The Master, the Madam and the Maid

Author: talon

The drive to Don and Carol’s isn’t far but traffic was snarled making the journey irritating. It had been an arduous work week for both Jean and I and we were looking forward to the evening as we always do to these special get-togethers.

Jean and I are married, in our late fifties and began swinging about eight years ago. Jean is 5’ 8’’ tall, a slim blonde who could easily pass for 38. She has small breasts with large, erect nipples, an ass to die for and a multiple orgasmic pussy topped with neatly-trimmed blonde hair. I’m 5’ 10” tall with a medium, well-proportioned build and a nice 7” cock that can, and does, get very hard and is used frequently. We have always enjoyed lots of sex with each other and our swinging has added to the variety we like so much.

Don and Carol were the first couple we swung with and have become good friends in and out of the sexual arena. Don is 5’ 7” tall with a shaved head, average physique but is very well endowed with a 9½” long, thick, uncut cock. Carol is a statuesque 5’ 11’’ tall with large breasts, a well-rounded ass and an always-wet pussy with a large and very sensitive clitoris topped with a bushy mound of dark brown hair. They look like an odd-matched couple but love each other dearly and enjoy sex as much as Jean and I.

We pull into the driveway and are welcomed at the door by our friends. Sitting in the lounge with a glass of wine we chat about recent events in our lives as we unwind for a few minutes. There is an underlying excitement in our chatter for this is what we call our special night. Let me explain; about every six weeks we have a role playing evening. On a rotational basis, one of us is the DC, (director/cameraperson), for the evening while the other three enjoy the action. The DC for tonight is me and earlier in the week I briefed Don and Carol on the basic storyline and their roles but Jean still knows nothing, and this makes her very excited and horny.

We finish our wine and get down to business. ‘Here is the scenario for tonight’ I proclaim, ‘Don and Carol are the master and Madam of the house and Jean, you are the maid. The maid is responsible for cleaning the house and anything else the master and mistress may want or need, including, of course, sexual desires. You will do as you are told and refer to them as Sir and Madam. Jean, there is an outfit for you upstairs, we will start with Carol in the bedroom, Don in the kitchen and Jean at the bottom of the stairs.’

Jean descends the stairs in a very revealing maid’s outfit that hardly covers her bottom, black fishnet stockings and stiletto heels. She is carrying a feather duster and playfully twirls it around my crotch. ‘Right, let’s get started’ I say, ‘Jean; I want you to dust the stairs and be sexy about doing it.’

‘Yes boss’ she says and salutes me with the duster.

The Master, the Madam and the Maid

I film the maid dusting the stairs, panning from her high heels to her bare ass with that thin strip of thong that only just covers her pussy then pan out for a full back view. My cock is already rock hard and I would love to take her myself right here on these stairs but that will have to wait.

When she is halfway up the staircase Don arrives at the bottom and leers up at her for a few moments. ‘Jean, come here!’ he says sternly.

‘Yes Sir’ she replies, descends the stairs with tits bouncing and stands in front of Don.

‘Did you clean the kitchen floor today?’ he demands.

‘Yes Sir.’

‘Come and look at this.’

They walk into the kitchen and Don points to the streaks on the ceramic tile.

‘Sorry Sir’ Jean says meekly.

‘Sorry is just not good enough, this sort of thing has been happening far too frequently. I need to take a firmer hand with you and that’s just what I intend to do, you will be punished later. Now get up to the bedroom and help Madam.’

‘Yes Sir’ replies the maid and walks back to the staircase as Don ogles her.

As she reaches the first step he calls out for her to wait and joins her there.

‘Take off your panties and give them to me, you won’t need them any more this evening.’

The maid obeys and hands her panties to her employer. He fondles her ass, rubs her clit and inserts two fingers between her moist pussy lips. ‘There will be more of this later, now off with you’ he orders. As she walks slowly upstairs, exaggerating the wiggle of her ass, Don watches her, brings the panties to his face and inhales deeply.

Carol is lying on the bed in a pale pink corset with matching stockings and high heels. Her legs are bent and she pumping a large dildo in and out of her pussy while a smaller one is in her ass. ‘Ah Jean, come here and do this for me dear.’

The maid climbs onto the bed and takes hold of the shaft of rubber and works it vigorously in and out of Carol’s pussy. ‘Is that good Madam, is that the way you like it?’ whispers the maid.

‘Oh yes dear, faster, faster, oh fuck my pussy’ cries Madam and the maid obliges and begins to pump the other dildo in Madam’s ass.

‘Jean, put your tongue in my pussy, you know how I adore your tongue.’

The maid removes the dildo, gets on all-fours and lowers her face between Madam’s legs. She dutifully spreads the ladies’ lips and lashes her clit with her tongue.

‘Jean, put that big rubber cock in your pussy, Mr. Don has been horny all day and I’m sure he’ll want fuck both of us tonight. You need to loosen that little cunt for his big cock’ Carol manages to say between oohhs, aahhs and yes, yes.

The maid rubs the dildo around her own pussy and clit then slowly begins to force it beyond her pussy lips while continuing to eat Madam.

Don enters the room and surveys the scene with a smile. He is well pleased with what he sees and begins to undress. Standing naked, his big dick is already hard and twitching as he watches his wife squirm and moan and his maid fucking herself with the dildo. He takes hold of his cock and pulls back the foreskin exposing the large, bulbous head and proceeds to jerk slowly while walking towards the bed. He takes the dildo from the maid’s hand and starts to fuck her with it in long, powerful thrusts as he continues to play with himself.

He suddenly states, ‘Enough, enough. We need to settle a little matter before we continue. My dear, I need you to go and sit on the couch and Jean, stand beside Madam.’

The ladies comply and Don begins, ‘Things have been getting lax around here lately and I’ve had enough. I’ve had a word with Jean and she knows she will be punished tonight but I also blame you, my pet. You are too easy on the girl and you will be punished also, I’m sorry but I need to set an example.

David sits on the couch and asks his wife to stand beside the maid. ‘Both of you will receive a good spanking, who is first?’

‘It’s my fault Sir’ says the maid ‘I will take both spankings.’

‘Nonsense’ replies Don, ‘You are both as bad as each other, now dear, over my knee, c’mon.’

Carol lies across David’s lap with her bottom in the air and the spanking begins. Don pauses between spanks to caress his wife’s reddening ass and feel her wet pussy.

‘Nine, ten, now stand over by the bed. Next!’ says Don and the maid is spanked with the same caresses and pussy fondling and she can feel his hard cock twitching against her tummy. ‘Now stand beside Madam’ she is instructed.

Don stands, his erection sticking slightly upwards and lies on the bed with his ass on the edge and tells the ladies to play with his cock. They kneel on either side of his legs and fondle, kiss, jerk, suck and tongue his shaft which appears to get harder and bigger as they work on him. I thought he would surely shoot his load the way the girls were teaming up on his cock but he maintained control and then asked them to stop. He tells the ladies to bend over with arms on the bed and he stands between them feeling their red asses and fingering their pussies. Then he moves behind Carol and sinks his cock into her cunt. He pumps forcibly into his wife while finger fucking his maid. He pulls out and moves behind the maid, he holds his cock to her pussy lips and slowly brushes them open, inch by inch he disappeared inside of her. Carol is caressing his balls and pinching the maid’s clit as Don speed increases causing the maid to moan and let out little squeals. I know she is feeling the full power of 9½” of thick cock and know also that she loves it. Don rams into the maid harder and harder, faster and faster then pulls out and Carol jerks him a few times and he splashes sperm all over the maid’s pussy and up onto her tummy. He sticks his cock into her mouth and she sucks every last drop of cum from his softening erection while Carol licks Jean’s cum soaked pussy.

‘It’s a wrap – that looked pretty good’ I say

‘That felt pretty good!’ exclaimed Jean.

After the threesome take a short rest on the bed, they go for a shower, Don and Carol to the master bathroom and Jean to the guest bathroom. I wonder off to the den to check out the video. I watch Jean on the stairs, being spanked and Don fucking her with that big dick of his and I am rock hard. I remove my clothes and skim back and forth through the video while playing with my cock. Jean comes in and goes straight for my cock, sucking it wildly, ‘I’ve been waiting all night for this’ she says between sucks.

I point to the television commenting, ‘You don’t seem to be thinking of my cock there.’

She turns to see a close-up of her pussy being pounded by Don’s huge cock and hears her moans and squeals. ‘Oh, don’t be silly, I was enjoying myself but I love your cock the best, no one fucks me like you do’ she whispers and returns her attention to my erection.

‘Flattery will get you everywhere’ I retort.

As I lay back in the chair, my wife sucking my dick, I watch the TV and see her walking up the stairs again. Those lovely legs and beautiful ass and pussy lips moving slightly as she climbs the stairs. ‘Climb on top, love and face away so I can look at your ass’ I say and soon I feel the warmth and moistness envelope my erection.

Jean is bouncing up and down when Carol enters the room wrapped in a towel. ‘Ooh goodie, more sex’ she yells and discarding her towel, climbs onto the chair and positions her bush on my mouth. Her large clit is very sensitive and she has always said I have the best tongue ever and really loves me to eat her. After a while I tell the girls that I want them to suck my cock and they have their lips and tongue on it in no time.

Shortly, Don strolls into the room and slumps into a chair opposite us. He has a towel around his middle and is staring at Jean’s ass as she sucks me. I see the towel begin to move until there is a huge tent erected in his lap. The girls are so busy they don’t realize he is there.

‘Carol, lie back here,’ I say as I get out of the chair and, ‘Oh, there’s something for you over there Jean.’

Jean is surprised to see Don but she smiles as she sees the tent. He stands and rips off the towel, Jean kneels in front of him and mouths his dick then deep-throats most of it before choking but she tries again and again until it feels comfortable.

Carol sits in the chair and spreads her legs over the arms. Her pussy is open and I can’t resist tonguing and biting her big, exposed clit again before my dick enters her. I look over my shoulder and see Jean spreading her legs over the arms of her chair and Don lowering his cock to his balls into my wife.

The night comes to a closes with me shooting my wad into Carol and Don, managing admirable, but understandably, taking longer, to send his load into Jean. Don and I then lay on the floor with our wives on top in sixty-nine position and mingled our juices and ejaculations.

Maybe that is the test of good friendship.

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