Making Copies (Part 2)

Author: Cecilia

Mr. Henley then told me to remove Mathew’s clothes. I walked over to Mathew, my breasts swaying with each step and slid my hands up the front of his shirt. Once I reached the top I unbuttoned each button, pulled his shirt open and down his arms, revealing his muscular chest. I pressed my bare breasts against his chest as I slid down to tug on his already unfastened pants. In two quick tugs I had his pants and boxers to his ankles, his cock within inches of my lips. I pulled off his shoes, and then threaded his pants and boxers past his feet. I slid my naked body up Mathew’s, my hard nipples rubbing lightly against his skin.

Mr. Henley nodded approvingly as he looked at the two of us, standing side-by-side, completely naked. He laid his crisp suit jacket on the back of the chair next to him, and then began to undress in front of us. I couldn’t take my eyes off of his body, so perfect it was. As he continued to undress he told Mathew and I to get reacquainted with each other. Mathew turned to face me, pressed his lips against mine and brought his strong hands to my slender hips again. The kiss was powerful and made my body tingle. As the kiss deepened he slid one of his hands down from my hip to my still wet pussy and slipped a finger in between my lips. I gasped lightly as I felt his finger touch my clit and instinctively pressed against his hand, forcing his finger to travel the length of my clit and stop just short of my opening. Mr. Henley watched Mathew’s hand intently as he walked over to us slowly, his hard cock bobbing lightly with each step.

He slipped his hands to our lower backs and pushed us together, his cock in between our bodies. I wrapped my arms around Mathew and pulled him tightly against me, his fingers still buried between my wet lips. Mr. Henley began to pump his hips against our sides, as our bodies surrounded his cock. After a few minutes he pulled back, his cock throbbing and completely hard, grabbed my hips and turned me around. His kiss was hard and fast, my heart began to race and I brought my hands down to my sides, taking Mr. Henley’s cock in one and Mathew’s cock in the other and began stroking them lightly as I kissed Mr. Henley.

Mathew brought his hand up to my breast and began to massage it, rolling my nipple between his fingers. I felt a surge of excitement flow through my body as I moaned lightly at Mathew’s touch. Mr. Henley then brought us closer to the chair, turned me around by my hips, grabbed a handful of my hair and pushed against the back of my head, causing me to bend over. He then told Mathew to sit in the chair.

Mathew quickly obeyed and sat down, the chair was cool to his naked skin. Mr. Henley then bent me over further, I felt the head of his hard cock against my pussy lips, and my clit began to ache as it swelled again. My mouth was within inches of Mathew’s still hard cock. I bit my lower lip as I looked at his cock and them back up to him, hoping that I could suck it and taste his cum. Mr. Henley sensing that’s what I wanted, laughed lightly, and then told me he was going to fuck my pussy hard as I sucked Mathew’s cock. I felt my pussy grow so wet; I’ve never done this before. I bent down a little further and licked my lips.

I felt Mr. Henley push against my pussy as I bent over more, his head just about to penetrate my hole. I pressed back against him, forcing his cock into my pussy and squeezed tightly around the shaft as he continued the movement and slid his cock in completely. My mouth met the head of Mathew’s cock, slipped my tongue from my mouth and rolled it around the head and the shaft before wrapping my lips around it. I pushed my head forward as he slipped his hands into my hair, taking his cock deep into my mouth until I felt the head touch the back of my throat.

Mr. Henley began to pump harder and faster against my ass, shoving his thick cock deep into my pussy. As Mr. Henley’s hips hit my ass, they caused me to lurch forward, taking Mathew’s cock completely into my mouth in one fluid motion. My moans began to grow louder as I squeezed tighter around Mr. Henley’s cock, only to be muffled by the cock in my mouth. Mathew began to grind his hips against the chair and my face, his hands pulling my head closer to him and Mr. Henley held my slender hips firmly in place with his hands. I was being fucked from two ends and was so close to cumming.

As my moans grew louder Mr. Henley’s thrusts became faster and more jerky and Mathew’s breathing became gaspy. I felt my climax building, my pussy being ravaged and my mouth begin fucked pushed me over the edge. I moaned loudly, causing vibrations to travel up Mathew’s cock, and my pussy spasmed around Mr. Henley’s cock. Suddenly I felt Mathew’s cock pulsate and my mouth was filled with his thick cum. I continued to suck his spurting cock as I felt Mr. Henley explode within me, coating my inners walls with his hot load. All of us were shuddering, jerky and cumming at the same time. Then came a knock at the door, it was Mr. Henley, wanting to know if I were done with the copies. I shook my head to clear it and replied, “I’ll be done shortly, Sir.” I had fallen asleep as the copies ran and dreamed the whole thing.

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