Mixing business with pleasure, Part I

Author: yankie

This is a story about my lovely and sexy wife Payal. She is 35 and has got full and voluptuous figure. She has a figure of 36-DD, 29,35. She loves having sex and is always horny.We are married for about 12 years and have got two kids . We have very active sex life and usually tell each other all the fantasies we have. Our fantasy always employ Payal having sex with strangers and she gets extremely horny listening to such fantasies and starts getting wet and usually have massive orgasm after such fantasies.
Payal is an engineer by profession and works in a company which requires her to make some business trips of short duration. She is fond of wearing body hugging dresses . Her tops usually have deep cuts which shows her ample cleavage. She has got sexy eyes and face and has got absolutely firm and round boobs.
Recently she went on a business trip. It was held at a beach resort . It was obvious that company was trying to mix business with pleasure and Payal had full mood to enjoy the trip. In fact she told me before going that she is going to have sex with few other guys and would tell me all her sexcapades after coming back.

Instead of getting jealous I got a massive erection and removed her blouse and skirt and fucked her tight pussy. She also got the message that she was free to make love to as many as people on her trip.At the meeting , there were number of people from other companies and other countries also. On the first day of the meeting she wore a tight black skirt which amplified her waist and bottoms nicely. She wore a body hugging white blouse which accentuated her tight and large breasts. Her erect nipples were projecting out. She put on a nice make up and kept her hairs open. She was not only looking sexy but beautiful also. This made her the toast of the meeting. All male eyes were feasting on her body beautiful and Payal could easily make out that from their eyes that all of them were undressing her and were secretly desiring to have her naked body next to them to enjoy her sexy boobs and tight cunt.

All this attention also made her quite excited and the fact that all the males were drooling over her made her a little horny. She could pick any of these guys for making love but she always had a secret fantasy of getting fucked by a solidly built black guy. There were few black guys also there but she picked up the well built and muscular one. She decided to have her for tonight. She went to him to talk during the evening tea. She had removed top two buttons of her blouse and as she was wearing a push up bra her milky boobs and large cleavage was visible.. It was extremely difficult for any male not to get horny seeing Payal’s cleavage and figure which was on display for everybody.

She introduced herself with a sexy smile and husky voice.Hi! I am Payal from India.” The black guy was from US and his name was Ben They kept chatting for sometime and it was difficult for Ben to take his eyes from Payal’s boobs or body. Finally he said” you have a sexy figure, wondering you could have become a model. I am sure all your curves are at the right places . Payl also smiled and said “ you do have a perfect body , wondering how would it look without anything. Ben got the clue. He said ”hey horny, tomorrow I would be going to the beach , why don’t you join me we can explore the sea and each other . Payal said she couldn’t swim but Ben assured her that she would enjoy the sea in his company. Payal told him that in that case Ben had to help her buy a bikini from the market tonight.

After the meeting Payal changed into a halter top which showed her midriff and had a string at the back. It also showed her cleavage and side of her breasts. She had decided against wearing any bra. Her firm breast could hold on her own. She wore a G-string which just covered her pussy and above that she put on a short flowing skirt . When she walked her skirt kept on billowing showing her thighs and ass cheeks.Ben had got a bike . Payal sat astride on the bike and tightly hugged Ben and kept on pushing her boobs against Ben’s back. She also opened her thighs a little bit so that her pussy was now rubbing against Ben’s back. She kept on pushing and rubbing her pussy against Ben’s back and reached an orgasm before reaching the market.
Once in the shop Ben picked up a tiny bikini for Payal and told her to come inside the trial room to try it on. Once inside , Ben held Payal from back and untied the strings of her halter top and removed the top as Payal was not wearing any bra underneath her boobs ejected out and Ben rubbed them vigorously . Payal protested telling him that this is not the right place and first she would try out the Bikini. Ben tied the string s of the bikini top. The fabric barely covered her big boobs and they were very much visible from the sides. The bikini just covered her nipples and area around it. The string were made of transparent material. Ben then proceeded to remove her skirt and pushed G-string with her hands ensuring that her fingers touched Payal’s pussy while he was rolling the G-string down. Payal sighed with excitement when his fingers rubbed against her pussy. Payal was standing almost naked in the trial room.Ben put his two fingers inside her cunt .Payal’s vaginal juices were overflowing but she asked Ben to restrain and put the bikini lower on her. He tied the strings of the bikini . In fact it covered only her slit. Her shaven pubic region was visible and even top portion of her slit was just covered and the shaven portion on top of her cunt was also visible. The strings were transparent and they went under her bottoms and sides. Ben tied them. When Payal watched herself in the mirror , she got extremely excited , it was the tiniest piece of clothing and she was sure to grab all the attention on the beach. She started feeling very horny and her cunt was dripping wet while Ben had a solid erection and was rubbing her Penis on her thighs. Payal wanted him badly and took his penis in her hands but Ben wanted to have long sex session. Both of them stopped very reluctantly. Payal removed her bikini to change into skirt and blouse. Ben was watching her naked and sexy body for the first time. It was a feast to the eyes. Payal’s firm breasts were jutting out while her wet vagina was cleanly shaven and was red with excitement. Payal put her clothes on and they came out of the trial room . She handed her wet bikini to the salesperson and after paying walked out of the shop.

While driving bach, Payal kept on putting her fingers inside Ben’s shorts and rubbing his penis while a the same time rubbing her vagina at ben’s back.Ben took a deserted road and soon they were on a beach in a secluded area. Payal immediately got down and removed Ben’s T-shirt and was enthralled by the sight of his rippling muscles and body. She was groping her massive body and muscles with her slight fingers and then took his nipples in her mouth while gently rubbing the other nipples with her fingers. Ben had removed her skirt and was rubbing her buttocks and gently touching her vagina from behind while at times inserting her thick fingers inside the cunt which drew shouts of cooing from Payal’s mouth. Payal then lowered Ben’s short and took his penis in her fingers after gently rubbing it for some time.His penis was absolutely black and with purplish tip. Payal was mesmerised by the sight of 10 inches dark long penis which was larger than any she had seen or experienced. She lowered her head and lovingly touched the tip of the penis with her darting tongue. Then she lowered her lips and put the penis into her mouth. Her head blobbing up and down while she was giving him a blowjob. After sucking him off for good five minutes she removed her top and out came her breast .Now she was totally naked . Ben also removed his lowered shorts and now both of them were absolutely naked . Ben immediately took Payal’s nipples in his mouth while rubbing the other massive boob with his hands.Payal’s breast started getting larger and tighter. Ben held her from behind and with one hands kept on playing with her breasts while rubbing her cunt with the other . Payal was absolutely wet and Ben’s finger had her juices all over as he started inserting his fingers inside her. He was finger fucking her and after about five minuted Payal came moaning and panting. Then Payal pushed Ben on the sand . His cock was pointing up and Payal kept her legs astride and slowly inserted the massive penis inside her vagina. There was slight pain initially .Payal went up and down slowly to adjust by which time she was absolutely wet and her cunt streched itself to accommodate the massive penis. Now she was enjoying the large cock . Her boobs were heaving up and down and unknown to them a black teenager was watching her act from the hiding. After some ten minutes Payal panted and came falling on Ben’s chest with her massive boobs pressing against Ben’s chest. Payal was looking very satisfied and exhausted but Ben still had not come. Ben put Payal on the sand and stretched her legs on the side . He lowered her face to her vagina and started first licking the sides of the vagina and then darting his tounge in and out. Payal was getting massively aroused. She started pressing her breasts with her palm. The black teenager watching from the sides slowly came near to them and started rubbing Payal’s breast. Both Payal and Ben were in such an excited stage that they were hardly bothered. In fact Payal was enjoying another male hands on her breast and Ben was very excited to see Payal taking on two guys at the same time. Ben kept on licking her vagina and Payal started reaching her orgasm while the teenager kept on massaging her boobs and at time sucking them. He had also removed his shorts and forced his penis inside Payal’s mouth which Payal took immediately inside much to the surprise of the teenager. Now Payal started screaming and came inside Ben’s mouth while the teenager also reached his orgasm and came inside Payal’s mouth. Ben then spread Payal’s leg and entered her filling her cunt with his penis and kept on pumping for about ten minutes. He kept on sucking and rubbing Payal’s breast while the teenager kept on playing with Payal’s naked body. Payal had also taken his penis in her hands and was masterbating him. After about ten minutes all three of them came together. Ben squirting his come inside Payal’s vagina while teenager came on her breasts . After lying naked on the sand for about few minutes Payal asked them to have one final go and she would like to take both of them together.This time Ben put his cock inside Payal’s mouth while the teenager entered her and pumped her massively . They kept fucking Payal for about ten minute in which Payal came two times and then both of them came inside Payal. Now Payal was feeling tired and asked Ben to drop her to the hotel. Her cunt was full of cum and was dripping with semen and her own juices. Her G –string was totally wet by the time she reached her hotel. Some semen had come oozing out to her thighs. Her face had a look of a female who has been fucked allnight . Hotel staff was excited as they knew that here was a female who would be willing to show them her body and with a little bit of luck will also allow them to fuck her. She came to her room and crashed on the bed thinking about tomorrow’s party and going on beach where she will display her body and would select few more males to fuck her.

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