Two On One

Author: Brian

For those of you who read “Five In One” you know that my husband Brian has given me some incredible experiences with multiple men and after the last one I promised Brian that I would arrange for him to have sex with me and another woman.

Brian is a great guy, husband and lover. He’s early forties, 6’3”, 200lbs, in great shape with a very nice 7” pretty thick cock and he is wonderfully oral. Brian describes me as a pretty shoulder-length redhead in my late forties; I’m 5’4”, 120lb with 36C/D nice firm natural breasts with sensitive pinkish-brown nipples, a nice round and silky smooth ass, a partially shaved pussy.

I have this girlfriend Liz who has been divorced for about a year and never really felt like hitting the dating scene. Often when she and I are together for lunch, dinner or drinks I always felt that she’s physically attracted to me (nothing has ever happened or been said – it’s just one of those feelings). I wouldn’t consider myself bi-sexual although I have had times where I have been bi-curious, only once did I come close to having sex with another woman. I only got as far as heatedly kissing each other and playing and licking/sucking each others breasts when I got cold feet and pulled back.

I decided that I was ready to go all the way with Liz in the company of Brian, so one day at dinner I approached the subject with her. I told her that I was attracted to her and she said “likewise”, I then asked her if she would like to come to the house and if she would mind if Brian participated? She almost gulped in her wine, looked at me and said “I would love to, but are you sure you want to share Brian?” to which I said “absolutely and without any restraints”.

Two days later Liz arrived for dinner at our house and boy was she decked out to seduce in high heels, short tight skirt and a very tight blouse that revealed a lot of cleavage. Liz is extremely pretty kind of exotic looking with dark hair in her mid forties, 5’7”, about 125lbs with rather large breasts. I realized that I better put something else on, so I ran up and put a similar outfit on. When Brian got home from the gym Liz and was having a glass of wine and he looked at us and asked if he had missed anything about going out. We both looked at him and said “no, why?” To which he answered that we both looked absolutely stunning and dressed to kill any man out there.

I handed him a glass of wine and told him that we’re just having a nice home cooked meal. During dinner I noticed that Brian had a hard time not looking at both mine and Liz’ breasts all the time. After dinner and desert we relocated to the living room where we all sat in our large L-shaped couch. I moved over to Liz and began to caress her breast and Liz immediately began to caress mine. Brian’s eyes almost fell out of his head Liz and I began to kiss each other and I stuck my hand inside her blouse and caressed her nipple.

Liz gently pulled my breasts out and began to lick my nipples (oh did it feel good), I then did the same to her while Brian was intently watching us. I whispered something to Liz and she got up and sat at the other side of Brian and we both began to kiss him while we rubbed our naked tits against him and each fondled his cock through his pants.
Brian leaned over and began to caress and lick Liz’ tits while I undid his belt, unzipped his fly and pulled out his already hard cock. I then got between his legs and began to suck him while he was sucking and licking her tits and nipples. I moved over to Liz and pulled off her skirt realizing that like me she wasn’t wearing panties, I pulled her blouse over her head so she was now completely naked. Brian pulled me up next to him and removed my blouse while Liz got on the floor, pulled his pants off and took his cock in her mouth and began to suck him while Brian was sucking and licking my tits and nipples.

Liz pulled my skirt off, spread my legs and buried her face in my pussy (it’s true what they say “a woman knows what a woman wants”), it felt incredible as she was licking and sucking my pussy and Brian was doing the same to my tits. Brian pulled off his shirt and got down behind Liz where he began to eat her pussy from behind while he was pulling on her nipples and she was eating my pussy and pulling on my nipples.

Liz was incredible I was already about to come when I heard flesh against flesh, I looked down and saw Brian with a firm grip on Liz’ hips ramming his cock hard in and out of her pussy. It must have been quite a while since Liz has had sex because it didn’t take long with Brian fucking her from behind before she let out a yelp and had her first orgasm while she was still eating my pussy and pulling my nipples. That did it for me and I just let go and felt the orgasm rolling through my body. Liz must have quite a pussy because all of the sudden I heard Brian groan and I looked at him as he emptied her cum into her pussy, it usually takes a lot longer before Brian cums.

When Brian pulled out of Liz I went between her legs and sucked his cum out of her and licked her pussy clean, after I swallowed it all we drank some wine and cuddled together the three of us. As we were laying there kind of tangled up Brian was caressing one of Liz’ tits and one of mine as I was caressing one of her tits and she was caressing one of mine.

We lay there for a long time sipping wine and just caressing each others tits, pussies, asses and cock, all this touching each other started to affect us all. Liz took Brian’s soft cock in her mouth and slowly began to suck him hard, Brian put his head between my legs and began to very softly lick my pussy, I then put my head between Liz’ legs and began to lick her wet pussy. Things definitely started to heat up and Brian buried his face between Liz’ large tits, after he licked and sucked her tits and nipples she and I took turns kissing each other and sucking Brian’s cock.

While Liz and I were kissing each other Brian was pulling on our nipples, we got so into the kissing and touching each other that we momentarily forgot about Brian. Liz and I ended up in a 69 and man was it incredible to lick and suck her pussy while she did the same to me. I was lying on top and suddenly I felt Brian slowly penetrate my pussy and he began to fuck me very slow while Liz was licking my pussy and his balls. After a while I suggested we changed place so Liz would be on top and I could lick her pussy and Brian’s balls and watch as his beautiful glistening wet cock was gliding in and out of Liz’ pussy

After a while Liz and I told Brian to lie on his back, I then straddled his cock and Liz sat on his face. While I was fucking Brian and he was eating Liz’ pussy she and I was kissing, groping each others tits, pulling each others nipples. I have this trick that drives Brian nuts when I’m riding him, when I move down on him I relax my pussy but when I move up I tighten my pussy and he says it feels like getting his cock sucked by my pussy.

Liz and I were licking and sucking each others tits and nipples and I was riding Brian hard while Liz was rubbing her pussy hard over Brian’s face and tongue. I couldn’t handle anymore and I let my orgasm roll through me and I could feel Liz beginning to tremble as she was on her way. After she and I had come she got between Brian’s legs and began to lick his balls and shaft as I was fucking him as hard and fast as I could, it had its desired effect and Brian exploded inside my pussy.

As I was getting off Brian, Liz stuck her head between my legs and said it was her turn to clean my pussy, so she sucked his cum out of my pussy and swallowed it and then she licked it clean. Afterwards we all decided to go to bed and Brian declared that he wanted to be “pickle in the middle”.

Sometime in the middle of the night I woke up because the whole bed was shaking and I realized that Brian was fucking the living sh*t out of Liz. I jus lie there and enjoyed the scenario; Brian was holding her legs spread very wide while he was pounding her pussy hard and fast with his big hard cock and her tits were bouncing wildly up and down. Liz eyes were closed so I winked at Brian and let him now to give all he got and I grabbed her tits and sucked and pulled her nipples.

All of the sudden she let out a scream and boy did she come, almost immediately after Liz’ orgasm I heard Brian let out a loud groan and then he emptied his cum in her pussy which I right away sucked and licked clean.

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