Cum On

Author: Cecilia

I was staying overnight at my friend’s house when we got to talking about sex, as two eighteen year-old girls will in the wee hours of a Saturday morning, after a few too many wine coolers. Neither of us really had much practical experience; I’d sucked a guy’s cock once, and gagged when he came prematurely, and Jenny had gone all the way one unsatisfactory time, and that was about it. The fact of the matter was that, for me at least, as I got older, I was becoming less and less attracted to boys, and more and more attracted to girls – girls like my little, redheaded bestest bud Jenny.

After a lull in the dirty pillow talk, Jenny suddenly blurted out that she was a squirter, and I screamed, “No way! You’re lyin’!” so loud that her mother stormed in and told us to keep quiet. When her mom finally left, I tried to get Jenny to tell me more about her alleged ability to shoot girlie juice. My ex-boyfriend had once shown me a porn video of a couple of women cumming buckets, but I’d always thought that it was faked somehow. Jenny was so upset that I’d doubted her, however, that she refused to discuss it.

That’s when I got the bright idea to talk her into giving me a demonstration. That way, I’d not only get the truth, but I’d also get the chance to see the pretty babe’s cunny, maybe even jump her bones when she was excitedly jilling-off. And so, after coaxing and coaxing her, Jenny finally agreed to give me a show, as long as I helped, she said. My cunny got so damp and squishy at that last statement that it just about squeaked between my legs.

Jenny jumped off her bed, fumbled around in a dresser drawer, and pulled out a tiny, white vibrator. “This usually does the trick,” she exclaimed, pulling down and stepping out of her pajama bottoms, her frilly, pink panties.

I stared at the flame-haired girl’s cunny, my heart in my throat. Jenny’s a petite hottie with sky-blue eyes, long, flowing red hair, a pale, oval face and a tight, trim body featuring a pair of handful titties capped by jutting nipples and, as I now saw for the very first time, a pouty slit covered by wispy, ginger-colored fur.

“What are you staring at, Megan?” she asked, a sassy smile on her lips.

I looked up at her face and laughed nervously, and she hopped back onto her bed and beckoned me over. I shot off my hideaway cot like I’d been fired out of a cannon and joined the sexy redhead on her bed. She squirmed her way back to the headboard, fluffed up some pillows, and then leaned back and spread her propped-up legs, assuming the exact same jill-off position that I like to use.

I crawled over to her side and helpfully lifted up her pajama top, so it wouldn’t get in the way of her diddling activities, of course. Jenny smiled shyly at me, made me promise never to reveal her secret to anyone, and then flicked on the vibrator and started playing it along her gash.

I watched through lust-misted eyes as my girlfriend rubbed her dampening cunny with that humming vibrator, her sweet body spray filling my dizzy head, the heat from her succulent bod firing up my body. I squeezed in closer, pressed against her, my sweaty hands clutching her pajama top and revealing her milky-white titties, her engorged, ultra-pink nipples. I nuzzled her thick, lustrous red hair, buried my face in it, her own face turning deadly serious as she concentrated on making herself cum.

She pushed the vibrator hard up against her swollen clitty, closing her eyes and lolling her head back against my shoulder. “Feel up my titties, Megan!” she pleaded, answering my unspoken prayers. “They’re really, really sensitive.”

I quickly coiled my left arm around her soft shoulders, hugged her close to me, and then slid my right hand up underneath her top and fondled her boobs. I excitedly squeezed and kneaded first one firm, fleshy tit, and then the other, rolled her erect, rubbery nips between my fingers, all the while nuzzling her flaming locks and watching her polish her petulant love-button with the vibrator.

She shoved two fingers into her glistening cunny, slid them back and forth in her pink. Then she suddenly gasped for air, her chest heaving, and before I even realized what was happening, she shrieked in ecstasy and a stream of girlie-cum shot out of her cunny, about three feet straight up into the air. I could hardly believe my eyes. I frantically groped the writhing redhead’s titties as she moaned with abandon and sprayed honey all over her legs and bed.

I got so inflamed by the sight of Jenny’s gushing that I let her go and scrambled in between her quivering legs, anxious to taste her squirt. She was being jolted by what must have been multiple orgasms, her upper body bouncing up and down on the bed, as she spouted cum like a fountain, again and again and again. I positioned my face over top of her geyser and was showered with liquid joy, got squirted straight in the kisser with her hot, sticky cum. I opened my mouth and stuck out my tongue and drank in her tangy goodness.

Jenny gave me a facial like I would’ve never thought possible from another girl, and then finally, after five or six incredible cum-pulses, her cunny stopped boiling over and her hand fell away from her clitty. She whimpered softly, her wet body undulating with post-orgasmic shock, and I pushed my smeared face forward and tongued her pink buzzer, started lapping at her drenched, orange-furred cunny.

“Hey, Megan!” she hollered, after almost a solid minute of my heavy tongue-petting, after she’d finally drifted back off her blissful cloud and into reality again. “What are you doin’!? I’m not a lez, you know!”

I now knew for certain I was, however. I lifted my cum-streaked face from Jenny’s cunny and licked my sticky lips, as she snapped her juice-stained legs shut.    

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