A Ginger Squirt

Author: Cecilia

I looked into her eyes as she leaned back on the couch.

“Are you sure you wanna do this Michelle?” she said. I looked up into Ginger’s eyes, as I unclasped my bra, getting my clothes off. I was only wearing panties now, as I reached up to peel her panties off. Ginger was a short, somewhat padded girl, with blue-streaked black hair, who I had known about a year now. She wore glasses, which she took off now.
“I can take it.” I said softly, licking my lips. I had actually been looking forward to this since Jennifer told me about it, and Ginger admitted to being that way. I tossed her panties to the side, as she took her bra off. She had modest breasts, a little more than a handful, but her nipples were already perked.

“I can’t believe this..” she said, blushing, her chest and cheeks hued rose. She giggled softly, as I moved in slowly, and caressed her inner thigh. I moved one hand down to the floor, and picked up a thick blue dildo, about nine inches long, and fleshy rubber. I turned it on, letting it hum. She gasped, and said softly, “I usually don’t need one.” blushing again deeply.
“It’s for me, Ginger.” I said, smiling at her, as I began to caress closer to her trimmed sex. She parted her legs, and then laid them over my shoulder. I smiled, and placed my hand against her mound, feeling the warmth from her, as she brought her hands to her breasts, caressing and playing with them, making her nipples harden slowly. I watched her for a while, just cupping her, before starting to rub slowly, side to side, feeling her rather unusually prominent clit between my fingers, as I tickled her there so softly. She leaned back a bit more, closing her eyes, rarely ever opening them through my treatment, her lips parted in pleasure, as I felt her honey begin to spread over my fingers. She was excited just in getting her clothes off, and now she was becoming quickly consumed in desire.

I brought my lips to her sex, spreading her labia with my fingers, and kissing her clit, sucking it gently between my lips, and teasing it with my tongue. It was almost too much sensation for her, and she bucked her hips against me, slightly shocked by it. I slowed down a little starting to just stroke her now glistening clit side to side with my fingers, as I pressed that thick faux-cock into my damp sex, wriggling it slowly, spreading my juices over it, as it vibrated against my clit. It felt so wonderful, as it filled me slowly, while I squatted down onto it. I brought my lips back to Ginger’s sex, and she groaned my name softly, making my juices really start glazing that toy, as I stroked it in and out of me, licking her labia open, and spreading them around my tongue in my slow and eager stroking. Her breathing started to get faster, and I leaned back, rapidly rubbing my index and middle fingers back and forth over her clit, making her whimper with pleasure.

“That’s it.. keep doing that.. I’ll cum..” she said. I smiled, noting to myself it was pretty obvious. I rolled my hips fondly against the toy, as I pumped it in and out, and watched her breathing.. watched her face, as it tinted scarlet, and then stopped, just petting her thighs. “No! Don’t stop! Oh god!” she cried, lurching down the sofa, toward me, trying to press her wet honey-pot against my face. I looked at her as I moved my head back. She was squeezing her breasts, pinching and turning her nipples, trying to increase her pleasure as much as she could, but I held back a bit, until her breathing slowed, with soft whimpers of protest to my treatment. I groaned a bit myself, feeling the heat settling on my thighs and tummy, my orgasm approaching. I leaned in close, and started flickering my tongue over her clit, and dipping into her slit as deep as I could, listening to her issuing of deep, heartfelt obscenities of pleasure. I cupped my mouth over her sex, sucking at her honey, grinding my tongue hard on her clit, before pulling my head back, just as she was getting to a fever pitch. She cried out in protest again.

“You behave, or I will just keep this up!” I said, winking at her, licking my lips. “You ready to go? Gonna give me …what I … came for?” I said, feeling myself slipping, tumbling toward climax, panting, stroking myself faster with the toy.

“Yes! Yes, oh God Yes!” she cried, holding the couch cushions tightly with white-knuckled hands, trembling. I lowered my head, and then licked firmly over her clit, slow at first, with growing speed, listening to her moans and cries grow in volume and intensity, until finally, she arched her back, and gave a strangled back cry of release, and I got exactly what I wanted! Her thick honey sprayed into my mouth, and I drew back, unprepared for how much and how fast it would come. I took another heated gush in the face, and just wailed in climax, shaking, my mouth open, as I used my fingers to strum rapidly side to side over her clit, making her cum harder! She spewed that wonderful hot fluid all over my face, her walls clenching tightly, pumping her collected juices out hard and forcefully, all over my face, my neck, my breasts, dripping with her cum.

It seemed to last forever as I felt my climax thrashing my body, my cunt gripping that blue fleshy toy too tight for me to move it, my own nectar spilling softly over my hand, but no where near what Ginger was doing. I groaned weakly, as her saturating climax died down to a steady trickle, and I rested my cheek against her soaking, quivering pussy, panting, dazed, almost passing out, from how sated I was. My first experience with a squirter, and I would do anything it took to have others. Over, and over again.

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