The test

She began to float, moving into dreamlike sub-space, letting the pain go, letting it take her. Short man continued flogging up her back to the top of her neck. Darkman and tallman now moved in front of her and slapped her tits, back and forth. They moved aside as short man came around the front and slapped the flogger into her gaping cunt. Once, twice, three times. She screamed, and as she screamed she orgasmed, a gut wrenching cum that came from the depths of her being.

Dark man lay down on the table under her, his greased cock rock hard. Slack was put in the chain, and he lowered her asshole down to meet it. As her ass was expanding to slowly take him in, tall man stood between both pairs of legs and thrust into her gaping cunt hole. She came again, her body clenching the cocks, spasming, relaxing to take them deeper, and clenching them again.. They began to fuck her now. Short man reached over and cut the elastic bands off of her tits, and she screamed as the blood rushed back into them.

The two men were very excited, and fucked her like they were possessed, until they shot their cum into her, first one, then the other.

She was taken down, untied and ungagged. Short man layed her on her back, her head bent backwards over the table edge.

” You will suck us off later, slut. This is a fuck. Open your mouth.”

She opened her mouth. He slid his cock into her mouth, down to her throat, then back. She almost gagged but managed to open up and just let it happen. He was squatting over her face now, fucking her in long, pistoning thrusts. Finally he stopped. Holding the head of his cock deep in her throat, he came, injecting his cum right down to her gut.

She was finally carried off to the bedroom. The same bedroom that it seemed she left eons ago, but was in fact only a few short hours. Just before she drifted off, she thought she heard short man say something about taking her somewhere tomorrow. Perhaps it’s over.

part three

When she awoke the next morning, she was still chained to her bed. Tall man got her up and into the shower. She stood under the glorious stream and washed, and washed some more. The old, dried cum washed away, but one look at her tits and the rest of her body and she knew, right away, just what she had been through. Deep,dark purple bruises was what her tits had become. The stream of water from the shower even hurt them. Her ass and thighs didn’t look too bad, she thought. A few welts and a little bruising, nothing like she thought they would look like though. As the assessment went on she began to feel better.

” I think they’re taking me back to Master today,” she thought. She could almost sing as she washed her bruised body.
“Master will be proud of me, I have passed his test”.

Her reverie was cut short by tall man reaching in and shutting off the shower.
” Out, slut” he said. ” We have a long day in store, and we have people waiting.”
With that he handed her a towel. When she was dry she was given a short, simple summer dress to wear. Naked underneath, the festive colors of her dress belied the fact that just below was a woman who had been recently beaten; beaten to the point to where she would open her holes to any man.

As if to prove the point, tall man hiked up her pretty dress to her waist. He stood her against the wall and slid his cock into her shaven slit. Her hair, still wet from her shower, fell in her face as he picked her up by her asscheeks and let her slide onto his hard cock. She could not help but respond. Her past stimulations resulted in an almost instantaneous orgasm. Tall man
pulled out of her cunt and positioned his cock under her asshole. As she slid down, she could not speak, only gasp as she was engulfed with the overwhelming feeling of being totally penetrated. Tall man pulled down the front of her dress and suckled her bruised tits as he came, deep in her ass.

in the car, on the way to wherever they were going, it finally dawned on her that they weren’t going to see Master after all. She really didn’t care at this point, as dark man had four fingers in her cunt, and tall man was slipping his cock into her mouth. She hoped that she came at the same time that tall man did. The car pulled over once so that short man, who had been driving, could come to the back of the car and fuck her too. They picked up a hitchhiker. A teenager on his way to San Francisco. In the backseat he found a woman with the top of her dress pulled down, bruised, purple tits showing an obvious fresh beating. Her dress hiked up to her waist showing splayed thighs, with welt marks on them. He couldn’t get a hard on to fuck her so they had her suck him off until he came.

They drove off the street through an alley, and pulled up behind a large building. Many other cars were parked in a large, dirt lot. She was pulled from the car and led to the back door, the front of her dress still down around her waist. Inside, she was led down a corridor. From behind a closed door at the end of the corridor she could hear the sounds of people partying; a bar, they had brought her to a bar. She was stripped of her dress.

” Up on the horse, slut” ordered short man, indicating a contraption that reminded her of something she had seen in the Olympics. She swung a leg up and over the padded middle beam, her feet not quite reaching the floor. She was pushed forward to lie along it’s length. Her bruised tits were pulled to the sides to hang along each side of the beam, her knees pulled up about halfway. Her arms then pulled down in the direction of her ankles. Her ass jutted into space off the end of the beam. Short man walked around to the front of her.

” This is a ‘cat’ ” he said, holding out a short whip with dangling tails. You may have felt one before, but I guarantee you, you will be good friends with this one before the day is through.”
In response, short man walked around behind her, drew back his arm and let fly, neatly cutting a series of welts across her ass cheeks. A muffled scream erupted. Short man smiled, then delivered another across her thighs, right below her ass. The next time he swung the cat caught her on her lower back. The most pitiful moans imaginable were now coming from her.

Short man changed his stance and brought the cat down, straight down from over his head, and snapped the leather tails directly between her spread ass cheeks. That elicited another scream. The next was brought up from the floor, directly into her splayed sex.

That took her over the edge. She screamed, she shuddered, she tensed and she came. She lost all control and released her bowels and her piss. She thought she would die, but she did not.
Tall man began cleaning up the mess, she was in danger from not being able to breathe. She could not scream anymore anyway, just emit low, panting growls. They left her there and sat back, drinking beer and talking.

“OK slut, on your feet” said short man.
She could not walk, so tall man picked her up and pulled her over to a wall and she was put into a kneeling position, knees against the wall.

“In front of your face, slut, is a hole. It’s called a glory hole. The other side of this wall is the men’s restroom. If any man sticks his cock through that hole, you are to suck.”

She could hear laughter and jostling on the other side of the wall, and soon a cock poked through. She put her mouth over it and sucked. He came almost immediately. It caught her by surprise and the cum shot out of her mouth. It ran down her chin and puddled on the floor. From the stains already there, she knew that others had been forced to do this before. Short man was not pleased.

“No slut, you are to swallow it, all of it.”
Another cock was already protruding through the wall.

In a daze she sucked another cock into her mouth and he, too, came fast. This time she was able to swallow. Then another cock. Then another. One after another. Then, back to sucking the endless stream of cocks that stuck through the hole. At one point, her stomach had had enough, and she puked. A gut wrenching puke that left a white mass of cum on the floor. She was jerked up by the hair to take the next one, rivulets of puked up cum streaming down her chin and onto her bruised tits, puddling on the floor. She lay on the floor on her side, belching and puking.

“OK slut, time to see what’s on the other side of the wall,” said short man.

She was dragged out the door and into the men’s room, the source of all that cum she had swallowed. She was placed between two urinals, kneeling, her thighs spread. The parade of men never ended. They fucked her in the ass, the cunt and some just jacked off on her. All night this went on.

After the bar closed, the owner came in with a hose and hosed her down right along with the urinals and the floor. The next thing she knew, she was on the backseat of a car, heading to God only knew where. She hoped it was back to her Master, but she doubted it. One thing she did know, though, was that she would never hesitate to open her legs for a male cock again.

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