Home Party

Author: LOVELY

We were really open and frank in case of our sex life. My husband always asked me to do whatever I want and to have whatever I want in my pussy. That happened a few days back when my hubby came home with four of his friends at work. They all were looking handsome and charming. I was serving them lunch and was wearing a beautiful out fit with revealing my breasts to all of them. I could feel their hot eyes on my body and on my boobs. That was also making me hot. I was the only woman among those all guys.

The more I thought about being the only female there the more I daydreamed too. I starting thinking about what it would be like to be spread out on the bed in front of all those guys and they lined up, taking me one right after the other and god it made me horny. I was dying to get back in our bedroom and get his hard cock inside of me, as soon as that party ending I told him we needed to go inside that I had something I needed him to do. At the time he didn’t understand but didn’t question me either, he excused his friends and followed me in our room. As soon as we make it to the room I got his clothes off of him as fast as I could, downed him onto the bed and climbed on top of him. I slide down onto his hardness and didn’t hold anything back. I rode his cock harder than I think I every have, trembled with one orgasm right after the other until he finally flooded my hungry pussy with his cum. I can’t ever remember a time that I needed to feel him cum inside of me like I did that day. He didn’t ask a single question until we were finished either, but the first thing out of his mouth afterwards was “what in the hell is up with you?” At first I told him “nothing, I just needed you” but he kept on and on until I finally admitted to thoughts. I told my hubby that I was thinking about being fucked by all of your friends in the room. He smiled and said, “You’ve wanted something like that to happen for a long time haven’t you!” I said, “Only if you say to do honey!”

He said ok let us go for some fun. He entered the room and I followed. He announced that hai guys you can have some fun from my wife if you want. He sat on the sofa and I went over and sit down on my husbands lap moving myself around until my dress had worked it’s way up enough to where the guys sitting across from us could get a view of my naked crotch hoping somebody would make a move and it worked too. One of the guys finally came over to me and said, ma’am would you mind if I licked that gorgeous pussy for you? Without saying a word, I lie back onto my husband, spread my legs apart and lifted my dress. Oh god what a turn on, here was a man that I had only met a few hours earlier licking my dripping pussy right in front of my husband and three other guys. I think I reached my first orgasm faster than I ever had before and then was just like I had dreamed it would be. One guy right after the other dropping to his knees licking me into my own little world until them had all had their turn. It felt so wonderful, but the true test was yet to come. A little weak kneed I stood up, pulled my dress over my head and tossed it to the side as I made my way to the bed. It wasn’t the first time I’d had two guys at once, but never more than two!

As I laid back across the bed with my legs dangling off of the edge the first one spread them apart and pushed himself inside of me as the second joined me on the bed, pulled my face to his delicious looking hard cock and said suck it. I fingered with his full balls and sucked it the best that I could from that position while he was busy playing with my tits and watching the other guy hump me like a rabbit. It was no time before I heard the one between my legs groan and felt the gushes of cum splashing inside of my pussy as it flowed from the tip of his twitching tool. As soon as he was out of the way another guy was in his place and with one hard thrust he bottom out his throbbing meat inside of me. Oh my god it felt good but he was big! He ran his hands under my butt cheeks and lifted my bottom up off the bed and then my entire body up into his arms pulling me completely away from the other guy. It was so large and he was pounding so hard it felt like he was up inside my tummy. I had never had a man do me like that before! I reached my first orgasm in a matter of seconds and did not even miss a lick pumping away… my pussy had grown numb and my husband said I was whimpering like a baby by the time he made the last long hard thrust, dumping his huge load deeper up inside of me than a man had every gone before but somehow I still managed to join him with one last gushing orgasm before withdrew himself from my once tight pussy and laid me back onto the bed.

As I laid there waiting for the next guy to do his thing I could feel the first two’s juices running out of me and pooling up under my bottom but that did not stop the others. The guy that I had once been sucking jumped in for his turn and kept telling me the whole time he was fucking me how he dearly loved how my well used, cum filled cunt felt. Needless to say after the guy before him had finished with me there was little tightness left and I was getting so tired it had to be almost like he was fucking a dead woman, but he managed to add his load to the others and move on out of the way for my lovely husband to get his turn.

My husband said I reached orgasm for him but I can honestly say I don’t remember it, what I do remember is waking up several hours later with my husband waiting to give my well fucked pussy one more shot of joy before I retired to a much needed soak in the tub. I had always wanted to be gang banged at least once in my life but I don’t think that it was my last chance of having those guys. I am hoping more such nights to come.

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