his throbbing shaft. I squeezed tightly around his cock as it slid in and out of my tight pussy, his moans filling the room.

He leaned forward, laying his body completely on top of me and pressed his lips firmly against mine. I let my tongue slip from between my full lips and into his waiting mouth, our tongues dancing slowly as his cock continued to fill my pussy. Simon had moved closer to the bed, still stroking his large cock. Jonathan broke off the kiss, pushed up against the bed and slipped his cock from my pussy.

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