Dark Offering – Masuimi Max

Author: Dan

Kneeling in proper form, Masuimi’s heart thumped nervously in her chest, as she tapped lightly upon the thick wooden door of Dark Lord’s dungeon. A slave to Master and Mistress Blake, she had been instructed to use impeccable protocols during the evening’s screening party and that also required her to wait until her Master and Mistress were seated, before begging entrance.

She thought of Dark Lord and shuddered silently. She had only met him one time prior to this night, but she did not like him. Although he was very handsome, always dressed in black leather, there was something about him, something about the way he looked at her, the way his eyes followed her every curve, the way his eyes focused on her most intimate place. Shaved smooth at all times, exposed with nowhere to hide, Masuimi could feel his longing for it. But, she felt safe in her place between Master and Mistress and as a matter of trust, knew that they would let no harm come to her.

Naked, except for her collar and slave bells, Masuimi had listened as Dark Lord and the other members of their very private club greeted her Master and Mistress, awaited her cue to beg entrance to the dungeon. *Clap! Clap! * Her cue was given and after swallowing down her nervousness, Masuimi spoke softly, “Beg this slave the honor of your presence, Master and Mistress”

“Enter proper, girl”, Master Blake beckoned

Masuimi reared herself back onto her heels, then rose with grace and bowed her head, “Thank you Sir”, she voiced softly and moved silently into the dungeon, her ears noting the definite thud and click of the door as it was latched and locked behind her. The last one to enter, the locking of the door was an audible signal to all within the dungeon that the night’s events could commence, hidden away from the prying eyes of those who did not understand the lifestyle. The soundproof walls kept secret the sounds of pleasure and pain of slaves and Dominants as they played safely in the clutch of Dark Lord’s dungeon.

Tresses of raven caressing her milky white skin, head held high, blue eyes cast to the floor, Masuimi padded her way to where Master and Mistress Blake were seated, flowering to her knees, eyes down, palms resting softly upon her smooth, parted thighs. “Thank you. A girl is honored to serve you this night Master and Mistress”

Masuimi flinched as the dungeon came to life with sounds of crops and floggers to skin and the painful cries of slaves. She sensed a presence over her shoulder and the brief turn of her head was met with a sharp snap of a crop to the inside of her thigh. “Eyes down girl!” Mistress Blake commanded. Something brushed against her back, yet she remained still, fixated on the floor, feeling that sense of nervousness return to her gut once more.

Master Blake placed his crop beneath Masuimi’s chin, raising her head so that he could look into her eyes. “You have impressed our host, Dark Lord, with both your beauty and strength girl and this pleases your Mistress and myself. You carry our training well. Such good behavior does not go without reward, our pet” Masuimi’s eyes remained locked into his as he gave a pleased smile. “This night, through our gracious host, you will find your reward girl” Masuimi’s heart dropped as her Master, with a sternness now in his eyes gave a solid command, “Offer yourself to him girl. Offer yourself fully to him now, that you receive his gift of pleasures beyond your wildest imaginings”, then tapped the underside of her chin with his crop and nodded, unspoken words that his command be fulfilled.

Masuimi swallowed softly and turned upon her knees, preparing to posture herself, preparing her mind and body for it’s dark offering. Laying herself prone upon the stone dungeon floor, she spread her thighs and raised her shaven pussy upward, offering herself fully to Dark Lord, that he may take her in any way that he wished. Dark Lord pressed the sole of his boot to her shaven sex, “With such beauty, the pleasure will surely be mine” Masuimi, looked up to him, her mind a whirl of wonder as to what the night would bring, noticing how her offering had aroused him, his cock bulging within it’s black leather restraints.

As her owners observed, Dark Lord lead Masuimi to the leather padded horse and laid her across it, securing her into place with cuffs about the wrists and wide spread legs. Master Blake watched with much anticipation, feeling a stirring in his cock as his eyes focused on Masuimi’s shaved pussy peeping out from between her spread thighs.

Dark Lord leaned in to Masuimi’s ear, “Comfortable my dear?” he whispered softly, brushing a raven lock from her cheek. Masuimi nodded slowly, “Yes Sir” Again he whispered, this time his intent, words that caused her heart to pound, her cunt to ache and her spine to flood with chills, “I will turn your pleasure to pain to pleasure again, beautiful Masuimi. You will cum harder than you have ever cum before and fucking you will be my reward. Oh, how I’ve longed to fuck you and tonight you are mine” Running his hand down across her back, he lingered for a moment, squeezing her soft rump, then moved lower to her most intimate place, allowing his fingers to probe the silken folds of her shaved sex. Lifting them to his lips, Dark Lord licked the juices from his fingers, “Mmmm and what a fine cunt you have too, my dear”

A crop tucked neatly into the side of his leather boot, Dark Lord picked up his flogger and took his place at Masuimi’s exceptional ass. He lifted his flogger high, and let it fall softly against her skin, allowing the leather lashes to slide down the crack of her ass and across her parted pussy lips. Masuimi inhaled soft gasps as he flogged her with a feather light touch, over and over again, running the lashes gently up across the exposed pink flesh of her dampening sex to bring them down across her ass again, in the most sensuous flogging she had ever felt. She closed her eyes; her body shivering in delight, each time the leather caressed her sensitive shaved pussy. Such pleasure, and she was so aroused.

Raising the flogger high, Dark Lord hesitated, sensing Masuimi’s anticipation, choosing the moment when…

He brought it down hard five times, consecutively, letting the lashes fall with biting force against Masuimi’s ass and she strained to contain a painful cry, her pleasure turning to pain, her pussy still damp with arousal. Again and again, he lifted the flogger and let it hiss through the air until it bit into her trembling ass until Masuimi gave in to her pain and cried out loudly, sobs that mingled with the cries of other slaves, caught up in their own scenes of pain and pleasure. The dungeon was alive, Masuimi was wet, her ass stinging from the persistent flogging, Dark Lord growing harder as he punished her beautiful ass into a masterpiece, revelling in his own power, his nostrils inhaling the sweet musky scent of Masuimi’s soaked cunt.

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