Five In One – Continued

Author: Brian

With all the sexual tension out of the room I told the guys to sit down at the dinner table and went into the kitchen where I got the “eatable” appetizer. As I went around the table and served each of them they all one by one stuck a hand up my skirt and caressed my ass. After the appetizer I went into the kitchen and plated the main course, and again as I served each of them they all again either caressed my ass or my slightly swollen pussy. One of them actually caressed my tits as I was serving him, he was the first one to touch my tits and it send a jolt through my body when he lightly squeezed my nipples (I have very sensitive nipples).

The entrée was Veal and an Italian sausage and I just couldn’t help myself, so I took the sausage and very slowly moved it between my lips like I was sucking a cock. I could tell it had the desired effect on the guys because they were all paying close attention to the sausage slowly moving into my mouth. Just for shits and grins I basically swallowed the entire sausage to show them that I actually am able to deep-throat. For desert I served a liquored Banana Split and put a bowl of Whipped cream on the table.

First I served for my husband who while I was serving began to caress my tits and nipples, as I was about to move on and serve the next Brian told me to take off my shirt and skirt. I looked dumfounded at him and didn’t quite know what to do when he this time said “it’s an order, take off your shirt and skirt” (I sometimes like when he behaves like my master and treats me like his sex slave). Once I mentally got in the moment I slowly unbuttoned my shirt, took it off exposing my tits with their now hard nipples, I then undid my skirt and let it fall to the floor.

Completely naked except for my black thigh-highs and heels Brian ordered me to serve the rest of the gang. As I was serving them one by one they each caressed my tits, pulled and squeezed my nipples and caressed my now (again) wet pussy. After serving everybody Brian told me to come over to him, once there he told me to get on my knees and as I did that he opened his pants and ordered me to suck his cock. After I sucked him half hard he pulled out of my mouth and told me to give everybody the same treatment.

I saved the guy with the huge cock for last and I decided to give them a little show even though he was so large I wasn’t sure I could do it, but I was determined to give it all I had and slowly I swallowed every bit of his cock (thank god he wasn’t hard yet). Slowly I moved his cock in and out of my mouth and I’m sure they could see his cock moving into my throat because one of them actually said “holy sh*t – look at that”. Once he started to grow and get hard I let him out of my mouth and told them that now I was going to eat my desert. It was quite a treat and extremely erotic to sit naked at the table with all these half hard cocks sticking out of their pants.

After desert Brian cleared the table, he then came in and lifted me up in his arms and gently laid me down in the middle of the table. I looked puzzled at him and he just winked and said that they weren’t quite done with desert. He then took a spoonful of whipped cream and put on my tits, nipples and pussy and told the guy’s to dig in. Before I could do or say anything they were licking the whipped cream off and they started to smear whipped cream all over my tits, my belly, my ass, and my pussy and one of them put some in my mouth and immediately stuck his tongue in my mouth and began to lick it clean.

This was one of the most unbelievable things I have ever experienced, I had tongues licking me everywhere: someone was French-kissing me, two guy’s were licking my tits and nipples, one was literally eating my pussy and someone was licking my ass and once in a while he would stick his tongue into my asshole. Needless to say that with this treatment it wasn’t long before I had one of the most powerful orgasms I can remember, I still tremble and shake when I re-live that moment.

I felt like complete mush when they lifted me up and carried me into the living room where they set me down on my knees on the thick plush carpet in front of the fireplace. They all undressed and I was surrounded by hard and half-hard cocks right in front of my face. The first one that got stuck in my mouth was the monster cock and I did like I had done in dining room and after a couple of times of gliding in and out of my mouth and throat he started to get hard.

Man oh man when that thing gets hard it’s frightening huge but I decided to really show off (I was also curious to see if I could really do it) so I slowly swallowed it inch by inch. It was ¾ in when I almost gagged and thought I had to give up, but I refused to give up and kept pushing forward. It was hard to breathe but now I was determined and finally my lips got to the root of this giant cock (it must have been at least 12” and thick). Once I got it all in everybody was cheering and I let it move out but he had other ideas so he took my head in his hand and began to fuck my mouth. Every time he moved in he moved a little further and before I knew it I was swallowing all of it every time he moved forward.

It’s amazing what you can make your body do when you put your mind to it because by now he was fucking my mouth hard all the way and suddenly he pulled half way out and filled my mouth with his cum. After he pulled out of my mouth I thought “one down, four to go” – I got wiser (he was far from done for the night).

I then attended to the other four cocks by sucking them all hard, once they were all hard I had hands all over my body. I had guy’s sucking and licking my tits and nipples, I constantly had a cock in my mouth and one in each hand, and someone was laying on his back with his head between my legs licking and sucking my pussy. He then started to move further between my legs and two of the guys lifted me up and lowered me over his hard waiting cock. Once his cockhead was inside my pussy they let go of me and he shot deep into me, he then grabbed my hips and began to move me up and down on his shaft.

Here I was riding on a cock, my tits bouncing up and down, sucking a cock and having a cock in each hand when I felt someone slowly begin to enter my ass. After carefully penetrating my ass he finally pushed all the way in and began to fuck my ass. So this was what Brian had in store for me – I now had a cock in every fuckable opening and in each hand and my tits and nipples were being pulled and squeezed. As soon as it hit me what I was doing, I just lost it and had a massive series of orgasms.

I had monster cock in one hand and he was now completely hard again when he moved away and the guy fucking my ass pulled out and put his cock in my empty hand. Too late did I realize what was about to happen and why monster cock had moved away from my hand. You guessed it – he slowly pushed his cock head into my ass (sh*t did that hurt), when I started to relax he slowly kept pushing that enormous cock deeper and deeper into my ass. When his hips touched my ass I realized that he was all the way inside, and he then began to fuck me really slow.

His big cock was still hurting my ass but it was starting to feel really nice and after a couple of minutes it didn’t hurt anymore but it felt incredible with that thing moving in and out of my tight ass (well it used to be very tight). The guy’s was changing places except for monster cock who kept pounding my poor ass, so I never knew who was doing what to me, but things were moving faster and faster and it was getting more and more hectic

The guy in my mouth started shooting his load in my mouth, then pulled out and shot the rest over my tits. Somebody else stuck their cock in my mouth and began to fuck it fast and quickly began to fill my mouth with his cum, he to pulled out and let the rest out over my tits and face. The one guy I still had in my hand had me wank him faster and then he too came over my tits. My ass was hurting now from the hard fucking of that huge cock and it turned out that I was riding my husband who started to fill my pussy with his load while monster cock grabbed my hips hard and pounded his cock all the way in and he too started to cum and he emptied his load in my ass.

I was absolutely exhausted and so sore in my pussy and ass that I could hardly move, I had sperm coming out of my mouth, pussy and ass, and I had sperm all over my tits and my face – I was done. After a night-cab the guy’s thanked me for a wonderful dinner and they all headed out of here. When everybody was gone and Brian and I had a glass of wine he told me how proud of me he was for handling alls this. I told Brian that it had been an incredible experience but that I’m going to be sore for days and don’t think I can handle a cock for the next week, to which he with a wink replied “do you remember offering to find a woman for an ffm three-some?” I told him that the offer still stands and I know exactly who to invite over say in three days, to which he answered “deal”.

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