How Many?

Author: socalellen

Hi there here is Ellen again, some of you may wonder where my stories come from but I can assure you that they’re all my own experiences. I have the incredible luck to be in a phenomenal marriage with the greatest and most open-minded husband in the world. He loves to show me off, to share me, to do things outside my comfort-zone and to role-play.

Now I have no doubt that a lot of people would call me a slut and a lot of other colorful names but I’ll tell you that Brian has absolutely taught me to live my life to the very fullest and to remember “you only live once – don’t waste it”. Some of the things he has “made” me do is totally against how I was brought up but I do not regret one single thing he and I has done together. It has been exciting, exhilarating, humbling, humiliating, painful, fantastic and downright awesome – I would do it all over again.

My husband Brian is in his early forties, 6’3”, 200lbs, in great shape with a very nice 7½” pretty thick cock and he is wonderfully oral. Brian describes me as a 52 years young very pretty and sexy redhead with shoulder-length wavy hair; I’m 5’4”, 120lb with 36C/D nice firm natural breasts with really sensitive pinkish-brown nipples, a nice round and silky smooth ass, a partially shaved pussy, and great long legs.

As I said I never really know what to expect when Brian invites friends over or when we go out, this time he absolutely threw me for a loop. He told me we were going out to eat and then stop on the way home for a drink and that he wanted me to wear my sheer white shirt with the silk pockets as the only thing to cover my tits, my white sheer skirt, white silk thigh-highs with back-seam and white sandals with 5” heels and nice make-up and red lipstick and absolutely no panties or bra. As I said he likes to tell me what to do and I kinda like that (I guess I’m somewhat submissive).

Brian pulls into the parking lot by this very private club in West LA and as we walk into the club I notice the room is pretty full, there’s got to be at least 100 people in there and that’s when I realize that they’re all men. I look questioning at Brian and he says “remember the movies we watched with women doing as many guys as they can? And you said I wonder how many a woman can really do? Well here’s your chance to find out”. I look at him in horror and say “I was just wondering, I didn’t say that I personally would like to find out” to which he replied “oh well, now you’re about to find out”.

As we move into the room I notice that there’s two bed-like tables with leg-rests set-up like you see in a gynecologist office and Brian tells me that so I can comfortably lay there with my legs spread wide and slightly up in the air so the guys just comes up and fucks my pussy. I ask him why there are two beds and that’s when my best friend Liz shows up, Liz and I share my husband on occasion. She gives me a big hug and tells me that when Brian told her about this she told him that she has wondered about how many she could do, so Brian suggested that the two of us can have a little competition. As we stand there talking and taking it all in I notice that more guys are arriving.

Brian takes our hands and led us up to our “beds” and then tells us to undress. While Liz and I slowly get naked Brian addresses the crowd by introducing us and then tells them that the rules are that they divide into two equal groups and that they can touch the ladies, play with our tits or whatever they have to do to get hard. He tells them that Liz and I will use our hands on them and suck them until they’re ready to fuck us, the most important rule is that just before they cum they’re to pull out of our pussies and cum on our bellies so there is proof we fucked them until they came. He then asks if there are any questions and somebody asks if they are allowed to do it more than once to which Brian says absolutely yes this about how many guys they can empty.

He tells everybody to get undressed and ready while he makes sure Liz and I are comfortable on our “beds”. It’s actually quite humiliating to lay there completely naked with your legs spread wide facing a room full of naked guys but at the same time it’s somewhat erotic as well. Once we’re all situated Brian kisses me and Liz and asks if we’re ready and we both nod and Brian then gets between my legs and licks my pussy till I get really horny and wet, he then does the same to Liz and when she’s ready he stands up, drops his pants and begins to fuck her. After fucking her he then gets between my legs, turns his head and tells all the guys that we’re now started. As soon as all the guys come up to us Brian starts fucking my pussy so hard.

It’s kind of frightening to look at all these cocks of all colors, sizes and shapes, a lot of them are already hard and ready. Before I know it I have hands all over me and guys are sucking my tits and nipples, they put cocks in my hands and somebody sticks his cock in my mouth. I’m actually really enjoying it right now with all the attention and Brian just fucking the shit out of my pussy, I look over at Liz and she seems to be enjoying it just as much. I’m stroking two hard cocks and sucking a third one while a couple of guys are squeezing my tits and sucking on my very hard nipples. I feel Brian start to cum and he pulls out of my pussy and shoots his load on my belly and as soon as he’s done he moves out of the way and another hard cock enters my now soaking wet pussy, as soon as he starts fucking me I can’t control myself and I have a tremendous orgasm.

With my first orgasm out of the way I can now concentrate on the task at hand which is to make sure I work the guys so they cum as fast as possible (I want to win this thing now). The club had actually put up an electronic scoreboard so Liz and I can see where we’re at (I’m “Home” and she’s “Guests”). I quickly realized that sucking and stroking the next one’s was really critical so it wouldn’t take them too long to cum after they start fucking my pussy. I noticed that Liz was having a really strong orgasm right now which seemed to slow her down a little so I tried all my little tricks to have the next couple of guys cum faster (I can actually control my “pussy muscles” and make my pussy tighter).

I looked up at the scoreboard and realized to my surprise that I had already fucked eight guys when I heard Liz let out a gasp. I looked over and saw this black guy with an enormous cock brutally thrusting it into her pussy, I thought better her than me. One guy came up and plunged his hard cock into my mouth and I began to suck him really hard to get him ready for my pussy but within a minute he shot his warm load in my mouth and he just kept cumming in my mouth so I had to swallow at least three times (unfortunately that doesn’t count, but it tasted good).

It’s amazing to feel the many different kind of cocks and the different “techniques” some guys are just banging away, some I hard and fast in and slow out, others were the opposite and some were jus taking their sweet time in and out. One guy had a big but extremely thick cock and he was incredible it was like he took forever moving in and forever moving out and he would let his cock-head al the way out of pussy and then slowly plunge it back in. he must have been fucking me for at least ten minutes before he started to fuck me really hard and before he was done I had one of the strongest orgasms I’ve ever had.

I was still going through the orgasm when the next guy began to fuck me and I guess he liked that because he came like an express train and almost didn’t get his cock out of my pussy in time to cum on my belly. I kept having new cocks put in my hands and mouth and I constantly had new guys squeeze my tits and lick, suck and pull my nipples. My pussy was starting to feel like it was on fire and I looked up at the scoreboard and saw that I was now at number 37 but Liz was at number 39 so I had better step this up.

Brian had brought plenty of lubricant but so far I was still sooo horny and wet that I didn’t need any and I was sucking harder and faster and stroking cocks the best I have ever learned in order to get them to cum in my pussy faster.

I had just reached my 55 fuck when everybody stepped aside and I saw this black guy with an unbelievable cock step up to my pussy. His cock must have been at least a foot long and thick as a baseball bat and I just stared at it and thought to myself that this is going to hurt so bad. He held his cock with his hand and began to let his enormous cock-head play with my pussy-opening and I just closed my eyes and braced myself.

I almost screamed when he slid into my pussy and it felt like a big snake moving into my pussy which felt like it was going to explode. When he hid bottom he began to rhythmically move in and out and once I got used to his size it was an absolutely incredible out-of-this-world feeling. I resumed sucking and stroking cocks as he slowly was fucking me, I hadn’t sucked, stroked or in other ways prepared him before fucking my pussy (big mistake) so he just kept fucking me slowly and it felt like it grew even harder and larger as he was fucking me.

He was in no hurry and I could feel that I was about to have an exploding orgasm little did I know that this guy really knew how to use his enormous cock to drive a woman crazy. After my orgasm he kept fucking me in an incredible rhythm and it wasn’t long before I had my next orgasm and he just smiled to me and said that he was just getting started with this beautiful white pussy. Since he was taking his time fucking me I was forced to suck the next three guys dry and boy did I have to swallow a lot of cum.

With this humongous cock in my pussy and his equally huge balls slapping against my ass I couldn’t concentrate any longer on sucking or stroking cocks I was gasping for air as he kept fucking me. I noticed that everybody had gathered around me and was cheering and clapping to his rhythm every time he plunged very deep it into my pussy, even Liz had stopped what she was doing and was watching how much my pussy was expanded and she reached over and grabbed my hand. He kept slowly fucking me in this incredible rhythm and I could feel every little detail of his cock and see how glistening wet it was every time he was moving out of my pussy.

I don’t know how many orgasms I had while he was fucking me but at some point I sat half way up so I could see this monster fucking my pussy. Somebody supported my back so I could use both of my hands on the part of his cock that couldn’t fit into my pussy and I began to fondle his huge balls. Fondling his balls and stroking the rest of his shaft seemed to have an effect on him because he grabbed my hips harder and began to fuck me faster. After a while of fondling and squeezing his balls he began to fuck me really hard and fast and everybody was clapping a faster and faster rhythm. I thought he was going to bust my pussy open when he started to really pound his cock to the very bottom of my pussy and I was breathless when his first shot of cum slammed into my pussy and I came in another enormous orgasm as he pulled out and shot the rest of his cum all over my tits and face.

I fell back and was laying there gasping for air with orgasms still rolling through my body and from between my legs he laid his cock on my belly and it reached all the way up to my tits (I have only seen cocks that size on movie). I was just laying there and gently stroking his beautiful black wet cock with both my hands.

There were only three guys left and Liz told them to come and do her because there was no way I could do another cock. After she finished them she had done 60 and had done 56 but she came over and declared it even because of the guys I had to give blowjobs while the monster-cock was fucking me.

After we were all done we had a couple of glasses of wine and Brian drove Liz and I home to our house where she and I spend a long time soaking in a very hot bathtub. After we were all cleaned up we had another glass of wine and went to bed where Brian as usual would be pickle in the middle. Before we went to sleep I told Brian that if he had any ideas he better do it with Liz because I was way to sore, so I just laid there enjoying Brian and Liz having a nice fuck (My wonderful husband with my very best friend – what could be better)

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