Author: Cecilia

Home alone, again. Jim’s been away on a business trip for 3 weeks now. I miss him so much. I miss his kisses, his touch, his taste, his sex:. Laying here on my bed, still wet from my shower, I let my thoughts roam to memories of the last time I had him in my bed. It was the night before he left. “A little something to hold you over,” he’d said to me as he pulled my nightgown over my head.

That night he made sweet love to me for hours. He laid me back on the bed, and spread my legs wide, causing my pussy lips to spread open for him as well. He lowered his mouth onto my sweetness, and began softly flicking his tongue back and forth across my little bud. As my nerve ending adjusted to the sensations, he began to increase the pressure, causing my legs and butt to jerk slightly. A moan softly escaped my lips as he started sucking on my now swollen clit, sending mind-blowing shocks of electricity throughout my heated body. The more he sucked and nibbled on my clit, the more it seemed to turn into the white hot center of my being, until my clit exploded in a firework of beautiful waves of pleasure, rocking throughout my entire body.

Now, on this Friday night, I miss him more than ever. Horny as hell, I reach into the drawer next to my bed, and pull out my black toy bag. I dump it out on the bed, and look at the playthings that were contained within, trying to figure out which one I wanted first.

I turn on my bed to face the full-length mirror mounted on the wall and prop a pillow under my head, so that I can see my pink slit. I like to watch the toys slide in and out, and to watch my pussy shake when I use a vibrator. Picking up the rubber dong, I slowly press the toy against the opening of my wet womanhood, and delicately slide it in deep, feeling every bump, every ridge as it presses on me from the inside out. Watching this in the mirror makes me even hornier, and I begin to move it in and out, a little faster, twisting and turning it this way and that to get the best angle. Finding my G-spot, I start ramming the fake cock in and out faster and faster, until my climax takes me over. Squirming and twisting, I cum silently, and let the dildo slide out of my sopping pussy with a wet pop.

Taking a minute to catch my breath, I realize that I really didn’t even come close to relieving the sexual tension that had built up over the past few days. I looked over at my toys, my eyes silently pleading for “the toy” that is going to fulfill my needs.

I decide on my bullet vibrator. I like this vibrator because it’s very powerful, and usually gives me pretty mind blowing orgasms when I use it just right, making me cum very slowly.

Taking it in my right hand, I turn it on, and feel the tickle of it in my palm. Laying it between the lips of my pussy, I press it down lightly on my clit. The sensations cause my body to jerk, but I continue to press the buzzing bullet onto my clit. Once my body gets used to these sensations, I begin to move the vibrator around in small circles around my clit. Opening my eyes, I can see my pussy buzzing, and dripping onto the bed, and my fingers expertly moving the vibrator around and around, until I feel myself building up to another orgasm, very quickly. I ease off a bit, but still tease and tickle my clit with the vibrator, until I can’t stand it anymore. Pressing down hard, I ride the vibrator for all it’s worth, and start cumming so hard I feel pressure in my head. I open my eyes, and look in the mirror to see what I look like when I cum, and much to my surprise, I catch a glimpse of some of my white cream oozing out of my pussy as I cry out in pleasure!

Shaking, I turn off the vibrator and set it down and rest for a moment. Seeing my cum drain onto my sheets has gotten my heartbeat racing again, and I can feel my pussy pulsing in want for more. I lay back down on the bed, and grab the dildo and shove it back into it’s familiar hole, and grab the vibrator and turn it on, and slam it down on my extremely sensitive clit. Within about two minutes, I feel my body ready to cum again. I pull out the dildo, and keep stroking my swollen clit, building up a screaming orgasm! Once again I ride my toy into oblivion, my entire body shaking violently.

I know that I should rest, but it feels too good. Unable to stop, I keep abusing my poor little pussy with the vibrator, using my other hand to pinch my nipples firmly. With my hand a blur from beating the vibrator on my clit so hard and fast, I am staring at the mirror so hard and so intently that I feel like my eyes are going to pop out of my head!

As I begin to cum again, I am surprised and a little shocked to see my pussy start squirting my hot cum out of my cunt. Hypnotized by my displayed cum, it occurs to me this is like when a guy squirts his jizz all over me. I watch my stream jump out of my body and fly through the air, at least a foot out, and hit the mirror in front of me! Splashing off the glass, splattering back on the bed, I nearly scream with excitement. I wonder if I could have filled a shot glass! Quivering from cumming so hard, so many times, I watch my juice slide down the mirror.

I consider going for another, but at this point my head has started to hurt, and I decide that I probably should eat something instead. Wishing that I could eat Jim’s cock, I get up, slip into my robe, and make a sandwich. I consider cleaning the mirror, but decide to save it for Jim, in case he doesn’t believe me when I tell him what just happened.

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