Eternal Bliss

Author: Cecilia

Christine lay back in the soft blankets, disheveled slightly for comfort, under the slightly yellow light of many candles of different shapes and sizes. She had dark hair, bound in a ponytail, which lay behind her over the blankets, as she watched her husband approach. She was wearing a blue lace nightie, and white lace panties, and looked very much ready for bed. However, she wasn’t ready for sleep. Gary crawled onto the bed, and moved on all fours toward his wife, as she patted the bed right in front of her, inviting him to lay with her. He lay on his side, gazing into her eyes, and placing a hand on her hip. He leaned in slowly, and pressed his lips to hers, savoring a long, and tender kiss with her, as the glow of the candlelight traced the curves of the beautiful lady, and the dark complexion of her husband.

He pulled himself closer to her, and draped a leg over hers, hugging her with his whole body, as they shared the tenderness that had been the mainstay in their marriage for five years now. For their anniversary, they decided to relive the adoring and eternally promising commencing of their marriage. Gary’s strong hands traced her lovely curves, from her shoulders to her outer thigh, as he felt the warmth of her love and tenderness close to him, pressing her now slowly onto her back. He kept his leg draped over hers, as his growing arousal pressed softly against her thigh. His kisses grew in passion, his tongue sliding into her mouth slowly, tracing her lips first before slipping past her teeth. Their tongues both danced softly to unheard music together, the heartbeat, singular yet joined between them the rhythm of the dance, slowly quickening with love and desire.

Christine sighed lovingly to her husband, as she wrapped her hands over his shoulder, pulling him even closer, his warm, strong chest pressing against her own, warming her even more, as he slowly moved so that he was right over her. Gary’s silent, caressing wife spread her thighs, cradling her husband’s hips with those gentle, but strong legs, as he touched his satin-covered arousal against her inner thigh. He slid forward in their embrace, so that his ridge pressed against her covered mound. She released a shivering sigh, as the kiss intensified, along with their heart beat, as slender female hands roamed up and down the strong back of her hard working husband. For what felt like an eternity, they held one another, kissing and touching like this, before finally, as a dark spot of wetness formed on the front of those blue shorts, Gary slid down Christine’s lithe, beautiful body.

He carefully raised her nightie, slipping it off of her elegantly, she sat up to facilitate in its removal. Gary pushed her back down tenderly to the soft bed, and kissed both of her rose-tinted nipples softly, before taking each into his hot mouth, and sucking very gently, rubbing his tongue back and forth over each one. This made Christine’s back arch, and her breath come out in raspy puffs, excited, longing, her body energized with passion and eternal youth of lifetime love. Finally, Gary stopped kissing and licking those now hard peaks on her breasts, giving those perfect mounds strong and tender massage in his hands, as he slowly trailed affectionate ardent, endearing kisses down her belly and around her naval, making her squeak with tickled pleasure. A sound that Gary was nearly addicted to. Finally, he let her breasts go, which her hands immediately went to replace, rubbing her own chest in blissful sensuality.

Gary slid his hands down Christine’s sides, and to her thighs, first along the outsides, tracing her firm jogger’s legs, and then to her inner thighs, caressing up to the crotch of those white lace panties. He leaned in close, making her coo sweetly as his lips pressed against her covered labia through that warm, heavily scented fabric, already moist with her longing. For a while, he continued to caress her inner thighs, kissing her through her panties, before his fingers hooked either side of the crotch of her panties, through the legs, and he began to draw them down. Gary smiled worshippingly as he revealed her lovely, trimmed mound, her labia already parted like the petals of a watered rose from his attentions through soft fabric. He slid the panties all the way off, and Christine spread her legs invitingly, still holding her breasts, her bated breathing a lot faster now.

Gary pressed his tongue between those petals, and tasted her dewy folds eagerly, making her squirm, her hands moving quickly to her husband’s head, playing through his hair. She gasped out loudly, and trembled, as he worked his tongue rapidly back and forth over her burning clitoris. On occasion, he dipped his tongue deep, forcing a loud, low moan from her. The silence was over, but there were no words exchanged. Pleasure was the only sound. Christine softly panted, her heart pounding rapidly as her husband finally moved his now wet mouth from her sex. He licked his lips seductively, and crawled on all fours over his mate, and brought his now sex-tainted lips to hers, and she kissed back easily, bringing her legs around his hips, and drawing him down. She was ready. She was more than ready, as her love and lust burned equally, a wildfire through her body, spreading to his, as he slid forward on top of her, and felt his manhood embraced in the wet, tight walls of her feminine treasure. He released a shuddering groan, and kissed along her neck, as his hips began to slide slowly back and forth, Gary taking his time and savoring the pleasure of his wife’s love and eternal promise.

Her tight walls stroked him as eagerly as he stroked against her, as she released soft, needy moans of pleasure, ever increasing in their frequency and pitch. Faster and more heavily they shared each other, body upon body, flesh upon flesh, husband hugging wife tightly, as his hips began to thump softly against hers, their love slipping to lust and desire, for the moment, where it belonged in this truly intimate time. Hearts beating rapidly, fueling the fires of their passion with boiling blood of desire, they moved together, cries of delight, excitement, grunts of pleasure, the only sounds. Gary looked into his wife’s eyes, and she looked up into his, slowly tilting her head back, closing her eyes tightly, letting Gary go a moment, and gripping the sides of the bed, as their sweat glistened in the candlelight.

It was time. Christine could not hold back anymore. Her body clenched around his thick, pistoning masculinity, becoming much wetter very quickly, as she peaked with a paradise cry of satisfaction. He held her tight, grunting, gritting his teeth, moving faster as she squealed in intensity of sensation, before her husband arched his back, both hands on the bed, pressing his chest up, as he felt a shock of fire through his body, and his essence expanded hotly inside Christine, as she embraced him tightly around the lower back, her legs wrapped around his hips, driving him in deep in tight full body embrace.

His heavy, thick seed spreading deep inside her, flowing into her tight, consuming body. He then calmed slowly, trembling from the power of his release, and the emotions that were washing over him. His heart pounded, and they were both out of breath. For a long time, still intimately entwined, the two kissed and whispered renewed promises of love to each other, having lit once again, as they had every year, the fire that would burn until their next anniversary.

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