Found A Keeper

Author: Cecilia

There is something wrong with me. Or at least that is what I used to think. You see I cum. Not just a little bit, but I drench whatever or whom ever happens to be lower than my pussy when I cum. My past boyfriends used to give me a rash of shit whenever that happened and even picked on me in front of others. I think it was some sort of power play or something. A few guys I dated refused to finger me or eat me out since that’s really the only time it happens. For some reason it doesn’t happen as intensely when they’re fucking me with their cocks. My orgasms aren’t as powerful when they fuck me. They still feel great, but not as intense as when they go down on me. That just about killed me. I absolutely love being eaten out. There is nothing quite like the feel of someone licking my throbbing swollen clit to orgasmic waves.

I can get guys at just about any time I want to. Don’t get me wrong, I am far from being conceited, but I do look good. My dark brown shoulder length hair caresses my face, highlighting my mocha skin and deep brown eyes. I have a great figure and have been told so too. The hourglass look I guess you would call it. The problem I used to have was keeping a steady boyfriend after they saw how explosively I came. Notice I said used to.

I found one at last! It takes me a while to get to the point where I’ll let him go down on me. Not because I don’t want it, but because I don’t want these guys running off with their tail tucked between their legs. I think it was about a month after seeing him on our first date that I let him go down on me:

We had come back to my place after a great date. He took me to one of the local Italian restaurants, Lillian’s, which is my favorite place to eat. Then we caught a movie.

He sat down next to me on the couch. The sexual tension that existed between us as I flipped through the pre-view channels could have been cut with a knife. We’d had sex before, but for some reason tonight was really intense. After a few of flipping through the channels and making idle chit chat he laid his hand on my thigh and leaned in for a kiss. Our tongues intertwined almost instantly and as our kiss deepened he slowly worked his hand up my thigh and underneath my skirt. He continued to kiss me, increasing his body weight against mine until I was pushed back into the couch as I could go. His hand found the crotch of my panties and aptly slid them past the elastic band to my already soaking wet pussy. The moan that escaped my lips surprised me and urged him on in the same breath. I couldn’t believe I was about to blow it with him. Every other guy was disgusted with my gift to cum, why shouldn’t he be any different. What the hell, at least I’d get to explode.

He began rubbing tenderly against my lips, finding my swelling clit, rolling his fingers across it all the while deepening our kiss. I quivered slightly and felt goose bumps rise over my skin. My heart began to race as I felt his fingers find my swollen clit.

He then broke off our kiss and climbed down from the couch, lifted up my skirt and pulled off my panties. He trailed kisses down over my jaw line, to the side of my neck, his tongue dipping out, tracing down my skin slowly. I slid my hands over his shoulders and to his upper back. My clit was throbbing, aching in anticipation. I loved his touch and lost myself in it, hoping that this wouldn’t be the last time.

I rocked my hips against his hand, my clit rubbing against his finger. Mark ‘s eyes lifted up to mine then brought his mouth to my soaking wet cunt. I smiled down at him; my body was aching for this release. He’d been warned and dismissed it. He was in for a bit surprise.

I whimpered as I felt his tongue touch my clit. I tilted my head back, my long, dark brown hair spilling over my shoulders and closed my eyes. Mark’s tongue entrapped my clit, pulling it between his lips as they puckered around it, suckling softly.

His sucking became more intense, his licking grew faster, and my moans grew louder. I was getting closer and closer: about to explode!

I began to quiver all over, my heart racing, my stirring getting much more intense. I began to grind my hips against his face. Mark nursed against my clit, pinning it against the roof of his mouth with his tongue, his moans escaping from his lips, vibrating against me. I could feel my climax start to rush over me and the pressure inside my wetness intensified until I couldn’t hold it back any longer!

I exploded all over Mark, covering his face, head, shoulders and the rest of his body as my cum came showering down on him. My body was tense from the strength of my peak.
He didn’t move, he kept right on licking until he felt me begin to relax a bit.

As he took his mouth from my clit, he wiped his mouth off with the back of his hand and smiled at me.

“Damn girl, you weren’t kidding.”

At first I was getting ready to say goodbye to him but he spoke before I could. He asked me when we could do this again! The man was completely covered in my cum. The carpet would have to be cleaned, since a nice sized puddle had formed around him, not to mention the other puddle about two feet passed him where my unblocked flow landed.

I couldn’t believe it. I found a guy I liked and he didn’t mind my talent. This one is a keeper!

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