Weekend Get Away

Author: Cecilia

The fireplace roared with a welcoming heat, signaling a night of unbridled lust between Thomas and Melissa. Cuddled on a fur rug in front of the fireplace, wearing only their smiles, laid the two lovers. Thomas, running his fingers through Melissa’s hair, kissed her forehead. Melissa returned the favor by outlining Thomas’s lips with her tongue, slowly parting them, and massaging his tongue with hers. Thomas probed Melissa’s mouth with his tongue, tasting every inch of her warm mouth.

“I need you now,” whispered Melissa into Thomas’s ear.

Thomas began by sucking on her nipples lightly, making her body quiver and her nipples harden. He kissed down farther, tracing her belly button with his tongue, letting it flicker in the opening. Thomas buried his face in her trimmed bush, kissing her clit and letting his tongue encircle it.

Melissa could feel herself getting wet. She lubricated herself with her own juices, wanting and needing Thomas to be inside of her. She thrust forward lightly, feeding Thomas her pussy. She could feel him lapping up her juices hungrily. Melissa let out a moan of ecstasy, her pulse quickening, and her heart racing.

He swallowed her pussy juice greedily. Thomas slowly inserted a finger inside her wetness, moving it around, getting her ready for his hardening cock. He was dripping pre-cum, so he stroked his cock, lubricating himself, getting ready to penetrate her sweet pussy. He took out his finger and licked it clean, making sure to savor every drop. Thomas then positioned his cock at the entrance of Melissa’s pussy, slowly letting her hole engulf his hot, hard cock. He felt her muscles contract as he slid in slowly, letting out a grunt, loving every slippery inch. Thomas took her hips and pulled her towards his cock, slowly letting her take in all of his manhood.

She put her palms down on the bed, lifted herself up and moaned loudly in pleasure. Melissa moved to the rhythm of Thomas’s thrusts, bucking her hips rapidly, speeding up as he did. She felt his fingers slowly start to rub her clit, sending her into throws of passion. She couldn’t stifle her moans and screams. Sweating and hot, she was experiencing the most intense pleasure that she ever had.

Thomas reached below and grabbed her ass, lifting her up and pounding her pussy like he never had before. He felt his balls tighten, and his muscles stiffen. He knew he was about to blow a load inside her. He was moaning and grunting signaling that he was about to cum. Thomas thrust deeper, pounded harder, and started shooting streams of hot, gooey, cum deep inside Melissa’s pussy.

As Thomas was releasing his load inside her, Melissa felt a wave of pure ecstasy wash over her. She was in orgasmic bliss. Her pussy muscles tightened around his cock, squeezing out every drop of cum that she could. She grabbed the rug and clawed at it pushing upwards, wanting to be fed all of his juices.

The orgasms of the two seemed to last for an eternity. Thomas pulled out of Melissa and laid next to her, looking into her eyes. That was by far the best sex either of them had ever had. Snuggling close to her lover, she looked him in the eyes, whispered, “I love you.” and fell asleep on his chest, exhausted from the act of their connection.

Waking up, feeling the heat beat down on their bodies, Melissa and Thomas awake, ready for a day to themselves at the spa. They woke up, showered, ate a quick breakfast and headed out the door to the spa. Checking in at the front desk they were shown through a set of double doors to the massage therapy room. The massage therapist instructed them to take off their clothes and to wrap in a towel and lay on the tables side by side. First the therapist started massaging Melissa’s legs, which really needed it after the night before.

Remembering the night before, Melissa felt herself slowly moisten. Not wanting to get aroused again, she tried to block the memory from her mind, but the events of the night before were still fresh on her mind. She could feel herself grow moist as the masseuse worked his way up her inner thighs. She let out a light moan and hoped that the masseuse didn’t hear. Melissa looked over at Thomas and saw him grin at her, obviously knowing what was on her mind at that moment. The masseuse stopped the massage and told Melissa that he would be right back; he needed to get some oils.

Thomas looked over at Melissa seductively and she could tell what was on his mind…. He wanted to do just what they had done the night before.

“You know it could be fun…the thought of getting caught at any minute.”, said Thomas.

“Yes it could be…. take me here.”, moaned Melissa.

He crossed the table and straddled Melissa, letting her lick the pre-cum off of his swollen cock. She worked her way down the shaft, savoring every inch of his man-hood. Thomas worked his way down, pulling his cock out of her mouth, kissing every spot on her belly. He wasted no time letting his tongue flicker over her clit, making her breath quicken and her pulse race. Thomas slowly inserted two fingers inside her and began to thrust them in and out just like he would do with his cock. Thomas felt the ache in his balls, needing to be inside her, he positioned his cock right at the opening and slowly pushed his way in, feeling the heat that was coming from her pussy.

Melissa squirmed on the table trying her best not to yell, but she couldn’t help it…She screamed in ecstasy, hoping the masseuse would not return anytime soon, but also aroused at the thought that he could. She gyrated her hips and tried to keep up with Thomas’s thrusts. Melissa turned her head and saw the masseuse coming back into the room.
“Oh God!” sighed Melissa in embarrassment.

Thomas stopped what he was doing then and there, but the masseuse had a look of pure amusement on his face. He stripped down, closed and locked the door, and crossed the room towards them. Melissa and Thomas had never been involved in a three-some before, but were open to trying anything. The masseuse, who’s cock was already hard, put it at the opening of Melissa’s mouth, letting her engulf every inch of it and letting it slide down her throat. He took her by the head and began to fuck her mouth rapidly, wanting to cum as soon as he could. As he watched the masseuse fuck Melissa’s mouth, Thomas continued pounding Melissa’s pussy. Feeling his load build up inside, Thomas released stream after stream of hot cum inside Melissa’s tight pussy. Just as he was shooting his load, the masseuse emptied himself into her throat.

All exhausted from the events they all collapsed onto the tables, all needing a massage.

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