They Ought To Bottle This Stuff…

Author: Cecilia

Vince drove home with Lin in his usual car pool. It was his turn to drive and as usual, she was the last one to be dropped off.

When he pulled up to the small apartment building, Vince brought the car around the back and pulled into one of the parking spaces near her room number. This was the most fun part of the day. He looked forward to this week every month when he and his secret love would have hours and hours to spend at her place instead of the short time they had on the rest of the weeks when the others would drive.

They worked right alongside one another all day in the office doing their best to behave as much as they possibly could while they were on the clock. When the two of them punched out and they went back to their home however, things got to take an entirely different turn.

The two of them rushed into the small apartment like newlyweds, tearing off their clothing to sedate the hunger their bodies lusted for. Lin was already soaking wet. Literally. Her hot sex dripped with her sweet juices down along her thigh as they kissed in the desperate passion they had been holding back for the entire day.

Vince playfully pushed her down to her back on the couch, not even wasting the time to get all the way over to the bedroom. He kneeled down onto the floor, looking up over her beauty with a desire that made his heart pound and his body sweat in the anticipation.

Lin leaned back on the couch and parted her thighs for him. Her eyes followed her love as he leaned down along her knee and a rolling bead of her honey-like nectar that had almost escaped him.

He re-traced the glistening trail all the way up to the drenched lips of her clean-shaven sex. He parted her folds, teasing along the delicate pink flesh with the very tip of his tongue.

Lin twitched with a deep gasp, sending her juices pouring out from her womb to soak Vince’s face. Just that little tease nearly sent her over the edge in the frustrating excitement that had been building within her for the entire day. She reached down to him, cradling his cheeks in her hands as he drank from her fountain of youth.

Vince could not help himself. He loved the way she freely flowed when her body felt that heated excitement. His mind once again drifted into the heat of pure lust with her musky scent filling his senses into a stimulating overload. His tongue went into a flurry, lapping every drop of her cream that he could get down his throat.

Her body on fire with her juices acting like gasoline to heighten the feelings of pure animalistic heat. She grabbed onto the back of the couch, propping her feet up on the seat to give her lover more room to breath in her nearly drowning fluids.

His fingers slid easily upstream inside her warm depths. There was little friction at all but that did not matter. He knew that just the feelings of being stretched by him were enough to really drive her over the edge. And in almost no time at all, he could hear her deep groans that she insisted on holding back the inevitable as long as she could.

Lin couldn’t hold back any longer. The dam holding back the churning of her waters within broke with a wail of her pleasures. Her hot sex poured her juices onto Vince, soaking not only his face, but also his chest and shoulders in the heated liquids of her release.

Vince sat back on the floor, preening the cream from his arms with a wide smile. He absolutely adored his Asian lover : and for a big reason. He slipped his dress pants from his waist letting his mammoth cock bounce free. Ten inches of cock still growing and as thick as Lin’s forearm.

Lin stared at that length that would be too big and too thick for anyone else. But for her slickened flowing juices, he was a walk in the park. She kneeled over his lap, guiding his monster to her depths and easing down onto him in careful precision. Inch by inch she dove down on him, feeling not a tinge of pain, just a nice thick pressure on her inner walls. Most of the guys she had been with could not give her any good friction when they filled her body but this tree trunk of a cock was more than enough to really fill her the ways she longed for.

Vince held Lin around her waist and guided her down onto his thick shaft. The feelings that rushed through him felt with intensity no other woman in his life could dare to gift. Every inch of his cock felt squeezed like a vice in this Japanese woman’s dripping canal with the pressure inside building every moment when he felt her waters start to build within.

Her sex plugged up and the waters held back, Lin could only coat Vince’s cock in a thick layer of glistening juices. She plunged down onto his shaft feeling her body getting closer and closer to another heart-stopping release. She leaned down unable to support herself on her knees any longer and rested her hands onto his shoulders as she bucked his pole with every ounce she had.

He clenched tightly around her waist, returning each of her powerful thrusts down onto him with an equaled passion. He felt her nails grip deep onto him with her cry of orgasmic release shouting through the apartment building and alerting all that were within earshot. His thighs were soaked in the streaming geyser of her feminine juices that rushed over his cock and likewise send him over the edge, pouring into her sex with his own thick cream that was flushed out just as fast as it pumped within.

The two, burnt and exhausted lay on the floor in a soaked puddle of their own orgasmic fluids with the musky scent of sex looming so thick in the air you could cut it with a knife. They passed out cold, holding one another close with his slowly deflating shaft still imbedded within his rather unique lover.

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