Early Arrival

Author: socalellen

My name is Ellen and my husband Brian describes me as a very pretty MILF with curly shoulder-length red hair and blue eyes; I am in my mid fifties; 5’4”, 120lb, with 34C/D nice firm natural breasts with sensitive pinkish-brown nipples, a nice round silky smooth ass, long straight legs and a tight partially shaved pussy.

Brian is in his late forties, very handsome and athletic 6’3” and 190lbs with a nice big and thick cock that always seems to be ready for me. If you have read any of my other stories you will know that Brian loves to create all kinds of sexual encounters and role-plays with me as the center of attention.

If you have read “Family friend – Part 1 and/or 2” you know that we have now established a steady sexual relationship with our long time friend David who’s a good looking guy very similar to Brian in age and build and a cock almost like Brian’s (I’m a very lucky girl). As we started this relationship Brian has told David to just show up if he needs to get laid and that it doesn’t matter whether Brian is there or not.

A couple of days ago we agreed that David would come over again Friday night around 7pm and it was now 5:30 and as per usual when I work from home I just wear one of my light-colored thin, flimsy, comfortable summer dresses. I was about to jump in the shower and put on some more decent clothes when the doorbell rang, I ran down to open the door thinking it’s probably some school kids selling something. I open the door and there’s David still wearing his business suit without his jacket and tie.

Ellen: “David, you’re way early”
David: “I’m sorry, I’ve just constantly been thinking about Wednesday night”
Ellen: “me too, it was absolutely incredible”
David: “yeah it makes me hard every time I think of it”
Ellen: “since you’re here why don’t you come in, Brian won’t be here for another hour”
Brian: “that’ll be great as long as I’m not disturbing anything”
Ellen: “don’t be silly I was just gonna jump in the shower and put on something different”
David: “you look great in what you’re wearing”
Ellen: “thank you, but you’re not fooling me I know you can pretty much see through this dress.
David: “well yeah, but you do have a stunning looking body”
Ellen: “thank you, let’s go in the kitchen and get a glass of wine”
David: “sounds good”

In the kitchen I grab two glasses and fill them with cold Chardonnay and as I’m doing this I can tell David studying my naked body through my dress (I almost never wear panties) and it does have a somewhat erotic effect on me. As we clink glasses and say cheers I notice the bulk in the front of his pants and I realize that I’m beginning to get horny and I can feel my pussy getting wet.

David must have noticed how hard my nipples are as they’re poking against the thin fabric, because in one fluid moment he pulls the dress over my head and I suddenly am completely naked. David embraces me and begin to kiss me with is tongue deep inside my mouth while his hands grabs my ass cheeks. He stops kissing me letting us both get to breathe.

David: “are you sure Brian is ok with this?”
Ellen: “absolutely, he wouldn’t say it if he didn’t mean it – besides I don’t even care right now I just want to fuck”
David: “good because I very much want you too”
Ellen: “just fuck me now

Screw any foreplay we both just wants to fuck and cum so David turns me around and I spread my legs and bend over placing my hands on the kitchen island for support and I hear David unzip his slacks and he grabs my hips and rams his very hard big cock into my very wet, tight and ready pussy.

With a solid grab of my hips he fucks me slow but hard as he begins to alternate between gripping my hips and groping my dangling tits and pulling on my hard nipples. He’s really starting to fuck me hard and fast I can feel my orgasm building and after a couple of more minutes of hard furious fucking I cum and as my pussy starts squeezing his cock he groans loud and I feel a big load of his warm cum filling my pussy. We both turn over heads as we hear a sound behind us

Brian: “that was absolutely beautiful, I loved the loud sound of David slapping against your ass”
David: “I’m sorry bro I just couldn’t resist when I saw her in that little thin dress”
Brian: “no worries, looks like she’s warmed up and wet so if you don’t mind?”

David pulls out of me and Brian drops his pants, grabs my hips and thrusts his already hard and big cock deep into my pussy, it’s almost like he feels bigger than normal. Brian is fucking me very hard hitting the bottom of my pussy every time hi thrusts into me and my tits are swinging and dangling wildly until David gets underneath and begin to milk them while he licks and sucks my hard nipples.

Ellen: “oh Brian, fuck me hard, fuck me”
Brian: “here bitch, take this and this and this – my god your pussy is wet and tight tonight”
Ellen: “dear gooood just keep fucking me oooooohhh”

You can just hear loud slaps every time his crotch bangs against my ass and now he’s furiously fucking my pussy when my orgasm hits like a freight train

Ellen: “ooooohhh myyy gooood, aaah, aaah, ngh, oooooooooohhhhhhhh shit”

Brian is pounding my pussy very hard when he stiffens and just lets his big warm load of cum fill my pussy and after a couple of slow but deep thrusts he pulls out of me. On shaky legs I stand up and I just feel this river of warm cum run out of my pussy and down my legs I can’t remember ever having this much cum in my pussy.

Brian: “damn girl you’re quite a cum container”
Ellen: “you both gave me a couple of day’s worth”
David: “and there’s more where that came from”
Ellen: “good because I want a lot more, but first I need a shower”
Brian: “why don’t we join you and make sure you get properly cleaned?”
David: “that sounds like a great idea”
Ellen: “yeah and knowing the two of you certain parts of my body will get very clean”
Brian: “is that a bad thing or are you just complaining?”
Ellen: “enough you guy’s I know the drill so let’s go”

As soon as we’re all in the shower both David and Brian is busy pouring body-cleanser in their hands and they begin lathering my body and because of the soap their hands are all slippery and it feels good with their hands sliding all over me. David is paying a lot of attention to my tits while Brian is doing the same to my ass and pussy.

When they’re finally satisfied that I’m as clean as I can possibly get they take the shower head and rinse all the soap off my body again with special attention to my tits, ass and pussy. After they’re done I pour body-cleanse on their soft cocks and slowly lather them very well with long firm strokes and wouldn’t you know before long I have a growing cock in each hand.

When I’m sure their cocks are clean and hard I rinse them very well after which I get on my knees and take David’s cock in my mouth while still fondling Brian’s cock and balls with my other hand. I take turn sucking them and at one point I have them stand close together so I can suck both their cocks into my mouth at the same time. With both their cocks in my mouth I fondle and squeeze both their balls with my hands.

As I’m on my knees with both their cocks in my mouth they reach down, grab a tit each and begin to squeeze my tits and pull my nipples which always sends strong signals to my pussy that immediate gets very wet. They both pull out of my mouth and pick me up and get out of the shower and with David carrying me Brian lies down on his back and with my legs spread David lowers my pussy on to Brian’s big throbbing cock.

As soon as my pussy slides all the way down on his hard cock I lean forward with my tits in his face which he immediately begins to suck. I’m rocking back and forth on his fabulous cock when David slowly pushes his fabulous cock inside my very tight ass and after a couple of second getting my ass ready I tell him “okay”. David very carefully begin to fuck my as deep and when I’m good and ready he begins to fuck my ass hard while I’m still rocking back and forth on Brian’s cock and he’s sucking and pulling my sensitive nipples.

With a solid grip of my hips David’s fucking my ass very hard, fast and deep when suddenly his grip tightens and he stiffens as he cum’s deep in my ass and as I feel his warm cum my orgasm slowly starts rolling. To speed up my orgasm I’m almost jumping up and down on Brian’s incredible cock and I I’m moving so fast up and down over his shaft that David has to pull out of my ass.

When his thick cockhead slips out of my ass and combined with my riding hard up and down on Brian’s thick pole and Brian is squeezing my tits and biting my nipples I just let go and this incredible orgasm hits me which usually makes my pussy tighten which in turn really milks Brian’s cock and with a loud groan he just shoots all his wonderful warm sperm way deep in my pussy.

As the orgasm rolls through my body I just sink down on Brian’s cock and lay on top him while David penetrates my ass again with his still somewhat hard cock and we all just lay/sit here. Brian still has one of my tits in his mouth, I’m still moving my pussy gently back and forth on his cock to get the last drops out of him and letting my orgasm slowly subside while David is slowly moving his half-hard cock in and out of my ass.

Once we have all completely cum David slowly pulls out of my ass and I slowly move off Brian’s cock and he finally let go of my tit in his mouth.

Ellen: “Well I’m gonna have another quick shower and then I’m cooking dinner because I’m starving”
David: “amen to that sister”
Brian: “I couldn’t agree more I’m famished – so David are you staying the night?”
David: “if it’s okay with you?”
Brian: “of course, our bed is big enough for three and Ellen gets to be pickle-in-the-middle”
Ellen: “that works for me, then I can sleep with a nice big soft cock in each hand”
David & Brian: “who says anything about sleeping or soft cocks”

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