I Am Dinner

Author: socalellen

My name is Ellen and my husband Brian describes me as a very pretty MILF with curly shoulder-length red hair; I am in my early fifties; 5’4”, 120lb, with 34C/D nice firm natural breasts with sensitive pinkish-brown nipples, a nice round silky smooth ass and a tight shaved pussy.

If you have read any of my other stories you will know that my husband loves to create all kinds of sexual encounters with me as the center of attention. I have been in MMF, FFM, MMFM, gang-bangs, S&M, etc.; he even had me perform like a prostitute at a downtown Los Angeles hotel.

Brian has a very important business dinner tonight with the executives from an Australian company that he is really close to land as a client and he asks me “would you mind going to the dinner and help me close the deal?” and he continued “I’ll do anything to get this one, this is huge”. I said “I’ll do whatever to help you, you know that”.

Brian: “You really mean that? This is so big that whatever we have to do we’ll do”.

Ellen: “Not to worry you know me I’ll pull all stops to help you get it”.

Brian: “Thank you, you’re the best wife a man could ever ask for”.

Ellen: “You’re welcome, I guess I better go and get my hair and nails done”.

Brian: “That’ll be good because I want you to dress and look like you’re going to seduce the hottest guy on the planet”.

Ellen: “I will look like the hottest chick in the restaurant, by the way where are we going?”

Brian: “I reserved a private room at our favorite place”.

Ellen: “cool, I’ll see you in a little while”.

A couple of hours later I’m back home and it’s time to get dressed, I put on black silk thigh-highs, black silk thong, black silk shelf-bra (the kind that don’t cover your boobs but pushes them up). I then put on a short black skirt and a tight red silk blouse that really shows a lot of cleavage and because of the bra you can see my nipples poking the material. Lastly I put on my black strap-sandals with 5” stiletto heels.

When Brian gets out of the shower he stares at me and says “damn you look hot, every man in that restaurant is going to want to bring you home”. I just wink at him and say “Isn’t this what you asked me to do?” Brian says “Yes and thank you so much for doing this for me, you ooze of sex”.

in the car on the way to the restaurant I ask Brian “who are these guys?”

Brian: “It’s the two founders who are Chief Executive Officer and President respectively and their Executive Vice President”

Ellen: “So they’re the big-wigs and can make the decision tonight?”

Brian: “Oh yes, that’s why I’m bringing you as my secret weapon”.

We arrive at the restaurant a little before 7pm and Brian tells the Maitre d’ to show our guests to the private room when they arrive and he and I go to the room for a cocktail while we wait. We’re sitting on the couch with our drinks when they enter the room and Brian introduces us all. Mark is the CEO, Barry is the President and Colin is the EVP. When Barry shakes my hand he says “you are a very beautiful woman and Brian is a very lucky man” to which Mark says “I agree with Barry Brian is very lucky”.

After cocktails and small talk we sit down at the dinner table and the food and wine is absolutely fabulous and the conversation flows great – especially after a couple of bottles of wine. I notice that Barry can’t help stealing glances at my tits and Colin who’s sitting next to me every so often finds an excuse to briefly put a hand on my thigh when he tells me something.

After the entrée the waiter asks if we’re ready for dessert and we all agree to have another bottle of wine while we think it over. After the wine has been brought in Brian locks the door and walks over behind me where he reaches into my blouse and pulls out my tits while he says “how about this for dessert?” their jaws literally hits the table and Mark stutters “that would be the best dessert ever”.

Everybody grabs their wine glasses as Brian lifts me up and lay me on my back on the table and he removes my blouse and skirt and tells them “dessert is served, don’t hold back”. Barry is staring at my relatively big tits and he then grabs one and eagerly begins to lick the nipple, that was all the encouragement Colin needed and he gets between my legs and begins to lick my already wet pussy. Mark grabs my other tit and greedily starts sucking my other nipple while Brian stands there with a smile on his face and when I look at him he winks at me.

Brian bends over and kisses my lips and then he slowly pushes his tongue into my mouth and tongue-kisses me while the other three are licking and sucking my tits, nipples and pussy. Brian keeps tongue-kissing me when I feel a warm hard cock in my hand and I begin to stroke it when suddenly I have a hard warm cock in my other hand which I of course also begin to stroke.

After a little while they lift me off the table and lay me on the floor and Brian unzips his pants and pushes his hard cock between my lips and deep into my mouth while I’m still stroking Mark and Barry’s cocks and they’re sucking my tits and nipples hard and Colin removes my thong, spread my legs and gets back to eating my pussy. Brian tells Mark “come up here and let Ellen suck your cock and balls, she’s amazing”.

After a little while Mark says to Barry “Barry you have to try this, she’s incredible and she deep-throats”. After they switch place and I manage to swallow all of Barry’s rather long and thick cock I hear him say “My god she is good”. And Brian says “I told you”. As I am sucking Barry and Mark and Brian are groping my tits and sucking on my nipples I suddenly feel Colin grabbing my ankles, spreading my legs wide and thrusting his hard cock deep into my dripping wet tight pussy.

Barry’s cock is probably 10” or 11” and very thick so for starters I really have to work at it but once I got used to him it actually feels really nice and soon I can suck and deep-throat him hard. Mark straddles my torso and begins to fuck my tits, while Brian grabs my ankles and spread my legs even wider for Colin who’s fucking my pussy harder and faster and I can feel his balls slap against my ass. All of the sudden Colin stiffens and I can feel how he shoots his warm cum deep in my pussy.

When Barry see Colin slowly pulling his cock out of my pussy he pulls out of my mouth and gets between my legs where Brian is still holding them spread wide. With his hands Brian spread my pussy wide open and with a grin tells Barry “it’s all yours”. First Barry gets down and eats my pussy while saying “you taste so nice”. He then gets on his knees and brings his cockhead up to my pussy, his thick cock is really stretching my pussy when he slowly penetrates me but it feels incredibly nice as he moves deeper and deeper.

Barry pushes my legs towards my head as he glides out of my pussy and immediately begins to push his cockhead inside my very tight ass. Her very carefully moves all the way in and begins to gently fuck my ass and once I get used to his size it feels incredible. While Barry slowly fucks my ass Brian begins to lick my pussy and Mark is still titty-fucking me and Colin comes up and has me suck his half-hard cock.

With Colin’s cock in my mouth, Mark’s cock fucking my tits while he pulls hard on my nipples and Brian eating my pussy and Barry fucking my ass it’s just a matter of time before I absolutely explode in a massive orgasm. My orgasm makes the guys work even harder and I keep having orgasms roll through my body until they finally stops and I become coherent again.

Just as I’m finally through my orgasms Mark is fucking my tits very fast and suddenly he grabs his pulsating cock and shoots his warm cum all over my tits. I have sucked Colin completely hard again and he’s now fucking my mouth deeper and harder when Barry suggest to Brian “why don’t we have Ellen ride your cock while I fuck her tight ass” Brian says “Excellent idea, darling get on top of me”. I lower my pussy over Brian’s hard throbbing cock until he’s all the way deep inside me and immediately Barry pushes me forward and thrusts his cock deep into my ass. As he pushes me forward my tits are right in Brian’s face and he begins to lick Marks cum off my tits while Colin re-inserts his cock into my mouth.

I am rocking back and forth grinding on Brian’s wonderful cock while Barry is now fucking my ass very hard and just as I can feel Brian starting to cum Barry also begins to shoot his load deep inside my ass. With the two of them cumming at the same time and Colin fucking my mouth deep I just let go and another orgasm rolls through my body. Barry slowly pulls out of my pussy and while still sucking Colin I get off Brian, but just as I’m getting off Brian Mark grabs my hips, keeps me on my knees and thrusts his almost hard cock into my dripping wet pussy.

I suck Colin the hardest and fastest I can while I can feel that Mark is now completely hard again and then Colin grabs my hair and with a couple of deep thrusts he fills my mouth with his delicious warm sperm. As I am sucking Colin dry Mark is just pounding in and out of my pussy and after I have licked Colin’s shaft clean Barry comes up and holds his half-hard cock up to my mouth so obediently I open my mouth as wide as I can and he pushes his thick cock in between my lips.

As I’m deep-throating him I can feel how he grows very hard and he begins to slowly move in and out of my mouth and deep into my throat while Mark is furiously fucking my pussy and spanking my ass. I grab Barry’s cock and while I suck him I let my tongue play with the sweet spot on the underside of his cock right behind the cockhead and from his moaning I can tell it has its desired effect.

Mark is fucking me really fast and hard while still spanking my ass when he suddenly stops and then thrusts very deep into my pussy and I can feel the contractions in his cock as he empties his load in me. At the same time I suck Barry hard and fast with my tongue still gliding over his sweet spot and then he moans “oh shit, oh shit” and fills my moth with wonderful warm sperm.

Because his cock is so thick I feel his warm sticky sperm running down my chin and when Barry pulls out of my mouth he bends down and says “thank you that was absolutely amazing” and he then licks my chin and pushes his tongue into my still cum-filled mouth.

There’s an awkward period afterwards as everybody gets dressed but as soon as we’re back at the table and having a glass of wine Brian says “anybody ready for some real dessert?” to which Barry with a smile replies “I could eat something now”. Barry then lifts his glass and says “to an absolutely incredible and amazing woman” and he continues “Brian we look forward to a long and prosperous relationship both business and otherwise” and he then winks at me.

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