Secretary’s Job : Part 2

Author: LOVELY

The next day we worked the convention all day as I let some other have the day off. I got to the cabin later that evening MrA was in the living room and Mrs A had gone to bed she was not feeling very while. He had cooked dinner so I grabbed some dinner and headed up to my loft. I heard him go into his room so I figured I would hit the hot tub. I went down and it was a great night, 1/4 moon and lots of stars. I was in a zone when I heard Mr A walking towards the tub. He came up and asked if he could join me and I said yes. We talked about this company and his grandkids, and I was thinking I just fucked Grandpa….lol.

I was naked and so was he; we both sat up on the edge and continued to talk.

Then out of the blue he told me I was the best fuck he had ever. He said he just stays hard looking at me. And looking at him then he was hard. lol I told him he had a great looking wife and he said yes, but she is my lover and you were a great fuck. Which I agreed I wanted no more than sex.

I told him he was great. That him and Mrs A just rocked my world.. You are the largest I have ever had. His dick was hard as a rock. We both got back into the water, and he sat closer to me. He said I want to do something I did not get a chance to do yesterday and I asked what, he said eat your pussy. I took a sip of my beer and sat up on the tub and he started. He felt so good, so gentle, I was cumming in minutes. he took a break and ask if I had given my husband all the details, I told him yes, and he was hot thinking what had happen. He said Friday we all take the day off and just fuck all day long. I said he would enjoy that. He went back to eating me getting me so hot, when he finished I slid down on his lap and started kissing him, and slid my pussy on his dick and started slow fucking him as I was kissing him. I did not stop kissing him until he cummed and when he did I did also and boy did that feel great.

We left the tub and went into the cabin; I went up to the loft and got in the shower. A few minutes later I heard the door open and he said he wanted a shower and did not want to wake up Mrs. A and I was thinking yeah right so I invited him in. He got hard again, got behind me and started fucking me from behind, as we were in there long enough to let the hot water run out.
Then he took me to the bed, got on top and was slow fucking me, deep and slow, it was so hot. He told me he wanted to see me in the future and wanted to fuck me as many times as I wanted. he started to cum pulled out and shot it all over my stomach and tits, and face. He laid there and was telling me he wanted my ass. I told him I had never been fucked there, I am too small for him, and he said we will see.

Then he rolled me over and started fucking me doggies style in my pussy and then took a finger and was trying to work my ass. He cummed and pulled out and tried to cum in my ass hole. I could feel the cum in my ass and him trying to ease his dick in. I told him slow, it’s hurting, and he said he would, then I could feel it entering me, it was painful but feeling good. After a few minutes he was in me and slowly fucking me. He told me I was his bitch and no matter what or how loud I got he was going to fuck me in my ass till he cummed.

He started getting faster and I got louder , I know after a few minutes I woker up the whole county as it felt sooooooo GREAT but hurt so much.
It did not take him very long to cum and it felt so good.

When we rolled over there was Mrs A sitting in a chair and told us that was so hot.

Me and Mr A fucked several times that evening as he stayed in my bed, we would fuck, nap and fuck some more.

next day my boss told me that one of the opposite party’s owner is looking to have some of my pussy. I got surprised. I said that I think it was ok if it remained to him and his wife. But she also told me to let him fuck me. She told me that she also had slept with him and he is also a good guy to have sex. Later I agreed.

Later that evening about 830 that man came to my room, I opened the door he asked if he could come in, and I let him in. He sat on the couch and we talked for a minute. I had already met him. He was also of my boss’s age and a bit fatter than him. I was wearing shorts and a t-shirt no underwear. He told me that he wanted me so bad. He asked me to remove my t-shirt. I stood up and did, and asked him to remove his pants and he did. His dick was standing straight up in his short. He gave closer to me and slipped my shorts off. Seeing his dick hard got me so wet. He started kissing my tits and sucking, then he pushed me to the bed and this man gave me the best oral that I had ever had. He stayed on me sucking my pussy for over a hour. I cummed several times and it was driving me crazy as I wanted him to fuck me so bad, but was not going to stop him.

He came up for air and I then went for his dick and I sucked this old man until he cummed. He was hard as a rock, and like I said before this man was huge and thick. We he released his load I could not handle it all, he had my mouth and face full of cum.

I came up and got on top, even after he cummed he was still hard. I slid his dick into my wet pussy and rode his dick as fast as I could until I cummed, and then I did it again and again. I rode him for a while, I bet I cummed 6-7 times.

I was thinking he was about done as I was so tired from fucking and the cumming. He rolled over and started kissing me and thanking me for the night, then he said he was not finished and slide his dick into me, and started slowly fucking me. He would push it in until he was hitting my wall and then slowly release and then back in. he fucked me this way for a while and kissing me again. He was asking me how I would fuck and we talked about fucking others. He stayed so hard and had me so horny. Then he told he was going to cum and asked me where I wanted it I said in me. He unloaded I I could feel the pressure of is cum inside me and it made me explode also.

Then he rolled me over and said he wanted to fuck me hard drove his dick into me doggie style and just started pounding away. I know the guest in the rooms next to me knew I was getting fucked because the whole wall was rocking, and he fucked me it seemed like hours. I was so tired I could not even move after he blew another load into me pussy.

We laid there for a few minutes. His dick was laid over like it had been shot; my pussy was throbbing like it had been beaten.

I went to the restroom, I came out and saw his dick laying there and had to kiss it, I started sucking and licking to see if it could come up again. It took a while and some work but he got hard again. His dick felt so good sucking. He grabbed my head and held it as he cummed in my mouth again. He just fell back when he did.

His dick went limp but I wanted some more for him so I got on top of him and started moving my pussy on his dick, working his dick. Then he got hard again and he slid it in and I started to ride him again. I rode him until I cummed and as I was cumming he rolled me over and got on top of me and just started pounding away. He fucked me until he cummed again which had to be 30-35 mins. When he cummed I was cuming also.

Then we both just rolled over and told each other thanks.

I looked at the clock and it was 515am. We had to leave for the meetin at 7.

He left and I took a shower and headed to the meeting point with a tired smile on my face. I saw my boss and his wife and they welcomed me. I gave them both a kiss. Boss thanked me for letting his friend enjoy my body. I also thanked them to let me have such a hot night with such a great man.

This business tour continued in the same way.

After the tour when we came back our relations had changed. Now I was to give him a blow job or some of my pussy or ass daily in the office. He asked me to shift in his home and so I started to stay with him and his wife. He also offered me to many of his clients to which I never resisted.

What a hot life I am having.

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