Birthday for three

Author: Brian

It was my birthday and I had an early evening meeting at a downtown restaurant with the CEO of a long time customer of mine. After the meeting I invited him to go to my house for a drink, little did I know that my wife Ellen had decided to surprise me.

When we arrived at my house I opened the front door and saw Ellen standing there with two glasses of wine wearing a black open bra, a black sheer thong, black garter belt, black fishnet stockings and black high stiletto heels.

Ellen is a very pretty redhead in her late 40’s, 5’4” and 120lb with 36D nice firm natural breasts with big sensitive pinkish-brown nipples, a nice round and silky smooth ass, trimmed and partly shaven pubic area, and great long legs.

The eyes of the CEO (Eric) almost fell out of his head when he saw her and she blushed and looked very embarrassed when she realized I wasn’t alone. She stammered an apology and began to retreat. I stopped her and took one wineglass and handed it to Eric and told them to follow me into the kitchen so I could get a glass of wine as well.

Ellen put down her wineglass and said that she would go and get decent. I put an arm around her waist, winked at Eric and began to caress one of her breasts and motioned for Eric to do the same with her other breast. She tried to pull away and cover her breasts but I told her to stop that and just enjoy.

Eric and I kissed, licked and sucked a breast each and after a while I told Ellen to get on her knees. I unzipped and pulled out my now half-hard cock and told her to suck me. As on cue Eric immediately drops his pants and I pull out of Ellen’s mouth and let Eric turn her head and push his cock deep into her mouth. While sucking him Ellen grab his cock and balls as she is also stroking mine.

Eric and I shed all our clothes and I get down on my back between her legs and begin to eat her wet pussy. Eric still with his cock in her mouth bend down to play with her tits and gently pinch and pull her very hard nipples.

Eric pulls out of her mouth and we carry her into the living room and lay her on the soft carpet. Eric pulls off her thong and almost dives between her legs and loudly begins to lick and suck her now very wet pussy. I have her push her tits together around my cock and I slowly fuck her tits. Every time I move up she licks and sucks the tip of my cock.

All of the sudden her body starts trembling, she breathes heavy, and she begins to moan so I turn around just to see that Eric is holding her legs wide spread by the ankles and is slowly pushing his hard cock very deep into her warm wet pussy. With a slurping sound he slowly moves in and out of her.

I push my cock into her warm mouth and begin to fuck her while I pull on her hard swollen nipples and I can hear Eric’s balls slap against her ass as he is fucking her hard now. Eric tells me that he want to take her from behind so Ellen get s on hand and knees in a 69 on top of me and Eric grabs her hips and thrusts his cock into her dripping wet pussy.

She sucks my cock, I pull on her nipples and lick her clitoris while Erick loudly fucks her. All of the sudden Ellen lets out a yelp and I see Eric’s glistening wet cock carefully penetrate her very tight ass. Eric fucks her ass for a little while and then returns to fuck her pussy.
I can feel her powerful orgasm and her whole body shakes when Eric grunts and starts filling her pussy with his cum. Ellen is sucking me very hard so within seconds I fill her mouth with my entire load.

After Eric and I have completely emptied our loads into her mouth and pussy, Ellen’s body turns limb and she practically collapses on top of me and there is cum seeping out of her pussy and mouth.

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