Oh Urethra!

Author: Dan

I’m just a regular guy in most ways, married for 6 years, working hard for a living, paying off a mortgage and I must add that sex with my wife Gabby has always been exceptional, creative and very, very satisfying. Even though she had never acted on it, Gabby was always aware of my fantasy for pussy pee. When she comes into the bathroom while I’m shaving and pees into the toilet, I stand there, my shaver buzzing across my face, imagining that she was standing over me, with pussy spread and her sweet warm pee trickling all over my body. Just the thought of her warm golden nectar splashing across my bare skin would give me a full-blown woody.

Last night, after a great night of nightclubbing in South Hollywood, Gabby was a bit tipsy and her usual giddy, horny self. She hiccuped her way into the bedroom, kicking off her 6″ stilettos, giggling to herself as one flung across the room, knocking over her bedside lamp. Peeling off her ultra sexy red latex micro mini dress and thong panties, she jumped up onto the bed and proceeded to bounce around like an imp on a trampoline. It was all tits and pussy and trust me when I say that my silly slut was making me all hot and bothered.

Hopping up onto the bed, I grabbed Gabby by the waist and pulled her down beside me. Kissing her hard on the lips and giving her sexy pink nipples a few good tweaks, I made my intentions clear, “Ok you dizzy bed wench. If you’ve got to make a pit-stop, you should do it now, because I am going to fuck that pussy harder than it’s ever been fucked before” Throwing herself back onto the bed, spread eagle, pussy raised in all it’s glory, Gabby giggled and petted her furry cunt lips, “Take me! Take me now!”

Laughing, I dove onto her and kissed her hard again, giving my bitch some stiff tongue to suck on. Gabby slid her lips up and down my tongue, pulling it deeper into her warm wet mouth, causing a positive stir in my schlong down below. I groped her tits, tugging on her nipples, letting my fingers knead their firm giving flesh and Gabby’s quickening breath was a definite indication that she was getting really turned on. I rolled over onto my back, so that Gabby was laying on top of me, my hands running down her back to squeeze and part her beautiful firm ass. Gabby has a passion for having her ass squeezed and tickled, and I know what it takes to turn her into a fiery sex machine.

Running my fingers down her crack, I came to the opening of her silken gash and traced it softly, making her purr and raise her ass like a cat in heat. Slipping my fingers into its fleshy wetness, I zeroed in on her clit and gave it a firm stroking, just the way she likes it. Gabby meowed with a horny grin and rocked her hairy mound across my growing cock, “You so bad Steve. Ohhhh the things you do to my pussy. You are so bad! Meowwwwwwwww”

As her pussy lips parted across my cock, she went to town rubbing her clit against my throbbing shaft, so I obliged by giving her wet cunt a good three fingered fucking, fuelling her fires and need to feel my cock pounding every inch of her. Licking her lips longingly, Gabby threw her head back, moaning in total arousal, her hard clit squeaking across my aching dick, but I couldn’t have her cum like this, I wanted to see it! I wanted to see my Gabby really enjoying my cock and to watch as her cum glistening pussy twitched in ecstasy.

Pulling my fingers out of her soaking wet cunt, Gabby gave out a tiny whine of disapproval, “Uh Uh you horny wench.” I responded to her whine, “You’re not getting off that easy. If you want to cum, you’re going to have to work for it” and pressed the mushroomed head of my throbbing cock to her hot soaked pussy hole. Gabby put her nose to mine and squinted her sexy blue eyes, “You so bad Steve. What you make me do to you. You are so bad! Meowwwwwwwww”, and backing her ass up, eased my cock deep into her wanting sex and just stayed there, locking my cock into her with deep deliberate squeezes.

“Oh damn baby, work that pussy”, I grunted, my fingers mauling her pert nipples. Gabby just grinned, feeling her own power and started to rock her slick cunt up and down my aching dick. “Sit up wench! Let me watch your pussy fucking me!” I moaned. Gabby sat up and I watched my shaft pumping in and out of her soaked cunt, thrilling at the sight of her luscious parted pussy lips and hard pink clit. She rode me harder and harder, squeezing my shaft on the up thrust and slamming down hard again. Faster and faster she ground my meat into her until my balls were ready to explode. I reached down and thumbed her throbbing clit firmly, sending her chest heaving in shrill howls and hissing gasps. Gabby was about to fly over the edge, when all of a sudden, she reached down and grabbed at her pussy. “Oh Steve! I have to pee! I’m going to cum Steve and I have to pee!”

“Go baby! Go!” I grunted, hoping to at last feel my Gabby’s golden shower squirting all down my cock. What happened next surprised the fuck out of me. Gabby jumped off of my cock and straddled my chest. Spreading her pussy lips, I was given full view of her tender pee hole, and sopping wet cunt. Reaching up, I thumbed her clit hard and as my bitch came in a screaming frenzy, she pushed hard, her pee hole grew longer and out squirted streams of sweet warm pussy pee, all over my bare chest. My pee fantasy was now reality and fuck it felt so good! I let her piss all over me and as her pussy twitched and her golden pee dripped from her pussy hair, she slammed her cunt down hard onto my cock again and rode me until I blasted one mother fucking load of cum deep inside of her convulsing vagina.

Soaked in piss and relieved of my load, Gabby laughed as I bellowed; “Oh Urethra!!!!!” and we both agreed that golden showers would become part of our sexual adventures more often!

Rating: 4

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