One on One

Author: Cecilia

Stacey walks over to you. Her breasts gently swaying with each step, her hairy pussy lips rubbing together lightly, leans forward to kiss your lips and at the last moment passing by them, just barely touching them. She places her hands on your upper thighs, begins to kiss her way down your neck and nibbles softly around the base of your neck, her hands slowly undoes your pants. She continues to kiss down your neck to your strong chest, dragging her nails lightly across your tummy. She slips her tongue from her mouth and lightly flicks your nipple, sucking gently, rolling your nipple between her lips not leaving it until it’s hard. She then reluctantly removes her full lips from one and turns her attention to the other, not stopping until she feels the hard nipple stand erect.

She flicks her tongue at your nipple one last time, then begins to kiss her way down your tummy, her chin tickling your little hairs. She works her hands into your pants and wraps her little fingers around your cock, pulling it out, exposing it to her naked chest. As she nibbles at your tummy, she begins to tease your nipples with her free hand; lightly grasping the shaft and begins to stroke. She looks up at you and smiles, her deep green eyes locked into yours.

She lowers herself down between your thighs, her ample breasts resting on top of your legs and slowly slips her tongue from her lot little mouth. She flicks the tip of your cock with her wet tongue, teasing it, tasting your thick precum and flattens her tongue over the head of your cock, her eyes still locked into yours. She slowly slides your cock into her hot little mouth, her tongue caressing the shaft as it enters, her little hand still stroking close to the base of your cock, she reaches around with her other hand and gently massages your balls, warming them with her hand. She moans as her mouth is filled with your hard cock.

Yearning to taste your hot cum, she starts a slow bob, sliding your cock the full length in and out of her mouth, her breasts rubbing against the tops of your thighs. She slides your cock deep into her mouth, till it touches the back of her throat, causing her to gag slightly, she wiggles her head side to side, then pulls her head back squeezing her lips tightly around the shaft. She moans loudly as your throbbing cock fills her mouth again.

She feels herself grow extremely wet and slips her fingers to her hairy pussy, coating them with her juices then brings her hand back to your cock, covering the shaft with her wetness. She squeezes her lips tighter, and quickens her pace; her breasts bouncing against your thighs, sucking sounds fill the room as your cock slides in and out of her mouth. She then pulls her mouth from your cock, her lips coated with her spit and your precum. She stands in front of you, her full breasts resting softly against her chest, her nipples hard and her red haired pussy, dripping wet.

She leans forward causing her breasts to hang from her chest, wraps her hands around the back of your legs and pulls you forward in the chair, your ass sitting very closely to the edge. She pushes your legs together and spreads her thighs. As she bends her knees, she lowers herself onto your legs, sliding up from your knees to your thighs, stopping as she feels her curly hair touch the base of your throbbing cock.

She grinds her slender hips against your thighs, rubbing her hairy, wet lips against the length of your cock, rubbing her juices into the shaft. She trails her fingernails across your chest and circles your nipples as she raises her hips from your thighs and eases her body forward. She brings her lips to yours and presses firmly as her tongue slips into your mouth. As she begins to kiss you she lowers her sopping wet pussy onto the head of your cock, letting the head penetrate her tight hole, moaning as she begins to grip your cock with her pussy.

She lets her hips ease down until her ass is once again resting on the tops of your thighs, your cock deep within her pussy. She begins to grind her hips against your thighs as she reaches for your hands, bringing them up to her large breasts and making you squeeze them lightly. Her grinding becomes faster and her moaning more frequent, she bites her lower lip as she feels her climax begin to build within her body. Stacey continues to squeeze your hands around her breasts, her pussy squeezing so tightly around your cock as she grinds her hips against your thighs.
She feels your cock begins to swell within her, and your balls tighten under her ass cheeks. Her pace quickens so that her breasts begin to bounce in your hands, her ass slaps against your thighs, and she lowers her hands from yours and places them behind her body on your knees. She leans back forcing your cock deeper into her hairy pussy and grasps your knees tightly.

Her climax begins to peek and she begins to moan with almost each breath, her breasts bouncing within inches from your face. You feel her pussy contracting and releasing around your cock, milking it, she looks into your eyes and says, “I want to feel you cum inside me.” You slide your hands to her hips holding her tightly against your body, as you begin to pump against her thrusts, your cock so full and your own climax ready to top. She can’t hold back anymore and she moans a loud steady moan, her body quivers on top of you, squeezing your cock tightly.

Her spasming pussy sends you over the edge as you feel your climax explode within her, coating her inner walls with your thick cum. She smiles at you as she feels your cum jet deep inside her, she leans forward pressing her breasts against your chest, your hearts pounding against each other. She kisses you once again and slowly raises herself off of your lap, saunters off, her ass jiggling with every step. She waves as she disappears behind the black curtain.

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