The Maid : Hot!

Author: socalellen

My name is Ellen and my husband Brian describes me as a very pretty MILF with curly shoulder-length red hair; I am in my early fifties; 5’4”, 120lb, with 34C/D nice firm natural breasts with sensitive pinkish-brown nipples, a nice round silky smooth ass and a tight shaved pussy.

If you have read any of my other stories you will know that my husband loves to create all kinds of sexual encounters and role-plays with me as the center of attention. I have been in MMF, FFM, MMFM, gang-bangs, S&M, etc.; he even had me perform like a prostitute at a downtown Los Angeles hotel.

It is late in the afternoon/early evening probably around 6pm on a Sunday when Brian tells me that he wants me to be his “French maid” for the evening. I look at him and tell him “it’s Sunday evening and I should prepare some stuff for work tomorrow”, but Brian just says “that can wait; I want you to be my maid”.

He takes my hand and brings me into our bedroom where he completely undresses me and tells me to put on black fishnet thigh-highs, shiny black 5” stiletto heeled shoes, a black bow-tie, this black “French maid” head-piece, a short white ruffled apron that he ties around my waist and it is so short it barely covers my pussy. I ask him “what about a bra and panties?” and he says “you look great as is this is perfect”.

We then walk into the “library” where he sits down in one of the four comfortable leather chairs where he then asks me “Maid, would you please bring me my afternoon Cognac?” I’m starting to get into this little role play and answer “yes sir any particular Cognac?”

Brian: “I think I’ll have the Courvoisier”.

Ellen: “Very good sir I shall return shortly”

I return with Brian’s Cognac on a little silver tray and take my position next to his chair as he takes a sip and declares “very nice thank you”. As he sits down his glass on the side-table the doorbell rings and Brian says “would you please see who’s at the door?” I stare at him and say “but I’m practically naked”. Brian just waves his hand dismissively and says “please answer the door I am expecting some company for my evening cocktail”. I look at him incredulous and say “you’re kidding right? I have to be at work early tomorrow”.

Brian smiles at me and tells me “don’t worry it’s only 6:30pm and they won’t stay long”

Ellen: “They?”

Brian: “Just a couple of friends stopping by for a cocktail which I needed you as a maid”.

Ellen: “But Brian I am naked”.

Brian: “That way we have something beautiful to look at while we enjoy our cocktails, now go open the door”.

Brian gets up and gently pushes me toward the front door and I compose myself and as I slowly open the door he retreats back to his chair. Once the door is open I am greeted by two white guys and a big black guy who are all staring at my tits and one of them says “you must be the maid, we’re here to see Brian”. I tell them “yes I’m the maid and please do come in” I then lead them into the “library”.

Brian has arranged to four chairs so they’re facing each other and when I announce that his guests are here he gets up and greets them and after they’re seated he asks if they would like a glass of good Cognac which they all agree to. Brian looks at me and say “maid would you please see to our guest getting a Cognac each thank you” and subservient I answer “yes sir that will be my pleasure” as I go to get the drinks I’m wondering what he’s up to?

As I return with their drinks on the silver tray they all check out my tits and ass and one of them comments “Brian that’s quite a maid you have there” Brian smiles and say “why thank you yes I have been quite fortunate with this one” to which the black guy comments “she’s pretty hot for a white chick”. After I have served their cocktails Brian say “please stand next to my chair at a discrete distance so you’re here when we need you” I answer “yes sir”.

They chit-chat about the football games and other stuff when Brian puts up his hand and asks “would any of you care for a blowjob?” and all three of them say that they could use a good blowjob. Brian looks at me and say “Maid would you please make sure to give each of us a nice thorough blowjob?” I look at him and answer “if you wish sir I will take care of that promptly” and Brian says “thank you please proceed”.

I kneel down in front of the white guy sitting to Brian’s right where I undo his pants and unzip his fly, I reach in and pull out his soft cock and begin to lick it. As he starts to grow hard I suck him into my mouth and begin to slowly suck him hard and deep while he now wriggles out of his pants so I can fondle his balls as well. I lick his shaft and cockhead and then I suck his balls into my mouth and when I let his hard cock deep into my throat he moans and I hear Brian say “yes this maid is really something when it comes to blowjobs she’s actually quite amazing”.

The guy reaches out and grabs one of my tits but Brian tells him “just sit back and enjoy your blowjob there’ll be ample opportunity to play with her tits, pussy and ass later” to which the guy answers “oh I’m sorry I didn’t know there would be more” and Brian say “of course there’ll be more you didn’t think I just invited you over for a blowjob?” and Brian continues “the blowjob is just to take the edge off so we can really enjoy all her talents after”.

Now that I have found out what Brian is up to I get very horny and decide to make them all cum as quickly as possible so I get to have some serious fun with four cocks. I suck him deep hard and fast while I fondle and squeeze his balls with both hands and it doesn’t take long before I can feel him stiffen and then he empties his warm load in my mouth. After I have swallowed all his sperm I move to the left which is the other white guy sitting directly across from Brian.

He has already removed his pants and I grab his half-hard cock and guide it in between my lips and deep into my mouth where I immediately suck him hard. Once he’s hard I lick his balls, stiff shaft and glistening cockhead. I then begin to slowly deep-throating him while I squeeze his balls as I begin to suck him harder and faster while fondling his balls he exclaims “shit she’s good”.

With one hand I fondle his balls while the other is jerking off his shaft and while I suck him I let my tongue play with the sweet spot on the underside of his cock right behind the cockhead and from his moaning I can tell it has its desired effect. All of the sudden he grabs me by the hair and thrusts his cock deep into my mouth and fills my mouth with his thick cum, I suck him hard a couple of times until he’s empty and still swallowing his big load I move over to Brian who is more than ready for me.

I know all the tricks that will either prolong Brian from cumming or have him cum like an express train and tonight I want him to cum fast so I can start having some serious fun. I grab his already hard cock and immediately begin to lick his sweet spot while I squeeze his balls hard. Brian is already moaning and groaning when I slowly suck his cockhead into my mouth while I keep squeezing his balls. I keep licking his sweet spot while I suck him hard and fast and within minutes he fills my mouth with his warm delicious sperm.

I swallow his load and turn to the black guy sitting to Brian’s left and he has also gotten out of his pants and is sitting and stroking his half-hard very large and thick cock. I take one look at the size of his cock and thinks oh-boy this huge and I can’t wait to feel it in my pussy but first I have to wrangle it into my mouth. Kneeling in front of him he stands up and I see how large and heavy his balls are as well as how huge his cock is, Brian is almost 9 inches and this black cock is quite a bit bigger, I would guess at least 11 inches and very thick.

I open my mouth as wide as I can and I gently push my head forward so his big cockhead is being pushed between my lips and into my mouth. As soon as his cockhead is in it gets a little easier and after having his cock moving back and forth a couple of times I’m starting to get comfortable with it and I can finally begin to deep-throat him. I take his balls in my right hand and they’re very big and I’m surprised how heavy they are and it makes me shiver thinking about all the cum he has for me.

I release his cock from my mouth and I stick my head between his legs so I can really lick and suck his balls and while I’m doing that I grab his cock with both hands and begin to stroke him the full length of his thick shaft. After licking and sucking his balls I let my tongue run up and down his big black cock and then I begin to intensely licking his sweet spot. The sooner he cums the sooner I get to feel this magnificent cock in my now very we pussy so I’m licking his sweet spot while I’m stroking his cock hard with both hands.

I can feel something stirring so I immediately take his cockhead in my mouth and begin to suck him really hard while I’m still jerking him off with both hands and then I get my reward – I have to swallow four times before he’s done. After I’m done swallowing all his warm, tasty sperm I look around and see that Brian and the other two guys are watching my performance while sitting and stroking their already half-hard cocks.

Brian points at the black guy and says “that’s Roy, the first one you blew is Dave and the last guy is Rich”. I tell them “nice to meet you” and I lie down on my back, grabs my tits, spread my legs wide and say “now it’s my turn, please fuck me”.

Dave immediately gets between my legs and begins to lick and suck my oh so wet and horny pussy while Brian and Roy each grabs a tit and begin to lick and suck them and my nipples. Rich bends down and sticks his tongue in my mouth and starts tongue kissing me in a very demanding way, he pulls his tongue out and say “mmm you still taste like cum” and immediately get’s back to tongue kissing me.

As Roy and Brian are groping my tits like little kids with their favorite toys and both are sucking on my big hard nipples I have the wonderful feeling of Dave’s hard cock gliding into my dripping wet pussy. He holds my ankles and spreads my legs very wide as he slowly begin to fuck my craving pussy, It feels so amazing after all that cock-sucking. Roy and Brian starts spanking my tits and nipples with their big hard cocks which I absolutely love, it just drives me crazy every time I feel the slap from their cocks especially Roy’s because it’s so huge and heavy.

On his knees Rich puts a leg on each side of my face so his balls are dangling right over my mouth and I begin to lick and suck them while Roy straddles my torso and with Brian pushing my tits together he spanks them hard with his very heavy cock. Brian puts his cock in my hand and I begin to stroke him while Dave is fucking my pussy hard and deep, so deep that his balls loudly slaps against my ass cheeks. With my mouth and pussy filled and getting my tits cock spanked I let myself go and finally reaches my first orgasm.

I reach the peak of my orgasm when I feel Dave with a couple of powerful thrusts cum deep inside my pussy and the orgasm keeps rolling through my body when Dave slowly pulls out of my pussy and Brian immediately gets down and licks and sucks my pussy clean. Rich gently pushes his cock between my lips and begins to fuck my mouth while Roy is alternating between spanking my tits and fucking them and Brian is eating my pussy.

After eating my pussy for a while Brian gets on his knees and penetrates my soaking wet pussy with his big hard cock, after a couple of thrusts deep inside he pulls out and gently lets his cockhead penetrate my very tight ass. Once I relax he slowly pushes his cock all the way deep and begins to fuck my ass the way I love – slow in and fast out and then fast thrust in and slow out – he knows that technique just drives me crazy.

All of the sudden both Rich and Brian pulls out of me and Roy gets off me and Dave, Rich and Brian lifts me up while Brian tells Roy to lie down on his back. Brian and Rich each holds me in a sitting position and slowly lowers me over Roy’s monstrous cock, his cockhead stretches my pussy to the limit as it slips inside. They slowly lower me till his cockhead hits the bottom of my pussy and then they begin to move me up and down on his fabulous cock while Dave grabs my tits and begin to suck one nipple at the time.

After moving me up and down on Roy’s incredible cock they put my knees on the floor so I can ride Roy the way I am looking forward to – I want to grind my pussy on this amazing cock. Rich gets in front of my face, grabs my hair and pushes his cock deep into my mouth and begins to fuck me while Dave is all over my tits licking and sucking them and my hard nipples and at the same time Brian grabs my hips and pushes his cock deep into my ass.

I am totally in heaven slowly riding up and down and grinding back and forth on Roy’s enormous cock that just stretches my pussy to the max while sucking on Rich’s cock, having Dave grasping, groping and pulling on my tits and nipples and Brian fucking my ass wonderfully hard and deep. Brian’s balls are slapping harder and harder against my ass-cheeks as he’s fucking my ass harder and faster. Suddenly he tightens his grip on my hips and with a couple of very deep and hard thrusts I feel him empty his load in me and after a couple of more thrusts he slowly pulls out of my ass.

Rich sees Brian pulling out and he pulls out of my mouth and takes Brian’s place and with one move he plunges his hard cock deep inside my ass and immediately begins to fuck me while Brian moves in front of my face and holds his cock up to my mouth and tells me to lick him clean. As I’m still riding and grinding Roy’s cock Rich slaps my ass and fucks it very hard and fast until I hear him groan and I feel him cum deep in my ass.

After Rich pulls out of my ass the three of them lifts me off Roy’s fantastic cock and the lie me down on my back. On each side of me Brian and Dave each grabs an ankle and holds my legs up high and spread wide while Rich grabs my wrists and stretches my arms above my head and pins them to the floor. Lying completely helpless and exposed Brian says “okay Roy she’s all yours” and Roy gets between my legs and with a firm grip of his massive cock he just plunges it as deep as it can go into my open and dripping wet pussy.

I’m completely at his mercy as he fucks me all the way in and all the way out and I can feel him every fraction of inch of the way it just feels sinfully fantastic and erotic and it doesn’t take long before I have to let go and let another orgasm take over my body and mind. Just as I’m starting to come down from my euphoria Roy ups the tempo and the deepness and it’s like he’s hitting a switch because I feel like an orgasmic after-shock going through me.

Once again as I’m coming down he completely lets loose in my pussy and fucks unbelievably fast, hard and deep and when he shoots his load I can feel it against the bottom of my pussy and I have a third orgasmic after-shock. After I return to earth I look up at Roy who has kept his most amazing cock very deep inside me and I tell him “that was one of the most amazing fucks I ever had, how did you do that?” He just grins and say “I’m not telling I want you to want more of it” I’m like “not to worry, can you come back tomorrow?”

After everybody leaves I say to Brian “this was absolutely amazing thank you and so much for getting to bed early before an early day at the office” Brian just smiles and say “you’re most welcome”.

Rating: 5

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