Puss In Boots

Author: Cecilia

The soft hum of the tires mixed with the sound of the rain pelting the windshield of the car, all set in tempo to the squeak, swish of the windshield wipers. Melissa had taken the back roads in order to avoid traffic that night, it had just been her fancy and she had gone with it. She loved these kinds of nights despite what most felt about them; the roll of thunder in the distance, the sound of rain hitting all around her though she was bone dry and, most of all, the fresh sense the air carried after the rain. Melissa was romantic like that. She was a young, pretty college girl so people expected her to be.

She rounded a turn upon the mountainside only to instinctively step upon her brakes. Her view fell upon a wisp of climbing gray. “Is it fog?” Melissa wondered. Her engine cut out and she got her answer, no. It was smoke. The car engine stalled and died out. She tried to restart it again and again. A quick check revealed her cell phone didn’t work either. She was out of range.

The pounding of the rain and squeak of the windshield wipers began to remind her why other people didn’t like these kinds of nights. She climbed out of the car despite the torrential downpour. No sooner had she gotten the hood open than her blouse was drenched to the quick. Of course, it was the one night she wore a white blouse and had gone without undergarment. She had no clue what was wrong with the engine and her cell phone still didn’t work. Melissa sighed and slammed the hood of her car before starting on the long trek down the mountain.

She continued to walk and it continued to rain. After her first few steps, she was drenched to the bone, her long red hair plastered to her head and her clothing clinging to her body like syrup. She could feel her panties riding up against her swimmers’ thighs with every step. Soon a light shone in the distance. As she walked down the mountain path, the curve and wind of the road made the light appear farther then nearer and farther yet again. Her nipples were silhouetted in her blouse from the cold air as she finally found the source of the light.

A great house nestled amongst the trees, the kind of house Melissa expected to see upon a Scottish mountainside with noble family. Images of a fireplace soon fueled Melissa’s steps as she walked up the driveway and to the door. Hesitantly, she rapped the door and it opened almost immediately. The most striking woman she had ever seen draped herself against the doorway, sandy blonde hair hanging down her sculpted shoulders and over her full breasts. The woman’s eyes were a sharp jade that seemed to glimmer in the night and a long pair of rich blue boots clung to the every divot of her legs. The woman batted her long, lashed eyes at Melissa with a coy smile but it soon turned to surprise.

“Oh my. You’re drenched!” exclaimed the woman. Melissa nodded while shivering, the desire to be near a fireplace suddenly replaced with surprise and nervousness in her realization that those gorgeous showcase thigh high boots were the ONLY thing this woman was wearing. She looked at Melissa and said sharply, “Lets get you out of those clothes now, shall we?”

Melissa took in a deep, shaking breath as the woman began to peel her blouse off her. The cotton came away with a schlurp sound that made the rain-soaked traveler instantly moist. The touch felt so taboo and so wrong, but at the same time it felt deliciously right. The woman smiled at her and walked into the kitchen, the stiletto of her boots hijacking the pulse of her heart and putting it in tempo. Melissa ran her hand slowly up her chest and found herself teasing the nub of her pert, pink nibble. She startled as the woman came back with a cup of hot cocoa and took her hand away quickly.

The woman smiled deeper and coo’ed “Don’t be shy. You’ve seen me.”

Melissa found her cheeks flushed and began to actually enjoy just how naked the woman was. The boots accented her long, slender legs and just pleaded for someone to stare at the lush valley of intimacy nestled between the woman’s thighs. The woman’s name didn’t matter anymore, neither did it matter that she was naked. Her hips stirred with warmth and she could smell her, feel the rich odor of desire that hung in the room before she was even on the road that evening.

The woman sat down upon the couch, the leather of her boots squeaking. Melissa could see the firelight reflecting in the material of the woman’s shiny blue boots. It felt like a part of her, she had to touch it. Melissa’s hand was already tracing up the woman’s boot before she could think to touch. The leather felt warm and smooth across her palm. The muscles in the woman’s legs were magnificent, they begged to be rubbed. Melissa moaned softly while the woman watched, only a wry smile upon her lips. Her chest rose and fell with every breath, her sex dripping for the desire to be tasted.

Melissa looked up to the woman, eyes full of question and passions begging to be sated though every measure of what she had been taught growing up still screamed it was wrong. If it was so wrong why did it feel so right! Melissa began to unzip the seam of the boot, the sound of the zipper’s teeth tickling her every passionate desire. The zipper almost sounded like it was crying at being removed from the woman’s hot thighs. Melissa began to pull the leather downwards, the material sticking with sweat to the woman’s thighs and legs. The smell of woman-flesh was intoxicating! Melissa’s labia dripped with lust as she began to caress and tug the boot lower and lower. She leaned in and kissed the woman’s nether lips full and passionate, tasting and licking into the swollen pink petals as if her very breath was dependant upon being allowed to touch, to taste, to feel.

The weatherworn traveler’s hands stroked along the boots, taking turns with each so neither leg felt left out. “Gods your legs are beautiful!” Melissa crooned. She stroked her palms across the glistening leather while kissing along the outer lip of the woman’s pussy. The woman leaned her head back with a sweet moan. Melissa’s breast squished against the leather boots as the young girl leaned in, bringing her head between the woman’s thighs, and tasted the woman’s hot nectar. She began to lick and drink from the delicious wine of womanly desires with long strokes of her tongue. Her pink petals were invaded like a wind stealing through an open doorway. The traveler worked her tongue faster, so intoxicated by the moment, unable to even think straight, as her tongue fluttered with intense desire over the stranger’s sex, bouncing her clit ravenously. The woman took in a deep breath and cried out, almost ferally, as an orgasm broke through her body like a tremor, heat passing through her spine like sunlight breaking through a cloudy winter sky.

Melissa’s cheeks and lips were then liberally and hotly coated in a thick, tart glaze of fresh feminine essence. It smelled like fresh apple cider, sweet but tart, tangy but in a rich fashion. Her heart pounded harder in her chest as she realized her right hand had crept down and snuck into her panties to rub at the flower between her own thighs. The woman placed her hands upon Melissa’s shoulders and guided her to lie down in front of the fireplace. The floor was draped in a rich carpet with bright faux-fur and it felt great against her hot body. The woman began to help pull off what was left of the traveler’s clothing, revealing the canvas of the young girl’s delightfully feminine body.

Melissa whispered “Please: this doesn’t feel …quite right… we don’t know each other.” The woman smiled while brushing her hand along the swell of Melissa’s thigh, “I’ll make it feel right, hon.” That strange lady then leaned slowly downwards, breasts swaying sensually upon her chest, and began to taste of young Melissa with eager tongue. Melissa threw her head back and moaned in an exotic, perhaps even forbidden passion. She pushed her hands against the woman’s shoulders but the sweep of delight rushing in her thighs soon found her hugging and rubbing along the woman’s back and through her hair in languid welcome. She groaned as the hot tongue intruded deep inside of her. Her cunny lips pulsed with every pound of her heart and she swore could almost SEE her orgasm growing near. She squeezed her legs against the woman’s sides, her feet squeezing against the hot leather of the woman’s boots.

Melissa threw her head back and cried out in release as orgasm rocketed through her body, passion bursting inside her chest like a kaleidoscope of stars colliding inside her. She lay there panting as the woman rubbed along her young thighs and hips. Her eyes closed as she laid her head back. The sweep of orgasm continued to stir and swish inside of her. Darkness soon overtook her as passion gave way to blissful sleep.

As morning shone in through the windows of the grand old house, Melissa slowly opened her eyes. She sat up with a moan of gentle pleasure while rubbing over her bare body. The woman was nowhere to be seen but her clothes were washed and dried. She got dressed and called the auto club. She was soon on her way home, the drive home peaceful and uneventful. Upon arriving in her place, she stretched out upon bed, her head draped over its side. A lump in her pocket caught her attention. A note: with a phone number.

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