Sex Slave 2

Author: socalellen

My name is Ellen and my husband Brian describes me as a very pretty MILF with curly shoulder-length red hair; I am in my early fifties; 5’4”, 120lb, with 34C/D nice firm natural breasts with sensitive pinkish-brown nipples, a nice round silky smooth ass and a tight shaved pussy.

I assume you read “The Sex Slave” well this is the continuation of that nights events and I’ll start with just a short recap.

Ellen: “now that we’re done please get me out of this thing”

Brian: “who says anything about done, you are our sex-slave and we have just started”

Ellen: “oh no I am sore and done”

Mike: “aren’t you forgetting something? We are you Masters and you will do what we command you to”

John: “you will do as told and speak to us with the respect of a sex-slave – do you understand?”

Ellen: “yes Master John”

John: “that’s better now tell me do you need more cock?”

Ellen: “my pussy is sore”

Brian whips my ass with the horse whip so it stings like hell and says “you do need more cock right?”

Ellen: “please I’m really sore”

I hear the woosh just before Brian whips my ass again.

Ellen: “yes I want more cock”

Once again I hear the woosh just before the whip lands on my ass with a painful sting.

Mike: “ask nice”

Ellen: “please Masters I need more cock please”

They open the stockade and carry me over to the low wooden platform where they put me on my back, lift my legs up and spread them wide as they secure my ankles in the two leg-holders (think medieval gynecology chair). Once my ankles are secured they stretch my arms above my head and out to the sides where my wrists gets shackled so I am now spread-eagled with my legs up in the air spread wide and my poor sore pussy completely exposed and at their mercy.

They bring out nipple-clamps that are connected with a small chain and after attaching the nipple-clamps to both my nipples Mike attaches the chain to a pulley-system hanging from the ceiling. He then pulls until my nipples has been pulled so far up that it feels like I’m hanging from my nipples and I’m now in a position where I cannot under any circumstance move without pain.
Brian: “so my little helpless sex-slave where should we start?”

Mike: “I think you would like to lick my balls, don’t you?”

Ellen: “yes Master Mike please let me lick your balls”

Brian: “excellent idea and while you lick Master Mike’s balls I’ll go find some candles”

Mike gets on the platform and lowers his big balls to my mouth and I begin to lick them as ordered while Brian returns with a lit candle. I suck one of Mike’s balls into my mouth and I immediately feel a brief burning sensation on my right tit. I look down and see that Brian had poured some melted candle-wax on it.

Brian: “you’re only supposed to lick his balls”

Ellen: “yes Master Brian”

Brian hands the lit candle to Mike and says “just drip some wax on her tits if she’s not doing a good enough job licking your balls”. Mike instantly drips some more wax on both my tits and says “you just keep licking”

Ellen: “yes Master Mike”

Brian: “John why don’t you and I give her pussy some special treatment”

Ellen: “just be gentle I’m pretty sore”

Mike drips more hot wax on my tits and say “shut up slave and lick my balls”

Ellen: “yes Master Mike”

Brian pours a small amount of very warm lubricant over and in my pussy which feels really nice and soothing and after spreading it all over and inside my pussy and ass he spreads my pussy very wide open and say “okay John give her a real cock”. John grabs his half-hard cock and pushes it into my really well lubricated pussy and he effortless plunges it all the way to the very bottom of my pussy. Even half-hard he’s so big it still hurts a little and I squirm a little but just enough to be reminded by my nipples that they’re still in nipple-clamps.

By now it feels absolutely amazing with John’s huge cock very slowly fucking my pussy that I begin to moan and Mike drips more hot wax on my tits and say “keep licking bitch”.

Ellen: “sorry Master Mike”

Mike: “time to lick my cock”

Ellen: “yes Master Mike”

Brian removes the nipple-clamps and drips some hot wax on both of my nipples.

Brian: “just to remind you that I’m still here and just because you’re out of the nipple-clamps doesn’t mean we won’t punish your tits and nipples if you don’t perform to our expectations”

Ellen: “yes Master Brian”

Brian begin to spank my tits with is hard cock and Mike decides to join him so they’re on each side of me spanking my tits hard with their cocks while John slowly pulls out of my pussy and begin to spank my pussy and ass with his heavy cock. This is incredibly erotic and I can feel an orgasm coming on but they all stop spanking me.

Brian: “hey slut we’ll tell you when you’re allowed to cum”

Ellen: “yes Master Brian but please let me cum”

Mike: “you heard what Master Brian said we decide when you cum”

Ellen: “yes Master Mike but when?”

John: “when we say so you whore”

Ellen: “please Masters I’m so close”

Brian: “you will be allowed to cum when we decide its okay”

Ellen: “please, please Masters let me cum please”

Mike: “you can beg all you want but we’re not ready to let you cum”

Ellen: “that’s torture”

They all laugh and say “yes you’re our sex-slave and you will service your masters”

Brian grabs my hair and turns my head toward him and he pushes his hard cock deep into my mouth and begins to fuck me. Out of the corner of my eye I see Mike move down by John between my wide-spread legs and I see his humongous cock approach my pussy. I feel John spread my ass-cheeks and Mike’s cockhead penetrates my tight well lubricated ass.

Mike is so large that I can feel every contour of his cock as he slowly keep gliding deep into my ass and out again and now I see John getting up on his knees in front of Mike and then I feel his huge cock gliding deep into my pussy while I deep-throat Brian. It’s an insane feeling having all my holes filled to the max and the sensation of their cocks slowly fucking me is just too much and without warning I explode in one of the most powerful orgasms I can ever remember.

They keep slowly fucking my mouth, pussy and ass and my orgasm just keeps rolling through my entire body and although I usually don’t make many noises, this time I actually scream in pleasure and ecstasy. All three of them are grinning as they keep these small orgasms coming and once I am finally done Mike says “that was one”.

Ellen: “guy’s I am so done I don’t have any more in me”

John: “you just leave that up to us, we haven’t cum yet”

Ellen: “please I can’t handle any more now”
Brian: “too bad because we’re not done and you’re at our mercy right now”

Ellen: “please let me free”

Mike: “we will when we’re done with you, which will be a while”

Ellen: “please – I will suck you all dry”

Mike: “oh no, we intend to fuck you and fill your ass, pussy and mouth with our cum”

John: “you just take it as a good girl” and then he thrusts his cock deep into my pussy to accentuate his point.

Mike: “your ass feels very nice right now” and then he too thrusts his cock so deep that his ball slaps against my ass while Brian as an exclamation point pushes his cock deep down my throat so I almost gag. After fucking my mouth for a while Brian pulls out and moves down to John and Mike and after some whispering both Mike and John pulls out of my pussy and ass.

Ellen: “thank you”

Mike: “for what?”

Ellen: “for giving me a rest”

John: “keep dreaming”

Ellen: “what do you mean?”

Brian: “let’s just say we’re not quite done with you yet”

Mike and John moves up and they each grab a tit and begins to lick and suck my tits and nipples while Brian bury his head in my pussy and begins to lick and suck my pussy-lips and clitoris. With this treatment I don’t last long and again my body trembles as I cum again. Brian then gets up between my legs and with a powerful thrust his cock goes deep in my pussy and he fucks me fast and hard with his balls slapping against my ass while Mike and John keeps sucking my nipples.

Just as Brian empties his load of warm sperm deep in my pussy, John gets up and as soon as Brian pulls out of me John pushes his huge cock all the way in and begins to fuck me hard while Brian takes his place and begins to suck hard on my nipple just like Mike is sucking hard on my other nipples.

John is fucking me really hard and fast and then he stops and with a couple of deep thrusts he too empties his entire load deep in my pussy. As John is finishing Mike gets up and as soon as John pulls out of me Mike immediately has his enormous cockhead penetrating my now very sore pussy and it feels like a burning hot rod is being pushed deep into my sore pussy. John moves up and takes Mike’s place at my other tit and he and Brian hungrily sucks my also sore nipples but it feels really good.

After a little while Mike’s cock in my pussy feel absolutely incredible and him fucking me with that enormous cock of his and John and Brian sucking my nipples I am helpless when one more major orgasm rolls through my body. Mike picks up on what’s happening to me and he fucks me harder, deeper and faster and John and Brian sucks even harder on my nipples so I just keep shaking out of pure pleasure. Mike hits the bottom of my pussy really hard as he too shoots all his warm sperm deep inside me.

After Mike has pulled out of me they release my ankles and wrists and help me stand up, I am a little woozy after all these orgasms and I am extremely sore and exhausted and I can feel their cum running out of my pussy and down the inside of my thighs. All naked we go back to the living room where we all sit in the couch and have some wine.

Ellen: “guys – this was absolutely amazingly incredible, I have never had any experience even remotely close to this – thank you”

Brian: “you’re welcome and it won’t be the last time”

John: “Ellen you’re an amazing woman, you just have to say the word and we’ll be there for you”

Mike: “this was incredibly erotic and Ellen you’re an amazing and sexy woman, any time you’re in need just let me know”.

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