Family Friend – {art 2

Author: socalellen

My name is Ellen and my husband Brian describes me as a very pretty MILF with curly shoulder-length red hair and blue eyes; I am in my mid fifties; 5’4”, 120lb, with 34C/D nice firm natural breasts with sensitive pinkish-brown nipples, a nice round silky smooth ass, long straight legs and a tight partially shaved pussy.

Brian is in his late forties, very handsome and athletic 6’3” and 190lbs with a nice big and thick cock that always seems to be ready for me. If you have read any of my other stories you will know that Brian loves to create all kinds of sexual encounters and role-plays with me as the center of attention.

If you have read “Family friend – Part 1” you know that we had tried for a long time to get together for dinner with our long time friend David. We had finally found a Wednesday night that worked for everyone and David and Brian ganged up on me in the pool and they fucked the sh*t out of me. As I thought we were done and begin to get up Brian and David grabs me and pulls me back down.

Brian: “where do you think you’re going?”
Ellen: “well we’re done so I’m going to put some clothes on”
David: “oh no, we have just started”
Ellen: “you’re kidding, I’m already sore”
Brian: “too bad, that was just the warm-ups, and by the way you don’t need any clothes on until tomorrow – David is spending the night here”
Ellen: “sounds like I won’t be able to sit or walk tomorrow”
David: “are you bragging or complaining?”
Ellen: “both, just be a little gentle please”
Brian: “we’ll see, and enough with the talk”

David then gets in front of my face grabs my head and stirs his flaccid cock into my mouth in order for me to suck him hard again. Brian grabs both my tits and gently licks my sore nipples and before long I can feel the familiar stirring in my pussy and body.

I slowly suck David’s cock and lick his heavy balls and pretty quickly I feel him grow in my mouth (I love that feeling when a cock goes from soft to hard because of my sucking). David is licking and sucking my nipples which are also growing hard and I have totally forgotten about them being sore, now I’m just enjoying the nipple treatment.

I am squeezing David’s balls with my hand while I’m stroking his shaft with my other hand and I’m licking and sucking his cockhead. David’s cock is now hard as a rock again

Brian: “Yo David it’s my turn to get my cock sucked, why don’t you take over pleasing her nipples?
David: “absolutely, have her give your cock the same treatment as mine, it’s awesome”
Brian: “I know she’s probably the best cocksucker I have ever tried”
David: “I agree, she could make a good living out of sucking cocks”
Ellen: “guy’s I’m right here and I’m just pleased you enjoy my cock sucking”
David: “I mean, it guy’s would pay good money for this kind of cock sucking”
Ellen: “well thank you, I’m glad you like my sucking”
David: “No Ellen, you’re an amazing cocksucker”
Ellen: “thank you, what can I say I just love sucking cock”
Brian: “time to shut up and suck my cock”
Ellen: “yes sir”

Brian then feeds me his soft cock and I immediately begin to lick and suck his cock and balls while David’s soft tongue licks my big hard nipples. Brian’s cock quickly begins to grow in my mouth and before long he’s having me deep-throating him again (he loves when I take all his cock and licks his balls at the same time – that’s a special trick of mine and it drives guy’s crazy) .

David grabs my tits at their bases and squeezes hard so my tits expands like balloons and then he licks and sucks my nipples which feels absolutely fantastic. With my free hand I grab David’s hard cock and begin to stroke while I suck Brian and stroke him with my other hand (there’s nothing like having a hard cock in each hand – well that would be having one in each hand, one in my mouth, one in my pussy and one in my ass at the same time).

After a while Brian pulls his very hard cock out of my mouth and gets next to David and they each grab a tit and begin to loudly suck on my nipples. With both my nipples being sucked at the same time and one of them fingering my pussy and clitoris I am helpless and the next orgasm just hits me like an earthquake.

The keep sucking my nipples and fingering my clitoris so my orgasm keeps rolling through my body and then like on cue they let go of my tits and pussy and just sits there on their knees observing the last tremors of my orgasm.

David: “wow that was a serious one”
Brian: “I told you when she cums, she cums”
David: “no shit, she’s still in another universe”
Brian: “yep, watch this”

Brian then spread my legs and lets his tongue flicker over my clitoris and pussylips knowing that will keep my orgasm going.

David: “Damn look at her go again”
Ellen: “oh my goooood”
Brian: “when she gets to this point you need to lightly lick her clit ever so often”
David: “what’s the longest she has kept cumming?”
Brian: “I don’t know let’s see how long we can keep her going”
David: “what do want me to do”
Brian: “squeeze her tits together and keep lightly licking both her nipples and I’ll keep licking her clit and pussy”

Every time it felt like I was done those bastards kept me going and I have no idea how long it was, if felt like I was cumming for an hour. Finally my body stopped shaking and I was like coming out of a fog when I realized that David and Brian was looking at me with these goofy big grins on their faces.

Ellen: “thank you boy’s, I’m done for tonight”
Brian: “oh no you’re not, you got a couple of hard cocks to take care of”
Ellen: “not right now, I’m completely toast”
Brian: “Here have some wine”

Brian then dunks his cock into the wineglass and pushes it into my mouth so I have to suck the wine off his cock, David thinks that’s a brilliant idea and does the same, so I’m now being fed wine one cock at a time. After regaining some composure Brian has me get on all four and they keep feeding me wine one cock at a time.

Brian then gets behind me and before I know it he plunges his hard cock all the way to the bottom of my very wet pussy, he grabs my hips and really gives it to me while David gets on his back with his face right under my dangling tits. David is milking my tits and sucking my nipples when Brian gives my pussy another couple of hard deep fucks and then he pulls out of me and comes up and grabs my hair and thrusts his shiny wet cock into my mouth.

I can taste my pussy juices mixed with the taste of his cock and David’s cum from earlier, it’s quite a tasty erotic blend. With Brian fucking my mouth and David milking tits with long firm strokes while licking and sucking my sensitive nipples I decide it’s time to give Davis a riding lesson.

With Brian still in my mouth and David hanging on to my tits a move around and put a leg on each side of David. I then grab his hard ready cock and guide his cockhead between my pussylips where I let it rest for a couple of seconds before I sink down over his pole. Once he’s all the way in I slowly begin to ride up and down on his cock.

Leaning forward so David can keep milking my tits and suck my nipples I ride his wonderful cock while sucking on Brian’s hard cock and I have completely forgotten how exhausted I was before.

Brian: “I told you you weren’t done”
Ellen: unintelligible since I’m still sucking Brian’s cock
Brian: “oops, sorry about that” and he pulls out of my mouth”
Ellen: “thank you, now at least I can talk”
Brian: “looks like someone is enjoying your tits and your pussy”
Ellen: “trust me I’m enjoying it just as much, he has a nice soft tongue and a great hard cock
Brian: “good I want you to enjoy yourself”
Ellen: “oh I am, why didn’t we do this with David years ago?”
Brian: “I don’t know, we were always just really good friends”
Ellen: “but now we’ll get together much more often, right?”
David: “you got that damn straight, how about every other day?”
Brian: “long time, no hear – enjoying the ride and the tits?”
David: “oh my god yes, her tits are phenomenal, but her riding my cock is out of this world”
Brian: “I know, she can ride a cock”
Ellen: “every other day works for me”
Brian: “I’m good with that”
David: “cool, see you on Friday and now I just want to enjoy Ellen’s tits and pussy”
Ellen: “Friday is good”
Brian: “Friday it is, enjoy her tits and pussy”

I’m riding up and down on David’s cock and I now begin to rotate my hips and gyrate on his cock and he’s still milking my tits and sucking my nipples when I feel Brian’s hands grip my hips and I know what’s about to go down. Sure enough with a smooth move he slowly pushes his cockhead inside my ass and once I relax he carefully move all the way into my ass.

I quickly get used to his cock in my ass and when I say “go ahead” he begin to fuck me while I’m riding up and down on David’s cock faster and he’s sucking my nipples harder.

David’s hands are all over my tits grasping and squeezing them while he sucks wonderfully hard on my nipples and with his cock buried deep in my pussy I’m gyrating back and forth while Brian is fucking my ass hard. I am gyrating my hips and pussy fast when all of the sudden I hear a gasp from David and I feel him emptying his load deep inside my pussy again.

Sitting with David’s cock deep inside my pussy he keep pulling on my tits and sucking my nipples as Brian is now hard, fast and furiously fucking my poor ass and finally I hear a grunt and he shoots his warm load deep into my ass. After a little while Brian pulls out of my ass and I get off David’s cock and I can feel their cum oozing out of my pussy and ass.

Ellen: “ok I need wine from a glass and I need to rest for a while”
Brian: “wine – no problem, rest I don’t know about – what do you think David?”
David: “as long as she stays naked I let her rest for 10 minutes”
Ellen: “I’ll stay naked but give me ½ hour”
David: “as long as I can keep looking at your beautiful, sexy naked body I’ll give you 20”
Brian: “sounds like a deal to me”
Ellen: “works for me let’s go inside and get some wine”
David & Brian: “deal” and they high-five each other.

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