The Exhibitionist

He sat on the edge of a large fountain and she squatted down in front of him, like she was going to pick something up off the floor. She looked right at the camera and spread her thighs, her wet, pouting slit on full display, and his camera clicked away. She stood up and put her arms up, lifting her hair from her neck, her cut-off T shirt rising, exposing the bottoms of her breasts, her nipples rock-hard through the shirt. She did it again when he was behind her, her naked ass cheeks peeking from below the skirt, framing her wet, shaved slit. She was shaking with excitement.

“Let’s go outside,” he said, and he took her elbow and guided her through the front doors while people gawked. He walked her out to his car, and took pictures as she bent over the open trunk, her ass fully exposed. He opened the back door, and she leaned inside, lifting a leg, her slit partly agape. She backed out of the car.

“Sit down,” he said, and she sat on the end of the seat, his crotch right in her face. He looked around, and unzipped his pants, and his erection popped out of his fly. He focused his camera down on her, and she looked up and smiled. The camera clicked, and clicked again as she opened her mouth and encircled his penis. She moaned as she sucked his hard cock, and he put the camera on the roof of the car , holding her head in his hands as she sucked him. He pulled her head off of his cock and pushed her backwards onto the back seat. Her skirt rode up around her waist and she spread her legs. He grabbed the camera and snapped the picture, and she put her hands to her slick cunt and pulled the lips apart, and the camera clicked again. He knelt on the seat and lowered himself onto her, and she grabbed his erect penis and guided him into her hot, waiting hole.

He fucked her right through the fly of his pants, and she felt the rough fabric of his trousers rubbing against her as he entered her fully, and she orgasmed, moaning, grinding her pelvis under his thrusting cock. She came again, and then again, as she rutted in the back seat of his car, in a mall parking lot, in broad daylight. She felt his cock twitching, and she lay still as she felt him squirting his semen deep inside her. He pulled out of her and she lay there, legs splayed, a line of white sperm oozing from her gaping slit. He got the picture. He helped her up and her skirt fell into place.

“That was fantastic,” he said. She was trying to regain her breath and her composure, trying to fathom what she had just done. She had to admit though, it was the hottest fuck she ever had. She dictated her email address to him.

“I’ll send you the pictures tonight,” he said, and he drove off. She found her car and headed for home.

“My god,” she thought as she drove, “I think I enjoyed that way too much.” She put her hand to her crotch, yep, it was real all right, her slit was wet with sperm. She scooped a glob of it onto her fingers and sucked it off, rubbing it on her lips. She suddenly wanted to be full of cum, her mouth, her ass, her cunt. She imagined herself flashing a group of men, their cocks erect, all waiting to pump their cum into her. She was so excited when she got home, she had to lay down and masturbate.

She showered and put on her normal, everyday clothes. The kids came home from school, and she helped them with her homework. Her husband came home, and she made dinner, and she sat and idly watched TV after they ate. She silently willed them all to go to bed so she could get on the computer. The evening seemed interminable as she sat there. The kids went to bed, and finally her husband got up.

“Coming to bed, hon?” he asked.

“No, I think I’ll get online for awhile,” she replied, “I found a new recipe site I want to check out. I think I’ll put my pj’s on, though.” She put on a pair of loose-fitting pajamas, no panties or bra, and poured a glass of wine. She waited until everyone was asleep, and went to the computer room. She closed the door and checked her mail. ‘One new message’, it said, and it started to download. It took forever. “This must be the pictures,” she thought. It was…12 of them, and a message.

“There were too many to send them all, so here’s a dozen of the best. Tomorrow’s supposed to be a nice day…how about meeting me at Tilden Park about 11 a.m.? Dress accordingly. Let me know if you can make it. Bill.”

She opened the pictures, trembling with anticipation. “,” she said, as the first one filled the screen. She was bent over in a store window, her hair almost touching the floor. Her ass cheeks were totally exposed, her bare slit peeking out between them. The picture quality was excellent, and she could see every detail. The next one was her squatting with her legs spread, looking at the camera, her inner thighs and shaved slit visible, as people walked just a few feet behind her. Then there was the one of her looking up at the camera, Bill’s erect cock in her mouth, and she started breathing hard, her wine glass shaking in her hand. Next was her laying splayed on the back seat, and then one of her holding her cunt wide open. Last was her still on the back seat, legs spread, with a drool of fresh sperm oozing from her slightly gaping slit.

She slid her hand down the front of her pajamas, and she was warm and wet. She lightly fingered herself and her clitoris was erect, and she slowly rubbed herself to orgasm as she stared at the slut on the screen. When she calmed down, she typed out a message to Bill.
“11 o’clock…Tilden Park…I’ll be there.”

The main part of the park was crowded with moms and kids, and people walking dogs and throwing Frisbees. Sandra felt excitement building as she imagined exposing herself, there in the great outdoors. There were pathways leading in every direction, with benches every so often, and Bill guided her down one of the paths. She wore a black, skin-tight mini skirt that only came down about six inches below her naked, shaved crotch; a pair of high heels on her feet. She also wore a loose, white blouse, very low cut, and her breasts were easily seen if she bent even slightly.

Bill stopped on a section of pathway, and a man sat on a bench, reading a newspaper, about twenty feet away. They pretended like they didn’t even know he was there. Bill had her walk back and forth, taking pictures. The man tried to be discrete as he watched, peeking over his newspaper. She bent over in front of Bill, her breasts exposed, and he got the picture. Then she turned around and bent again, her ass cheeks visible under the dress, and giving the man a good look at her breasts. She lifted the skirt, and Bill got pictures of her naked ass, and she turned, holding the dress up, exposed from the waist down. She unbuttoned her blouse, holding it open, while Bill got the pictures of her naked breasts. She re-buttoned one button, and they continued to walk. Bill sat her down on the bench directly across from the man with the newspaper. He looked over the top of his paper and smiled at them.

“Good morning,” Bill said cheerfully. The man returned the greeting. Bill engaged him in small talk while Sandra slowly crossed, and re-crossed her legs, and the man’s eyes were focused directly on her crotch. Sandra could feel her cunt drooling. She bent over and fussed with a buckle on her shoe, and her breasts were hanging free for the man’s gaze. Then Bill surprised her.

“Hey, would you mind if I took some pictures of you and my girlfriend?” he asked the man.
“Well, no, not at all,” he replied. He was maybe 55, and he looked clean and well-kempt. He was wearing shorts and a T shirt. Sandra shot Bill a questioning glance.

“Ah, go on, honey,” he said. She got up and walked the few steps to the man’s bench, and sat beside him. She smiled at Bill, then she slowly opened her legs.

“That looks nice, baby,” he said, snapping pictures. Sandra took a deep breath and unbuttoned the remaining button on her blouse, holding it open for Bill while the man gawked at her breasts.

“Touch ’em, mister, I want a picture,” Bill said. Sandra was very excited now, and she held the blouse open as the man reached over and cupped her breasts. Sandra closed her eyes and moaned, and the man rolled her erect nipples with his fingers.

“Raise you skirt, Sandra,” Bill said huskily. She lifted off the bench and pulled her skirt up around her waist. The man’s hands went to her hips and he stroked her, and Sandra parted her thighs and his hand found her sopping wet slit. She rocked on his hand, and she orgasmed as the camera clicked away.

“You gave him a hard on, Sandra, you better fix that.” She leaned over with her head in the man’s lap and pulled the waist band of his shorts down, freeing his erect cock. Her mouth went over the head of it and she sucked.

“Get her hair out of the way,” Bill told the man. The man pulled Sandra’s hair away from her face, giving Bill a clear view of her face and mouth as she loudly and excitedly sucked the man’s cock.

Another man came down the path, walking his dog, and he stood there, watching intently, as the mostly naked Sandra sucked one man’s cock and another man took pictures.

The man with the dog sported an erection as he watched.

“Ya better get in there,” Bill said, “she looks hot to me.” He tied his dog’s leash to the bench and stood in front of Sandra, his cock out. When she saw another cock waiting, she re-newed her sucking with loud, muffled, moans, and the cock in her mouth spurted. She immediately pulled her mouth off the man’s cock, a thick rivulet of sperm running down her chin. She took the second man’s cock in her mouth, sucking and stroking it with her hand. Another man came walking down the path. He watched the carnal display for a few seconds.

“Can I fuck her?” he asked Bill.
“Go for it,” Bill replied. The man stood near the bench, stroking his cock, when, with an audible squirting sound, Sandra’s cheeks bulged and cum spurted out of her mouth, running down the shaft of the cock as she tried to suck it down. As soon as her head came up, the third man raised her knees back, supported his arms on the back of the bench, and entered Sandra’s hot cunt in one thrust.

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