The Exhibitionist

“Oh, god yes,” she wailed, a stringy strand of cum hanging from her chin and dripping on her breasts. Sandra came in a heated rush, grunting, and she wrapped her legs around the man’s ass as he pummeled into her. Bill got it all on camera. The other two men had slunk away, and Sanda’s fuck partner pumped his cum into her and withdrew.

“Thanks,” he waved to Bill. Bill waved back.

“Anytime,” he hollered back. Sandra was still sprawled on the bench, her feet on the ground, her legs spread, cum oozing from cunt and dripping from her chin. Her blouse was unbuttoned and her cum-spotted tits heaved on her chest, and her skirt was gathered up around her waist. Bill had hoped someone else would show up, but the path was deserted. Bill pulled her to her feet and she started to pull her skirt down.

“Squat for me,” Bill said. She squatted, tottering on her high heels. She saw the camera pointing at her crotch and she spread her legs, and the camera clicked away as globs of a stranger’s sperm emerged from her slit, hanging in long, sticky threads, to puddle on the ground. She stood up.

“Do you have something I can wipe off with?” she asked.
“No, baby, you have to wear it.” She pulled her skirt down.
“Oh, god, Bill,” she cried, “I’m such a slut, a goddamned slut.”
“Yes baby, you are,” he replied, “but a hot slut.”

Bill let her button only the bottom three buttons of her blouse, and her breasts were clearly visible as they walked back to the cars. She sat in the front seat of her car, and Bill stood in the open doorway; there was nobody around. He pulled his erect cock out of his fly and she locked her mouth around the head of it. She held her hands on his ass, pulling him toward her, and he held her head and slowly pumped into her sucking mouth, and she let out an audible groan as his hot sperm filled her mouth, and she swallowed it all. She looked up at him and he got another picture of her with his cock in her mouth.

That night she downloaded another dozen pictures. She masturbated again as she looked at them. Then she created folders, and labeled them with the date, to store them in. She read his message.

“Pick me up tomorrow at 1234 Greenbrook Way. Same time. I bought you a dress to wear. By the way, go to the ‘Exhibitionist’ group. Look in the new folder, ‘Sandra’.”
“Oh, no,” she thought. She went to the group and opened the folder. There she was, pictures from both days, her face clearly visible as she flashed, sucked cock and fucked a stranger. She fired off an email.

“Bill, you’ve got to get those off of there or at least hide my face. What if somebody I know sees them?’ He wrote right back
“What’s the thrill if you don’t show your face? Besides, if you weren’t worried about somebody seeing you at the mall, then you shouldn’t be concerned about an obscure Internet Group.” She had to smile at that…he was right. She wrote him back.

“Point well taken….I’ll see you tomorrow.”
She got to Bill’s house right on time. He ushered her into the house.
“Want a drink?” he asked.
“Yeah,” she said. “Knowing you, I’m probably going to need one.” He smiled.
“Having fun Sandra?” he asked.
“Well, you know I am Bill. I just didn’t know I’d be such a slut. Flashing is one thing, taking all these men is another,” she said.
“It all goes hand-in-hand though, doesn’t it?” he asked.
“Yeah, it does, and I know I’m too far into it now to quit. It’s the most exciting thing I’ve ever experienced.”

“I was hoping you’d say that,” he said. He fixed more drinks and held up the dress he bought for her. She stripped naked and slipped it on. It was a plain grey, short-sleeved thing, made out of a thin, stretchy material. It came down to mid-thigh and fit her like a glove, her body molded underneath it. Every detail of her body could be seen through the dress, even her ribs were visible. The garment somewhat flattened her breasts, and her nipples were plainly visible even when they weren’t erect.

“Oh, Bill,” she said, ” I love it.” They took her car and she drove, the dress riding high on her thighs. He held a stack of computer paper in his hands.
“What’s that?” she asked
“You’ll see,” he said slyly

They got on the Interstate and headed out north until they got to a truck stop. The parking lot was full of big-rigs. He had her park way away from the main terminal, next to where you could vacuum out your vehicle. Then he sent her walking past the long line of trucks, back and forth, to the store in the terminal to buy small items. Her nipples hardened under the dress as she walked past the long line of trucks. Cat calls and hoots were coming from the trucks, and Sandra started to get aroused. She put some quarters in the machine and gave a good show while she vacuumed out the car, showing her bare ass and cunt as she leaned into the car. Bill headed out down the line of trucks with his papers in hand, handing one to each trucker. When he got back, she asked him again what was on the paper.

“Here,” he said. “I saved you one.” She looked at the paper in disbelief.
“The slut in the grey dress is available. Free. She’ll do whatever you want. Boyfriend takes pictures. Just honk when we go by.”

“Oh, Bill,” she whispered, her cunt oozing moisture. The very first truck they passed honked his horn. Sandra’s dress hiked up, exposing her ass as the trucker pulled her into the cab. Immediately, a lot of other trucks sounded their horns. Bill climbed up behind her. The trucker laid down in the sleeper, and Sandra knelt between the seats. She sucked the man off, her dress up over her ass as Bill took pictures and fingered her cunt as she sucked. She pulled off too quickly and a shot of sperm squirted on the front of her dress.

The next truck driver had her suck him for a few minutes, and then he fucked her. The same with the next one. More trucks pulled in as others departed. Before the day was through, she had climbed into 17 big-rigs. The front of her dress was saturated with sperm, and it ran freely down her thighs. They were getting ready to leave when a big, fat trucker approached them.
“They’re calling for her in the shower,” he said.

“No problem,” Bill said. He guided Sandra back into the terminal, past the counter and into the shower room. The women working the counter were so busy they didn’t even notice. Some of the truckers in line did, though.

There were six naked men waiting for her in the steamy shower room. She knelt on the wet, tile floor and sucked off man after man; only one wanted to fuck her sloppy, wet cunt. A couple of more guys that had seen her in the store came in and Sandra sucked them off, too. Bill stood her up.

“I don’t feel so good,” she told Bill. She retched, and a huge glob of warm sperm bubbled out of her mouth, most of it oozing down the front of her dress. Bill got a picture of the huge sperm bubble exiting her mouth. He managed to get her back to the car and he put her in the passenger seat. As they left the truck stop, a cacophony of truck horns went off.

“They love you, baby,” Bill told her. She smiled, and curled up and slept.

Later that night, she downloaded her pictures, and she thrilled to seeing her taking man, after man, after man. She also saw the pictures posted on the Web. But Bill’s message was ominous.
“I got a phone call. My father’s dying back east. I’ll have to go take care of business. Probably be gone a month or so. Bill.”

She stared at the message for a few minutes, then composed a message of her own that she would send out to all of the groups she belonged to.

“Exhibitionist slut, 33, seeks camera man. Will do anything in front of the camera.”
She went to bed. She couldn’t wait to open her email in the morning.

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