Insatiable I

Author: Andre199

“AAAAHHH, god I’m going to come, oohh yes your hot sucking mouth feels like hot melting butter being poured over my dick, aaaahhhh”.

It was one of many mornings that Eric was woken with his sensuous wife Teresa of three years sucking his cock. She could not get enough of his 12” hard purple headed blue veined penis. Sucking his massive cock and sperm loaded balls made the already hot Teresa even hotter. Eric raised his head from the pillow, watching as his wife enjoyed swallowing down his ready to shoot dick.

“Its coming my love, ooohhh yes, aaaahhhh”

Within seconds Eric’s raging cock began to ejaculate his hot load of sperm. Teresa could not take it in fast enough as her mouth was being flooded with the hot creamy jism. It began to run out at the corners of her sweet kissable mouth. Teresa hated to loose any sperm drop and licked it up with her pink tongue. The drops she missed dripped down upon her magnificent 40DD tits. Many women have a slight sag with a 40DD bust even at 28. With Teresa there was no sag to her marvelous breasts but large silky orbs with very sensitive nipples. When she was over heated Eric sucking her nipples would give her an orgasm. Teresa loved accentuating her body by wearing half cup bras or very often being braless. It gave her tits the lift that made men turn when she walked past them. Teresa enjoyed being a cock tease wearing clothing that showed off her slim delicious body. Her daily wardrobe either consisted of a tight white blouse which displayed a deep cleavage and a four inch long mini-skirt.

“Aaaahhh my love your cock sucking leaves me so exhausted”.

“It makes me so hot” Teresa responded

“And what does it do to your cunt?”

Teresa took his hand and guided it between her delicious silky thighs.

“Feel for yourself” Eric slipped three of his fingers into her wet cunt.

“Stop playing my pet, your driving me crazy, finger fuck me, do anything”

Eric hated to see Teresa who just satisfied him being so antsy. His 12” cock became hard again and guided it between her thighs. Teresa placed her legs around his back as he fucked his dick into his wife’s beautiful wet pussy. In pumping his cock in and out, it did not take long for the morning’s second load of sperm to wash into her already dripping pussy.

God what a dripping cunt she had now.

After Eric pulled out his dick he leaned over her pussy and gave it a slow tongue bath.

“Ah fuck me with your tongue” she moaned.

He too could not get enough of orally satisfying his dream wife. Eric’s long tongue fucked in and out of her sperm loaded pussy, passing over her clit with gentle tongue jabs. Each contact brought moaning sounds from Teresa’s beautiful mouth. Her convulsions became more powerful. And then electricity brought her to another peak of a power house orgasm. Seeing Teresa’s sexual shakes, gave another rise to Eric’s cock. It grew hard quickly. Watching her enjoyment, Eric took a hold of his hard dick and gently rubbed up and down on his love object. He once again felt pearls of pre-cum on the tip of his penis. He wet down his right hand and began to masturbate. Teresa had just opened her eyes from the joy of the electric orgasm. She saw Eric masturbating. Teresa could not resist by helping him jerk off. She placed her hand over his and both were now gliding up and down on his cock that already was sucked and gave Teresa the joy of a orgasmic fuck.

“I’m going to come again my pet” Eric said in a quite voice

“Go ahead, cum for me”

Teresa leaned over his throbbing dick, guiding it to her mouth. She was not quick enough and Eric’s massive cock erupted all over her luscious face. His sperm shot at her nose, eyes, succulent mouth and what was left, Teresa took into her mouth. She sucked and sucked once again as Eric reached between her wide spread thighs. This time instead of his tongue fucking her pussy, he finger fucked her. He brought her around for the third time to a fever pitch of heat and an orgasm that left her weak. As she was convulsing, Eric also came for the third time. The sperm ran down between his legs, dripping unto his balls and then unto the sheets.

“Oh Christ that was so good my love” Eric slowly spoke in somewhat of a whisper.

Teresa agreed that it was sumptuous.

After gathering her breath and some energy Teresa rose from the bed and headed into the bathroom trying to get ready for the day at the office. Eric seeing his sexy wife entering the bathroom, could not resist and followed her in.

“We really don’t have time to play” she said in a sexy throaty voice

He did not pay attention, knowing that the sound of her voice indicated her weakening. Teresa felt Eric standing behind her. His arms surrounded her with his hands sliding down, palming her massive tits. Teresa’s nipples stiffened quickly as she leaned back against him. His hands did not stop there, but slid up and down her hot body.

“Oh god yes don’t stop” Teresa said in a chocked up voice

“Are you sure my pet”

Teresa took one of his hands and guided it between her widely spread thighs.

“Always ready aren’t you my pussy cat” Eric whispered into her right ear

Teresa did not have to be asked for a second time giving easy access to Eric’s finger. …And then one of his fingers slipped between her fleshy lips. Her vulva was hot and wet. …And then slowly pulled out his finger, knowing that she would not be happy.

“Don’t stop, pinch it, suck it, do something to my cunt” Teresa begged as her clitoris popped out from the slick sheath.

He began to kiss and lick her neck making Teresa weaker and weaker. Her resistance melted as she bends over the sink spreading her silky gorgeous legs. Her clit was now sticking out of her wet sheath and clean shaven pussy. It was stiff and a sign of her animalistic needs. Eric’s hot cock began to drip on the floor. He took his stiff throbbing penis into his hand, and made it even harder by rubbing it up and down. It seemed his 12” was more like 13”.

“Please my love don’t make me wait”

Eric now encircled her hips and held on to her tightly. She slowly raised her right leg bringing her knee to rest on the wide rimmed sink. This movement spread Teresa’s anal eye. The hole was slick and with slowness Eric would be able to fuck her asshole without hurting her.

“Slowly my love” Teresa said in a sexy quite voice

Eric would never hurt her sexually it was all love and the joy of there hot fucking. He reached into the medicine cabinet and brought out olive oil. He took a hand full and rubbed it up and down of his ready to fuck cock. His oil covered penis head finally touched her anal eye.

“AAAAHHHH, god slowly”

“Yes my love slowly”

He rubbed his cock back and forth, round in circles, bringing her anal eye into a throbbing state. And then his cock slowly entered Teresa’s most gorgeous ass. At the same time he reached again for her wet vulva and let his finger circle her popped out clit.

“I’m coming already” Teresa moaned

“So am I” Eric replied

His cock was pumping and pumping, emptying into her round luscious ass. Eric’s cock was finally empty and as he withdrew his semi-hard dick, Teresa lowered her leg slowly from the wide rim of the sink.

“Oh my love my pussy is beautifully exhausted”

“So is my cock”

It seemed not to be completely true, since Eric’s dick was still in a semi-hard state. Teresa took it in her right hand and teased it into hardness.

“I just can’t get enough of that 12” thing of yours” Teresa said with a smile.

The finally began to dress. Eric saw Teresa getting dressed in the mirror. The clothes she was putting on brought him to another hard on. Wearing a tight blouse and a short pleated mini, left nothing to the imagination. As she was bending over for her shoes, Eric snuck up quickly on her and raised her skirt.

“God I love you when you are pantiles”

He caressed her ass cheeks and swiftly shoved his middle finger thru her anal ring.

“AAAAHHH, stop”

“You are already wet my love”

Teresa spread her legs slightly, as Eric unzipped himself, pulled out his dick and guided it into her pussy doggie style.

“OOOhhh yes make me cum”

….And so Eric did.

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